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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 22, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

rk r i t 44 I i h c p anntV I I X al iIf < Y- h > r i T Ij IFiVOlUMF COUNTY COLUfrIBIAADAIR XU ililAM fl = New Year Greeting STOKES Dr APPROACHING MARRIAGE friends and patrons in Adair I andadjoining Counties A Prominent arid Well to do Far We certainly feel very grateful in v deed to our many friends and patrons Mr William H Edsall of Louis mer and Trader of Russell in Adair and adjoining counties who yule to Wed Miss Verna Do County Drops Dead have contributed so largely by their A honey This City liberal patronage and words of praise 1 t to the wonderful success of our consoli MERimJS LOSS TO illS NATIVE COUNTY dated business in the past year and want to thank you one and all through THE COUPLE WILL RESIDE IN LOUISVILLE the good old reliable Adair County The people of Columbia were greatly News wiiich we feel and know has been Mrs Priscilla Dohoney announces to wirprised last Wednesday forenoon largely instrumental with its popularity her friends of C lumbia and vicinity h news reached here that Wile and large circulation in enabling us to ham N Stokes who resided at Horse do the enormous amount of business that her daughter Miss Verna will 1 e Shoe JBpttom Russell county six miles which has far u ueded our most san married to Mr William H Edsall a prominent real estate man of Louis ¬ from Jamestown had dropped dead at guin expectation ville on Wednesday evening December While The T W Buchanan Hardware fcis home Tuesday afternoon about 1 clock He was a prominent farmer and Implement Co and the Lyon Bug ¬ 29th at 830 oclock EldZ T Wil- ¬ and trader andwas wellknown through gy Co have received a very liberal liams pastor of the Christian Church eat Russell county He was close to patronage in this territory for several willofficiate eventy years of age and many years years past and while we felt confident The ceremony will take place at the¬ ago he represented Casey and Russell with the two above named firms con¬ residenceof the intended brides moth I Bounties in the Kentucky Legislature solidated and Incorporated with in- ¬ er and the following morning the cchi Me was an ardent Democrat and took a creased capital stock to The Buchanan ple will leave for Louisville the home great deal of interest in county poli Lyon Co Wholesale and Retail would of the intended groom where they will iics He was a man of high character enable us to buy in larger quantities permanently reside Miss Dohoney is one of Columbias and will be greatly missed in the neigh- ship in carload lots thereby saving our best young women and her many customers money on our entire line borhood where he so long resided Many years ago he made a profession It affords us great pleasure to an¬ friends will be glad to learn that she is f his faith in Christ united with the nounce at this the close of the first to be wedded to a popular Kentucky Presbyterian Church living a consist years business for the new Company gentleman one who is doing a thriving ent member until the end In Octobe- that it has been a success far beyond business in the metropolis of the State Both the intended bride and groom be- ¬ rS Presbytery was held in Columbia our most sanguine hopes or expectation ing exceedingly popular with their ac ¬ and Mr Stokes and his wife were here which give us increased courage and de ¬ will doubtless receive aurdelegates making their home with termination to begin the new year 1910 quaintances many handsome and valuable presents determined to make it a banner year Mrs Nannie Flowers The deceased was also a member of We have made large contracts for The News extends its best wishes the Masonic Fraternity and was doubt- every line of goods we handle in antici ¬ trusting that much happiness is in less buried with the usual formalities of pation of the already heavy advances store for this very deserving couple on every thing made from leather iron the order Program 1 or wood with still larger advances pre ¬ Christmas ai Presbyterian Church dicted by all the leading Manufacturers I Programe of Ladies Missionary Soin the country owing to the extremely high price prevailing in new material ciety to be held at the Baptist Church jAn appropriate recognition of the Christmas tide willjbe observed at the Notwithstanding these heavy ad- ¬ Thursday Dec 30th at 2 oclock TOPIC CHINA rebyterian church next Sabbath All vance with the advance contracts we Led by Mrs AD Patterson the regular members of the Sunday have made it will enable us to sell our 1 Music Lina Rosenfleld Organist school that are present at the usual customers and friends the coming sea ¬ 2 Prayer Miss