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Image 6 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 17, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

11111 1F 4 1 Jror 0 So I 1J at 1 + t 1 l t 4 All the worlds mirrored in THE SC AP BOOK the new magazine fkdd contlms something of interest for every man tvothati and child America the greatest and most remarkable magazine ever in published ti f v irf i Dp ypu enjpy the togo = tear dollars I v NTrade Triumphs for 1905 kthat k i t rI t < diir t I t r- r v 1 1 tt r i i itr9 bo outhnll tt with 1 J JA j t j I > 1 T eatntcnlay 1 ttffalrV SUPr LIJUS StTMMEU 1 I r i + I L you ever get a grain o your eye reyo Its In l A normal I Fmlrf ScotrhlrtyIhrd Ifs Well when your system gets full of uric acid this acid turns into little sharp grains like tend And these sharp sandlike groins of uric add go cutting and scratching how will you cure yourself By getting rid of the uric acid I Isnt that reasonable 1 are Just as tender as your eye the irritation and inflam That is just what LIFE PLANT is made to do It goes direct to the afflicted part dissolves the uricacid and the kidneys flushed by the firuloreIt what your physician calls LIFE PLANT carry the uric acid uric calls and when you catch cold out of the get your feet wet worry or overwork LIFE PLANT is made of herbs ourself your blood deposits these salts in different parts of your ladY is not a patent medicine and contains I prol1uce Iuflamnwtoryer that lieit twlilt c4COL I nothingy i y 0- After Exposuretsnow or rain o cold comes a J la Dr Bells- tllt PineTarMHoney will tilts t in one night it will always prevent a Iethe to the taste Good for children Good for every body comingin Delightfully pleasant = Igi I charge you personal attention WRITE rOIl OUR FREE BOOK ON GOOD HEALTH OlARNlFrLIF PLANT Js a purely vegetable medicine and positively up harmful drugs We urge any competent chemist to make an analysts For jolt by off rtpufallt TJnijjtjitj give yon roThe 1 I MEDICAL ADVICE FREE riUNSEY 175 Fifth Ave New York Payneslace iF disease and demand immediate attention I 5 f I oncontains I I LIFE PLANT COMPANY Canton Ohio = 1 rless disorderslr II In The Scrap Book bodyt Itt diseases Write us for information concern ing catarrh and rte with stomach hug the thousands of people who have trouble Neuralgia Heart Disease been cured by LIFE PLANT Write Eczema and other troubles wttoday THE SYMPTOMS OF EXCESS URIC ACID Headache poor digestion biliousness dry skin shortness of breath pal stands or rFRANK A KIlneyTrouble andgh JIon I i eye kidneyto > r- i When you get anything in your what is the first thing you do 1 Get it out dont oul sgetoutofle BookI The Scrap in ngIntour stImagine i magazineWhatevef 7 DiseasesL 1LAXS I LIFE PLANTS ACTION ON URIC ACID Physicians Own Theory A valentine Tea was given on Tuesday Evening by the Ramsey so ciety at the home of Mrs William Sup C M Lleb ot the publ Eades on Jciterson street A guess schools stated this morning that he Ing hfeshwHf attractive music would probably go away this sum were features of pleasure Tea and merttti some University torn i iost wafers were served graduate cdurso and will hot con i duct a norrrinl school this summer ns Dr and Mrs Mho r well entec he did last Supt Lteb always att tamed informally on Wednesday tends college In the summer but In evening atv their home on Madison year made It an exception due tall t street In celebration of tlie first ah tact that ho desired to get the teach nlversary of thelr wedding A small fag force In good condition for a party of frIends were present better class of work I U d troubleI 1 f f then the uric acid remains in the blood and your health is gradu ally broken down It is ill this way tnat uric acid causes rheumatism neuralgia catarrh kidney and stomach Y- The Four Corners of the Earth a acidsBut The blood thus laden with waste matter goes