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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 5, 1946

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Uvtd as Waived THE OLDEST Wl JEFFERSON COUNTY The Jeffersonian fek Jfe 39 No. 46 TRANS-CONFUSIO- JEFFERSON FOREST 'A DREAM COME TRUE' Pre-Scho- ol County Commissioner White Thanks State Representatives tax-fre- e, beth Ziegler. Master Sammy Eyle is the conductor, Miss Marian Haag, xylophone soloist and Miss Norman Jean Martin, pianist. Due to the cost of transporting students a small admission charge of 30c and 15c will be made. Because of the limited capacity of the auditorium no tickets will be sold at the door. County Stage Talent In Dramatic Tourney The One Act Play Tournament, sponsored by the Jefferson County Recreation Board, got under way Wednesday afternoon at was following the action of Greathouse School where three junior dramas were programmed. It the legislature that Commission- The Greathouse boys and girls offered, "Elmer and the Love Bug"; er White wrote the following com- the Cane Run players gave of the Anchorage High School; mendatory letter to the represent'Homework" and the Lyndon "All On A Summer's Day" is the atives from Jefferson County: School players presented title of the Lyndon Campfire "In my limited way I know of Group, and "High School Daze" is no finer tribute to the unselfish, Monday night, April-8- , the West the Middletown Teen-ag- e entry. intelligent and favorable handl- ern Division will hold a play-of- f The play groups have been ing of recent legislature permit- program at Hikes Graded School Mrs. Katherine Kir- ting counties to set up, operate beginning at 7:30. The Shively coached by Carlyle wain, Mrs. Chamberlain, and maintain county forests, than Buzz Club will show "The White Mrs. J. Hornback, Mrs. M. Luker, to gratefully say, 'Thanks a mil- Phantom"; the Fern Creek G. Sheets, Mrs. Adolph Roemele, lion for a job well done.' have selected "He Ain't Mrs. B. Melvin, Edwin Lowry, "At a time like this words are Done Right by Nell"; the "Gay Miss Louisa Trawick and Mrs vapid and stilted in expressing Nineties" will be the offering of John Griffin. (Continued On Page 3) the Hikes Graded P.-A.; the The winners of the Monday title of the sketch to be given by evening playoffs will be announ the Jeffersontown Homemakers ced at the close of the programs Club has not been learned. Then the champions of the east On the same night the Eastern ern and western divisions will Division will hold an elimination meet later in the month to decide contestt the Jeffersontown High the county-wid- e championship. School. "Who gets the Car ToAwards will be given the winnight", by the Jeffersontown High ners and the runners-uand to basketball tournament, conducted by the School will be pYGsented; "A the outstanding county actor and The County-widJefferson County Playground and Recreation Hoard, was a great Journey to Trenton," is the choice actress. success from the stand point of playe r participation and inte rest in the Jcllerson County Playground and Recreation program of future years. 162 veterans, working men, and boys of high ichool and college age participated. Ihis number represented 15 county County Playground and Recreation Board on the first county-wid- e teams. tournament from players was won by The tournament FairJale Community is very much interested in the summer and spectators. Several veterans was who took part, St. Helens. The runner-uvoiced the senti- Sunday afternoon baseball leagues proposed by the Jefferson the Anchorage Van Hoosers who ment of many as they said, County Playground and Recreation Board. Frank Slack informs Gold bas- "Thanks for some swell recrealost to St. Helens us that Linnie Farmer, the Coral Ridge merchant, is interested ketball charms were awarded to tion." in seeing Fairdale youngsters playing baseball and people who the following members of the know Linnie are certain that winning team, Ed Kupper, Rich this insures a baseball team in tinue to qualify for league play. Wachtel, Dave Stephenson, Joe Navy Demobilization (10) Managers asume the responFairdale. Greene, Oz Johnson, Bob Manion, sibility of keeping order at the John Reschar and Lucian More-ma- Two-third- s With Frank Slack and Linnie games. Profanity or the presence Complete Silver charms were presentFarmer working with the of intoxicated persons will not be ed the following members of the Recreation Committee