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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 19, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

r i J <> I r- rd I r l bt Tj f ADDITIONAL LOCAL POST OFFICE DIRECTORY J Obituary POSTMASTER M RUSSELL y Mrs Mattie A England passed peace ¬ Monday fully away at Sparksville Office hours week days 730 a m to 930 Im April 3rd 1905 at one oclock after a short illness She had been a sufferer COURT DIRECTORY from kidney trouble for some time and All that Three sessions a year Third it was the cause of her death CIRCUIT COURT Monday in January third Monday in May and loving hands and medical science could third Monday in September do was done but to no avail Five of Circuit JudgeH C Baker the best physicians in the county at ¬ A A Huddlerton Commonwealths Attorney tended her Drs Grady and Grissom W Miller Sheriff of Columbia Dr Nell of Gradyyille Circuit ClerkJ F Neat Dr Simpson of Elroy and Dr Taylor of Bridgeport But her case was CoUNTY CoURTFirst Monday In each month hopeless and she grew gradually worse Judge A MurrelL until they end came County Attorney Jas Garnett LiThe deceased was one of the best ClerkT R Stints kown women at that placebecause of JailerJ K F her loving kindness and sweet Christian PETE CONOVER DEPUTY F T AssessorJ F SurveyorR T School SuptW t Coroner CITY ConoverI Felly McCaSree D lifeWhen everyI CoURTRegular court second i JudgeJas G Eubank AttorneyGordon Montgomery grew and more buoyant in her faithfulness for she knew she would soon see Him Her influence was felt wherever she went Though her gentle spirit has ascended to Him who said Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God Her sweet influence lingers with us still and leads us on to better Marshal CHURCH DIRECTORY PRESBYTERIAN W BUBKESVILLE STREETReV C Clemens pastor Services second and fourth Sundays in a each month SundaySchool at 9 m every Sab- ¬ Prayermeeting every Wednesday night bath METHODIST BURKESVILLE STREETReV F E Lewis pastor Services first and third Sundays in each month at 9 m Prayer SundaySchool meeting Thursday nightI a memberI a DOESI and A M Regular meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night on or before the full moon in each month Gordon Montgomery W LODGE No E G COLUMBIA U COUNCIL nmeets 2nd Friday moon in each month JAS GARNETT R STULTS Southwest this winter about half the regular faretwice a month Good time to visit Southeast Mis- ¬ I I I I Savior they their choice return home j souri Arkansas Louisiana or Texas and pick out a location Round trip tickets permit stopOver on the going trip return limit 21 days Write and tell us your starting point and where you want to go We will tell you ex ¬ actly what your ticket will cost oneway or round trip we will see that your baggage is checked and that you are comfortably lo ¬ cated on the right train Write for our illustrated descriptive lit- ¬ erature maps list of real estate agents and let us help you find a better home in the country along the Cotton Belt Route t Write today to 0 SCHAFFER T PA r Cotton Belt Route Cincinnati 6 or E W La Beaume G P TA Cotton Belt Rte St Louis Mo DJnitDdro leftt styleI No 1982 Vol AS 5 Red Lexington Nc HR years 1200 pounds strong flat bon heavy mane and tail good back with long crahey tapering neck Foaled in 1902 by Marion Squirrel No 1908 by Black Squirrel 58 1st dam by Eagle Bird 2nd dam by On Time 3rd dam by Black Eagle 4th dam Denmark imported thoroughbred with three or more of his get for size style and Lincoln Squirrel is a steel grey 153 with breeding and individ ¬ Thirty years ago last Sunday there general conformation and for all purposes He is a saddle horse with five distinct gaits fast line uality equal to came a cold spell killing all vegetation acting racker good in two walks any horse in Kentucky He is strictly a highclass and niceloper The leaves upon the trees were so very positive in his trot under saddle and in har saddle and harness horse in every particular being void of nothing chilled that they fell to the ground ness great all around action as is required for an that is required for highclass a Stallion uptodate sire of high priced sale horse forsaddle The beech nuts were also killed or harness He is a sure enough harness horse The two above Stallions