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Image 2 of The Adair County news., August 24, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

r I r daix Vounty G ttlts ht Published Every BY Wednesday THE Adair county News o INCORPORATED CHAN N Editor HARRIS Democralc newspaper devoted to the interests of the city of Columbia and the people of Adair and adjacent counties Entered at the Columbia Postoffice class mail matter ILS second WEB AUGUST 241904 Democratic Ticket For President ALTON B PARKER New York For VicePresident HENRY G DAVIS West Virginia ANNOUNCEIIENTS For Circuit Judge We are authorized to announce that lion I II TIIURMAN of Washington county is a candi date for Circuit Judge in the district comprising the counties of Green Taylor Marion and Washington subject to the action of the Democratic party A majority of the Chairmen eleven in number of the Eleventh Congressional district met at Middlesboro last week disobeyed an injunction issued by Circuit Judge Cook Faulkner and gave a certificate of nomination for Congress to Dr W Godfrey Hun ter The Edwards forces claim that the action of the eleven committeemen is nothing more nor less than robbery as the cer tifiedreturns sent in by all the county clerks in the district clar ly show that Edwards received a majority of 1146 votes Legal proceedings were to come before Judge Faulkner at Barbourville Tuesday at which yesterday time Edwards followers hoped to have the action of the majority of the committee annuled The situation is not at all satisfactory and at this writing there is no telling which of the two Ed wards or Hunter will get his name under the log cabin The committeemen who gave the cer tificate to Hunter say that he re ceived 191 majority on the face of the returns It is no fight of ours and we give the situation as we understand it The Re publican party in this district is strong enough to purge itself from corrupt methods if there is really and truly a desire but whether this is the case or not or whether the emoluments of office are regardless of methods the actuating motives we are un able to determine It seems to us that present political tenden cies are away from the golden rule Elsewhere in this issue ap pears an interview of Mr Yar berry and also a statement made to the Louisville Post from a Mid dlesboro man giving the other side and from them we infer that not all the sinners are on one side nor all the political saints on the other It seems to be a mixedaffair as well as an unfortunate one for the political party that has fought for Civil Liberty in the past and whose orators have orated over Democratic mistakes It is their sin their mistake and their responsibility MR YARBERRY INTERJIEWED oddsI no s bYdong knowAll this howl about fraud in Iiarlan county is a mere subterfuge to hide the doings at Bennetts Fork and Yellow hull It is reported that the ballot boxes for both of these precincts were fixed at the Winona Club rooms in Middlesboro Now the question is are the Republi cans of the Eleventh district going to submit We think not It is said Hunt er spent 25000 in the primary and I am satisfied it will cost him 25000 more before he reaches Congress Iam inclined to think some of these election fixers will board at the expense of the State in the near future J C t 0 i CLOSING OUT 0 i 0 4 Everything is moving along nice ly in Democratic circles An agreement has been reached by the party leaders of New York relative to the conduct of the campaign The National Com mittee is not to interfere with State Committee and neither Committee is to interfere with the regular Democrotic organiza tion of New York The Demo crats of the Empire State are out Tomorrow the 25th the Dem ocrats of the Eleventh district will meet at Somerset and nomi nate a candidate for Congress allt 03Perry217 792 o KY 20 fER THOUSftND The uDd rtl Plauing Mil that say ready tad Ulluntlnx Otj the very 14 heart on 3 14 deep 38 inches long 1 nl- delivered on our yard in COLUMBIA Lanni krep upon the yard a large lumber tthlch1 will deliver upon All I ask Is tu examine try prices 2 I am the town Hickory Singletrees FOR DRESSED KY1 All billetts must be split from good thrifty hickory timber either RED OR WHITE or red and white mixedand must Le free from knots bird pecks windshakes and other defects RECEIYINUHarQBssmaluJr John Iv O r kQep a Fresh and Will Sell as Country Produce Taken Give Me a Part of Your Columbia Singletree Cot HARDWARE HARNESS SADDLES 83 905 369 194 428 I 14126 13935 191 If the precinct Hon Harvey Helm of Lincoln county has withdrawn from the race for the Democratic nomina tion for CongresS in the Eighth Mr Gilbert of Shelby district and Mr Moore of Mercer will be the only candidates before the primary Mr Gilbert is the pres ent incumbent and Mr Moore is a banker and large land owner