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Image 1 of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898), February 17, 1906

Part of Paducah sun (Paducah, Ky. : 1898)

iJ =ATlllmf t6 f HIIOW er lion 1I tonight or Sunday R light XVarm < 11111I IlrVOL sue c Vitu4tIiIn p XVIII NO 42 PADUOABC PAT CROWK ACQlITTUI I FRIENDLY FIGHT Ciidaliyti Son II Distinguished Personages From All Nations Witness the RooseveltLongworth Ceremony I I Washington Feb 171188 Alice Roosevelt older daughter of the president pf the United States was married to Representative Nicholas Longworth ot Ohio at noon todayin the East Room of the White House Miss Allco toll heir to her fathers luck In Iho wonthor furnished for the wedding aa tho oxtromo blttornoss of tho temperature which had frozen Washington solid tho last tow days gavoway to the balmlnets of spring over night and tho sun rose over the white dome ot tho capital and dune down from a sky of azure blue The most distinguished statesmen of the land lights of literature lions of society and captains of Industry men and women from every walk of life from almost every clime and corner of time globo came to pay homage to the happy couple and to swell tho throng at the most brll I jllant wedding the capital has ever i seen Thirtyseven foreign ambassadors and ministers wore In attendance to extend the felicitations of their sov Cabinet offereigns and peoples icers senators tho bridegrooms col leagues In the house and the Inti mate personal friends of the Roosevelt and Longworth families In Wash Ington New York and Cincinnati wore Included among the fortunate t ho um andInvIted to witness tho mar an assemblage of the rla elite In public and social life Rival ing the splendid floral decorations of the famous state apartment were the gqldoncruHted costumes and Hashing orders of the diplomatic corps to say nothing of the vnrlcolored toilets The White of the Women guests beautiful llotiso never looked more I than It did today In its gala dress of For more than bloom and verdure a week florists and decorators had been moving tropical plants Into place and weaving garlands foj the result as revealed tKtat event The werq opened this when the doors morning amply repaid all the care and labor bestowed on the task The color scheme was white and green ferns and lilies predominating The Ceremony 1 The Right Reverend Hcny Yates Satforlec bishop of the diocese ot Washington performed the nuptial rites using the stately ceremonial of the Protestant Episcopal church 1realdent Roosevelt led his daughter td the altar and gave her to the young statesman from Ohio Miss Alice had no bridesmaids for from tier host of girl friends she could scarcely have selected any without hurting the feelings of the others was attended by The bridegroom Thomas Nelson Perkins of Boston a member of the corporation of liar Nearly all of the vard University ushers were Harvard men A tow moffients before the stroke of twelve Miss Roosevelt left her dainty bomlofr pn the second floor of large window overlooking the treas ury building tlie ushers having aron either side ranged themselves Among them was seen the manly young form ot Theodore Roosevelt Jr brother of the bride The bride- grooms family was represented by the Vlcomte Charles de Chambrun brother of that Comto Adelbert do Chambrun whd marrjed Mr Long worths younger sister Duckner A Wnlllngford of Cincinnati who mar tied his eldest sister and Larz An derson of Washington grandson of Tho the first Nicholas Longworth other ushers were Quincy A Shaw Jr of lAston Frederick WInthrop of New York Francis R Bangs of Boston and Guy Xorman of Boston all of them college mates of the groom The wedding party all wore striped trousers and frock colds white gloves and were decorated with boujonnloros ot white garde nias Mtmbor of tho two families wore stationed near the platform In a space set apart by ropes covered Uehlnd them with whlto ribbon wore the representatives of tho for eign governments Next Mil the order of official precedence were placed the members ot the cabinet and their wives the justices of the su prpmo court and their wives the former members ot the cabinet who are now in the senate the Ohio dell delegation In congress the New York the members legation In congro of the party that Accompanied Miss Roosevelt to the ffrfciit last summer and the personal friends of the t youn couple Mr Longworlh with highest mum had entered the room a moment be fore and met his future lbride and her father at the dais The music ceased and In reverent tones the blstydp began the prescribed address Dearly beloved we are gathering