will make the season of 1905 at our barn graceful stylish and fast can I have just received anice assortment 18 ½ seconds a 228 gait with butshow eighths in at 10 to insure a living colt Money due when colt is foaled little handling t of boys and childsens clothing the did this last fall one year ago after serving 91 case you sell trade or remove the mare from the neighborhood or largest line to select from I have ever mares in the spring He is possessed of wonderful nerve and speed enough to geta trotter for track breed to other stock the above fee will become due an < you will mhad Prices low W L WALKER use or gentlemens roadsters large handsome- all cases be expected to pay same Mares fed at a reasonable rate r stylish heavy and strong enough to get carriage All Companies of Columbia Chapter horses with a kindly disposition for all purposes of or pastured at 200 per month No 7 are urged to be here next Friday a family horse He is the horse to sire parkers We also have registered 0 I C Boar fee 100 as work in all the degrees will begin stylish graceful substance and docility It has been given up by horsemen that he one of the Horses trained at reasonable rates early > jj most uniform breeders in Kentucky He types his We will in no way be responsible for accidents Thanking you t H C Bottom and his son t colts after himself has never sired a sorrel colt for past favors we are yours bought in Metcalfe last week a bunc i j fol- No 7 meets Friday Ay Wilmore Hotel Inp Edgar Ray son of Mr and Mrs AND RESAURANT Oppor ¬ trulyr i parents and Miss Mattie Moran on a visit to this office last Thursday Edgar l Ray is only two years old but he is a Meals at all Hours Comfortable very bright child He talks distinctly Rooms Location opposite Depot and can take a book and point out every letter in the alphabet This is rensark BELLS OLD STAND able for a twoyuurold child LIVE STOCK tuilityillEdmoutoilFor COFFEY BROS 9 the wellknow and thoroughly established I v r RESIDENCE PHONE 77 Southwest Corner Fifth and Market LOUISVILLE KY every kind and description and the transaction of a general trust business is authorized to act in any part of the State as Executor Admin ¬ istrator Trustee Guardian Assignee Receiver and to fill every posi ¬ tion of trust that can be held by an individual CATTJLK r It accepts and executes trusts of varied character and its fair impar ¬ tial and profitable management is guaranteed by its large assets its cor ¬ porate property its magnificent fireproof office building and its great financial strength MARKET Reported by the Louisville Live Stock Exchange Bourbon StockYards x w ofn S CARPENTER D H Morrison was accompanied by his Ky Lebanon Fine Business 0 n > suchtransaction HOTEL II The Louisville Trust Company 1905 at my stable in Hustonville Lincoln Co Ky Hon W H Cole who has been nomi ¬ scheme is no Better place to stop at 25 to insure a living colt when foaled Mares nated by the Republican primary in THERE at the aboved named hotel Idleness is the traded or removed forfeit insurance and money The man who said Cumberland couny to represent the 37th mother of mischief told the truth Good sample rooms and a firstclass Legislative district in the Lower It is hard to beat the slow but sure bills to be paid before removal of mares Grai table Rates very reasonable Feed House of the General Assembly of fed if desired at reasonable rates Mares entrust ¬ way even in this fast age stable attached KentuckyM ed to me will receive my personal attention but I Rey Yarberry Chairman will not be responsible for accidents or escapes F R Winfrey Sec Phone in residence at Hustonville Ky BRINTON up ltIfiCOltfi SQIJIRRELI I smallh f Joe2ofej 1956 Red Bird 1956 by Joe Brown 1955 by Cabbells Lexington is a dark bay Stallion 151 hands foaled 1895 1st dam by Baileys Dex ¬ ter by Cabbells Lexington 2nd dam by Elastic horse3rd darn a professional base ball pitcher and who is a son of Mr HR Camnitz of T R Stints HT this office night Camnitz is every inch a Horace Jeffries Secretary slabman and Demont Yeager and Watty Lee all former majors say he has all the motions of Jack Chesbro farm for Salem tS32 the New York Americans great pitch- ¬ 1 have a farm of 250 acres er Camnitz works easily and throws bluegrass land 2 miles from MiddleI the ball without apparent