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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), July 9, 1908

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Courier-Journ- al to Dec. 1, The Jeffersonian or Louisville Times 1908, and The Jeff-ersoni- an One Year, $2.00. the greatest lack of interest of any DEPLORABLE Has Been Condition of Jefferson-towPublic School. n Monday Night DiMeeting at scloses Bad State of Affairs An Appeal School-Hous- e For Better Things in Future. When it was announced in The Jeffersonian last week that Mrs. Rosa A. Stonestreet, Superintendent of County Schools, desired all interested public schools Monto meet her at the day night and discuss plans for the coming year, it was hoped and expected that a large crowd would be on nana. tuc our peopie sno cu the same lack of interest that they have shown in school work in the past and about a dozen patrons were present. Mrs. Stonestreet presided and addressed the audience. She brought out some deplorable facts concerning the condition of the school, and said that the patrons of Jeffersontown school have shown school-hous- e no In i iii w I IV printedopp site your name WUIJ UU at head of this paper means that your subscription expired July 1, 1908. In accordance with a new postal regulation we are not permitted to send our paper to you after a specified time and therefore earnest y request you to send in your dollar at once. If not received within the next f ew days your paper will be discontinued. A prompt remittance will be appreciated. Look at your label now. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. Advertisements under this head One Cent a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. Eqju Sale Sow and pigs. " T. L. Ky. 52-t- f Health and Fire able Companies. Cohen, Mann oln Building, Louisville.. Mr. n at "Buchanan's" Jefferson- he summer. Call on him if you of Insurance. lie. Accident, 4 i cot-i- f erected three-roomile out the Watterson road. m JR. -- iE T. lt Pair of good Blankenbakeb. Jeffersontown. spring-wago- lt x,B Two fresh cows, town, Cumb. Phone. jit t, a A. M. Gregg, f. D. knt I have finished my new three-- ' lilding on south side of public square e ten nice rooms for rentr will either a whole or separately. J. C Bbuce, iontown. Cumb. phone. ' nt These are facts that we regret to have to let the world know, but it is time something was being done Jeffersontown, located as it is close to the metropolis of the South and her people coming in contact with the most cultured and best educated people of the country, and in the richest and best county in the state, should be ashamed ot the laclc ot in terest heretofore shown in the education of the coming generations, and see to it that we have the best and not the worst school in the county. We ought to have it. We can have it. But the patrons will have to do better than they did Monday night. The employing of teachers for the coming year was discussed, and Mr. Tom Floore Seing the only trustee, the other two trustees having left the district, a motion was offered and carried to have the Superintendent and Mr. Floore engage the teacher and assistant for the next term, which work they will take up at once. We understand a petition had been gotten up to have Messrs. Arthur Wheeler and Fritz Baumlisberger appointed trustees to fill the two vacancies, but as a trustee will have to be elected the first Saturday in August, it was thought best not to take any action. There were two applications made for the positions of principal and assistant teacher, who were Miss Fiddler, of Lawrenceburg, and Miss Louise Owings, of Jeffersontown, but Mrs. Stonestreet said she desired to have the patrons of the school consider the matter before making a selection of teachers and took no action in the matter. Dr. S. D. Wetherby, of Middletown, was present and delivered an eloquent address on education and the needs of Lew laws on the subject. He spoke of the bad features of the County School District Law which passed both branches of the last General Assembly and which went into effect June 15. Under ifs provisions a Negro could be elected to hold office over the white patrons and teachers to teach white children. Dr. Wetherby said the law would, no doubt, be repealed at the next meeting of the Legislature. This law provides for an election of a trustee on the first Saturday in August in the school building in each school from the hours of "one until five in the afternoon. "Any person shall be eligible to thi office who is over twenty-on- e years of age, and who has been a resident of the for which he is elected for sixty days before the