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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), December 29, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, December 29, !910. Vol. 4. No. 28. C Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year will give Its annual celebration, James' church in Pewee Valley. The tion to the more enduring newspaper which promises to be exceptionally Rev. Clinton Quinn, rector of the literature of the period it undoubtedgood and to the credit ot its teacher church, w ill officiate. Only the two ly will he perused in many Jefferson and Supt. Mr. E. D. Wetstein. Where county homes and preserved in no families and ruembeis of the church choir, will be present. The young enthusiastic speakers are there is su.all number for its historical value. Rob The Henhouse of Mr. Wm. certain to be au entertainment worth The of Dr. J. W. couple will make their home in DenJeffersonian'sChristmasSup Was The Death One Big Letter Frora Home. hearing. Everyone invited, why tot ver. Wilhoite. attend? Come and be convinced. Mr. and Mrs. Wilsie Harbout visitpiement Valuable Edition. Blantcn. Montrose, la., Dec. 19 Yourspecial On New Years eve Miss Nellie ed Mrs. R. R. Harbourt Monday. number just reached me Singleton, a charming and attractive Mr. and Mis. Joseph Gibson had as and it's one big letter from home. 5fou have every reason to be proud their guests for dinner last Sunday Social Doings of The Holiday Season and young girl, a teacher in the Bethle Our Friends Recognize Good a Thing, WLcb Mr. Harry A. Kendall Married to Mrs. Daisy Misses Virginia McK inh y, of Louishem school at Fisheiville. will be of it. as. indeed, you should be proud Other News in Brief Along ville, and Hannah Gibson, the Rev. the hostess of a "Tacky" party given is Greatly Appreciated by the of ever if issne of The Jeffersonian. Espy News of Interest From South Pike. at the home of her grand father, Mr. Arthur Brooks, of Covington; Chas. "The curse of the wandering foot" Management. Jefferson. Bryan Williams, at his pretty home Brooks, of Louisville, and the Rey. carriesone into many different near Fern Creek. A large number Andrew Johnson. always look up the and of invitations have been issued. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Pcarce, of Pe local paper, f possible, sol think I Bucchcl. Dec. 26 Thieves broke The Christmas and historical sup- am a fairly good judge of a county Quite a serious accident happened Valley Station, Dec. 2C Dr. J. W wee Valley and Mr. and Mrs Geo. into the chicken house of William to little Ollie. the eld', st son of Mr. plement issued by The Jeffersonian paper, not to be a newspaper man. known physician and Cassady were guests of Mrs. Albert Wilihoite, a farmer living near Blanton. a well 15th attracted w ide at And can tiuthfully say that The Mason, died at his home Monday Stoess last Saturday. and stole two turkeys and a and Mrs. Alexander Frederick, when on December Mrs. Clinton Quinn gave a linen number of chickens one night last the boy was skating and in some tention and we have received many Jeffersonian is the best country paper mornim. Dec. 2. Dr. Blanton. who 07 had been sick for several weeks and shower Wednesday afternoon at her week. County patrolmen have been unknown way fell, his hand striking nice compliment- - about its beautiful I ever saw in typography, news matappearance and its value to Jefferson ter, airangement, had been at the Deaconess Hospital, home in Pewee Valley in honor of advertisements on the case but at this date a splintered glass that was ftozen in to be Miss Mildred Telford. Little Miss ro clew has been found. seriously cutting the county. A few of the notices, which and general wholcsomeness. More the ice and came out home Friday thought very much improved. His death is a Eleanor Derby Quinn. seated in a O'Irs. Emma Driver and daughter, little fellow's finger. It was found are greatly appreciated by the pub- power to you! And now a little knock: great shock to relatives and friends. white sleigh decorated with red Miss Lillian, have closed their home necessary to call a doctor and several lishers, follow Extend your editorial columns and Dr. Blanton was born in Cumberland hearts, delivered the gifts to the bride- - on Schwartz avenue for the holidays. stitches were taken. diminish the quantity of serial Great Labor and Thought. Mr. and Mrs. O. Frederick, of Fern county, Virginia 1852. : He had been Mrs. Driver is visiting her parents, (Breckenridge News) Mr. and Mis. Charlie Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Brohme, near St. Mat- Creek, entertained on Christmas Da y practicing in this county for about Your sincere friend and wellw ishcr, The Jeffersonian issued last week a twenty vears. Dr. Blanton was a children spent last Sunday with Mr. thews, while Miss Lillian will spend with a family reunion. This custom E. E. Johnson. historical and Christmas supple me nt member of the Virginia Society and Mrs. Luther Edgerton. several weeks in Meade county with is observed in like manner every which showed great labor and much Christmas. A large number partici- thought on the part of the editors, Mr. and Mrs. Webb c ntertaiued at friends. Certified Milk Commission. Masonic Order, and Worthy Grand Patron of dinner Wednesday evening. Their The Rev. Herbert Tinsley preached pated in the happy event. Messrs. Aleock. The edition containDr. and Mrs. 11. 