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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 24, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

0 VOLUME 7 COLUMBIA ADAIll COUNTY KENTUCKY POST OFFICE DIRECTORY IPlease J H T BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER Office a m to 930 p hours week days 730 bring tickets for chairs to W L Walker 565 pink yellow RUSSELL POSTMASTER M Abair n 1nt1 NtW t Q o m PERSONAL Cameron COURT DIRECTORY Dunbar 16 blue MENTION Creelsboro Three sessions a year Third Monday in January third Mondayin May and third Monday In September Circuit JudgeIL C Baker Commonwealths AttorneyA A HuddlcrtonSherifLFW Miner Circuit ClerkJ F Neat First COUNTY COURT Monday In each month JudgeT A Murrell AttorneyJas Garnett Jr ClerkT R Stulta Jailer J K P Conover County Surreyor School SuptW CoronerG1oL Russell CITY in second Monday Regular court COURT each month JudgeJas EubankAttomeyGordon Montgomery METHODIST Rev F E Lewis pastor BURKESVILLE STREET Services first and third Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 m Prayer meeting Thursday night a BAPTIST Rev J P Scruggs pastor GREENSBURG STREET First and third Sundays in each month Sunday School every Sabbath at 9 a m Praycrmccting Tuesday night CHRISTIAN Wright pastor Services First Third and Fourth Sundays in every Sabbath at 330 each month SundaySchool L m Prayermccting Wednesday night PIKEW CAMFBELLSVILLE B LODGES MASONIC COLUMBIA LODGE No 96 F and A M Regnlar meeting In their hall over bank on Friday night on or before the full moon in each month Gordon Montgomery W M Jr James Garnett Secretary RAM No 7 meets Friday Horace Jeffries II P W W Bradshaw Secretary COLUMBIA CHAPTER night after full moon THE JackofallTrades HEPumps WaterI Grinds Feed Saws Wood Runs Cider Mills Churns Butter I iu M ac Runs Cream Separators Runs Printing Presses and other machinery Running the Press For This Paper He Is It costs nothing to keep when not working It costs from 1 to 2 cents per For particulars hour when working call on or address FairbanksMorse 519 W Main Co Street LOUISVILLE WF KENTUCKY JEFFRIES RAT5cAP5 SON Agts UMg RE HENRY W EDDLEMAN lO U ISVI LLEJ 4D8W MARKET 5T SOLE AGENT FOR MILLERS HATS SOLE AGENT FOR YOUMANS HATS COMPLETE LINE JOHN B STETSON HATS Advertise in the News IT WILL INCREASE YOUR BUSINESSS ALL HOME PRINT l Subscribers NOTICE WEARS NOW READY Blacksmithing RUBBER TIIIE- Fix It Is 1kEld deEld Kentuckylast FridayMr Local News like he resumed the story of the miser and the mouthful of miser had a cask of wine in his cellar and every evening be would send down his man to fetch him up a pitcher To keep the man from drink- ¬ ing any of the wine he would make him fill his mouth with water before he left the room Then on his return the man would have to prove that the water still remained in his mouth and thus the miser would be convinced that none of the wine had teen Secretary HARRIS stolenThis scheme seems ingenious and yet the servant with the greatest ease Democrats of Adair county met overreached at the courthouse last Saturday It Has Been Recently Found on the pitcher of his master lie kept a water hidden in the cellar afternoon and after electing N Farm of J C Morrison and emptying his mouth on his deM Tutt Chairman and J E Mur Taylor nt be would drink all the wine he I ell Secretary the following res ¬ desired and upon his return upstairs This well is on the Campbellsville and olutions offered by Jas Garnett would still have a full mouth to show Greensburg pike five miles from the Jr were adopted former place and seven from the latter- the unsuspecting master Be it resolved that we approve The well is 88 the the call for this convention and his as cold as a feet deep andwant water John Rhea is out of the race for person would it It Congress the convention to be held in Som and Jim Richardson is right August 25 1904 to nomi erset in the midst of it If faithful party breadth of brain and fitness the place count fur anything intke 2 That we heartily endorse Agricultural Experiment Staten State selection of a candidate lllchardson the National Democratic platform t College of Kentucky will win in a walk Horse Cave Gate adopted at St Louis and we enLexington Ky July n dorse the nominees Parker for 1151Mineral water sent by J C l9ttCam Morrison President and Davis for Vice ty Ky Campbellsville Taylor coun prepared to fix pumps July 18 1901 The sample was President who are a platform in received July 21 1901 in pint bottle themselves The water smelled strongly of hydrogen Tiinvork Woodwork and all kinds 3 We condemn fraud and ras sulphide and there was a deposit of sul- ¬ ot repairing a specialty cality and pray for deliverance phur in the bottleANALYSIS Horseshoeing and Blacksmifchifrom the hands of those who are now practicing the art in the llth The water contains o209 grains of I ngI prepared to do your buggy solid matter to the gallon composed on short notice district of Ky of chlorides and sulphates of so ¬ 4 That Noah Loy M Lllt ATIOSWATER STREET um calcium and magneisum ome Mercer H B Simpson John D calcium carborbonate and traces of iron Lowe S H Murrell Bramlette potassium and lithium compounds and Abrell Porter A Murrell Gor trace of borates The water contained GOING 10 THE WORLDS FAIR on Montgomery R L Camp also a very considerable quantity of hydrogen sulphide Is very good saline ben C S Harris Judge James sulpur water AT Garnett Col E Butler J W ALFRED 11 PETER Chemist Sublett Dr S P Miller W B Rowe W M Wilmore Zach DEMOCRATIC The great number of members a lodge can obtain does of necessity rake tech the most useful I fear even at this time more danger of some of our lodges breaking down from having too many than from trw small a number of members Let ma alsi remind you ibat Ancient Craft Masonry begins 1 CONVENTION MINERAL WATER Countysce ¬ jfj I with the Entered Apprentice degree and ends with the Royal Arch degree The Commotnccatih of Kentucky ton and Dr Loren Williams of Glas- ¬ and that so much of Masonry is pure gow will be in Columbia a few days 1 The olllcers of fish and game war- and perfect venerable with antiquity this week hoary with age Beyond this all Is ns are hereby created modern new and ornamental adding 2 children returned from Russellville The county judge of each county nothing to its strength and gracdeur shall appoint one or more lisp game wardens for each county in th austere Messrs Wm Irvine of Camp Knox State who shall hold office and be subMasonry needs nothing now for her and J P Beard of this place returned ject to removal therefrom at the plea sure of the county judge Each gam and sublime her Inculcations arewhile returning and it was with great warden before entering on the trutbsImmortnl truths with an difficulty he was driven to Columbia the Commonwealth with good sure- aaapablllty to our race that must exty to be approved by the county judge Ist until wrong is banished from the world and virtue reinstated on her anJ It shall be the duty of fish ent throne tint II suffering has no Please bring tickets for chairs to W game wardens to enforce within this want to relieve and sorrow no tear to L Walker 565 pink 16 blue and 19 State all laws relating to the protec- ¬ dry yellow tion preservation and propagation of Each fish an Services at the Christian church next tisb birds and game distrust the fact that all of Ma ¬ Sunday 730 is the hour for evening game warden shall have full power to ex cute and serve all warrants and proservics degrees with the instructions of the cess of law issued for In connection All who arc in need of glasses will do Royal Arch our let him become envi ¬ with or growing out of the enforce- ¬ well to call on S N Hancock at The Adair County News office All work ment of any law relating to the pro guaranteed tcction preservation or propagation o to names ¬ t are fish birds and game in the same man Mr R E Newby has recently given appellation of some presiding officer in of Adair county be and they are ness at Campbellsville Ky Camp ¬ ner and to a like extent that any sber his dwelling a neat coat of paint and the socalled higher bodies When appointed delegates to attend the bellsville is your neighbor and as you III or constable may serve and execute convention to be held at Somer have no manufacturer of this work in such process and shrill be entitled t Columbia would it not be to your of the neat Columbia homes the same fees for said services as ar cast the vote of Adair county fo stare with the right feeling sen won now allowed by law to sheriffs for situ ¬ M S F High School will open Sept Bible Mason or mau of the world cxcltand prices We solicit work from liar services in criminal cases They 5 Prospects are good for beginning the nomination for Congress and adjoining counties for derision and contempt Parents should start their children at may arrest on sight and without warin this district and will vote on COAKLEY SIMS BROS Arc we uiekiug too warty members once in order that they may get full rant any person detected by them in all questions that may come be benefit of the term Faculty equal to Of lodges and too few Masons Com the act uf violating any such Jaw they fore said convention in connec ¬ any in this section shall have the same right as sheriffs t a LIVE STOCK MARKET us We