Tillie Trabue son at practically old prices and in a Ii iour for the school are to be remember3 Bible reading on giving in a generous and substantial treat number items at reduced prices As ed I Each requested to bring Bi¬ Each member of the school is asked for quite a number of our friends among a f Christmas gift to the cause of the retail merchants throughout our ble territory know we have been in posi ¬ 4 Paper on China Mrs Butler Missions 5 Locate and name Mission Stations tion for some time p sfsaved them not the eleven oclock hour the pastor only freight but considerably in the of Chinaparticulars found on page will give a Xmas meditation arid special jousic will be rendered in keeping with price also on such lipes as Collar pads 163 Foriegn Mission J Journal Mrs J the occasion The offering for the day collarswagons harness buggy harness N Page 6 Roll call c over prices charged by Trill be made for Foriegn Missions An saddles Each member to respond with the average of one dollar per member of manufacturers and Jobbers in the cities the congregation is asked for The It affords us a great deal of pleasure name of favorite missionary in China 7 Business evening theme will be Ring to announce to our old customers among 8 Sentence prayers for China ¬ the retail merchants and we hope a old Ring in the New ut the A cor 1 dial invitation to all to attend these large number of new ones that we will Every member requested to respond be in position the comingseason to save Committee services them freight also in most cases consid erable in price on anything in the im- ¬ Anti Saloon League Meeting plement lineyand it goes without saying that we have the best lines manufac ¬ spring trade Bargains for those who A Although the town was in darkness Mrs Lou W Atkins tured in the United States as our Mr wanthats 4fl Sunday night owing to a break 72t town in the electric light plant the T W Buchanan having had practically 30 years experience in this line and ¬ The Columbia Graded school will give t knows what gives the farmers the best two plays at the court house Wednes ¬ Also Hard- day cial service was a mass meeting uniting and most reliable service f eveningat 730 oclock The pub ware stoves granate ware roofing the local churches in behalf of the cause lic is cordially invited to attend An f temperance Dr T S Buckingham allkinds buggies and wagons The old admission eof 15 cents will be charged t1 Louisville Ky State organizer of the raliabLi Fish Bros have stood the test The funds thus obtained will be used in ff Anti Saloon League and editor of The for 40 years is being made to day bet- purchasing some good dictionaries for 1t 4 t Kentucky Issue official organ of the ter than ever- all a happy and prosper the school Come early Be on time Wishing you League made the address of the even Tickets on sale at Pauls Drug Store ous New Year and assuring you we will log His arraignment of the liquor and H B Ingram Sons traffic well supported by facts and sta at all times endeaver to giye you the iistics that carried conviction io all best value both in retail or wholesale 2 A complete stock of fresh Groceries He most graphically portray for the least money to be foundany ¬ always oh hand Prompt delivery to Aearfs ed the successful fight that is carried where and we trust you will continue your door Give us a call and let us by the Anti Saloon League and gave to give us a liberal share of your pat ¬ convince you ample reason why temperance must ul ronage and gotfd wishes Triplett Wilson 7lf Yours for Business t timately win over intemperance While TheBuchanan Lyon Co Program lie spoke hopefully for additional tem Campbellsvill to be proposed to the Incorporated rperance measures Ky t forth coming State Legislature he did iot encourage the belief that we are yet Judge H C Baker closed his term January 13 1910 ready for state wide prohibition Dr with the following as Circuit Judge of the 29th district at Buckinghams visit doubtless made program Tompkinsville last Thursday night The > any new friends to the cause and we Malaria Williams Blair I orders of the court were signed on his < jrtiould gladly welcome him again Autitoxin in diptheria W F Cart fl birthday sixtyeight years of age The J wright Jj ADAIR CIRCUIT COURT Judge was honored with a banquet by The Health of Adair county in 1909 the bar resolutiuns of endorsement f Granville Slaughter plff U L Taylor order passed andmany touching speeches against + >> fnView of the fact tHat it is the an ¬ lP5rB Patteson Adair c clefts made A full account of the banquet < nual election a full attendance is ear ll It is ordered that all creditors of Wil will probably be sent the News for nestly desired iiani Slaughter deceased appear before publication i