together here In the sight of God Who Responding to the words gIveth the woman to be married to President Roosevelt this meant I landed Mla daughter to tie bride- plat groom and stepped from In forth to Mrs RoowsvoUs side firma clear voice Mr LongwothTthcn i I Slc io las repeated the vow Ixingworth take thee to be Illy wedj The promise given in ded wife return aria scaled with a plain gold band placed on the finger of the bride with right hands clasped they heard the solemn words of the white Those whom God robed bishop then kneeling re hath Joined celved When they arose the first to greet the new Mrs Longworth was her father followed by thoImembers ot Still standing on the two families the platform the bride and groom received the rest of tho guests re maining until all load offered their congratulations and best wishes Ureakfast wall then served In the spacious state dping room by a fa momma Now York caterer It was a buffet repast for lack ot space for the Whlt liouse where she had attempt at seating the been asslsteij In donning her wed bado any 1 guests but this Informal arrange ding garments by her cousins the to its pleasWith her father ment added not a little Misses Robinson by time elevator ure she descended lAnvo rill Honeymoon at the west end o f the man Tho wedding t he reception and tho state dining slon between room and the breakfast room while the breakfast consumed but little In Marino band oj sixty pieces stay more than two hours and soon after tioned in tho marble lobby struck wards the btldal party followed by up the bridal chorus from Tann a great procosslon of friends and hausor Miss Roosevelts right hand surrounded by a cheering crowd of rested on her fathers arm and In citizens hastened to the railway sta- her left she carried a gorgeous bou tion There a splendid pYlvato car quctjof white orchids and lilies liar was waiting for Mr and Mrs Long long bridal veil ot the filmiest text worth to bear them away to southure was fastened at the head with ern orange groves for their honey- ThU trip to thiS southland The moon a spray ot orango blossoms wore the conventional will not be of long duration for the President frock coat with a jed trousers hut groom must soon return to his desk After adjournment down col- in congress the unconventlonu tscard In however the Longworths will make lar which ho refused dup an extended Journey to Europe and favor of the regulation in London Paris Berlin and on time style even for this great eAt the elevator door they were Riviera will enjoy to the full their On thoIrre met by the usherswho ted the march deferred wedding tour at home In down the long corridor to the East turn they will bo Room where the guest had already Washington at the comfortable man assembled The ceremony was perConLUuMd on Page FourX formed on a low platform before the 4 ejiwnl If searhike I non Darr ack o- I Icav ale It kwhIIIkWIC11 whc1I lhobenedlctlonI > whc1lm 1II So 5- ici I Io I Ie I o I == t XOTK t14i LOUHKT GOV 4 tt durIIng < > t Moonlight oooooooooooooo ooooo o THE COUNTY RAISES 700000 ARE OVER The Supervisors Have FInished Their Work for This Year C The Total t ounty bCSMllcnt Is Almost Eleven Bullion Didlars + 1Jor Jjils Your i year tho total assessment after th supervisors had finished amounted to 10i3181 and was a ralsoof 180000 over 1904 This 3cnr tho total assessment will ac codfiigly le 10013481 and a true riIast K I Will Jnilmbly list tilt Peanut I Property Ill lJiVuniiil Washington + Sheets 0t olob- o O O C nv plautt09g0 O O O O > o O 0 I < JO I I want counties containing first and secondclass cities exempted alto gether And in counties having third arid fourthclass cities time city ies to bq separate units From present indications the lo cal option bill as at present drafted is hopelessly tied up Roprosqntatlvcs of tho manufac urers of tho state who have been mooting here for several days to gether with representatives of labor organizations and members ot thu assembly for the purpose of drafting an agreed law as to child labor vott cd yesterday afternoon against tho bill drafted and will likely go be- fore the Joint committee on Immigra tion and labor when Jt meets and urge that tho bill as drawn be de- layed for further consideration The labor men say this will kill the incas fire altogether for the present sos i sion and that this l s what tho man lifdcturcfTKrTS makjng ttio play to ri do w With thp combined Opposition of tho manufacturing ntcrcsts and the Interests represented by Senator Maxwell It looks as If the bill will have roigh sailing through tho upper branch before tho closo of tho t 8492 Average cost of lights