have heard it in the past i FOR SALE require aid in executing any processmay e or in arresting without process any assails our ears in the present Are event no Democrats from Adair Reported by I will sell my farm on Russells creek the Louisville Liveendeavoring to make Masonry pop county li miles from Columbia containing 200 person found by them in the act of vi ¬ attend said convention Exchange Bourbon StockStock acres for a reasonable price About 50 olating any of said lows and they shall popularDo H S Robinson and J T Horn Yards acres bottom land The up land fairly have authority to seize think more uf the fees for without pro GAITER are directed to actas proxies and good Plenty timber abundance of the degrees than of the god of Ma cast 15 5cy55 0 the vote of Adair county as Extra shipping water Two dwellings and all necessa- ¬ cess and birds fish or game then found In the possession of any such person a 75 525 Light shipping I herein directed ry out buildings sonryThese together with the guns nets seines are questions for serious con- ¬ Imo J W Morris 4 504 75 Best butchers Ozark Ky SOURCE OF JAPANESE VIGOR traps or other devices with which the sideration The remedy a more unFair to good butchers a754 00 same were taken or killed and destroy sparing use of the blackball TUB Japanese are allowed to be Common to medium btchr 3 253 is ever SERIOUSLY SHOT or confiscate such guns nets seines Master Masons prerogative Grand amOng the very strongest people on nose Will Ross of Irish Bottom Cumbertraps or other devices and forthwith Master Tennis Pennsylvania i garth They are strong mentally and Choice packing and butch land county accidentally shot himself physically and yet practically they eat at the Hancock Hotel this place last convey such offender before a court or 5 50 ers 200 to 300 lbs I HELPFUL LITTLE HINTS Sunday afternoon He was alone in magistrate having jurisdiction of the no meat at all The diet which ena- ¬ Fair to good packing 100 his room and was cleaning his revolver offense and such court or magistrate Quit dabbling one thing and stick I bles theta to develop such hardy 550 to 200tbs when it was discharged The ball en shall upon the filing by the warden of to frames and such wellbalanced and Good to extra light 120 to itIt tered his right thigh cutting the main its worth keeping its worth keep- Keen brains consists almost wholly of 160 Ibs 5 sO artery and for awhile it looked like the a proper complaint proceed speedily to try and determine the truth of the Ing well young man would bleed to death Fi rice steamed or boiled while the bet SHEEP AND LAMW3 charge Are you farming fora living or es a tertodo add to this Spartan fare fisbt Good to extra shipping nt eggs vegetables and fruit Fur bevs 4 After payment of the percentage business 3 25350 Sheep into his thigh caught and tied the 300 2 severedartery At this writing the of fines allowed by law to the other Speak well of an enemy and regal Fair to good gar or milk and pure water alcoholic Common to medium young man is resting easy but serious public officers the remainder shall g o his confidence 1 l5e 1 75 complications may arise stimulants being but rarely indulged to the fish and game warden instituLife is an age to the miserable a in Water is imbibed in what we ting the prosecution and upon filing a moment to PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY the happye should consider prodigious quantities COLUMBIA MARKET Z T Williams heGood management is threefourths to an Englishman indeed the drinkML Pleasant an s warrant upon the Trea- ¬ of profitable Ing of so much water would be regard success in farming EgyptW surer in favor of such fish and ga C Sandidge Temperance CSCREPORTED BY SAM LEWIS meHonesty of soul is a virtue tb warden al + G W Montgomery Liberty brightens all tnat is good in us ly in divided doses Approved March 21 1904 J F Barger Freedom Speaking about fairs and the people The Japanese recognize the here fihWool F E Lewis Milltown31 Grease oloaii me riot effect of Hushing the spat Judge Paynter PJ the Appella A L Mel Pleasant Ridge e c through the medium of the kldne Court in dissolving the injunction r T T Campbell Clear Springyou you treat fairly and they also cleanse the exterior of straining the operation of the Coving G Mayfield Liberty Feathers New 44 Old 10 to 80 Cheap beet cattle and bgnprlccd their bodies to an extent undreamed ton poolrooms says that courts of eq J L Adkins Friendship5 Hides Green roasts show that something is radical of in Europe or in America uity have no jurisdiction to restrain J B Debord Russell Springs10 Hide Dry Anotherand perhaps this is the GhiHHiiR the