through your They filter vOUt impurities principally your kidneys filters uric Scrap Book t I r away Mr and Mra Hafrytolllns of 232 The Teachers Discussed School Man ftRinhent tit Their Mcctiiife North Sixth street entertained a AfUTiHxjn small party on Thursday evening I 1 honor of tho first anniversary of was 6 pleasant their marriage It 11 tsn The Scrap Bookr onthsf The Scrap Book fsn tSn The tor t I Lfb Feels lru Oi4HtJed lC i t irt i HY < BY URIC AC CRYSTALS you ever read the Story of the Blood carryingC Did Supt 0 falr tit weird and iiiYsteritius Read into the Maelstrom IPs In The Scrap Book + YOUR FILTERS SCHOKED IN THE TEACHERS S f t i SATURDAY FJS RUABV 17 Ii IUOH IIhOVEM1El atventn q school was conducted Scott of 1839 here titt greater part df tho summer MrVnnd Mrs Jackson street were at home to aadd a world ofgood was done Many number of their friends on Thursday teachers did hot remain here but r Do you want solid fact Read LS some went to Chicago and other id titles to enter norrriril schools The Little Glimpses of the 19th Century games were the Order of thei evening result was satisfactory a new Inter attic delightful refreshments were est being aroused In the teacher and served About twehfyflve guests better work resulting this year fondof dogs tcRead i > i wert present Where formerly It Was the desire Senator Vests great Eulogy on the Dog of tedctiers to be competent enou ti t AjtbC1ft llilriLF only to hold their Jobs It U now t he Miss ZZclla Russell ort Athens desire to push ahead Wait do even a Would you like a copy of Lincolns favorite poem Ala Is the attractive guts dt Mr s better work With this Status of i t L i iA Roosevelts Luke Russell of West Jefferson affairs the schools are bound to pro- > i bdtilevlrd gress and front Indication there will Sirs Elliabefli C Hendrlck bt be many local teachers leaving paduI l Washington O Is visiting cah to attend normal schools at pack the These are but seven of the thousand good things T- no Mrs Elbrldgo Palmer at t t colleges this summer of THE SCRAP BOOK pages Yesterday afternoon Supt Lleb Fernswill be the guest of Mrs Carrie1 Flotirnor oif North 7th streetf conducted the monthly teachers I the coming week meeting and the subject of dlacussl ti f ltoko arid Miss was School Management Miss Claribd The Carrie and thousands of scrap books and libraries besides have been tucks left this wet kmeeting was one of the most success for Indianapolis lad where they ful ever held and developed tho tact r searched and ransacked to gather such a collection of good re ding wllfbe the guests Of Mrs Laurens J that the teachers have advanced Drape lot several weeks They wlil wonderfully In their methods ot I visit Mrs Charles T Trueheart In school management All the advan Lotilsville before returning home t The Price is Ten Cents a Copy and One Dollar by the Year tages of other schools And unlversl I Miss Mahle Cobb who has been ties In this matter + school manage On all news from the publisher Slhcb November In New Ydrk City menu were laid before the teachers visiting Mr and Mrs lain S Cobb for them to profit by r and hail been the recipient of much The regular Tuesday lecture this social attention there will leave week before the Paducah high school about April 1 fofl3avannahj tuwas given by Rabbi Lovitch of Tem uu spend aI month before returning pie Israel The Benefits of a High r go from New York School was the subject and It was Well Henry Ilifdy Dlanton Al most attractively featured by some of hdme She THE to Srivannah by stbMmer arid will boone of the most Interesting of the Horace Sowell Louts Rieke Jr thotlubs mst nblable tdlffrit CurrJso Leako Thompson A1 rent Musical Events was given by the guest bf Mrs Henry Blum while many good ones that have been deI Mrs Hubbard S wells tics pros there Coleman Dr I B Ho well livered Rabbi Lovlteh Is an agree n dent and the serieS of niogrdithlcal