per year under city ownership O Estimated cost per light with 20000 pont on iVC250 p LIghting companys offer nil night lights 0 Lighting companys offer moonlight schedule which city L V 5250 ILPnosy has jrV 2242 O Would save city all night schedule prosent plant Improved plant 30 50 0 Would save city allnight schedule Would save city moonlight schedule present plant r 3242 Q 4742 0 Would save city moonlight schedule improved plant This means a total saving of front 44 84 to 7300 a yearon 0 O the all night proposition 200lIght basis This means a total saving of from C284 to 9484 ayearbn 0 the moonlight schedule which the city now has 206isht basis 0 O O 0 0 The joint committed of the general quote you the following prices for s council has received from tilt Padu moonlight schedule fqr stroqt jdrylco cah Light and Power company a sup of approximately 2900 hours supplementary proposition thap the For 200 lamps and up to and in ststs of rates on street lights moon eludIng 249 lamps 3250 no ojIi1mp light schedule which means thatt per year on moonlight nights no lights will b 250 lamps and up t turned on It makes a difference of cluding 299 lamps 5200 per lamp 1 1100 hours a year the original prop per year osltion of the lighting company bo 300 lamps and upo Mind fay Ing on a 4000hour service basis an eluding 349 lamps SSl Ojieriamp tho supplementary one on a 2900 jv par yoar hour Service baslfy up to and I in For 350 lamps and The saving to the clay over the present cost of street llghtsVould of eluding 399 lamps 5100 per lamp course be much greater under the per year For 400 lamps and up to and In suplementary proposition than thh eluding 449 lamps 5050 per lamp former It Is not known what disposition per year For 4GO and over 5000 per lamp the commlttco will make of the last proposition has fully Investigat per year It For the year 19010 to 1012 ed the light question and has all tho For the year 1912 to 1S1C In figures before It hence It will re sire lI s the r1 qulro little time to dispose may bo rcqulod 0per lamp per when It comes b new proposition 1 yew fore the committee j 1Vo will turnlah 3 candipower h The figures for the moonlight they rate series Incandescent lamps schedule ajo given as follows 100C of 1350 per lamp per yearse PaducahVjKy EellG This schedule does not In any way To the Light ii pd Water Committee City affect the proposition made In our of the General Council of the I letter ot February 3d except as re of Paducah session Referring to our let gards the prices and schedule abovo aentleiuln Senator Campbell moved in the February 3d and answering quoted Yours truly scriato yesterday and tho senate con ter of your request for a proposi PADUCAH LIGHT AND POWEP curred that Gbv IJcckham bo invit further streets and publicI ed to nttond the national divorce con lion to light the I JOHN S ULBECKER Mgr gross nt Washington as a member of buildings ot time city of jt L DELEGATE of- FEW t A PER WEEK 3242 a Light Cheaper Schedule Than City is Furnishing Them Frankfort Ky Fob 17Foltow ing the discussion of the county unit dull Says Frcwcllns local option bill In the senate yes- J Ice Paris Fob fV President Loubet terday both slues got together and It has presided atlils last sitting of the Is probable that an agreement will council of n misters before his re- be reached on a substitute measure tirement ffrnn the presidency today to bo presented Monday or Tuesday preslden Senator Newman of Woodford 0ubC bid adieu to the minister thanking them for theli countywho succeeded in ar made a services and expressing the hope that ranging the conference they remain InI fllce with Premier Rodvler at the h ad of the cabinet Rouvier replied t the president all the position that counties containing curing him that In retiring ho car clUes of time first second and third ried with hint tl o offecton of all and fourth class should bo exempted Frenchmen and ihe esteem of all from the provisions of the bill The senators opposed to tho bill foreign governor nts President TO BEGIN niaPiTULiXATib Congressman Olllo James tins an 1 nouncod that he Is going to apply for C permission to sleep In jail Ills rea Tho county tut bookfjhaVo been son was that South Trimble has ad vortlsed 16 recover a 200 watch footed up after fljm conipTettoJor tlio charm pinched from him ester supervisors worejr Srid aliow that day Mr lames says that when the total raise nf both personal and Washington crooks are quick enough real estate in this county this year amounts to a traction over 700 to gather Jewelry from Mr Trimble 520000 over tho bosom It Is not safe for simple 000 a raise ot raise of the