1'. Stivers enterYOUR The Eastern Star of the State. He is guests included Miss Margaret Morris his farewell sermon at Fairview ed several intereting articles, one survived by his wife, Mis. Blanton. of Anclforage, Miss Maud Johnson church Sunday evening and will ac tained Christmas day. A large num- by Col. E. Polk Johnson. two sons, Dr. Loomis Blanton and and the Rev. Andrew Johnson. BOOK cept the call to several churches in ber of relatives and friends enjoyed MissCIaraHaddc n is ill of erysi pclas Indiana. It is with deep regret that their hospitality and declared the Carlisle Blanton. the tuneral ser Of Historical Value. show yon exactly the time vices were held at the Bethany at the Deaconess Hospital in Louis the peo; le of Fairview give up their day too short and regretted their amount of every pav ineiit 'ourier Journal) church Wednesday and interment in ville. Miss Evelyn Badden, Carrol young minister, who has worked so home going. and Stoner Badden are with their earnestly among them in the past South Jefferson cemetery. Aliss Ana Hanks, principal oi mev The leffersonian, t he popular week make; who it was to, an el oil Mr. and Mrs. Frank Napier, of randparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. year. Bro. Wadkins. of Lexington. Hikes school, and Mrs. Belle Lewis ly paper published at Jeffersontown, xhs t it was for. Parkland, spent Christmas day with Wilkerson. of Valley Station. will preach here on the second Sul gave a delightful treat to the child- has issued a Christmas supplement of the Methodist day in January. ren complimentary to the holidays. which is a triumph of typographical The Sunday-schoo- l Mr. and Mrs. John Napier. YOUR Mrs. Peter Piper and Mr. Alford church gave a Christmas tree enterThe children were very enthusiastic art. ft consists of forty-fou- r pages The announcement of the marriage Piper, of Lebanon, and Mrs. S. E tainment at the church Friday eve of Miss Lulu Johnson and Mr. Braith over the spelling match and Martha witfa a colored cover and is filled w ith Dodge were the guests of Mrs. Ernest ning, waite. ot Ait. u asmntrton, as was Wheeler, Annie Groves and Claggett interesting reading matter, much of Dodge, Sunday. Joe Roney and family have moved printed in the last edition of The Hoke storxl successfully, represent- value. The illustraMr. and Mrs. W. S. Saunders and back to Crestwood to reside. Jeffersonian, is a mistake and the ing the fifth, sixth and st venth tions are numerous and excellent, Mrs. Joseph Gibson. Mrs. Williams young lady in question little daughter. Kcna Kathcrine to grades. The judges of the contest embracing pictures of prominent .lie legal receipts for every bill Saunders, of Brandenburg, are spend and Miss Maud Johnson spent Tues- - have it corrected. were Theodore Schneider and Louis citizens, residences and business inbey ami iug the holidays with Mrs. Saunder's day in Louisville. are briel historical stitutions. Tin-rJMr. and Mrs. J. Y. Summers entei - Graff, pupils in the eighth grade. parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Neal. Miss Maggie Bell Ryan will enter laineu naneisomciv ai dinner Aionum The Maple Gioe school gave an sketches of Jeffersontown, Buechel, YOUR Mrs. Harry Burnett will spend Fri tain her "live hundred club nest in honor of the Rev. and Mrs. Hall, entertainment on Friday morning, Eern Creek, Middletown, Eastwood, day and Saturday with Mrs. Sallie Friday afternoon. of Deer Park Baptist church. Those which was greatly enjoyed by the Anchorage. St. Matthews. WorthingAnderson, of Lovisville. ton, Harrod's Creek and Prestonia. who enjoyed the rtpast were Bro. children and visitors. .i complete record of all your Dr. S. 8. foss and family were The supplement published by The Jefferson count v is the ubjei t of a COMMERCIAL CLUB ana Mrs. nan, .miss a. craw-forpresent at the Mills reunion at Mr. earnings that you have depositee! Miss Bessie Ayres. MissCleone Jeflersoniau was very much appreci- brief sketch aud a longer article is W. S. Mills', of Louisville, Sunday. ated by its readers, ejuite a Christ- ile voted to the development oi South in the Bank, and all your expenSummers and Mr. Hugh Summers. Mr. Will Napier and family, of Meeting Called For Nest Monday Night- Misses Lillian and Virginia Hart mas treat. Would be delightful to Jefferson county. Thi re are special ses thai yon have paid through Louisville, and Mr. Newt Tucker and will entertain a number of young hate such an edition published inoie contributions