i Progr m W JP Cartwright tKe Master Commissioner of this court COrnmitteeWR Grissom V Mr Upton Grider who hasbeen ab n iSth day of January 1910 and thi2 scauia now ordered to be referred to < Fair Sale c said Commissioner to hear and audit Craycraft a few days goMr JGrider ndebtnesg of said decedent and he was in the mining business in Wyoming 1 j t 4 the Ih ave a fiitejeseciwfo s leVill w iCreport atthe next regular term of for several years but for the past be fresh first of March I wjll also sell ihisrcourt j three or four months he was connected Witness my handas clerk of the with the Western Union Telegraph a plug horse very cheap P V Grissom Columbia Ky > Adair circuit court this the 15th day Company headquarters Chicago Ill i j 1909 Mr Grider has been a busy man since d fieember C he left home but he prefers to live in J J1 Neat A jv i 4 1 old Adair and has returned With the By Fred McLean D C r avowed purpose of remaining here the slipped in the stallvbreaking one Qf its iv < jT legs and had to ba killed This is the M Campbell an excellent restof his days Mrl second hors they have1ot in the last well known citizen of this genteman a y vO aix weeks > > who was a general merchant at t r jp ilyioci for quite a number of years and on Floyd W accepted a position with in hard is off the r wholesale dealers C Hri sIS taddlery and harness LouUville Democrat lot NoIz J1flJIbU bai this section of th- been elected as aaVery excellent gentle- make t firmagOod man He nJi caU and traid with him lMki now jon the road H- v mbei eJW4and + egoodoue and he acks man arid wefwltore he willmake a i JI r ttOWeodi la mil the adjoin Ytry t tMactoy oiirfc jUTr 1j non 1hWtHendt Lmdy tributor 1 V cjno Pr1J ifs uutsi to wait for hk comwif 1 wiIlftm ytitiliiaE1IM thi jj0ijjiiiiiiM pocb mod J want to locate in Columbia It is a matter of health When he came here his phy sical condition was such that he did not know that he would ever be able to practice Having almost recovered his healthand attributing his improvement to this climate he has concluded to remain Besides he did not come here a total stranger He was partly reared in Columbia and here and in the county he has manyrelatives 4At comfortt4 ¬ 4 I ¬ I V Ien 1 Societywil1met I 1 t I l I pistfour Iv 1 I j r L 1 = tlleirqesthorses a tf I < W- < ing1salesmanforquit I Br 45S irJCelacc v Dwlalei1I Hi JI 4 pnctol t S KA qf 1 f ekj 1 rv t ijiF S l h I t il 4 j< 2 u I I I I j j > 1 Iij Mr Sidney Holt and family who live near Esto Russell county are satisfied that they entertained a bear one night last week The hall door leading to an upstairs room was left open unintentionally Some time during the night a bear Mr Holt and family declaring that there can be no mistake about it visited the premises It entered the haIl and passed up stairway and went into a vacant room at the head of the steps In the room was a bed a number of pic-¬ tures hanging on the walls and also a dress belonging toMrs Holt During the night Mr Holt heard noise in the room but he supposed it was made by one of his boys or a workhand who had come in to retire Such however was not the case The bear or whateverit was left the room about 4 oclock in the morning as it was heard going out When daylight came Mr Holt went to the room to discover all the pictures torn from the walls and the prints of bear claws could be plainly seen Mrs Holts dress was also torn into strings Turning to the bed it showed plainly that it had been slept on and there were bear hairs on the bedclothing The intruder had been gone several hours when Mr Holt got up and hay- ¬ ing no dogs he made no effort to track it but he is fully convinced that he en- ¬ tertained a bear We understand that bears are known to be in the hills of Cumberland county and it is believed that this one came from that section l > tons Death Special to the News Itsaca Hill County Tex Dec 12 Word was received here Friday night by phone of the death of R P Edring ton president of the Fiist State Bank of Hillsboro Mr Edrington was for years a resi dent of Itasca and had been identified with the city and the county for years occupying a prominent place in all promotions for the social and commercial good of this community Mr Edrington was born in Kentucky May3 1848was educated at Columbia College and in the Kentucky University He first settle in Files Valley in the cattle business He was one of the organizers of Farmers National Bank of Hillsbor and was its first cashier In 1890 he in company with others organized the Itasca Banking Company which was nationalized into the First National Bank the same year He afterward organized the Citizens National Bank of Itasca and was its president until the sale to the First National Bank three I theJ AdalI i