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Image 5 of Crittenden record-press (Marion, Ky. : 1909), April 20, 1911

Part of Crittenden record-press (Marion, Ky. : 1909)

oVM J J m JUSTICE TO YOURSELr t SHOULD BEFORE MAKING YOUR PURCHASES VISIT THE STORE OF TAYLOR QUALITY COMES FSRST, THEN &CANNAN, YOU OWE THIS TO' YOURSELF. WELL YOU KNOW THE REST. WE MAKE THE PRICE SO LOW SILKS, THE KIND OF riNi: ONE And SUIT. THE T IT'S NO SECUET. FIRST WE STl'DY Line DULSS-GOOI- CLOSELY WHAT THE PEOrLE WANT, NEXT WE MAKE TIL?. PRICE. S. YOU At P KICKS BUY, YOU WANT That. Will Ceruinh THE SAME MAKE. Int'W t N RUGS. A Cl an I'p-To-JD- Ol NEXT T?M SO MANY And In Wook-n- AFTliR YOU WEAR EASY WALKS WHY WK SELL LAWNS LIGHT-WKIGH- CLOTHING Another Large And Wear Longer, And You No More Tlinn You Pay IT WILL Pwmfac i For the best Dentistry sec Dr. Crawford, Marion Hank Building. Walter Griffith of Glendnle, section was here on a business trip Saturday. Stombridge opposite McChcs-ney'- s grocery does horse shoeing SOe round. for .1. V. Wilson was in Paducah on business Saturday, returning Sunday afternoon. Julian Ainsworth of Livingston County, a former citizen of this city was here Sunday. Mrs. Marion Clement of Lola, is the guest of her sister Mrs. A. .!. Pickens, on Depot street. FOR RENT: -- House of three rooms. The house is on west ' tf Deiot street Roy Hurley. Miss Inn Price spent last week in Louisville and Lexington the guest of friends while doing some shopping. For land's sake use Bowkcr's For sale bv R. II. fertilizer. Kemp, phone No. M. 2 riru;s. Clyde C.illiand of Rolling Fork, Miss., who is the guest of his with parents, spent Sunday friends in Sturgis. - Stevens was called Okolona, Miss., Friday by news to of the serious illness of the child of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Crider. Aim. Dell Mon- day for St. Lonis, Mo., where she will be the guost of friends for a weok or so. 4 Mrs. Mnuzy and Mrs. Adams, friends of the family accompanied the remains of Mrs. Boston from Morganfield to thia place nnd attended the funeral burial Saturday. and AY Dental work guaranieeo. satisfactory by Dr. Crawford. b Easy On Your TOO K DI.NT1ST tan Sew Oak Sole Leather lor oar eiciuilre ulr, and Jie It In eretjr pair of Initead ol opening iboel we tnanafactute the fibtei. ti in ordinargr aole leather, and filling the leather with tubsttneei which te detrimental to in wear and caoie It ta enilr absorb moiiture, we knit the fibrei more clotelr, omit (orelin matter, and make oar Oak Sole Leather prac licallr moiiture and weir proof. I We Fit You With. 1 February, 1911. Diamond ring. Lady's watch Gent's watch Lady's tailored suit " " Gent's Silk umbrella Pair of pants Lady's fine shoes load of Hay FOR SALE:-C- ar timothy and clover, First class mixed, Bailed. -- Roy Hurley. BULIIINU . . . v ( I Chas Perry and wife, who have been residing in California for two vears nast hnvo. rotnrn- ed home to spend the summer. n t ..... r 2 rrt vine snent ruesaav mcrht in the T? T city on his way to Nebo to attend Princeton Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian church. Providence Enterprise. Rev. J. B. Lowery of Carrs-vill- e, passed through the city te to Nebo last week to attend the Cumberland Presbytery. He returned from there Friday and was met here by his daughter Miss Cora Lowery and together they proceeded to Carrsville, Mr. J. D. Watson returned to his sister's, Mrs. Mary Waddells near Marion, Wednesday, after spending a few days at Smith-lanHe reports a jolly nice time and compliments the young people he was with most highly. He is a clever nice boy and we wish him a hearty success. en-rou- J5 Vk Foster ft Foster & Son $5 Belleville St. X Brick Stable " G. H. Foster ft 0 0 uf Mwt iCfusonabie ( ' , 'V M, L. I I I Oaio, ' vl Main fcttvel. n - 1 lu-re- . 'e-.r- . ! . E7xrusiKr Mai 1 1 C. Good Rigs for Travel- ing Men $ w Fine Carriage for Wed- ding or Funeral Occasions Prompters-an- d f'jurteay g I . l ,,11 d. I i . 