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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 15 no. 4 January 1940

Part of Mountain Life and Work

MOUNTAIN LIVE AND WORK VOLUME 15 WINTER, 1940 EDITORIA L ,S' A WORKING CONFERENCE Have you marked on your calendar March 5-7, the dates of the Knoxville Conference? Printed programs should be reaching you by the middle of February, but in the meantime we want to tell you of the plans which are being made. The final session of the Mountain Folk Festival will open the Conference on Tuesday evening, the 5th, in the Knoxville High School. Tuesday evening, Festival, to be held March 3-5, is the sixth such gathering sponsored by our Conference, and is being held for the second time in connection with the annual meeting of the Conference in Knoxville. These three days of singing and dancing have brought together individuals and teams from a widening area in the Southern Appalachians and some places outside; registration at the 1939 Festival totaled over 200 people. The Conference itself promises to be a working session. In response to a number of requests from workers in the area, the program committee has this year arranged discussion periods under competent chairmen on the purposes and goals of the Conference of Southern Mountain Workers as a functioning organization, and the enlarging Conference. These discussion groups will be divided under the four general headings of education, health, recreation and religion. Each section will make recommendations to the Conference as a whole on Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Arthur E. Holt, professor of social ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School and Chicago Theological Seminary, will be the speaker at the Fellowship Dinner planned for Wednesday evening, March 6. His subject is "Christianity, Democracy and the American Scene." Dr. Holt will introduce and lead two open forums on Thursday. The morning forum, "Democracy in Education," will follow a report on the Adult Education Cooperative Project of the Conference. After reports on the recreation and health services of the NUMBER 4 Conference Thursday afternoon, there will be a forum on "Organizing the Community for Social Progress." Dr. Holt, who is widely known for his social studies, is the author of several books including The Bible as a Community Book; Social Work in the Church; Christian Fellowship and Modern Industry; and Christian Ideals and Industry, the last in collaboration with F. E. Johnson. The dinner Wednesday night has been arranged as a result of numerous suggestions for a fellowship gathering of all who attend the Conference. Meetings of those concentrating in religious work, and those working in education will be held at the close of the dinner Wednesday evening. Dr. William R. King, who was unable to be with us last year, has consented to lead the devotional on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. We shall look for you at the Conference in Knoxville, March 5-7, and we shall expect you to come ready to work! A. H. JAMES S'I-'I LL Mr. James Still, well-known to readers of Mountain Life and Work for stories and poems which have appeared in our magazine, has been appointed a Contributing Editor. Mr. Still's work is constantly becoming more widely known, and we consider it a distinct honor to count him as a member of our editorial board. At the present time Mr. Still is at Dead Mare Branch, Littcarr, Kentucky. We have just had the following interesting ward from him: "Thought I should let you know that the storypiece, `Twelve Pears Hanging High,' from a past issue of Mountain Life and Work is a chapter in my forthcoming novel. "Viking Press will publish River of Earth on February 5. (And you may recollect that the title of the novel is also the same as that of a poem you published for me a couple of years ago.)"

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