i S r J T > i Forkl l is S i i J SP BE V 1 ¬ I stronglyS profession olfardJ I > rely JA r44busineSs < MrEA ¬ JL t peCtstodgrt y anice xbiforget us Dont ihL f i r tockfdr i atU1 l fd w1 oagd Coe tc 1 l IXOY t1 M ChriitmM Wfloii Trlplett I r < P Edrii years later At his death Mr Edrington was presi ¬ dent of the First State Bank of Hills4 boro vice president of the Itasca Na- ¬ tional Bank of Itasca he was a director in the Itasca Cotton Mill trustee of the Switzer Womans College and Con ¬ servatory of Music was trustee of the Daniel Baker College at Brown wood A large number of his friends in Itasca attended the funeral services in Hillsboro this afternoon Porter Strange The deceased was a native of county and was born near Cane Valley Eloped to Indiana He attended the M and F High School a portion of the time that Prof Win ¬ Last Thursday night Mr Finis Allen sonof Mr Welby Allen who lives at chester Stuart was principal > l i K <> t- < i > this i yst wtek jettnt rd7for S SS fr I jjii tI < < > > tt rS i Cot 0 f R 7J Anson Kansas and Miss Maud Henson Notice daughter of Mr J W Henson Pelly ton this county eloped to Indiana All parties owing me notes or ac ¬ p Im- ¬ where there they were married mediately after the rites weresolem ¬ counts will please call and settle same nized the couple started for Kansas the not latter than Jan 1st 1910 as I want home of the grooms parents Mr and all my business settled up by that time Lee Chelf Knifley Ky 72t Mrs Allen have the best wishes of their many Adair county friends On the first day of December I hired WG Field Dead a black mare and buggy white running Just Opened gear to a man giving his name as Gar- ¬ The following account of the deathof rison to drive from Glasgow to Colum ¬ Herriford have bia the rig to be Richardson Bros Dr W G Field who was born and returned next day reared in Columbia and who was well just opened a family grocery and feed 1 heard of the man at Edmonton while known throughout Adair county is store on the pike below the cemetery en route to Columbia but not another taken from a Gainesville Texas paper They are selling at rock bottom prices trace df him the mare nor the buggy Hid death occurred on the 4th of this and invite you to call They can please The State pays 50 for the arrest and month His wife was Miss Bette Price you in goods and in prices conviction of a horse thief I will re- ¬ a sister of Mr R H Price He Phone 32 A 72t ward any person who will give nie in married in Columbia a few years beforeI formation that will lead to the recovery going to Texas His wife died about j Preaching Next Sunday jbf the mare and buggy ten years ago T W Matthews Glasgow Ky After being stricken with paralysis W IL C Sandidge Ebinezer i tl I last Wednesday W G Field died SatWe have just received our Christmas L Beech Grove F JBarger4 urday night at the home of his sister candies Come in and take a peep at ZTWilliams Columbia h> Mrs Page on NrthMorris Street our showcase The sweetest and best > ts aged 63 years J N Walbert Harrods Triplett Wilson 7lt d The deceased who was born in Co ¬ 4 R Crawford Columbian j lumbia Ky came to Texas about 30 > Mr CR Payne of Burkesville J A Johnson Pleasant Ridge years ago and since that time he has here and is building a bridge from the J F Roach Clear Spring been a resident of both this city and pike across the hollow on that part of J Menzies Mt Hope Cleburne the land he recently purchased from For a number of years he was a B M Currie Tabor the Garnett estate After the bridge practicing physician but later on ac ¬ has been completed he will lay off build ¬ Stapp Liberty count of failing health he was compell ¬ ing lots and will offer them for sale ed to abandon his professional career A few weeks ago we sat in front of a There will be quite a number of desir ¬ and engage is a less strenuous life local pastor in this place and heard him able sites Surviving Mr Field are a son L P picture an ingrate Said he in my Rowe sold to John and Richard of Cleburne and Miss Bertha of this judgment the meanest person who lives city a brother Dr G S Field and a is the one who forgets friendship be- Lapsley 55 acres of land lying on the sister Mrs Page of this city stowed when that friendship was sadly waters of Pettisfork for 2100 W B T The remains were sent yesterday af needed We know a few persons who Rowe transferred to Ben E Rowe 83 ternoon to Cleburne accompanied by do not live for self persons who at all acres lying on the Burkesville pike ad ¬ the relatives where interment took times have been willing to aid a friend joining B E Rowes home place fob 3320 place today in distress and we have seen the persons aided turn the cold shoulder to You can buy Watkins remedies from Judge R B Dohoney Dead