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Image 3 of The Cats' Pause, "December 7, 1985"

Part of The Cats' Pause

\ A A / f X U V Bobby Knight And Hoosiers Come To Town Bracing for its toughest assignment of the young season, Kentucky will meet long-time.arch-rival Indiana Saturday night in a game which should tell us a great deal about this current Kentucky team. Prior to Tuesday's battle with Cincinnati. UK had no trouble in dispensing of three weak sisters. Those games came at a good time and allowed coach Eddie Sutton the opportunity to experiment, teach the youngsters some fundamentals and go through play three warm-ups to the real games which begin with Bobby Knight's Hoosiers. Already, the pollsters are very quickly moving the Cats up the ladder, perhaps too quickly. This is not a Top Ten team, at least not yet. It could be a Top 15 club by the season's end if all goes well, but there are a lot of "ifs." First of all, UK will have to stay healthy. The Cats will have to get an awesome year from Ail-American Kenny Walker and a great season from his supporting cast. Most of all. this team must play as a team and not allow petty jealousy to overtake team unity. This club has the potential to be a pretty good club. It is playing with enthusiasm right now. But then, everything goes smoothly when one is winning. The true character of any club surfaces when it first loses. Here's hoping such an occasion is a long time off. Indiana will be out to nail Kentucky as Bobby Knight teams always are. but this Saturday won't be the time or place. Kentucky will win this one. Other college basketball powers have come and gone from the Hawaiian Islands and many of them left with some not-so-fond memories, as far as basketball is concerned. Big names have fallen before, people like Virginia. SMU and Louisville twice. More often than not, the giant-killer was little NAIA affiliate Chaminade. The Silverswords have acquired quite a reputation of humbling the big boys from the mainland. When Kentucky came calling last week, Silversword fans endeared dreams of repeat performances. Make no mistake about it, Silversword boosters will never forget their miracle upsets. The Chaminade minor sports teams see to that, hawking t-shirts and sweat shirts outside the tiny 1,700-scat McCabe Gym as Kentucky and Chaminade fans made their way into the facility last Tuesday. Whether or not Silversword fans knew of the fierce UK-UL rivalry, it was obvious t-shirts proclaiming Chaminade's 83-72 victory over the Cardinals were outselling the Virginia massacre shirts. An estimated 1,200 Kentuckians accompanied the Wildcats to Hawaii, one way or another. Almost 300 joined the official team party via United Airlines in a package put together by Bob Crawley. Others include a group of more than 250 by Bill Blount and Commonwealth Travel Agency. Jim Hatfield and LaFayette Travel Agency had a group, also. Then there were numerous others who traveled on their own, through the conventional means of commercial airlines or the best way they could. Three notable exceptions were three members of the armed forces, all of whom just happened to have far-reaching Kentucky roots. First, there was United States Air Force Colonel Richard E. Stevenson who is editor-in-chief of the USAF Pacific Stars & Stripes in the Pacific. He just happens to be a 1964 graduate of UK. Col. Stevenson is in charge of scheduling four quarterly fund council meetings each year in Honolulu and after his Wildcat schedule, he could find no better reason than to call one during Thanksgiving week. The Colonel has been an avid Kentucky basketball fan all the way back to the days of of the early sixties. "I go back to the days of J. B. Falcolner and Ashland Oil broadcasting the games." said Col. Stevenson prior to the UK-Chaminade game. "I even had an English class with Cotton Nash." He wasn't the only member of the Air Force attending the games in Hawaii. So were David Goe, a Bell County. Kentucky, native and longtime UK fan Bill Brown. Goe, a 12-year USAF veteran, hinted he jeopardized his family future and the loss of Thanksgiving Day dinner just to see the Cats play. In fact, when his wife jokingly suggested that he not pass up the opportunity to watch UK, he took her up on the idea before she realized what she had said. "I may not even have a wife when I get home." laughed Goe. "but when my wife read about UK coming to Hawaii in The Cats' Pause, she thought it would be a good idea for me. I jumped at her suggestion." But the Goes live in Japan, not Hawaii. He did what any other sane UK fan would do, he grabbed a seat on a "seat available" basis and suddenly arrived in Hawaii. Brown is an old-timer at following the Cats. He flew all the way from Iceland via a miltiary transport to catch the Cats for the Final Four championship in St. Louis back in 1978. So guess who we bumped into at Chaminade's McCabe Gym last Tuesday? Yep, Bill Brown. Now, he's stationed in Japan, a cool nine-hour flight from Hawaii. "If Kentucky can fly two-thirds of the way around the world to play a game," said Brown, "I figure the least I could do is to go one-third and meet them." Yea, especially in Hawaii. HITS AND MISSES . . . Before you could get the firewood in for a long, cold winter, several of the teams expected to challenge for the NCAA championship next spring have already suffered losses. Georgia Tech, which is supposed to be in everyone's top three, found the going rough in the Naismith Hall Of Fame Game last Saturday when Michigan's Wolverines dumped the Engineers 59-57 in a game described by Michigan coach Bill Freider as a "great defensive effort." Tech coach Bobby Cremins apparently didn't wear the same glasses as those of Freider. Cremins said Tech's play was a total embarrassment and apologized for his club's showing. It just goes to show you what press clippings can do to any team, not just a club named Kentucky. And you just might add Louisville's Cardinals to that list. Denny Crum's club was selected the nation's No. 1 team by Basketball Times in its preseason issue and BW printed a full-page front cover with Billy Thompson, Jeff Hal] and Milt Wagner with one of Denny Crum's thoroughbred horses at famed Churchill Downs in Louisville. After opening with victories over Miami and Tulsa in the National Invitational Tourney, the Cards were dealt a double-blow in New York by Kansas and St. John's. Ironically, Louisville now has the distinction of being the only team which has lost twice in each of the last two NIT tourneys . . . Reports out of Texas has it that Tito Horford may well surface again in the land of Guy Lewis. According to a national wire story. Horford will re-enroll at Houston before the end of the current calendar year, but no one is speculating as to when the 7-2 Dominican Republic star will be eligible to participate, if ever for the Cougars. Back in the summer, the NCAA said Horford would have to forfeit one year of eligibility if he stayed at Houston . . . The biggest shocker of the young season came in Chapel Hill when North Carolina bombed UCLA by more than thirty points. UCLA coach Walt Hazzard was anything but happy with Dean Smith and said so a couple days later to a Los Angeles reporter. Every time I've seen a UCLA score the past five years or so, I'm reminded of many so-called Kentucky experts who claim anyone can win at Kentucky because "any coach" can recruit at Kentucky. Just take a look at UCLA. . . Kentucky wasn't the only team on the Hawaiian Islands last week. Some of the other clubs were Oklahoma, Michigan. LSU, Marshall, Georgetown and Illinois to name a few. David Goe, Col. Stevenson And Bill Brown

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