preceding year country congressmen to be unpro Tho I supervisors finished suporvls tected ing the books last month and heard complaints front the first to the 15th ot this monlh adjourning on the DAYS A IDth The hooks wore turned pver to a committee composed of Super t visors J c Gilbert R J Barber and G R DavU and the work of footing the Till XiV iqK COMPANY WIMi up tho raises was finished this morn IfCHPfiATK IT IS HAW 1Eng IN HICCKHAM eFor x tandin dFor jt a factoR tuIdvJ n t y h COMPANYr Ientucky delegation BIG STILL AT LARGE TWO AT ONCE- I DEALeo j r i HAD ONE PUISONKR NO TRACT FOUND OFTHK YET SAFE IILOVERS AND cdULDT no Ai T Eat OTHKU DIIECrlVE oviif UY noo JIK iuMsinAiSiHUXV H KHNSKDY i lUll over Men Sold to Have Como Fron> Padu The books will bo turnedover to call Knew Where tho Key It Is announced today that the pro- tho county clerk Monday and ho will Hu Is Jimmying it Piepaird for Inline Notified Isis Partner stud Ilotli Men i Itelilud tho Wero Soon moters of the new Ice and cold stor- begin the recapitulation and finish tllatu Sliipmeiit to England Hani age company have secured time prop- In ton days ho thinks It will then t S erty of the Paducah Peanut company be known huts tho raise was on per- I at First and Washington streets and sonal rdal and mixed estate ITho police are unable to jDnd any One of tho biggest private tobacco mon who craclfcifJ lt will at once prepare to manufacture Detective T J Moore knows wha trace of the fI 1f1QU11iSTS sales ever made during this season of Ico between two fires but Ivcys safo at Harvey Marshall count moans to be the year in Paducah was cmlllcted It ty last Saturday night and seciired Capt James ICogor one of the he was equal to the emergency thjtoday Jewelry andprl Fur did This Peck Despite trustees of the propertyhowever Llge Suggs colored was arrested 50 In money some the wellI Mr W B Kennedy Wentlier papers worth lOOjO when telephoned at his home at noon yesterday afternoon late by Detect vate notes and MIsS CornioGruridy secretary ot known independent tobacco broker The Benton Tribune Democrat In regard too It stated that no deal at the SowellI climb stated that not this wcelt bought between 500 and ives Moore and Baker had been closed to acquire tho prop- the Charity being a licitly says of the robbery common to mill on the charge of erty by sale or lease It Is under- withstanding the sevro weather of 700 hogsheads Ittrom The detectives had In were comparatively good lent for the English market from Justice stood that tho price to be paid is time wpek there formation that he was wanted a Yesterday The price paid for the tobacco was few Applications for aid Kentucky and was accomplished by 40000 Dlol OIl county Tennes there wore eleven applications and not given out but amounts to a Charlotte shooting ltaraha Jos h two went who were seen in Beaten It IB gathered from the statement today loss than that number Tho great deal most of the leaf being see for September t0 Saturday afternoon and wore traced however that the company expects to mild weather Is a Godsend to the good Mr Kennedy is having the Hesthcrington on way purchase tho property and make tho pluptrs and tho club has been call He proved to be the right- asfar as Gravel Switch on their 1899 tobacco prepared for immediate ship to Paducah Sunday morning up project a go It expects to spend ed upon to 4 less work this year ment It Is stored here and thl S man and was locked The work was accomplished to get a 25000 rebuilding and remodeling than for two years past sSuggs wanted respectable shave andI shortly before midnight Saturday was one of the biggest when he way tho property The company to be made here In private sale in some- appear half Tho crackraen went into the Ice and t known as the Consumers reached Charlotte and asked the de night time l resldenco of Mr hey and secured his Cold Storage company will be Incor- tective if ho would take him to a TODAYS MARKETS l porated at once It Is staledr barber shop which was done Whit l XXAHSHIP MANKUXKIIS Detective Moore was seated in the This Is one of the most peculiar feat f Mr Perry of Richmond Ky Wheat Open Close completion ures ot the case and points strongly barber shop waiting tile will bo president L H Hendrick of May The Crcalvst Ever Held Hegim To of the negros toilet ho taw George to local complicity in tho crime or Richmond will bo vicepresident BPI i day some means Brown colored wanted for larceny shows that tho men had George Morris of St Louis will bo Corn walking out of a saloon pn the other of securing knowledge concerning secretary and treasurer and general V 42 14 42 I London Feb HTho