election, and who is able to read and write, as shown by a certificate of five reputable citizens of the and all male persons over 21 years of age, who shall have resided in a school for 60 days next before an election shall have the right to vote at such election." It behooves every good citizen in Jefferson county to see to it that a man of the highest type of integrity and intelligence is elected to this of--" fice. Our schools rank right along with our churches and should have leaders fitted and well qualified for the places assigned to them. sub-distri- ct sub-distri- sub-divisi- .vted You to try a load of our Straight Coal; b.urns up clean with very little en you get ready to plant your potatoes mber we have fertilizer. Wheeler & ra. lt anted You to come to my barber shop effersontown for a first-clashave or cut. The way to keep business enter-e- s in your town is to patronize them. ss jdPrell. jrrJtD You to place your ad. here at one a word if you have anything for sale or ant to buy anything. These little ads. reach A least 6.000 people. n't For job printing-- call on. or , phone The Jeffersonian. material: skilled printers. ay Less and Wear Better Clothes. New Tailor Shop on Premise s $4.00, $5.00, $6.00 and $7.00 Trousers Free With All Suit Orders. uive us your order and we 11 tailor tor you a suit that is made up to the minute in style; made to fit you. Ready made "misfits" (made from four Ito six months ago, for this summer's wear) can't be and are higher at any price. up-to-dat- e Suits to Measure $15 as quickly as $30 you need. Our sliops are located on the premises and clothes are made under our direct supervision. We can fill your order for a suit in three or five days' time, fitting the coat on before completion. Our prices are no higher than readymade, and other tailors want a third more, besides we give you a pair of Trousers or a Fancy Vest Free. M. Cohen & TAILORS WHO TWO STORKS He Refuses To Surrender And Opens Fire. County Patrolman Steve Lewis and John Teel, a negro who is alleged to have broken into the general store of Henry Rairden, at Orell, twelve miles from Louisville on the Eighteenth-stree- t road, were each shot in the leg last Friday morning in a fight between a posse following bloodhounds and the negro. The duel between the negro and the posse occurred when the officer demanded the negro to surrender after the bloodhounds had tracked him to a thicket near a creek. Instead of holding up his hands as the officer demanded, the negro opened fire from a thirty- r revolver, one of the bullets striking Patrolman Lewis in the right thigh. The wounded officer and the posse of ten citizens returned the fire. The negro fled and for a time escaped, members of the posse caring for the; wounded officer. Others pushed on with the hounds and soon afterward the negro was again located. Another fight followed during which a load of shot from a shotgun was poured into the negro's leg. He was then taken prisoner. Much time excitement prevaled at the and County Patrolman Frank Thomas immediately placed the negro on a car to carry him to Louisville and probably prevented a lynching. The store of Mr. Rairden was broken into, entrance being gained in the building by forcing the lock on the front door. James Jeffries, a farmer Hying near by, discovered the robbery when he f oundtoe door ot the store open when he wenr to a nearby well at 4:30 o'clock Friday morning. He notified the proprietor, who immediately took steps to capture the thief. County Patrolman Frank Thomas and Steve Lewis, who reside in that locality, were notified and hastened to the scen. Messengeas were sent to road, Mt. Holly, on the Third-streafter the bloodhounds of James Augus tus, a storekeeper at that place. Mr. Augustus sent hisclerk, EdHornbeck and Golden Raisor, a neighbor, to Orell with the hounds. A posse of ten had been organized and started out as soon as the hounds arrived. The dogs took up the trail at once. They had gone but a short distance when they located the negro eight-calibe- et Sons place, and there were half a dozen sticks and about fifty feet of fuse left. This he hung up carefully in the barn, out of harm's way, he thought, but a day or two ago he dis covered it had been knocked down in some manner and the hogs had eateu all the dynamite and all but about half a yard ot the fuse. The mystery is how the dynamite failed to explode, but it didn't and the hogs have appar ently suffered no inconvenience from their queer meal. But Mr. Smith says the hogs will be a complete loss to him for he is afraid to kill and eat them, with so much dynamite on their insides, and he won't be crimi nal