Miss Caroline Hari of the s nlor qble speaker and a thoughtful stu 1 class of the Paducah High scpo u1dent and delighted his hearers Sketches by Mrs iinlgcorijfet Matinee Musical club tirfeer i An effort Is bdlrig made by the whose versatility and taleftU a debating club of the High Matinee Musical clud held Its en iia l D rrieetlfis in the parlors Matinee Musical and other clubs of moro than those of most people has school held Its regular mending last ajf Eagle club house on Wednes theVity to have David nisphara stop written n clover little oneact come night in supt Ideas offlco The Dtrld y through the south dyontltleM Dead Brokers that t he afternoon It was an especial hero on Ills tour question Resolved JUat water is Sfcnnott I High school Dramatic club will play morq des ructlV thanflro was dls V VR delightful occasion and was an Ic March m before Lent probably Saturday even affair each member son trussed freely Those on tho affirms MisrfJIash has ing tho Nth Knlrc Noun Club two guest Mrs Denis wore John Hlnklllto and Trios Miss Ethel DrookS entertained the leading part and there are about Wooldrldgc while the negative was 1 was tho leader and a Han Ins defended by Will Rock and Ttobt Mozart arid Haydn prbgrorn was Entro ious club on Thursday afteri twenty In the east Walter Mrs William Hughes of west Jef n I ferson street who has been tho popu oft In the heart shaped tallies and the tar visitor of are J Moss Terry In about two weeks red and white decorations Tho hon Louisville was the guest of honor at ors of the game were carried oft b y a luncheon nt Seelbachs and serer Miss Monlma Hopkins and lIsl Rett card parties informal and formal E T Lucas WIngo KYr writes sort o of them given by the PadUcah I ta JIatfield A pretty course t unch l April 25 1902 For 10 to 12 rears 1 colony lnf Louisville Mrs Hugh Son was served I had been afflicted with a malady It was strictly a club affalt with returned home on Thursday and was known as the itch The Itching j For Stomach Bowels Liver and Kidneys > Miss Leone I essdll or Pontiac bitch accompanied fay Mrs Terry who wl-11i was most unbearable I bad tried for as an otitoftown guest and the citi 1bbe Her guest Mrt Terry iras for years 9too per bottle three for 250 six for 500 rl to find relief having tried alii Misses iLllllS Mie merly Miss Maggld MtClell rid of remedies members aVe I could hear of besides a rAVInstead KMt Hollarid Blanche Paducaha notable belle hero lifefora I wish to state number of doctors Hills ilarjorle Bagby Louise Cdx diet mkrrlage Shd will doubtless T6 Medicated Soap lOc All sold by that one single application ot Balji Helta Hatfleld Monlma jiopklriB i celvc much social attention while lards Snow Liniment cured nie tempi Maydwen Robbie Loving Rella here pletely and permanently Spice I and Frances Cob< man SusIe Thump I have used the liniment on two thenII son Frances Terrell Idllle Mae Mc Nothing will feUHe indigestion n evade occasions for ring worm r Cliathery Ethel Brooks 2Sc IiOd snit that is not a thorough dlgestant cured completely I Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests wit gluey Lists and d d C Kolbs l i 3fiLs ifnerrdO Party T you eat and allows time stomach to Miss Gertrude Volght enfeftnlnod n a number of her young friends wit A feW l a pretty mas lUordotf party bn Thurs T soon rytora tieslomacli and digestt day evening Vt her Home The prix 0lye organs to a full performance of WJlhriI1lIM Ilml lircn Sued for Ixtmdgrs I for the most clever character coss their funcllcns naturally Sold by turtle was won by Master Nelson hang Ilrorr Frankfort iKjV Feb II Broadfdot Art enjoyable evening i < court of appeals Judge Seltle writ and deilclotis refreshments wdssndnt 1 good old Jjuckwfieat For tho Toil vf Be healthy buoyant elastic in spirit body and t circuit were serVed rtavqr buy Mrs Austin s Buckwheat court In the taco of Rebecca F mind You cant if