in readable ai tides by Election of Officers. the Bank. family, of Louisville, were the guest Col. E. Polk Johnson and Mr. .1. B. people from Buechel and Newburg frequently. of Mrs. John Napier', Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Nick, Wcsterman and McFerran. on New Year's day. To the members of the JefTerson- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dodge spent The Jeffersonian, nnder the manAn entertainment will be given at family entertained at their pretty Sunday in Louisvil'e the guests of town Commercial Club: There will Fairview church Friday evening. new home in Meddis Lane on Christ agement of C. Alcock as editor W SOLICIT YOUR Miss Margaret Collins. be a regular meeting of the club at Dec. 30, at 7:30 o'clock. Admission mas day. their guest ot honor and C. E. Alcock as business managMr. and Mrs. Glen Blakely, of Bruce's hall next Monday, Jan. L', at ten cents. The proceeds are to Le ing Mr. Herbert TinsU y, of 'Lexing er, has achieved distinct success as a BUSINESS. Louisville, spent last week with Mr. 7:30 o'clock" p. m. for the purpose ol given to the Christian Widows' and ton, the pastor of Fairview Christian newsy and enterprising weekly jourdetermining our future course. This Orphans' Home. All are cordially church. and Mrs. S. J. Groom. nal. Two years ago the Kentucky Mrs. Daisy Withers Espy, of Mul- - is the beginning of a new year, and invited to attend. Miss Edna Kiauth will have as her Press Association voted it the honor TH JEFFERSON drauth, and Mr. Harry A. Kendall it behooves us to get a moe on oure Misses Dorothy aud Elizabeth Skilcs guest on New Year's eve, Miss Mar- - of being the neatest and bt were united in marriage at the home selves and start right. Every town will spend part of the holidays in Meyers Lane. aret Uenn, of paper in the State. The Messrs. COUNTY 0ANK, of the bride's sister, Mrs. Dan that amounts to anything has an Miss Freda Schneider has returned Alcock have added to their laurels! West Louisville with Mrs. Clarence KY. JEFFERSOrtTOWN. 915 Third St. Only near ganization of this kind to push it Claggett and Miss Virginia Claggett. home after spending a week with her by the production of their Chi mas Mr. and along. But in order to accomplish relatives were present. ter, Mrs. Charles Gorbaudt, at supplement. As a notable contribu The Christmas tree and entertainMrs. Kendall left immediately for anything the members must be ment given by the Sunday-schoo- l of Ormsby. Fla.. and are expected tive and enterprising, Mr. and Mrs. William Yaun and the Presbyterian church Christmas back Jan. 2. The business to be submitted to the eve in Buechel was quite an enjoy- Mr. and Mrs. John Yann entertained Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Williams, of club at this meeting is extremely able event. Santa Clans was present on Christmas day appropriate to the Louisville, were guests of Mrs. S. J. important and every member should and was very amusing both to the occasion at their home in Buechel. Groom. Monday. be present. There will be an election young and old. Mr. Roy Burnett, who has been in ol officers and other tnaltcis of interFEWEE VALLEY. Miss Gertiude Hikes will entertain business with his cousin, Mr. Scott, est to attend to. Let us get together w manager of the Monongahela Coal and work together. 1 hope that I Miss Lula Briscoe Tuesday. s T Dec. 26 Mr. and Mrs. W. S. A number of our young people will Tl'11.1 KjO., oi is ai nome can count on every member being wed- erson, of Cincinnati. Ohio, arc with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B, present next Monday evening. Come. attend theStandiford-Creiishaof Mr. and Mrs. Horace Pollock. ding on Wednesday evening next. " Mr. Burnett will leave the Burnett. E. R. SpkoWL, President. There will be a reception at the first of the year for Virginia where Rectory New Year's eve from 8 to Christmas. merry Christmas, is over he will be the assistant of his cousin, W0RTHINGT0N. who has recently accepted the posifor another year: the long looked fcr 11:30 o'clock, to be followed by a Dec. 24. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pennell. delightful holidays: the time when watch-nigh- t service in the church. and general tion as manager of the Virginia Railway, at of Louisville, were week end guests all children and adults, too, were in Arrangements have been made with of relatives here. Charleston, Va. their glory giviug and receiving the L. & E. to accommodate people Miss Vcstina Grunwald left today gifts. l,ft is more blessed to give from Louisville and Lagrange. Miss Lillie Burnett was the guest Mrs. W. F. Omberg was out from Monday of Miss Marion Brown, of to spend the holidays with relatives than to receive," and we who have Louisville Friday. near Anchorage. experienced this know it to be true Clifton. Miss Mary Ivinkead Ve'nable is at Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Groom's guests Miss Louise Miller is spending the in every way. But we arc also aware home fiom State University for the were: Mr. and Mrs. Glen holidays at her home. of the fact that the dear little Sunday holidays w ith her aunt. Miss Florence Blakely, of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Dabney Taylor, of Bostofi, children appreciate what is given Robert Miller, of Shively. Mr. Ed. Mass., is the guest of his parents, Mr. them and do not comprehend the Barlow. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Hammond and meaning of presenting and giving. Craig and family, of Kosmo:-dale- . and Mrs. D. S. Taylor. little daughter have come out fiom Miss Verna Phillips, of Louisville, The Jeffersonian supplement was But we giown ups can more fully was the guest of Miss Anna Mae much enjoyed and we think it could realize the meaning and have always Louisville for the holidays at their in memory the one dearest and best home here. Miller this week. not be beat. Mis. Henry George has returned Mrs. Harry Burnett's guests SunThe entertainment at the hall gifts of all which was given us from May field and Wingo. day were: Mrs. W. R. Walker and Wednesday night was well attended. many long years ago in the city of Mr. aud Mrs. Alfred Collins aud Miss Roberta Walker, of Louisville. Miss Zachery, the elocutionist, was Bethlehem, "Christ Our Saviour." Made in Louisville since 1870. They B. Neal and family, Mr. W. fine: Miss Harris, the soloist, did well, How many pretty trees shown in bril- daughter, Sarah Louise, are guests Mr. J. Mr. and Mi s. Noi bourne Arter-burS. Saunders and family, of Branden- considering it was her first attempt liancy at the churches and in innum- of have a reputation established by the at St. Matthews. burg, were the guests Sunday of Mr. to sing without a musical instrument. erable homes! What a dear good Mr. and Mrs. William Hinkle and results in the field. W. D. Bland aud family, of Kosmos-dale- . The Worthington bond also contrib- fellow Santa is to remember everychildren, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Marone at this glorious yuletide. Many uted some delightful music. "Nlrs. Oliver Herr was the recipient chimneys in this neighborhood were shall aud daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. are CRESTWOOD. of a surprise kitchen shower at her entirely too small for Santa to make Arch Pulliam, of Bardstown, his way through, so instead gifts guests of Mr. and Mis. J. S. May. home Saturday night. Many nice Miss Amelia Moody will give a were placed on door steps and 24. Miss Annie Johnson has and useful presents were received. Dec. buffet luncheon December 30, at 12:30 porches. Entertainments and rereturned from Owenton to spend the Music and dancing were features of hearsals, meetings and dinners are o'clock. About seventy invitations the evening. A bountiful supper was remainder of the winter with her ruling the day at this place. But have been issued. parents. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Johnson. served and all report a delightful yet Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lowe, and Mrs. we accept invitations and attend, Miss Virginia McKinley, of Louis- time. and when all is over we complain of Coons, of Louisville, have been recent ville, and the Rev. Arthur Brooks, of guests of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Death of Mrs. Cundiff. fatigue. Covington, were married Thursday Chilton. Mrs. B. Cundiff, widow of the We shall soon begin forming new evening at 8:30 o'clock at the Shelby late Rev. A.Cundiff. was Incorporated Miss Alexander, of New Liberty, buried at and Main streets Methodist church Corydon. Ky.. Dec. 17. Her husband resolutions: New Year is fast ap- who has been the recent guest of in Louisville. The Rev. Brooks was was pastor of the Methodist chuich proaching. Why not make it the Mr. and Mrs. A. J.Abrahams, has rethe pastor of the local Methodist at this place several years ago. and best year of our lives? When the turned home, accompanied by Mrs. both are well known here and all over year 1911 enters, let everyone form Bettie McNeal. church before going to Covington. Miss Martha Porter, of Lexington, state. In Mrs. Cun- one resolution at least and keep it. Mildred Telford and Stephen the the church the death of Miss Preston and Jefferson Sts., LOUISVILLE, KY. and Miss Isabel Jefferson, of Louisdiff loses a faithful memBarnwell, of Denver, Col., will be ber and one who has done much for On New Years eve the Pennil ville, are guests of Miss Amelia -school on the Taylorsville pike Mooay. married Tuesday afternoon at St. the good of humanity. GREAT SHOCK COMPLIMENTS THIEVES t, Bards-tow- n I i New-bur- g, I : liter-aturr(V- to-b- e. CHCK ( CANCELLED CHECKS wi.-h- es i , BANK F300K i - d, ) - four-pag- i -- f C ., 1 Patro itize if ustry Hend-mest- I Use The Old Reliable vice-preside- nt Eagie Brand Fertili zers i n CO. Selling Agents Sunday- ).

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