enough to sell to others what he would not use himself. Harrodsburg Herald. COL. LOGAN Farm To Take Op The Pen A Word Abont The Tattler. As Col. Emmett G. Logan is known by all our readers all over the United States, and as our versatile writer, Elvira Sydnor Miller, is justly we reproduce the follow ing from the "Random Notes" of the Danville Advocate: "We see it stated in the first number of the new Bowling Green Messenger, which made its appearance last Sunday, June 28, that Col. Emmett G. Logan is so wedded to the bucolic pleasures of the farm he cannot be induced to forego them and again take up the pen. When approached upon the subject he would none of it, and the Messenger says when you see him coming into Bowlof a mule, ing Green of a seegar, ahd hit hot weather, it is plain why he will not make the sacrifice." His farm is of the finest, his cattle graze over the undulating hills, his sheep and goats gambol through the leafy .woods, and his porkers loll lazily in the lowIts aroma lands. And his mint-bed- ! even comes with him to the city and almost makes a fellow wish he wasn't living in a prohibition town. To every reader of The Louisville Times in the days when his trench-en- t pen was used upon its editorial columns and its pointed paragraphs cut like a stroke from a Damascus scimitar or sparkled with scintillating wit, and when the "Tattler Column" was presided over by that accomplished and versatile writer of prose and verse, Elvira Sydnor Miller, this announcement will be a source of extreme regret, for it was hoped that he could again be induced to don the editorial toga, mount the tripod and illumine the sanctum with his presence, for it is said that "time cannot wither him, nor custom stale," and that he is the same genial, jolly Emmett as of yore." com-ulimente- d. "a-ridi- n' several negroes after the prisoner Held Dp Dr. L. A. Blaakenbelcer. had been captured as they talked aooutiyncmng leei. 1 While returning from a profes- County Patrolman Lewis was taken V,nal caU in the country at 11:30 to tne aome 01 w auard Hart, a gro 'clock last Friday night Dr. L A cer at Orell, where he was attendee lankenbeker, of this place, was met by Dr. Parsons. on tne Seatonville road about two rne wounueo omcer and tne negro miles from town, by three negro were taken to Louisville on the in highwaymen, who. stopped his horse. terurban car which arrived there at but instead of allowing the to rott 11:30 o'clock. Lewis was taken from him he whipped up his horse, running the car at Sixth and Broadway and over one and striking the other two removed to the home of his sister, Mrs. as he passed. Thomas Swindler, 1102 Sixth street As soon as he arrived he reported The bullet which Wounded Lewis the case to County Patrolman Frank struck the fleshy partof the leg above Tyler, who at once notified the police n the knee and ranged upward into the at the Highland hip. Partrolmen Lammers and Badgers The negro was taken from the car started out after the robber a little at Sixth and Green street and hurried later, and met three negroes, who an to the jail by Officer Thomas and Mr. swered Dr. Blankenbeker's descripHart. He was wounded in both legs tion. Thev were ina buggy, and by a shotgun. His injuries are not of were drinking and having an uproar-ou- s a serious nature. He was attended by time. They were stopped and arthe jail physician. rested. When registered at the jail the prisUpon further investigation Saturoner gave his name as John Teel. He day morning it developed that the nesaid that he came from Florence. Ala. , groes stopped at a livery stable at this five weeks ago. He denies having com- place shortly after Dr. Blankenbeker and hired the the mitted any crime and says he did not reported They hold-ugave their names as buggy. posse shot at him. fire until the Gus Taylor, Lew Green and Willliam After the battle, whicji occurred Ogiesbee. All three denied that they midway between Orell and Meadow had been party to the attempted holdup. Their trial came up in Squire e Lawn, it was learned that the O'Connor's Court yesterday and the at Kosmosdale was broken into case will await the action of the Thursday night and $30 in stamps grand jury. stolen. sub-statio- p, post-offic- July 3. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Finley glady weL. corned the arrival of their cousins, Miss Madden Goff and Master Rice Goff, of Owensboro, Who will spend the remainder of the summer. YMisaCorinne McCrocklin entertained Thursday evening-Those present were Misses bath B. Reid, Bessie L. Finley. M. Madden Goff, Jennie H. and Pansy E. Finley, Corinne McCrocklin and Sadie Finley; Messrs. William McCrocklin Fredie and Harold Weidekemper. Edward Nutter, Ben Stivers. Everett Bad-iret- t, Willie Alvis and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mc Crocklin. They all had a delightful time and enjoyed the music. ' Mrs. Floyd Bess is ill of typhoid fever at the tome of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stivers. Hogs Ate Dynamite. Mr. John Smith, who lives near Shakertown, suffered a peculiar loss TAILOR several days ago. He bought some 602 and 604 W. Market St. dynamite to blow out stumps on his Geneva, Switzerland, and two sisters, Mrs. Joseph G. McCullough and Mrs. G. A. Winston, both of Louisville. His funeral was held Saturday from his late residence at 3 o'clock p. m. The Celebrated By the Fowler Family burial was private. Col. Hite was born in Louisville in 1854, being a son With a Reunion. of the late Capt William C. Hite, a large owner and operator of steam- Cannot be furnihsed by any one boats between Louisville and Evans-vill- in Louisville except he At the age of twenty-on- e One Hundred and Fifty Chickens Stolen From graduated from MeCowan's school, a .A. B. C An Interesting Letter From T. JOHNSON, mil'tary academy near St. Matthews St Matthews. Ten years ago he purchased his handScientific Optician some residence, in which he lived 552 4th Ave., Louisville, Ky. until his death, from Augustus Sharpe, St. Matthews, July 6. The glorious the noted turfman. Fourth of July was celebrated at the The Fourth of July picnic given at It is the easiest eye glass K. M. L School by the Fowler family Green Lawn Saturday by Mr. and mounting made. Call in and reunion numbering fifty brothers, Mrs. H. C. Hikes and Miss Gertrude sisters and cousins, from Pittsburg, Hikes was a decided success in every see it. Florida, and Shelby county, Kentucky; way. A large crowd of old and young even the family servants, who were enjoyed the day. Delightful refreshOnr Clubbing List. days, ments were served during the day, their slaves in came to rejoice and arrange the and a bountiful supper in the evening. We will send The Jeffersonian one viand prepared for the dear ones. Messrs. Rudolph and Busath are to be Reminiscences and music beguiled thanked for the confectioneries given year and either of the following them until the setting sun announced and especially Mr. and Mrs. Hikes, papers, time indicated below, at prices that the time of separation had come, who with untiring efforts saw that no quoted: when one must return unto their own one was neglected and that every one Daily $2.00 to Dec. 1, 19W. Mr. Hikes home, happier indeed for this union had a pleasant time. Evening Times, " " 2.00 3.00 of hearts and hands and hoping there seemed to grow young again and it is " Herald. both one year "" 1.50 hoped that others would take as much Weekly will be many more suchjneetings. 1.40 Herald interest in the community as they Bryan's 1.86 Commoner. Our vicinity has been invaded again have taken. Southern Agriculturist, " " (Limited) 1.60 by thieves. This time their taste was The Mary Walden Junior Builders Farmers Home Journal " " (New; 1.73 for good country hams and chickens. held their monthly meeting at Hikes' Watson I Weekly Jeffersonian, One year. 1.75 " " 2.10 It's folly for one to save chickens for school-hous- e Sunday, at 3 o'clock p. m. TaylorJeffersonian Magazine, ' ' 1.60 Trotwood to have a "Independence Day," then ' A large crowd assembled at the fair Uncte Remus 1.50 " " " "Spread." Robbers' minds run in grounds Saturday to attend the Sun McClure's the same channel. So they needed picnic, given by Beulah You will want The Jeffersonian to 150, leaving several forlorn little church. Several interesting recita keep posted on what is going on around chicks, too small for our use. How it tions were given. Another picnic could be accomplished is a mystery. will be given at this place on Satur home and the other papers for generWhen I catch one, night or day it day, July 18, by the members of Cedar al news. Some of you have been mailing your paper to relatives in a The Heard Patent THE FOURTH Glass Eye e. d. ante-bellu- Can Not Be Induced To Girt Up Pleasures of in the bushes. An examination of Mr. Rairden's store revealed that jewelry valued at HIGHWAY ROBBERY $100 and a lot of pencils were stolen. County Patrolman Thomas reports that he found it necessary to drive off Attempted By Three Negroes Alleged To Have FERN CREEK. $20 $25 Made OFFICER school in Jefferson county, and that it was a complete failure last year. Another thing which should make Jeffersontown fathers and mothers awake from their slumbers and take And Prisoner Wounded In Duel action in this the most vital and Near Orell Thursday Night. Question in brintrinir up chil dren, is the fact that our school here has never had one sinjrle child to finish the common school course. Bood hounds Track Negro To Thicket, Bnt sub-distri- ct Three rooms, no children. Jeffersontown. 