r Cure that are constipated and dont forgot the name The Washburn vs W J Abrams SunddyvScliool Class Entertained iC action wits for damages against ap disease 120- 2 Mrs Quincey Wallace of pellee and Eugenia Turner for nl Jdcksoastreet last night entertained V Got Constipation Chaseit legod unlawful detention of appel her Sunday schoof class at her home I Iftnts three children who she al Cast off the lethargy and be alive I There are fourteen members of the eged had been sent to visit them l class and the evening proved an en- Bewa r I joyable one Irs Wallace teaches t1 he llower court sustained a demurer ViTake the famous remedy THAT CURES at the Tenth street dbrlstlarf church The Descent t t k h Would you like to know what would happen if you were born in March ReadHA Horoscope of the v yy V tr j > Would you like to read The Companions of Jehu Alexander Dumas great tale of love and adventure t ts < A I Reada ir Its in The Scrap Book > r di1ldwfIionG12 Trlm ble street entertained the Young La dloa society of the Trimble street Melhodlst church on Thursday alter noon It was a dillghttlti soclifll af t ScraP Book t p I Mrs M Oj y ae BtTR t fI > 1eotirikoa Wednesday bets 1 1 c An elaborate luncheon was served taco In compllmeht to the now mem I Its In The t tl j ntJTiTi I j theirI J ihi W PAD o t sirI deelsIlon > i alItchItingtvorm N good drugglttt All tell I esI and S per Bottle 1 Look for the Doll on the Bottle 1BE I Cures Coughs and Gives Strength to the Lungs 25e 50c It 1 Dr SURE YOU GET Bells PineTarHoney 4 Paynes Quick Relief Oil 25 cts IPayDes SMITH Jf t I h 1 ITe TS 4 V7 t Chaes4Constipation j j > a f 1 i Tablets jVelvets r f 4 j > mfr y t f I rlIAlAoljt ktlttt Itjfjlf e Tlld ClIASB veil porker tj ctnti MPG CO Ntwlurth Your Y N J rnffftt er> Il Y ra features V olRlilaCrossCigareltePapers The Brlcklayera Union gave DVal entino ball on Wednesday evening at the Brunswick hall on Broadway A largp number of guests were pros ent S r 1 G STOlE r S r n> t1Ii ti f Papers from Mobile Ala EYERY via COMFORT Rock WEEYER PAUL S v title TP Ark 1IIrl1cil t A 0 L Nashiille Tenn S1EPHHNSON Paducah Undertaking Co Undertakers aiid Embalmers elicit Llculeimnt iin I i PA P POOL I BOTH PHONES No nos 203 I IPAPUCAIJ state j M i II Agent Transferred Paying Off County iWrlurx W Pi Roberts of Murray former i has been elected first lieu Paducah couhty school teachers nro be < Co li sTenant of the LomasfIUflcs ly on the ran between Louisville and lIng paid today Supt 8 J Dill jA N d ltd vas formerly first se i L Nashville Chas been transferred as llngton oft having received a check for mall agent to N C igeant St IA trains t running out jot Paducah He gees a i I Bsbecellie fee Tlid far assyjacksonCgnn that Mr Albert Gilbert formerly o t < ilIe > Fourth aad Broadway of Rebecca initial t- I t CONVENIENCE L GEOHLEEE s Mobile Company NAGEL DRUG t I a 5Ir Albeit Tourist Sleepers For full information and descriptive Literature 3IAY lLiTAItY A I t T > s SMITH ti EVERY 0 els clean the liver active and the system trey from bile hcadacheft Constipation Edrly Riser Pills never gripe Sold by Lang Dros time from St Louis to Lo66 Hours En Route 15th to April 7th Inclusive El Paso or Colorado I t The Cdslno club was most pleas antly entertained on Wednesday ev- I ening by Mrand Mrs John Hose o t 931 trlrnb3 street H was a Valen tune affak Thu Daughters Earlyhlser Wltii each sack ot Billl Durham Smbking To book i l s S I ft OTHER AFFAIRS vArVaIonftn6 social was ilield on Wednesday evening in the lecture loomof the Cumberland Presbyterl an church There was music andI p ollierll leasant c- 33Q FJREE 0 I Fastest 7f oAngelesOnly 17Ihe I IF GOLDEN STATE LIMITED strongngalhAFF71ilIhDu dos < taI1nrdt 4rethe r I atat r rf T 0 you Hf We Carry the U S I Mail on Our T Happy Be Healthy iV i IVAQEUr 4 1 r L thlljImoney I 4J Y l Y t xf J

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