it tolerated. Great Lakes, 111. Navy demobrunner-uteam. John Osburn, should be an easy matter to equip The final meeting of team mancomJerry Flowers, Dick Simcoe, Jack ilization became week as Roy H. O'Hare, the boys with uniforms. That's all agers before the beginning of Litrell, Bob Cregor, David Allen, plete last qaurtermaster, second class, from that is neded for any Jefferson league play will be held at the Ballard Wilson and Jack East Detroit, Mich., received the County community to field a team Jefferson County Playground and because the Jefferson County The Buechel A. C, whose two - millionth honorable dis- Playground and Recreation board Recreation Board Office, 402 Fiscal Court Building, at 8 p.m. April charge certificate at the Personsportsmanship was outstanding, does the rest. Any community, de- 15th. received silver basketball charms nel Separation Center here. siring to have a team in the SunTo the smiling Irish lad it day afternoon league, should conas a reward of the clean play and excellent attitude displayed by meant getting back home to his tact Charlie Vettiner, 402 Fiscal Clinic Basketball the boys both on and off the floor. wife Martha and a chance to re- Pmirt "RlHcr a a ennn ac nnacihlo In tournaments and all play con- sume his schooling. To the Navy The following rules have been PfOVeS SllCCOSSful ducted by the Jefferson County it marked a milestone in a gigan- agreed to Dy managers ai two pre Playground and Recreation tic demobilization task that vious meetings: The county - wide basketball Board, the training of boys to started Day when some J (1) Communities will equip tournament, sponsored by the be good citizens and sportsman- 3,000,000 men were eligible for their teams. Jefferson County Playground and like men are emphasized. Buechel separation during the coming (2) If concessions sold the receiving the sportsman- year. The remaining one million Recreation Committee are the com- Recreation Board, was a success. boys of ship awards are Horace Speck, of these men are slated for dis- munity will use profits for the Fifteen teams from all parts of the county took part. The rosters Adolph Ash, Finley Reid, Walter charge within the next few promotion of recreation. of these teams numbered 162 vetC. Ray Gene, Johnmonths. Hilderbrandt, (3) All players must be resi- erans, working men and boys. nie Kyser, Bud Griffiths and Robdents of Jefferson County. (Note: Gymnasiums at Fairdale and AnYoung. ert This insures every county boy, chorage were used. An itemized financial report of For Almost 40 Years desiring to play baseball, the op The Dlavers took excellent care basketball the first County-wid- e portunity to do so without danger 0f the school properties and their tournament follows: The Jeffersonian of being displaced from the team conduct rfrpw nraisp from neorjle Receipts: Fairdale Gymnasium, by bringing in ringers who have of the communities and school o The Oldest Weekly NewsMarch 26, 27, $48.25; Anchorage interest in Jefferson County.) thorities. paper in the County: March 26, 27, 28, 29 Gymnasium, (4) All teams entering the lea One softball was reported miss and 30, $82.50; total receipts, gues, sponsored by the Jefferson ing by Mr. Charles W. Blake, has been serving ALL of County Playground and Recrea $130,75. Disbursements: Joe Hagan, 5 Jefferson County, outside tion Board, obbgate themselves Fairdale principal, from one of sessions of officiating, $30; John Louisville, with strictly to follow the schedule of nlav to the class rooms in which four j J Knopf, 5 sessions of officiating, county news. be set up for Sundays. At any The junior basket. $30; Emmett Goranflo, 2 sessions y favoring no one communJnhlTi free ball clinics, sponsored by the Jef-t- o of officiating, $12; Lee Sheeran, 2 be located in the southwestern part of the county where the knobs with their scenic beauty and minimum of tillable land presented an ideal setting for the project. Following the report of the advisory committee the Jefferson County Forest Commission was created in August 1945, composed of members of the committee and the members of the Fiscal Court. Then a fund of $10,000 was authorized by the Court for preliminary surveys and L. H. Wier of the National Recreation Association was employed to make an ed. "Pin-nochio- Home-make- rs T. Basketball Tourney Won By St. Helens p e Fairdale Community Backs Baseball Team p 54-3- 4. n. Fair-dal- e p two-thir- ds Wy-mon- d. V-- i au-n- ' ity over any other, but considering first the welfare of the county at large. residents from Harrods Creek to Valley Station; business men at Buechel or Eastwood; farmers at High View or near all whose principal interests lie. in the county are offered the facilities of The Jeffersonian. sessions of officiating, $12; Ken-- 1 neth Berry, 2 sessions of scoring, $2.00; Donald Cantrell, 2 sessions of timing, $2.00; Keith Mercke, 5 sessions of scoring, $5.00; Carl 'Moore, 5 sessions of timing, $5.00; Fairdale Janitor, 2 sessions, $4.00; Fed. Tax on 523 25c admissions, $20.92; total disbursements, $122.