The race for the nomination promises to be very interesting i GLOBE FeRTILIZER ITho Best for the MONEY on the Market PLOWS o VULCAN We can please you in Call on us o OLD A OF MODERN 35 new and well yen tilated rooms It is nicely furnished conveniently located and is the best hotel in Southern Kentucky Accommodations equal to the best city hotels Three good sample rooms for commercial men MH FRED WHARDWtCK KENTUCKY llRSShepherdsvillc August 234 days Springfield August 241 days Glasgow August 314 days days Sept Elizabethtown 64 W T PYNE 18GIINCORPORATED SEcTY A NSFERTILIZER 0 l Jobbing Work Solicited u3 VESS MARKET STltHET Between Fifth and Sixth 0 KyPROPRIETORS 0 44444444444J4T 440 44444 FIFTH T eNUE HOTEL i 0iEf6 FIFTH TREAS AVENUE 0- StsI 0 STREETS KENTUCKY atd and RomodolAd A Firstclnss Convenient to Wholesale and Retail DlstriatR Churches and Theatres 13ofurnishet KENTUCKY AND WALNUT OiEbi Hotel at Main oi9j BET GREEN LOUISVILI E New and SecondHand MACHINERY No 1301 Thirteenth mrrlcun null Eurupenu Plan Formerly HOSLERS HOTEL UG Company REPAIRS OF ALL KINDS PROMPTLY ATTENDED To LOUISVILLE anything needed in our line Theatrical Headquarters MILLWRIGHTS AND MACHINISTS sheet Iron and Tank Work GLOBE AND NATIONAL NONE BETTER TIlE NEVITT HOTEL 1889 Mill and Supply AND TENNESSEE WAGO- SON Columbia Ky 0 Q 044444444444444e44444444e PREST HICKORY FARM Wm F JEFFRIES i HOTEL PLOWS ARE THE BEST WAGONS Kentucky I IS BRICK BUILDING Architecture containing neat W T PYNE Drills ftnO flOe Wh6at LEWIS C MARCUM ESTABLISHED litical history of Kentucky Farm for sale Apply to W T Shearer Columbia Kentucky Just what led to the steal will be retted out and the methods by which See the advertisement of S and W an adverse majority ttf 1144 can be G McKinley in this issue ferI i THE 1DI EMPIRE DISC yo Oreensburg Knox164Letcher16 FARM PLEMENTS AND FIELD SEEDS I Clinton444Cumberland for disobeying the K1 lucated nrar Wm ELOCUTION Frogge and wife will live in the Board ing Hall and have entire control of the girls 6YThe New Hall for boys is under construction The boys will be cared for in a satisfactory way until it is completed Table Board in Hall 1 25 Private Board 2 00 2 50 Address all communications to PROF S L FROGGE A Moo Principle Or CHAS R PAYNE Business Manager Mention Adair County Newslwhen you The Japanese have made a de end information mand for the surrender of Pout write Arthur and the latest bulletins WOODSON LEWIS BRO from the scene of war say it has met with a refusal The docks at the besieged city have been set on fire by Japanese shells and several houses have been de stroyed by the flames Rains are interferring again with the Manchurian land campaign but the Japanese forces are said to be making another advance and COLUMBIA KY driving back the Russian outposts For Hunter jority of 111 My reason MUSIC AND A FULL ACADEMIC FERTILIZER tea Whitley448Total in Harlan should be left out Hunter would still have a ma STATE CERTIFICATE STATE DIPLOMA Discr 538 Hunters majority COMMERCIAL Paul Reed and Will Cato two CORN DRILLS negro men were burned to death 0 at a stake in Statesboro Ga last Wednesday They were charged with murdering a white family PLANTERS FRIEND AND consisting of Mr and Mrs Hodges BLACK HAWand their three children Reed Disc Harrows confessed but Cato claimed that Cultivators Tongue and Tongueless Walking and Ridinr KCULTIVATORS he was innocent Reed said just o before the torch was applied that Cultivators OneHorse Cultivators TwoHorse Corn PlantHenry Bell murdered the child ers LITTLE JOKER NEW WESTERN ren and that he was the murderAND BUCKEYE er of their parents It was a horrible crime but the law could Ten car loads of Fertilizer We will sell you Fertil BUGGIES and HARNESS have been vindicated without in flicting inhuman punishment izer at prices that will surprise you Write us for prices 2- Total Edwards vote The following Courses will be emphasized during the Fall Term urBOARDProf Four carloads of Buggies Surrey s and other vehicles Four carloads of Wagons Two carloads of Plows Chilled Plows Hillside Plows Double Shovel and Pony Plows Two carloads Corn Drills Two carloads of TwoHorst 1603 Russell 0 4 1 4 r HOME PHONE 4799 Hon Henry G Davis was formally notified of his nomination SOUTH SIDE OI for the VicePresidency last Thursday Hon John Sharp Williams of Mississippimade LEWIS the announcement in a speech WOOUON requiring an hour Mr Davis responded in a short and pointed talk The gathering was at White Sulphur Springs W V andseveral hundred enthusiastic ARE NOW Democrats were present Clay365Harlan329 Wayne 0 0 0 OPENS SEPT 51904 WE AIU L1 YINU lives in the mountains and is ful ly equipped to make a strong race Adairs vote will be cast for him Adair77Casey147 Monroe Pulaski uWilson Training SGhOOI COLUMBIA calf of Bell county is the only man who has