effort but burg College My place lies on the Mid his speed tremendous and his curve dleburg and Hustonville pike well wat-¬ ball lightning fast He is a former ered improvement good enough for college man and uses every ounce ofI any ohe A house with six rooms ice grey matter in his cranium He quick ¬ house hen house barn 2 miles to ly discovered Sunday that the Padukes churches and bank onefourth a mile could not hit a fast ball on the inside to common school 3 miles to railroad corner and he fed them this with the of nice cattle at 3 cents They pur¬ widest range of purposes well His coltsare Will sell a man the farm with the money chased principally from Dr B F Tay ¬ show colts of the highest type blue string win result already seen ners from the oldest to the youngest Call or write me at Mount Salem Ky lor PEDIGREESired by ChesterDare 10 N SH R OFFICE PHONE HICKS A Convention he by Black Squirrel 58 he by Black Eagle 74 he Timely Hits by King William 67 he by Washington Denmark Notice is hereby given that a Repub ¬ Honesty integrity and energy are 64 he by Gaines Denmark 61 he by race horse lican mass convention will be held in winners in the long run and worth Denmark F S he by Imp Hedgeford Dignitys the courthouse in the town of Colum more than 110 cents to the dollar bia Ky on Saturday April 22 at 1 day of life Hambletonian 10 Dignitys second dam is by oclock p m for the purpose of elect¬ Abdallah Messenger 3rd darn W M WELMORE Prop The young man who thinks of taking 4th dam by Thoroughbred by Gills Vermont ing delegates to attend a district con ¬ Welchmbnts first fortune should Ky on Monday a short cut Grady ville Kentucky vention24attoBreeding the nomination of that millionstohave failed on remember dam Pauline by Almont Forest 2863 the season of the same TERMS Dignity Dare will make April ratify CHAPTER R A M after full moon COLUMBIA by Red Bird 1957 by Waxie 4th dam Sir Archie ThoroughbredRed Bird is a horse of extreme substance finish and action He has produced more highclass horses than any horse in this section of Kentucky The dealers all search for his colts and buy them at fancy prices as fast as they mature Breeding to this horse is not an experiment as he has demonstrated the fact to all who know him that he is a uniform breeder and a sire of the highest type of horses that the market constantly demands higir horse Mr R T Jones who was bereft of well set inear on mounted shoulders a saddlealways head and him a model under halter his beloved wife on the 23d day of March desires to return his most grate- ¬ ful thanks to the many residents of Co ¬ the blue tie in sweepstake harness rings at same can join the church of lumbia who willingly and tenderly wait ¬ age When a 3yearold he was shown 14 times ed upon his companion during her last anil wore 13 blue strings has never been defeated Sunday many had to the church being inade- ¬ illness Favors shown in hours of in fancy harness rings has always been the victor in stallion stake ring as a breeder whenshown anguish will never be forgotten the vast throng j RECORDER this known Ohio the The MI lowing Toledo about Times hasCamnitz Howard to say TI CALIFORNIA California entertains every year a host of visitors By reason of this she has great reputation for hospitality Cali¬ fornia wants you to visit her spring The Rock Island System would like for you to try its uptodate service ftom Chicago or St Louis to the Golden State As a special inducement great ¬ ly reduced rates are offered daily Marc 1 and May 15 Ask your home or write to John Sebastian Passenger r Traffic Manager Rock Island System Chicago Jo Taylor and Walter Cooper tw coloredmen got in a difficulty on th e outside of the colored Methodist church last Sunday night We do not know the particulars but the Taylor darkey drew his revolver and fired at Cooper the ball grazing his breast Taylor evidently thought he had killed his man and left the scene at once At this writing his whereabouts are no wasI ffortsI tLI quate to seat Atkins Secretary night after full T 96F Ii Heres your chance Very low oneway and round trip rates I i COLUMBIA HOMESEEKERS OPPORTUNITIES hL Evangelist Newsom arrived and preached his first sermon here last BAPTIST Thursday night A large audience GREENSBURG STREETRev J P Scruggs pastor greeted him