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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), April 24, 1902

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

I I J The Paducab Sun = PADUCAH VOL IX NO 05 THURSDAY APRIL KENTUCKY 24 1D02 j 6 10 CENTS PER WEEK n CAPI CLARK CAST Ho Decided He Could Not Pay FIVE BODIES GO His Talk of Blowing Admiral Watson to Represent the Many fritridi Navy at the Coronation in FOUND up the Pittsburg Assisting England and In Relatives the Search are Now TRIP WILL QUITE LATE COSTLY NEWS FROM THE DISASTER 4tho request and ordered Rear Admir- al J u Watson president of the ex amining board to perform this ace The action of Captain Clark is vice generally regretted by the administra Icon gad the navy Hn was selected by president and Secretary Long because of their desire to recognize In some special way his magnificent work darIn the war with Spain Captain Clark reluctantly accepted the duty And rto bis station at League Island It bat been expected that the president would make an allowance out of the state department fund to pay the expenses of the American represents r edt tire Mr Roosevelt decided however that the American representatives roost pay their own way the naval and army officers receiving only their pay and mileage Captain Clark ap prcelilcil that this would bo Iniuffl intent M three were many ospenics ha would have to hear lot Instance any courtesy extended to him would have to tx returned > TELEGKPHIC NEWS Indianapolis April SI Republican convention reassembled at U oclock Daniel E Storms of this morning Lafayette was nominated by ae clam atlonsetretary ot state There were no other nominations There being no contests for tbo following positions the rules were suspended and nominations were made by acclamation an follow Judge of the court John II Gillett ofHammond Judge II of the appellate court W D Robinson of Princeton Wra J Henley of JhnbTlIle Jnmfl D Black of Indianapolis Daniel1 W Comper of Richmond Uf 7 Wiley of Fowler and Frank S Roby of Auburn State statistician i B F Johnson of Fowler state geologian W II Blatchley of Indianapolis For I 1supreme t 1 t nominations i Lebanon J e r r t t 1 I of Noble Henry of Gospor vllloi James It Frank Doran of Ijijorte t r i David Sherrlok The total number delegates was 1C87 Sherrlck nominated on thlnl ballot receiving 8Ut votes Martin 833 12 Henry 3C3 13 Doran 130 On motion Mr Martin nomination Mr Sherrlck was deolainl unanimous April 24 Attorney Frankfort Grant Forrester at 030 oclock this morning resumed life argument reran Mast night for tho defense in Berry toward case Began by taking iap statements on witness stand of Mrr Carry Howard Mu Irene Davis unit Mrs Sarah Hnnsloy who attributed to defendant damaging remarks and called jurys attention In fact In no single instance did witnesses admit that a witness who might contradict them was protect Ho drew attention that there was also no witness to coiroboratn the statement of Anthony Drougbton had the gun which killed Goober The remains were burled near where they were found below the wreck It 1 < reported that It was the intention of the searchers with the con tent of the underwriters to use dyne mite today to Mow up tho wreck and secure the remainder of the bodies l bnt this Ia dimedited by local river men who do not think that It will be permitted > as There may be some of the IATellan11Olbl1 likely to destroy the bodies The people of Cairo have been very liberal In donating towards the expo rtltlon that went to look utter for bodies of these lost In the disaster 0m hundred suit forty dollars wj subscribed In a short time enough to cover the expenses of a two days cruise In the tog Mr O B Dowell of Bayou Mills LlTlngslou county who left the city night before last to learn If his little daughter Laura who left on tho boat for Oayoso Ma to visit her grand mother was lost fonnd at Cairo that his child beyond doubt wai among the victims and li DOW among tho search erj Mr Livingston L Hunter a schoolmate of Mr K C licnner of the city and ono of tho victims was a leading business man in Western PennHe was president of the sylvania Ttdeont savings bank bad largo oil interests and conducted a wholesale lumber business from Tldeonto Hi also had largo holdings In Buffalo N Y elevators nad In tbo Grand Wheat Farm In Dakota Ho bad been Mardi tied with tho lumber timber anti tic interests of Missouri for many years At the time of life tenth bo was secretary of the Missouri Lumber and gin lag company Gremlin Mo and a stockholder In th Porost Lumber Co of Kansas City tbo Missouri Lumber and Land Exchange Co of Kansas City LoutslanaIrongLeaf Lumber Co of Fisher La the Lonlunn Central Lumber company of Clarke La anti He tho Rank of Poplar Bluff Mo wu en route from Cincinnati to Mem phli to meet with associates who aro Jt Interested with him In the south I s learned that ho was in conversation i with friends on the Pittiburg cp to about midnight then retired to hie stateroom near tbo forward part of the He was probably suffocated boat soon alter tho fire was discovered J C Motcby of Grants Tower Iis looking for the remain of Lisle lions Mr loin who was on tbo Plttibnrg Hamlnln wai a young man who was recently honorably discharged from b Ho had l een the United States army away from homo for three years and was