210 W. Market St. Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year. Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, July 9, 1908. Vol. 2. No. 4. in the Jeffersontown We Make a Specialty of Printing Berry I ickets at tne Lowest Possible Prices. m Courier-Journa- l, Courier-Journa- l, m i day-scho- ol squalls until the neighbors are alarmed; yet this 150 were taken without a cry being heard. So the glorious Fourth found A. B. C. in mourning. We can baffle the rogues by wearing our jewelry at all times, but must we take our chickens and bacon with us also? Well, the problem is solved for this year none left. Creek Baptist Sunday-schoo- l. country. Why not subscribe for them? The rates are no higher than the postage and time in mailing will amcunt to, and they will receive them promptly. We will send any of the above papers and The Jeffersonian to any address in the United States at rates quoted above. Send P. O. money order to The Jeffersonian, Jeffersonfar-awa- y A convention will be held all day at Fairview church on Wednesday, July 29. All are cordiallv invited to attend. The Rev. R6bt. Doll will preach at Hikes' school-hous- e Sundav at 11 o clock. Invitations are extended to all. The Rev. H. N. Reubelt delivered an excellent sermon to quite a large Well, I fear you will think the R. audience' at Fairview church Sunday, F. D's. are not very patriotic, because entitled "The Bible." there was no public demonstration, Mr. and Mrs. Cattrell and family, of unless you would accept the sending Louisville, are spending part f)f the up of two balloons, firing pistols, and summer with Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hikes. much hurrahing of the small boy as Miss Mattie Lausman, of Hart counsuch. Their elders contented them- ty, spent a few days this week with selves with a relaxation from labor, 'Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Jewell. gathering together of families and Miss Ida Belle Kaiser left Sunday neighbors, to compare crops, com- morning for Danville, Kentucky, to menting upon the weather, the prob" visit relatives there for about three able President, and several heated weeks. political discussions. Surely no canThe Bank of Buechel is now comdidate for office, could fight with pleted. It is a very handsome stone words, harder and more telling bat- and brick structure with a hall and tles, for themselves, than these staid several office rooms on the second farmers do for them at every availfloor. J HIGHLAND PARK. July Mr. and Mrs. Chas. and Miss Minnie Peters are visiting' their mother anc' friends, of Kokomo, Ind. Miss Marguerite Ryan, of Louisville, was the guest of her cousin Miss Mary DeCoursey, of this place. Mr. and Mrs. L Webb are receiving congratulations over the arrival of a 6. Ober-mey- BUECHEL er I bright little son. Mr. and Mrs. John Groher. Jr., of Jefferson ville, Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Groher and daughter, Dora Stine, of Louisville,- were the guests of their mother, Mrs. John Groher, Sunday. Miss Esther Meador was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Fred Moreman, last week. Mr. and Mrs. C. Bell are receiving hearty congratulations over the arrival of a son. Mrs. Henry Kuste3 has as her guests Mrs. Mary Kustes and niece, Edna M. Kustes, from Portland, Illinois, and will remain until September. Miss Margaretha Adame entertained on the Evening of July the Fourth a crowd of young people from Jefferson ville, Ind. Those present were Misses Anna and Minnie Groher, Katie Katherine Kuntz Estha Meador; Messrs. Roy Schievelbein, John Dolan, Fred Kappesser and Edward Groher. 4 - able opportunity. One would think Mr. and Mrs. Seaton entertained they were to be personally benefited, the following Sunday at dinner: or that it would effect their souls' H. B. Feldhaus, John Schweit-zer- s salvation to see the vim with which and son, and Mrs. Leslie Seaton: they take hold of these questions. Messrs. John Schweitlers, Leslie SeaA. B. C. ton, W. C. Seaton, George Feldhaus, Alvis Feldhausali of Louisville, and Edward FeJtrh'aus of Columbus, Ohio. It is reported that four persons of Col. Wm. W. Hite Passes Away Picnics on the fefmily of Henry Diebel are serithe Fourth Decided Success - Four III With ously ill of typhoid fever. .'Edward Ayres, formerly of this Typhoid Feer in Henry DiebeTs Family. place is thought to be in a very precarious