-- ; Jeffer-sontow- 92. at end of tournament 1946, $7.83. The Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board pro-- 1 vided the 32 basketball charms for the champions, runners-up- , sportsmanship and all county players. have Numerous compliments been received by the Jefferson The Jeffersonian "The Voice of The County" Published at Jeffersontown ' Per Year $2.50 n, The only way residents of St. Matthews can avoid the immediate threat of annexation is by taking immediate steps to incorporate is the warning of a group of residents of that community. Recent legislation passed at the last session of the Ken- nucky legislature clears the annexation to Louisville and way, both for annexation and others claim to prefer the status-qu- o neither incorporation or incorporation with much less red tape than was previously annexation. Cf rZ,vill C0UnUeS r ferson Coun pg from! Rreation Board on Saturday mornings at Okolona, Jefferson-(6- ) Thf'wi. County Play- ground and Reoreation Board will charge no franchise for entering a team. (7) The Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board will provide umpires and scorers for all league games beside providing trophies for the winners. (8) The purpose of the leagues is to provide reaction for the players and spectators. The idea is to have every boy playing baseball, who wants to, even though that might mean one community might have more than one team. Unwn ! ,PV Tw,i,i p ruuxSZL -- o I ZrlZi ir- -i and St. Matthews, were also successes. There were 12 weeks of these clinics with 40 boys enjoying the benefits each session. In addition to the clinics the St. Matthews League operated for 10 weeks with 60 boys participating in each session. The Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board provided trophies for the winners and runner-u- p in all of those games besides supplying trophies for sportsmanship and all star (9) All players must display players in the county-wid- e tour- sportsmanlike attitudes to con- - nament. Annual School Day Announced From the headquarters office in Louisville, the Kentucky Sunday Association announces School that Sunday, May 5, 1946, will be observed as SCHOOL DAYS in Kentucky. In- augurated 32 years ago, by the late Dr. George A. Joplin, the ob servance of this day has become a part of the regular program of the Kentucky Sunday School Association. Its purpose is to focus attentio onn the Sunday School, cmphasizin its importance in the development Of Christian character, and to encourage the Sunday schools of the state to participate in this united effort to increase attendance and enrollment. Suggestions for the promotion and observance of the day, and attractive posters for advertising purposes may be secured, without cost, from the Kentucky Sunday School Association, 554 S. Third Street, Louisville. May 5th will also mark the beginning of Family Week (May a nation-wid- e movement participated in by churches and organizations of all faiths. Leaf lets concerning same are free for the asking from the Kentucky Sunday School Association. 2) L. H. Wier, of the National Recreation Association, a forestry exrjert. who has been makine a spot survey or the proposed site in southwestern Jefferson County for the public forest, will make a report of his findings at a called meeting of the Jefferson County Forest Commission, on Thursday, April 11 The commission will also take under consideration at that time the applications of a number of expert foresters who have been recommended by Jack McNutt, executive secretary of American Foresters, at Washington, D.C. re- Among the applications However, it appears that the latter wish cannot be fulfilled much longer. Either St. Matthews will incorporate and make its required, it is said. Under the new law, a vote by the citizens of the territory in question is not necessary. The city can annex by ordinance and the town can incorporate by pe- pre-scho- ol HB-46- A Jefferson County's Thriving Unofficial Metropolis Faced With Problem Of Becoming Part of Louisville or Retaining Identity. Children's Clinic At Fern Creek Parents who reside in the Fern Creek School district are urged Jefferson County's first Music Revue of the year will be held at to bring their children who are 8 p. m., April 9 at the Fern Creek under school age to the Clinic held the second Elementary School auditorium. 