on his way ot Oklahoma to visit Mr Moieby I s a coniln i fits brother to Mr Hauilntn Among those In the searching party that went out from Cairo to pickup tho remain ni they are found or come Continued He Is Charged With Numerout Offenses A Letter may Throw Some Identity of the Failed to Give Bond so far Old In Light on the Robber Deputy Sheriff Llndsey of Denton county Tenn who killed an un known robber near the mouth of Blood river Calloway county Mon- day has been exonerated by the corqncra jury Deputy Sellers who i was wounded by the outlaw I s not seriously hurt As soon as ha fired at Sellers Llndtey opened fire with a The first ball pent Winchester rule tratci the right hand and the second struck tha man In tno neck killing him alincst Initamlr The only thing fonnd on the dead mans person that wunld Indicate who FORETELL CALAMITY bo I s was an envelope addressed toJi 1 THIS 13 WHAT OAPT JOE FOWLER A McCnlston Trllanda Ala U This letter was mailed In Massachusetts SAYS TUB MOSQUITOES Ho was considered by tho Tennessee MEAN nthQrltiejtv a tad mAn and was on ler several allasm Well drawled Captain Joe row Abcn tZCO worth or jewelry and ler this morning as ho lit another mrchenills wu found lu his possesstogie1 have you heard what the sion cnrly ruosgnitoes menu 1 Ha was assured that nothing had ADJUDGED A LUNATIC lon mentioned about their Import Them feller have come sooner JOHN DURBiN TRIED IN OinJ than I ever knew theta 1lln great CULT COURT TODAY Early ho continued er numbers calamity mosquitoes awny mean John Uurhn a man about SO years tint omcthlnir awful is going to ba- of 1I11t who had been running about the lI but just what It I s of course no r trcrU for some time picking up sticks Yon can dust may awl tryinz ti vat theta and doing num man can tell though ho concluded that It means emus ether things very much out cf something axfnl U going to hnppjn tie ordinary mutbl morning tried bcfolc Judge Husbands for lunacy and BRYAN COMING ordered to toe asylum Boron cAme hero several weeks ago HE IS TO SPEAK AT 8MITHLAND and has l eii banging about the city hall Ho waa arrested once bnt seemed TOMORROWtFTERNOON to improve and was released ami told Bryan of Nebraska lion He did not do as the to leave town formerly United States Senator will court Instructed and his condition1r speak at Smlthland tomorrow after- became worse I noon at 1 oclock and Is expected to Out bin had been In the Oklahoma a pus through Paducah some time in asylum he says the morning on route to that place LECTURE ENTERTAINING Ho I s expected back Sunday to spend i In the Broadway Methodist lecture the day and speaks at Marion Mon room tomorrow evening Dr G W day Briggs wilt deliver his notable lecture MAY BOX MAY 6 of the Humor and Eccentricities Tho protracts aro that a sparring Pulpit i Dr Briggs I s a deightful match will bo given under tho dine spenker anti a good aujlecceI ls assur tion of the new athletic club here on ed Thllecture is under the auspices May Mho Jim Rjau will bo one of of the EpwnrthLeagueand there will the contestants but the other has not alto be a musical program No ad been selected1 mission will bo charged at the door William Orayiir tho Do Right preacher was arrested this afternoon by Ofllceri llarlan Weeds Clark and Deputy Marshal Will Crow on four warrants charging him with Immoral ity flourishing a distal carrying con Castled a pistol and shooting at Jfettin Illynn colored The preacher figured today Inn casein police mart and admitted that hj used to lit a minstrel man lllc bump is ellO In all tho casts and at press time hi had not given It WJ IIa e g L to s cc out ittle Drops bf Water Makes the typhoid fever 1 coms I tWORNOUT WATER COOLERS A little cash will buy a new cpoler and save much sickness and mone- yHARTS NEW LINE Is bautiful well made great very cheap and strictly sanitary icesavers a- I i GEO O HART < SONI HARDWARE AND STOVE CO lC on Eighth Page and Miss Linda Wright Married this Morning Court Judge Sanders Hada Long Session Today aftWklch a Church Dis Ceremony M it Performed E ChurchWent the Broadway- to St Louis Mo i FEW HAPPENINGS IN OTHER COURTS J A fEW OTHER LOCAL MARRIAGES A surprise wedding took place this CIRCUIT COURTEd Martin and John Quinn tbo two morning when Mr Hunter II Hough men who held up Mr Robert McCnno a prominent young timber dealer of several weeks ago were this morning the city and Miss Linda M Wright sentenced to three years In the pent tho youngest daughter of Mr George tertiary for the offense They pleaded A Wright the well known hardware not guilty but the evidence was too man were married at the Broadway strong and the commonwealth hail a Methodist church at 9 oclock Rev George W Briggs officiating clear case against Mr Rough has been a resident of Walter Watson was fined ISO and 1 costs for cutting In a sudden IIltra1I the city for many years and is a young press time the case against J man of sterling business qualities and At B Ivcy for obtaining money by fnloIis one of tho citys most progressive citizens pretenses was on trial Htsbrlde is a pretty and pe polar In the action of Peter Rccbo guard Ian against Earla Pugb the commit young lady with many friends and The marriage was stoners report of sale was confirmed acquaintances Mallio Groom a keeper of a Court attended by a few of the couples Inti street