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Image 38 of The Independent April 25, 2012

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18 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012 THE INDEPENDENT | Ashland | Kentucky “ARE YOU ON FACEBOOK? WHAT ARE FACEBOOK’S POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES?” EDITORIAL CATEGORY, GRADES 7-9 DIVISION Facebook By Kara Coldiron In a world where technology plays a huge role in the way people communicate, most people have a Facebook, including myself. I do think Facebook is a beneficial social media site, but it also has its drawbacks. Facebook is a free, quick and easy way to reconnect with friends, but do people really talk in person anymore? People find it easier to type a message behind a computer screen versus calling someone on the phone or meeting them in person to renew their friendship. In addition to this, how do you really know who you’re talking to? Anyone with access to the Internet can make a Facebook under any name, age and sex and also upload deceiving photographs. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when choosing who to share your personal information with. Next, Facebook comes with many virtual games, such as Farmville, that everyone with a Facebook knows becomes addicting. Children, teens and adults may spend hours daily playing these games. This 1st Pla ce Kara Coldiron Age 14 Greenup County H.S. Teacher: Leanne Coldiron takes time away from people getting physical activity, children doing homework and spending time with family and friends. Although they may be entertaining, these games should only be played for a reasonable amount of time. Finally, Facebook is an easy way for bullying to occur. Many cases of cyberbullying take place daily. With people being able to hide their identity, it may also be hard to find the bully. This act takes place more with children, but can also occur with adults. Cyber-bullying is something that should be taken very seriously. As you can see, Facebook packs many positive and negative effects. When used in the correct way, it can be a great way to reconnect with friends and play games, but make sure to stay grounded with the real world.

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