1 . v r-- 11 , - ' . - i Vi .E. R. Merrick, Missouri. .Walter Hughes, Fords Ferry, Ky. Pope, .Miss Lucilc Marion. " R. F. D. 'Mrs. Ed Lynch, . . M. F. Drennen,' Iron Hill. ..Mrs. T. J. Babb, Marion. .A. C. Melton, .Mrs. Minnie Shuttlesworth, Marion. ,J. S. Crayne, Crayne, Ky. W. N. Rochester, Marion. .Mrs. .W. W. Lamb, Marion. R. F. D, Millard Enoch, Sheridan, " .Ray Love, W. I. Clement, Crayne. 1 ll Ij 8, . UjC-ilC- U.S.A. iCannan. . . V Taylor Henry V. Stone, the retired of Fords Ferry Mrs. Dora Rodgers, of merchant and capitalist, is erectInd., is the guest of her was in the city Monday on a ing a handsome brick residence sister, Mrs. .1. G. Rochester, and short business trip. on the J. H. Walker lot, one of other relatives here. Miss Nellie Steele of Provi- the prettiest locations, by the " . . Gent's " Mrs. Ada Crawford and son, dence arrived Sunday to be the way in the citv: Lady's silk hose Clifton, and daughter, Wilma, guests of the Misses Driskill. Miss Ina Koon of Salem who (Shift and 2 collars arrived Sunday afternoon from Clarence Gilliand of Rolling had been the guest of her cousins 'Lady's belt their home at Tolu, to visit rela- Fork, Miss., arrived Sunday to Misses Kattie and Mabel Yandell Gent's " tives here for a few days. be the guest of his parents on and Ethel Boaz, left Saturday Pair cuff buttons Haled oats for sale at A. II. Salem St. for her home, Her mother Mrs. Mrs. Emma Haywood went to E. Champion now lives at Salem. Travis farm at $12.00 per ton. After almost a half century's A. F. Woolfe. St. Vincent's and remained over absence, A. N. Stinson, of BelleMrs. M. A. Drennan, wife of to spend Easter at that hallowed ville, Kansas, a cousin of J. C. iMre. J. H. Carter left Monday spot. Mrs. Haywood is proud of M. F. Drennon of Iron Hill and Elder, and of the well known for Morganfield. She accom a sister of our townsman A. F. panied her brother George Bos and devoted to her merchants, Stinson Bros., hasWoolfe, was stricken between 9 There will be a Sunday School been here on a visit the first in home, he having come here ton 10 o'clock Sunday night with Church Sunday, and visitor at Union over 4G years, He is a nephew to bring his wife. congregation parallysis, Dr. McConnell of of Mrs. J, C. Elder.Sr., who lives April 23. A large Shady Grove who was called in Ice coupon books are now on is expected. Chapel Hill and visited her pronounced her condition critical. near sale at five per cent discount for last week. Mr. Stinson left here pups diFOR SALE-Col- llie cash. $1.00, $,'.00, $5.00 and Easter day was a great day at at the close of the Civil War in S10.00 books are sold for 05cts, rect from Lothian's kennel at the Methodist church. Two large 1S65 and went west where he has and !).50. We open $1.00 each Write or phone, $2.85, congregations being present at prospered, Receotly while on a J. B. Carter, no accounts and sell nothing on Marion, Ky. both services. The church was visit to New York, Pittsburg, credit. tastefully decorated with plants and other points a longing to Marion Ice & Cold Storage Co. Fred Lemon and Ross McDow- and flowers, and the music ren- visit the old haunts of his youth Roy Gilbert, Manager. ell of Shady Grove section were dered by the choir and orchestra came over him and he could not Lemon's was in perfect keeping with the resist the desire to stop off on Mr. Electric lamps of high quality here Monday. and of proper voltage for that daughtco Miss Freda is a student occasion. On Sunday night Dr. his return to Kansas. He expects of the Marion High School. Mather preached on "St. John's to visit most all of his relatives section of the city can be obtainMr. and Mrs. J. II. Orme. have Doxology," many saying that it before going home. ed at .! JV1. McChesney's grocery returned from St. Lonis. They was the best sermon that he has Bellville Street. BABY CHICKS AND EGGS visited his brother, R. L. Orme, yet delivered in our city. A. II. Reed, Mining Engineer, and wife in Evansville, also while Eggs & Chicks from High Class Mrs. Nannie