commission of crimes nor to en ¬ ly wrong There is an injunction J P Scruggs Gradyville 45C force moral obligations and when against the beet trust but that outfit usage on which the Japanese lay the Spring ChickniiB F Hopkins Bethel Ridge 94 they seek to do such it is a clear usur ¬ doesnt seem to mind it the least bit greatest stressIs that deep habitual Old Hone Prices are controlled at both ends by forcible inhalation of fresh air Is an Eggs pation of the jurisdiction of the crIm- ¬ W B Wright Columbia 10 the packers just the same us of yore essential for the acquisition ofstrength Inal court Guinea Season tickets for the Fair can be Farm and Home and this method is sedulously prac purchased at M Cravens and T I EAprominent Texas political candi- ¬ tised until becomes a part of their ° Paulls drug stores 100 four days For SaleFour fine 2 year old jersey turc From The Medical date is named Onion They think May Apple 2 All Go to M Cravens drugstore for down there that he will add ether This report will besubmitted ith Ed Lyon of Augusta to any ticket season Fair tickets 100 four days Campbellsville the Fair to buy horses and for revision W3ekly I j I CongressI ¬ somethinge MorrisonsI I 0- trut uniquee 1repairing Tdi blued dsorry sups Coe arouno sadt LOUIS St P USE TILE ISr ROll6k 1 COMFORTABLE BEYOND A DOUBT FREERECLINING CHAIR CARS OFFICIAL ROUTE FORKENTUCKIANSTO ¬ St LOUIS u0ASK auditord sc mee sn Japanat ¬ bullsg Ky4t GEO FOR OUR RATES L GARItETT Louisville of GM IRWIN Gen P Agt Kentucky WISEMAN SON + 50 JEWELERS and OPTICIANS 0 2iys ¬ 2Jl Eggsj RecordI 4 J L Trav Passr Agt Dealers in Diamonds and Precious Stones eclal attention given to work and all orders or goods In our line 132 West Market between 1st and 2ndOpoilteMuilcHilI LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY Wilmore Hotel 7ItI Gradyville t 1- EUBANKa TinS guarantcr theyomilr vulgae ¬ 4 I and Salemon We keep a stock of the best material and repairs Work done at our shop is guaranteed in workmanship and prices Shop located on dePt street near Main Give us a callCLARK PARSON Campbellsville Ky Mar 30 ly r SKRIO US QUESTIONS OS Fox of Danville will be at An act creating the olliccs of fih and the Fair Wednesday and Thursday to game wardens and defining the pow buy mules ersand duties and living the com ¬ Mr G R Feese and his little daught ¬ pensation of such officers and for the er Lillie Dora Watson visited the further protection and preservation News Saturday of fish game and birds 4n the State Mr C C Gewin wife and grandson of Kentucky of Greensboro Ala arc visiting the family of Mr Allen Walker it Enacted R The Gent ml Assembly NnJ TO DO ANY KI horseshoeing and w of work all kinds of Buggy Carriage and Wax Repairing We are also prepared to apply all kinds of new t CHAPTER Hindmat ILAS CANESFURS 2100 arrived last Saturday greatlyincreases 1ESBM o Miller and wife of St Presdeut1C S1 Democrate Runs Ice Cream Freezers A J 1B1 COFFEY afternoonMonte a while economy Is wise be to be mean or niggardly is the height of foolishness The niggardly man is nearly always overreached It is likeHere Dr Cagun smiled said 234 DAYS REMEMBER THE DATE AUGUST ty Rev W C Clemens BURKESVILLE STREET pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool lit 9 m every Sabbath Praycrmccting every Wednesday night undergraduates about the wisdom of This fair will be the crowning entertainment of Southern Ken ¬ You cant afford to miss it tucky Alice Garnett Glasgow is visit ¬ ing friends in Columbia and in the coun ¬ PRESBYTERIAN II Capen of Tufts Col cge was talking to a little group o waterThis Miss Ethel Azbill has gone to Wis ¬ consin and will engage in Library work Mr R W Cloud Minn OVERREACH Present THOROUGHBRED RACE EVERY DAY aMiss CHURCH DIRECTORY I ¬ T110wers Jr C Marshal Vk 38 economyBut Four days of pleasure and profit to all who will attend An attractive progranime will appear within a few days up your stock if you want a nice premium- FG illis is in from St Louis to attend the Fair Mr W J Page has gone to Indiana polis to be treated Master Sam Barbee has been quite sick for several days Mr Bryan Montgomery has been on the sick list for two weeks G NUMBER withseveral Mr Welby Bradford of Decatur Ill is visiting in Adair county Jones D is here 0 AUGUST 24 1104 AUGUST 23 24 25 and 26 is in Cityhave E W Burton R T McCaffrce Assessor Marcum good runners WEDNESDAY COLUMBIA FAIR and 19 townTom CIRCUIT COUKT r WILMORE Prop is no Kentucky place to stop THERE at the better named hotel aboved Good sample rooms and a firstclaw table Rates very reasonable stable attached Peed A I

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