indicating that the people First and third Sundays in each month Sunday of Columbia were very much interested School every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayermeeting in the meeting Rev Newsom has Tuesday night been evangelizing for the past twelve CHRISTIAN years meeting with fine success He pastor stated to the congregation that while C rBELLSvILLE Piss Services First Third and Fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 m Prayermeeting Wednesday night NUMBER 22 RED BIRD 1956 Southern Missouri Arkansas Louisiana and Texas i each month > 1 WEDNESDAY APRIL J 9 1905 CHEAP RATES SOUTHWEST I C M RusselL LO Mr Bernard L GreenCE a rep ¬ resentative of an eastern company arrived here last night and has gone out with Prof W K Azbil to inspect the proposed railway Every phase of the proposition will be taken up and exam ¬ mod by the expert with a view to a judgment as to the merits of the enter ¬ prise This inspection is of the first im ¬ portance to the local as well as other in¬ vestors If the judgment te favorable it is the understanding that a survey of the extentions will locatiOnI and the proposition will be shape to close contracts for furnishing and constructing the road if unfavora ¬ ble thewhole matter will be dropped It is an interesting coincidence that Mr Green had been in Mr Azbils offi ¬ ice only abo t20minutes when a tela phone message was received that the driller at Mannsville has struck gas in paying quanity near the site selected for the Power Plant of the proposed the pall of death hung over her dear head and her suffering seemed al- ¬ road most too great to bear she put her Mndayfn trust in God Soe walked with God Jones emj toauu COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY 8 VOLUME b alt 7 JOPPA J > The recent rains have prevent ¬ GeneraL Mercantile Born to wife of Isaac Willis ed the farmers in 4 50 y 475 section Custom of Adair and adjoining counties business of the late E R from planting corn 3 754 25 April 10 a son respectfully solicited It has been unpleasantly cool here for BEAUCHAMP now conducted by 3 754 00 the past week and there have been Mrs P H Willis has returned f Miss Flora Powel has about re John A Beauchamp if now of II 1 Good feederseo 3 504 00 several light frosts but it is said the fered forsale together with thecovered from measles NOTICE f soda > fruit Is not killed Sunday morning handsome combined Mrs Fannie Montgomery is better Choice packing and hutch was a regular snow storm which there l WE ARE NOW READY TO DO ANY KINi lasted about three = quar tors of an hour Business House r t 300 ibs V vv iQ 70 thought to be some ther at this Blacksmithing horseshoeing and wocd 1 There will be a hasfe t sin gin g work all kinds of Buggy Carriage rind Wagon The ground was damp arid it melted d packing t Lfi0 i w Y and Residence 1erJ2OQto writing > fl t v Repairing We are also prepared to apply nil soon after falling at Zionin the near The kinds of Write or call on Mrs Frank Sinclair and child exact date has not be eiraeelded a light x24 r liUBBER TIRE J r nyjSiteKat1J Fannie Willin j on JOHN ABEAI7QH MP 100 b l Notice Vie keep n stock of the best material and re r f Edmontpu Ky Y5r ° I PAND LAMBS >1 H last week f ro pairs Work done at our ahoplis guaranfccdag Any one wanting tin workWill find aj Miss Mollie CaldwelL of poi1 QR c OV r Avorkmanahip and prices iI 7 Or his agent Shop located on depot extrash1IP 1 r VS land accomanied byy Misse rEvr my shop at any hour All91 Several of the 1 tiAg people at street near Main Giv6usacall f cerandohoDeyof tillt Wh JJi jelrieta iY ltE YKTLG R CLARICd PARSON 2 jfuanll1 1ril tl3atta nnedf tended th e eir it Annie f 14far 30 > st E Wa ggen Csinpliellsville Kyv 7 L I all I c0ui 0r the uyda inigl it and S undgy J tj >t z I I Extra shipping Light shipping eo Best butchers i Fair to good butchers i500g550- this herrdaughter < j newr t y 1 t t i = f 5J3c OJt tr < r v L < l R r A y s t r cI i 1R f n f hr r S i 1Jy Nom F f V r ftf0 r 17 tti ti r r 4 f < > < i t4 1 1- I rn A e r nta x tt fz J- c cRq i r V 0 II irirSiVVj r > li u f V mh r n J Kf fsN r 6 n I c t 9 Ynu f i l k tf A > > oJ > yyyr < y r tir < lC YF K s < 1 J rSat 2 t s daT I t- J I i yett I I Fo 4- f4 < f f ea t t r < rt 4r < > +

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