Catherine (Hopea former Marion citizen, has re- absent. well Boston, died at her home Barred Plymouth Rocks, heavy cently returned to Marion to Miss Clara Crawford of Tolu, in Morganfield, Friday, April 14, layers, Eggs, 75cts, per 15 or reside. His family arrived Sunwho was here last week, the and he remains were brought $2.50 per 50, $5.00 per 100. day afternoon from Rosi Claire, guests Baby Chicks, lOcts, each, of her cousins, Misses here for interment, The funeral III., where they have lived for a W. S. LOWERY. Allie May Yates and Mini Dixon, was preachd at the Baptist church year or more. We welcome them 4t Marion, Ky. left Friday for her home, in Tolu. of which she was a member, by as citizens of our city. A. A. Fritts, of Repton lwas the pastor Rev. M. E. Miller, See R. II. Kemp before buy here last week enroute to Padu- - assisted by Rev. Arthur Mather SALE NOTICE. ing your fertilizer. Price is cah where he is serving as a jur at 1:80 p m Saturday, and the ' 1 will on Saturday, April 29th, right. The goods are right. or in the U. S. Court. burial was at the new cemetery 1911, offer at public sale for cash Try them my brother and you immediatly afterward. Mrs. Mrs Wm. Barnett and (taught-- 1 will use no other -- Bowkor's FerBoston was bom in 1872 married in hand, the following described era, Misses Katie and Esther of ('. tilizer. E. Boston 189.0, and is sur hog: One black barrow; weight Tolu, passed through the city last 75 pounds; with crop oiT ; : about "cdbylier hu.s'anJ a; M'-WUit Huston TravK veek eiu'outti to LouloVtiie on d btear. T lie above hog taken ildivn. one a daughter 11 years iM wife of DY. Walter Travis of .hopping trip. Sunday mornin-w'A .uo and the other, a baity boy up March 29th, 1911. and Kv.. was hero' thev. returned here :.n i wvr licit' ' bo s ! at mv a few das old. r;r;K' to attend . guests of bo list v 'Vk. t '! tl M 'Mo'i, Kv t.T i v)' ne.' Cntt u1 of Mr . Ill '.' . ' oti i L;it,ii.If liotf'l Uv ' 0 '!.l, I'm .i - f1 a 'n 't ' ty I'd1.!. H vi . a lO (.itvir u V .1 to nuvili plov.V V t b? obtained ai vuisoin ess 'l o ii XI. ..UiVil, v. :.fSnihia.v on a profes,- .- tho'" cMrt"ia",e h'lving nvt K)' iv v" : ,11 , Ai ul Lnli, i lii.' ilt-'i.- - ey qvp , . I- Burt & Packard Co. Maker a 1k AND OXFORDS. j Oir fcA VV s 10 ' TO LOOK , TILL RUNNING. S GOOD SHOES Chas.v Dowdy e, Tanneries Wo Own Our Wt Wide Or Narrow. ed home. Evans-vill- are made to fit the feet as well as the pocket hook, with all the- style and workmanship of a custom shoe at half the price. Made in all styles. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Baird and THE LUCKY ONES. son Wm. Jr., who were the guests of relatives and friends and rel The following is the names of the parties who were the lucky atives in Henderson bunday, ones in the prize contest of Taylor & Cannan, on the 18th day of returned home Monday. F. W. NUNN. ,f.incrsii r. vt Shoes They rin, Hentucky. ALL WORK GUARANTEED " 7 is why vie sell and recommend Correct Shape 20.00 AT THEM- - A Harry Martin, of Salem, was in the city Tuesday. Miss Imon Overby of Dixon, who was the guest of Miss Allie Mav Yates last week has return- I m:rjir.s too. m That Large Or Small Matting Rugs 9 x 13 $3.00 Matting Rug 36 x 64 .socts. lmmimmmmmm0Mmmmmmmmrmmmmmmmm i a ,' Satisfied Customer is a Lasting Advertisement F!T Your FEET, POCKET-BOO- SAME PROPORTION. THEY ARE annars 1 I A SHOES THAT SMALL RUGS IN AndSHADKSln HATS. Material And Workmanship. Taylor & Regular $25.00 Rug g LATEST STYLES Otticrs r'or Much Inferior 12 12.50 10.50 Regular fifc.oo Rug ox !2 15.00 Shi (Karat Of The Cosl 12 Regular $15.00 Rupgx Just Received HI Better i Found By Getting You. RegUhU:fl3.5oRuKX Hold TheirShape, Korrecf Shape LIFE ARE And Thev Artlrir Mather left vh I 13 Mrs. J WHO IS CONTEMPLATING BUYING SHOES, SHOES FQUALETY DRYGOODS, OR GENTS' FURNISHINGS, EVERY CLOTHIN f v - :3 i.-ii- , P. tv Phono 18 0w v vio n X ffX ,A v Kentucky. Q u tvi . . T,,' 'fl ri' id

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