1 Students from Jeffersontown, Friday in every month at p.m. Fern Creek, Lovvorn and High at Fern Creek Graded School. They are especially urged to View schools will take part. bring children, who will enter Directors and conductors who school in September, for vaccinawill appear on the program in- tion and physical check-up- . clude Mrs. W. T. Kammerer, Those who wish transportation County Music Supervisor, Miss April 12, may Helen Watson, Mrs. Edna for the next clinic, W by April 10 call Fern Creek 73 Schmidt and Mrs. Josephine Miller, Fern Creek and Miss Fan- and a way will be provided. These clinics are unnie Stoll from Jeffersontown. Accompanists are Mrs. Kam- der the direction of the Louisville merer, Mr. A. D. Burger, Jeffer and Jefferson County Health De sontown and Mrs. Minnie Haag, partment. Fern Creek, plus a number of student accompanists. Wier To Report The Fern Creek First Grades will present a rhythm orchestra On County Forest under the direction of Miss Eliza- - Hi 2 Every Friday at $2.50 Per Year County School Music Revue At Fern Creek The recent session of the Kentucky Legislature passed two bills which were prepared to expedite the establishment of the Jefferson County Public Forest. These bills, and give Kentucky counties the right to establish county forests and to issue revenue bonds, to finance such projects. Thus, it has come about that the ambition of County Commissioner E. P. White, Jr., is on the threshold of realization and that before the year is out, the actual purchase of county hill lands will be made as a nucleous of the first county forest in the nation. In October, 1944 Commissioner White presented a resolution to the Fiscal Court, outlining the plans for a forest project and naming Tom Wallace, chairman; Eugene Stuart, Henry Baass, W. A. Coffee, Henry J. Stites and Harold Moser, a committee to investigate the feasability, the cost, size and location of a county forest as a War Memorial honoring the heroes of World War II. Although strangely enough, report the committee balked at the idea to the Court before and to 1946. May 1, of making the forest a memorial Meanwhile enabling bills with special privileges to veter- prepared and presented towere the ans it strongly recommended the Ct.t. : V.l,. ,.,v,u COUNTY To Be or Not To Be' That is The Question Confronting St. Matthews Residents Today I N COUNTY Balance TO ALL JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 1946 THE HB-34- OF SERVICE AN INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED JUNE 1907 Vol ALMOST 40 YEARS tition. Those j ; who have studied the situation point out that inclusion by the City of Louisville means a hieh rate of taxation without a ereat increase of benefits for many years. Incorporation means an exDansion of benefits at a low rate of taxation. Those favorine the establish- ment of St. Matthews as a third class city declare that the argu- ments set forth by the opposition are city sponsored and mislead- - i j . own provisions for development or it will be absorbed by Louisville. A petition in equity was filed in the Jefferson Circuit Court yesterday afternoon by James Engle, 3925 Winchester Road; J. M. Roby, 123 Oxford Place and Howard D. Lowden, 4027 St Ives Court, requesting the es- tablishment of the City of St Matthews and setting forth the advantages to be derived by the residents of St. Matthews through anion. expected that a decision will be handed down in less than "i-- It is mg. St. Matthews now pays taxes 30 days. out of proportion to value received, say the proponents of inschool DEATH OF CHARLES KAMER corporation. Sufficient Following a illness, taxes are collected in the St. Matthews area to erect a mod March 27. at 7:10, to Charles Ka-mern high school building and to at the home of his daughter. staff the school with qualified Mrs. William Dietrich, Warwick is declared. ceived are those from: P. A. Yost, educators, it Villa. Sixty-fou- r years old, Mf. With the