resort was fined e50 and costs mate friends only and had been kept A L and Anna Rodman legally a secret until the securing the maradopted the son of Edith May Black- riage license The bride and groom left at noon burn this morning in the circuit for St Louts on a bridal trip court Andy Mango the man charged with 1 W larger of the city an era the theft of Mr Eo Fntrella horse ployo of the Illinois Central shops and was acquitted of the charge Miss Belle Dcugil of the city werb Mango it was claimed helped Jeff mirrlod IIttlO residence of Rev Wilkins make way with tho animal Rouse on the Broadway road last and after WilkUii had boon brought night The groom I s a well knowu i hero from the penitentiary to aitpea aa a witness be refused to testify Jackson street Their many Julius Settle was given three yc sswill bo pleased to lease of the mar for false jwearlnc siege pUCE COURT A novel wedding was performed In Jndgo Sanders bad a big court thisI Uopklnivillo night before last It was morning both in docket audin attend a wedding by wire and the bride and unto groom were three hundred miles The most Important case on the apart Mr Jefferson Davis Koon more at docket and which attracted tention was what has been termed the judge was married to Mrs Gertrude Dooright case Liza Rogers Lid Gallagher of Cincinnati 0 who was die Howell ant Ollia Rogers all drug store at Newport h colored women were charged with the phone receiver pressed to her having raised a disturbance in the church and in the trial Dooright The novel service was begun at 8 the case Rev Grayer the minister of oclock and was not completed until 0 tans the Doorlghts wai called In to The groom is about 40 years old In his testimony It developed tify that he had been an end man in a bi d Georgia minstrel troupe and also accomplished lady aged 20 traveled with a patent medicine show Promptly at 8 oclock Jndgo Fowler fifteen years ago for some time about called up central and WAS connected Ill career has been one of many ex with tho Newport drug store where by perience and bo at last resorted to the agreement Mrs Gallagher and a few pulpit and established a religion of his friend were waiting After a preown The court fined all three women j liminary conversation Judge fowler one dollar and the costs for a breach slowly and distinctly repeated the of the peace and the case was thus conventional marriage service packed settled The court room was It Will heard without difficulty of with negroes and one woinftn named course by the groom who promised Hawkins fainted the crowd being so to love cherish and protect the lady largo and the room so She however was unable to catch the John Mils case was tried and the sentences of the ceremony clearly and fined Ql0 and cost for nI defendant they were repeated a number of times breach of tho peace a very light JOIII in vain Mix mont for so serious an offense Finally tbo Hopklnsville party has- it will be remembered struck Lee tened to the telephone exchange Guide and crushed ono side of his loco Then after aid of a Newport minister Im The defendant claimed that he hard been obtained the service was Tho war- Qnlshed used nothing but his flat In a satisfactory way and the rant charging malicious assault with happy groom sent the bride a kiss by intent to kill was dismissed The couple adopted this odd wire Judge Sanders ordered tho release manner of marrying because they were of Cliff Montgomery colored charged attracted by its novelty Mrs Boon with murder as the grand jury re arrived yesterday to join her husband ported that after a careful examination N C 0 ST L EARNINGS It was found that he was not impli sated April 24Estimated Nashville Charles Olaybrook colored who gross earnings of tho Nashville Chat struck Will Johnson colored waa tanooga and St Louis railway for the fined 110 aud costs for a breach of third week of April show an Increase the peace of 3384807 over the corresponding Henry Wood the young man ot week of List year Wlckllff who was sent to the city hospital with two hone and whip THE WEATHER bpmI ofr friendt oOllntrI Kye t e hIna ceremonyf gopkinsd botI your water cooler If it is nott perfect look A little hole or scale in tin lining makes a disease germa few hot days and sickness What causes i- WEDDING Got Three Years Each Mr Hunter Hough Circuit turbance wit Settled There limit been five bodies from the Washington April 2afailure cf the country to make proper allowance Plttsbnrg recovered up to this main for his expenses while In lonrtin ing when the list reports were reYesterday the remains of I caused Captain Charles K Clark ceived famous as tho commander of the hot colored deck passenger were found tleship Oregon to request relief from Papers In the clothing showed Ills the duty of representing the navy at name to bj John Phillips a leek passenger from Cincinnati who had the coronation of King Edward Secretary Long Immediately granted not been reported among tbo missing f Sheriff of Tennessee Was Highwaymen Acquittedof Murder Bodies Dead v BE IN THE LOGALOOURTS SURPRISE to Afternoon on Four Warrants for the HIS DUTY DID DO RIGHT Preacher Arrested this Deputy A Corloed With Dynamite this Morning Expenses to London fir I DIDNT i Continued on eighth page Fair tonight and Friday 7 f i 3 l c t r t

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