their benefactors forget that while in me onColumbia square ThursdayDec the ditch they were lifted out Was 23 J B Grant 7lt The subject of this notice died at his what the preacher said stated too late home near Glasgow Friday the Mr N H Moss County Judge elect 10th inst His remains were interred at Columbia Graded School will removed from the Gradyville country The Edmonton on Saturday following The He is oc- ¬ holidays next Thursday af¬ to Columbia last Monday deceased was born and reared near Mill close for the cupying the property on Greensburg will open promptly Mon town this county and was seventyfive ternoon It Mr Bruce MontgomeStreet dy January 3 All the teachers will ry and owned byvacated by Mrs Eliza ¬¬ years old when death came He was a recently respective spend Christmas at their homes excepting Mrs Gibson who beth W remain here Prof Wilson goes He was three times elected County will Williamsburg Mrs Gray will make The methodest people will have their Judge of Mettalfe county making a a trip to Iowa Miss Roberts goes to entertainment for the children of the rribst excellent official The deceased and for the Church Verona Ky Miss Rickman will see Sundayschool leaves a wife and two married daught- ¬ will Wednesday evening of next week All people at Hopkinsville There er He was a son of Pay ton1 Dohoney her be no change in the school work at the the children and the members and pat ¬ Besides hisimmediate family he leaves rons of the congregation arts requested beginning of the New Year many relatives in Adair county > tobe present The Courthouse inside and out looks Mr R G Woods who haV been the as attractive as it did the day it was Calendars for the News will be cashier of the Bank of Russell Springs built This is due to the skill of Mr to hand out to new subscribers andthosor since its organization has tendered his Fred McLean and Mr young who renew their subscriptions in a very resignation and will be succeeded by recently painted it in workman- short time The4 office has been busy who Mr Robert Ingram of Willisburg Mr like Inan rThese gentlemen are for the past ten days getting out calebi Woods and family will leave Russell artists in their line never leaving a job Springs he having accepted a more until it is1 finished to the satisfaction of > si lucrative position His departure will the owners of the property their work McKinley has purchased aT be generally regretted as he is a verv at all times receiving favorable comexcellent citizen and has a most estima m nti from observers twelve horse power traction engine and a ble wife Mr Woods baa heen exceed ¬ C Case thresher which he has ingly accommodating dpolite3t the This i the S Keen who was the reQeivedat his premises Rev John bank and the business mejiL wiirmis8 founder of the Highway school In Clin¬ best machinery made and Mr McKiniJ him very much He andhii wife will Ito deal of wheat lJ county wellknown in Adair ley iMve RUMMH Springs with the beatr county broth > inlaw ot GoyJ Ttlkeihirig ntxt year bee oft entire community J R Hitman then mSt Lows reent I Next Saturdlywillbcaritmu TuaS iiia Jy BWU v Au fruits will b 3n 11wH We iquarwill be thronged wi of las inne he was t tf i Bear Visits the Fkme of Sidney Holt NUMBER S V millineryat I quesItion < ¬ Waggener Notwithstanding 4 Ipastors A = 22 1909 will be gratifying to his many friends to know that Dr E A Wagj gener who came to Columbia about ten months ago to make this place his permanent home was last week by the un inimous vote of the State Board of Health granted a certificate to prac tice his profession throughout KentuckyIt is knows that Dr Waggener is an eminently qualified surgeon and phy siciah but having been living in the West for a good many years it was necessary for him to have his diplomas examined by the State Board he having graduated from the University of Louisville Bellview College New York City Prof Loomes Clinical School of Belleview Hospital He had also taken two postgraduate courses he had all these documents of qualifications he was compelled to wait all these months for the Board to act However he wanted to comply to the laws govern ing the organization and he is perfect ly satisfied with the result His old friend Dr U Montgomery a native of Adair county but who practices in Louisville accompanied Dr Waggener before the Board and his statement and the papers presented were all that was necessary Dr Waggener considers that the Board passed a high compliment uponhim when it voted unanimously to grant him a certificate of qualification Dr Waggener has been a specialist for twenty years and it is not his purpose to interfere with the ¬ x E DCEiMBER It To our L WEDNESDAY KENTUCKY I- I J

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