sanitary sewer disSt. Petersburg, Fla.; Paul J. accomplished, the Kamer was a retired farmer. Shank, state forester, Pocatello, trict already incorporation beSurvivors include, the widow, of Idaho; F. M. Callward, Storrs, advocates only a small city tax Mrs. Mary Kaelin Kamer; three lieve that Conn.; D. B. Griffin, Charleston, required to finance a daughters, Mrs. Dietrich, Mrs. West Va.; T. Edward Shaw, La- will be Andrew broad program of recreation, John Fuchs and Mrs. fayette, Ind fire Fuchs; two brothers, Arnold and ample policing and a Albert Kamer; and two sisters, H. B. Newland, state forester department. Henry Kaelin and Mrs. An,- of Kentucky, will meet with the ft is also said that the mass of Mrs.Kaebn; and eight grandcbjl- in- - j dy commision. ., St. Matthews residents want ,V!!?' er, j 24-ho- ur y Farmers Field Day To be Held in May It's going to be something new and entirely different and should give rural recreation a big boost. Carl LaMarr, agriculture teacher at Jeffersontown High School, has been singled out by the Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board to conduct a Farmers' Field Day in the Jeffersontown area. said one spokesman, "is about the same as that secured in the drive for sewers, over 90 percent. The danger is that a small minority in a fifth column attack will deprive the town oi tne op- portunity of growing up. Making a great deal of noise and creating confusion, these few persons are striving to deny St. Matthews its rights of development." While a petition is being cir- culated asking that the city of St. Matthews be established another group of residents is for a meeting of citizens to protest incorporation. Part of this latter faction wish . The funeral was from Holy Trinity Church, St. Matthews, j last Saturday morning, with in- - i terment in St. Louis Cemetery. J -- ( hepoht on box party m The box party sponsored bj Club March ' Tucker Station 22nd was a great success. Mr. i Baer, recreation leader, came anejp! conducted the games. Music was furnished by Miss Marian John at the piano. The prize for the prettiest box was won by Mrs; George Henderman, of Blanken-callin- g baker Road. John Osborne, of Jef fersontown, won the angel food . 4-- H Mr. LaMarr is hard at work on the project and has his high cake. school boys lining up some fields in the community to be used for ploughing contests. He has conEasier Seals In tacted Mr. Lytle who has a novel Mail io Benefit idea in mind in the form of milkCrippled Children ing contests for man and maid. Mr. Romans is also interested in the Farmers' Field Day from a Easter Seals are now being working with neighmailed to hundreds of homes stand-poiThe Jefferson County Playthroughout the state by the Ken boring farmers on soil conservafort, and Ray Baer, head coach at ground and Recreation Board will St. Xavier. Coach Adoph tucky Society for Crippled Chil tion. Rupp, dren. While the program Mr. La Marr have friends among high school U. of K.. and Rnhhv The money raised by the sale is working out is not yet complete coaches all over Kentucky after basketball coach of the year at Breckinridge Training, have been of the seals helps augment the the date tentatively proposed is the coming K. E. A. next week. For years these athletic men invited to direct the basketball inadequate budget of the Ken the first part of May. The Jeffertucky Crippled Children Com- son County Playground and Re- have attended K. E. A. sessions class. Actual demonstrations of ofmission, which is the official pub creation Board will announce the wishing there was a meeting planlic agency to provide treatment complete program for Farmers' ned to suit their needs. Now it fensive and defensive football for Kentucky's crippled children Field Day as soon as Mr. LaMarr has happened. The Jefferson and basketball formations are on under 21, whose parents cannot has all of his farm events arrang- County Playground and Recrea- tap with local high school play- tion Board has arranged football ers being dressed for the occasion pay. The goal of the Easter ed. and basketball clinics for Sat- and used in the demonstrations. campaign this year is $125,000. urday morning, April 13th, at the Letters have gone out from the The Society has as its immediANCHORAGE CARNIVAL St. Xavier High School gymna- Jefferson County Playground and ate objectives, in addition to conA carnival, sponsored by the Kecreation Board to every high tinuing its assistance to the Com- Junior Class and Boys Athletic sium. Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, Uni school coach in the state and the mission, the building of a con- Club of Anchorage High School, valescent home for crippled will be held in the school gymna- versity of Kentucky, will serve response indicates that they are children, establishing a curative sium tonight, April 5, beginning as clinic director working with happy the Jefferson County Play-Fran- k Camp, University of Louis- - ground and Recreation Board is workshop in Louisville and or- at 7:30 p.m. Starting at 11 p.m. ganizing a program for home-boun- d there will be a dance. The public ville coach, "Red" Herndon, high supplying a K. E. A. program cripples. This program is invited. school coach of the year at Frank-- ' which meets their needs. will be extended throughout the state as rapidly as possible. Children crippled from all causes, such as injury, bone disease or infection, infantile paralysis, and those born crippled, are treated by the Commission and the Society. More than 11,-0such cases have been cared County Commissioner E. P. White, Jr., stated this week that for during the past twenty years "They are asking me, 'What is and there is always a long wait he had received communications that gave evidence that attempts the ReDublican Fiscal Court try ing list. were being made to cloud the issue in connection with complaints ing to do to the School system?' Easter seals are in sheets of against the county school system. My only answer is, how should I one hundred at a penny apiece 11 snouiu lie liuicu, saiu wmii, uiai pi annauy cvti y 111:111 know. or $1.00 a sheet. Memberships listed against the local school "But there is one thing. I do Rogers, a school bus driver, residin the Society range from $2.00 system has a constructive intent. ing in Camp Taylor that illus- know the Fiscal Court hasrir done upward. in To my way ot thinking there trates the attitude of most of my anything to help the schools or protection is just one honorable and decent correspondents who find fault the way of police CHILDREN TO SING to protect the children on the AT CALVARY CHURCH way to meet tnese criticisms. with the attempt to bring exist- highway when getting on or off One hundred and fifty children That is by a frank, impersonal ing deficiencies of the county school buses. from Medora, Greenwood, Valley discussion of the merits of the school system into the light. "The protection we have at the Graded, Kerrick, Mill Creek, Cane complaints on the part of the Rogers bewails the "blast" at the schools in the morning is weak school board and then drifts off and ineffective. In the afternoon Run, Penile, Auburndale, Fair-dal- school board. "It should also be noted that into a "blast" against county at dismissal time, we have none Okolona, Prestonia, and Camp Taylor will sing at Calvary there has not been a breath of police and road workers." at all. (At Okolona) The county Episcopal Church, 841 S. Fourth criticism against the faculties and Following is Rogers letter to truck drivers refuse to stop at St., Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. teaching staffs of the county White: road signs or when the children This program is for the local schools. A campaign to empha "Dear Mr. White: are getting on or off the buses. chapter of the American Guild of size the best features of county I am writing you this because I One of them almost ran over me Organists. The public is invited. schools is useless so lone as the have been a life long Republican at Newburg School the other dty This same group of children general opinion is that we have and all my friends know it and I when I was trying to help the will sing before the general ses- excellent teachers but that they have always been proud of it but .children to get across the road sion of K. E. A. Friday, April 12 are provided with insufficient since your recent blast at the at 0:30 a.m. Both programs are equipment and are handicapped County School Board, they have "That driver paid no attention under the direction of Miss Helen by authoritative restrictions." said things to me that have almost to me or the stop sign on the side ! McBride. (Continued On Page 9 "I received a letter from R. E. made me ashamed of it. Recreation Board To Sponsor K. E. A. Clinics nt i 00 e, County School Bus Driver Resents Blast at the County School Board '

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