greatest side of the street Brown was want tho hiding place of the key They manager and J C Flournoy will be July 311 43y warship maneuvers ever held today ed badly yet the detective could not seemed to experience no djfflculty in local attorney OatS finding it on a tall and they thanV when tho channel and Atlantic floats 29 The company expects to make 1QO t Stay 294 assembled for a fortnights war gamo leavo his prisoner in tho barber chair unlocked the front door of the storo telephone Ho fortunately fount a tons of Ice a day in addition to that I In tho South Atlantic Tho fleets In In the barber shop and telephoned and entered necessary for Its cold storage and elude thUtyono battleships sixteen his partner Detective Baker who expects to have thirty teams and to l May 5 armored cruisers besjdos many mal after some little chase secured his JOHN A MCALIi WORSE run them about twentyfive miles In July J 1w16u vjl550 her craft and are on watch for tlio rY J Jj every direction out of Paducah the Cotton IV Imaginary navy of another country manSuggs was turned over to Sheri a Believed time Former Insuranco Ires VijQ7Q teams used for tho country trade tp lflC9 Mch Tho chief problem Is protecting the S A Tldwell and hIs deputy M nI lent Is Near Death f tO8S make Irlweekly trips May t merchant marIne Lakewood N J Feb Hooper of Charlotte and the pris- July The Commercial club has been cor vSi05 I 1101 oner agreed to be taken back with condition of John A McCall is grave api2 1039 Oct r responding with the promoters of tlo Senator Tlllman Better this morning Members of his fain out a requisition enterprise since last May hind feeia Stocks lie- ily are with him and state the end IB case was continued Browns Washington Fob 17Senator 1721 I 5t1m72y that It has landed It for PaducaU Tlllman of South Carolina who wa s is wanted for stealing two suits ot very near A decided charge for the a L and that it will be an enterprise ester clothes from the delivery wagon o 55 13431 threatened with pneumonia which the people will greatly appre calls were sea Wallersteln Bros day Is much better today 15Z4 152 TCJ elate 4 I Wasi balmMeat < f- halle I 00 3Y July324 S- af 2JaFork r 1 mfg 1 iliiSOI M JJ4 HThe v l wLL1 = urgentf Ie N147l 47Rdg137 1r J1 + M f13y > tipn G t G City Offered Street Lights ItliTIIlks specttre districts t 1 17 Yif iff Washington D C Feb 17pPost master 1lt W Hall and John C Wood of Mt Sterling both appll cants for the office In which the com mission expires March 13 arrived on tbe same train Mr Wood who says ho has the endorsement of Richard P Ernst went with Mr Ernst and State Central Commlttceinan R II Wlnn to call upon Commissioner Yerkes James OConnel formerly I sergeant nlarms of the Kentucky court of appeals Is also an applicant Representative James and former Senator Deboe made application U Moody for the Attorney General transfer of Major Reed from Ft1 to Yuma Arizona Lcavenworth Reed who was trot Marlon married an Indian girl In Indian Territory Ho was recently convicted or killing his father inlaw Time prisoner has Incipient tuberculosis and for thli reason the transfer is requested Senator Deboo and Mr James will call upon the president Monday t o ask for a pardon for Reed who It I i claimed killed the Indian In self defense I James Representatives Stanley Trimble Hopkins Richardson and Smith were before tho public build Ings committee to bo heard on bllli they have altered for federal build Ings and Improvements in their re 1 Feb This Session J Proposed Changes Ill Both But NotliIiiK Definite Has Been Agreed On Yet PatCrowo is silica prisoner and will bo arraigned Jiekt on a charge ot street car robbery Crowo declares himself confldcntof acquittall T eo iI i S Pat Still a Prisoner Council Bluffs i Iowa XVASIIINCJTON OTIIEII 4 E lityI Mili r b Socmto He Hopelessly Lost for Arizona Nations Capital I i MADE THE CITY BY LIGHTING COMPANY Omaha Go Made to Most Brilliant Nuptials in the History ofj AppllriitiimIty Man Transfer to Yiiiiin rlun CHILD LABOR BILLS Neb Fob 17Tho Jury in the trial of Pat Crows charged with robbery of Edward A Cudahy tho Omahapackc of 25000 in con nectlon With tho kidnaping of the latters son five years ago after fir teen hours deliberation returnedn rerdlct of notAt J ANDJANOTHER OFFER IS COUNTY UNIT Jury Decided lit Did Not Kidnap DAUGHTER WEDS Storlini AT NOON TODAY Applicants Front MtTogether to Washington f I I 10 CENTS KENTUCKY SATURDAY EVENING FEB 17 1906 FOR A POSTOFPIC1 2 Padncah and McCrackca more peoplo read The than any other paper J rTHE PRESIDENTS Ik u n1o < u yC 4 t j

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