signified a willing For Edwards Jackson MOHLNKAMP Wni y gentlemend Bell 0 0 0 0 0 0 04e44 RespectfullyO Lin S < J sucs Laruel Leslie Owsley 1 ALL SUMMER GOODS AT COST FOR CASH OR COUN TRY PRODUCE For the next 30 days I will sell all Summer goods at cost and in many cases less than wholesale prices A nice lot of thin Summer lawns and wash goods A big lot of lace and Hamburg Embroidery dirt cheap Big lot of sample shoes and slippers at about 50 cents on the dollar Prices on Summer clothing reduced to make them go at once A big bargain in straw hats in order to close them out before winter All the above named goods I will sell at surprisingly low prices for the cash or produce Come before they are gone Come early and get the pick of the lot I sell CURRIE FERTILIZER and have a fresh car load coming If you are going to use any Fertilizer this Fall it will pay you to see me before you buy Commonwealtha order of the Laurel County Cir cuit Court Clerk restraining the count was that the Court of Ap Hon W J Bryan will speak peals have repeatedly held that for Parker and Davis during the the courts have no jurisdiction in campaign He will have five ap such cases but a matter to be pointments in Indiana He pos settled by the party authorities sesses more magnetism today than any other public man The TilE OTHER SIDE Republican party was very much in hopes that he would bolt the Evening Post Special Service PINEVILLE KY Democratic National Convention Aug 2OThe combut when he announced that he mittee has given a certificate to Dr would support and do all he could Hunter and the act stands out as the to elect the ticket its feathers most brazen the most barefaced the fell Every man has his influ most outrageous steal known in the po- hal31received changed to a majority for Hunter of 191 will be shown to the world At Bennetts Fork where Belknap got 29 votes and Beckham 7 Hunter is given 605 majority In the Yellow Dill precinct one of the officers of election a Hunter man said after the polls clos ed I had an uphill fight Wccouldnt get the vote out but I got 22 of the 26 votes for Hunter The committee re ports 478 for Hunter and 4 for Edwards By what peculiar legerdomain this can be done an ankious public would like to A News reporter interviewed Mr MR Yarberrycommittfe man from this county concerning the counting of the official returns of the vote of their pri mary and the issuing of the cer tificate of nomination to Dr Hunter in Middlesbro last Wed nesday Mr Yarberry states I was warned at Junction City while on my way to London that a Hunter man would be in dan ger in that town and was advised not to stop there In the face of these facts and conditions I ar rived there at 2 a m Tuesday Before I left my bed chamber in the Catching Hotel that morn ing I was notified that we had better act right that day or suf fer the consequences After breakfast while on the street I was notified that a rope awaited me if Edwards failed to get the certificate Other threats were also made and I was advised to get out of town on first opportu nity I caught a train in the di rection of Louisville went to Pittsburg where I passed under an assumed name I was there notified by wire by a personal friend not to be seen while pass ing through London I took his advice and locked myself in the colored peoples coach while go ing through that town In Bell county the County Chairman refused to certify un tilcomplete returns were in from all the precincts there being 3 or 4 unreported Edwards secured a mandamus and compelled him certify which gave Edwards majority of 330 This mandamus was disolved by the Court of Appeals and the complete returns showed Hunter a majority of 792 In Harlan county the ballots were stolen from a strong Hunter precinct supposed to have been don by a party who since committesuicide The voters of that pre cinct registered each voter the old way which gave Hunter majority of 80 In this precinctwo of the officers were for Hun ter and two for Edwards and they certified to the returns in the regular way We counted this majority as it was cast In Letcher county Edwards claimed 120 majority while the official re turns gave Hunter 16 majority the Chairman of the county be ing present and certifying to its correctness There were various claims of fraud by both sides but no technical errors were con sidered We did not investigate any claims of fraud as our duty was simply ministerial merely to canvass the complete returns and issue a certificate of nomination to the party who hadreceived the most votes on the face of the official returns I submit the counties with their respective majorities and have no appologyto offer for the discharge of my duty to anyone Popt r Ot Pike Campbell Gee ScJwllck Asst 00 000 OTO 0004 Ijrr t i 0 44

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