condition at his home in Deer Buechel, July 6 Fred W. Currey Park and there is little hope for his sold to Miss H. Wortz, of Louisville, recovery. a tract of land for 1300. The transfer was made Tuesday. Miss Wurtz ?! expects to build a confectionery in the near future. THf MAN WHO STARTS IN BUSINESS TODAY The Rev. E. W. Elliott is building must have money - redit to he successful he must have Both. a handsome cottage on his farm near The real starting pclnt of any business is: The time ( which one begins Fern Creek. systematic saving-- If he ijegin -- ight. he opens a bank account and gf "" Mr. Ferguson, of Louisville, has builds up both account and credit. If YOU begin NOW it will bring YOUR day for starting business f "yoBf completed his country home in almost own that much the neirer. Buechel, near Fern Creek. Open an account with us today one dollar or more will do whenevt-yon Mr. and Mrs. Roy Alley and Miss can spare a dollar add it to your account the lump sum will be here and 'eady Rosa Christian will leave the early for you when you want it. part of autumn for California to Back of all industry and enterprise stands finance, always ready and willing to encourage anything worthy; that will advance the interest of.'the community make their future home. But first of all must come individual thrift and industry the loyal support of Miss Fannie Baker will leave in a home banks by home people. Every dollar ycu save and deposit in our bank is few days for Flat Rock, Ind.. to spend not only advancing your own welfare, but it is encouraging and assisting home industry. Besides the material benefit vou derive from a bank account, we offer the rest of the summer with relatives Mes-dam- 3 town, Ky., at once and getthe benefit of the low prices. Some of them are good only for a short time. " Ml . residing there. 1 you every courtesy and facility in handling your business. Miss Corinne Al(Ieion gave a hay-rid-e last Friday evening followed by a garden party and dance at her home, "Forest Glen," in honor of her guest, Miss Juanita Munday, of ' The Jefferson County Bank JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. Aus-ust- a, Ga. Mrs. J. H. Alderson and Mrs. McKenzie chaperoned the party. The following were present: Misses Ella Rowland, Bertha Conn, Blanche Snyder. Minnie Ragland, Corinne Alderson, Ethel Stivers, Grace Mazonni, Juanita Munday, Corinne Mazonni and Mabel Haile; Messrs. LONG RUN. Roger Black, Dan Thomson, Sam Barr, Johnson Musselman, Allison July 6. Mr. Ben Neel spent Friday Thixton, Clifford Alderson, Carroll of last week in Frankfort Roy Miss Maude Hackleman, of Louis- Gunther, Shelton Arterburn, and Covington Arterburn. Arnn ville, is visiting relatives here. Master Edward Pearce, who has Prof. William Morrison will leave been quite ill is improving. in a few days to spend awhile with Miss Ora Gregg, of Louisville, is his daughter in Colorado. the guest of Miss Katie Justice. Col. William Whipps Hite, aged The Long Run Club meets with fifty-foyears, one of the foremost Beatrice Morris, Saturday, July 11. Misses Marguerite and Clara Neel, business men of Louisville, passed of Fisherville, were guests of Mrs. away at ten o'clock Thursday night Ben Neel last week. Misses Elizabeth and Lula Gregg, at his home, "Shadyside," on the Newburg road, after an illness of of Louisville, spent the week-en- d with Miss Katie Justice. some time of Bright's disease, hastenThe lawn fete given by the Long ed by an attack of acute indigestion, Run, Baptist church was a decided Monday, and a severe cold contracted success. The gross receipts amountwhile in Frankfort last week on a doiiars. ed to sixty-fiv- e Mr. and Mrs. Cissel, of Taylorsville, business trip. He is survived by his spent Sunday with Mrs. Cissel's par- wife, who before her marriage was ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley DavenMiss Carrie Pace, of Richmond, and' port. Mrs. Getters and Miss Myrick, of one son, William W. Hite, Jr. He Louisville, were guests of Miss Stella also leaves two brothers, A. R."Hite. of Louisville, and Louis Hite, of Webb last week. ur KK6t & Co.'s Wood, Stubbs Blue Ribbon Seeds yl Are the BEST for your GARDEN and FARM Descriotive Catelos ue Mailed Free. It Acme Brand Fertilizers I yt Are the leaders in Jefferson county. Th nnuluro tho I ADfiPUT nH RPST Ounlitv A Crops. f. n t wood, stuhbs tv Co. Seedsmetf J 1KC0RPOBATI0 215-21- 7 w E. Jefferson St., Louisville. CRESCENT STABLES, HARDESTY & GEO. C. 315 Second Street,- - f Hisrh Grade Livery. CO., Propy - Home Phone. ' fOUISVlLLE. sf Special Attention to Boarding Stock

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