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Image 1 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), February 14, 1901

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

u < > A I r fTWELFTH I r YEAR iOPKINS COUNTY KENTUCKYTHURSDAY FEBRUARY EARLINGTON 14 1901 n that is a blank sheetwas sent BY WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY 1< FIVE MILLION TONS urning l Of Coal Produced in Kentucky r IiI III BURNS Weather Bureau Hopes to be Able to Signal Ships 03 Mlles or More at Say dadsaid the actor Regarding the Keller Murder Told by a The Thce Year Old Son of Mr and Mrs Princeton Ind Jail Inmate letter see ¬ Burges Eastwood Dies After ing it blank heres a letter for Much Suffering Indianpolis Ind Feb 12A you You had better read it special to the Sentinel from yourself as I am sure it contains Princeton Ind says Ernest tho little son of Mr and t good news Mrs Burgess Eastwoodwho recent ¬ Ed Richardson aged 25 a res But dud tumbled to the oc ident of Oakland City Ind who ly moved hero from Sebreo died No Tom is in jail here states thatJoseph Sunday morning at eleven oclock cosion and replied from burns received last Thursday yon read it Ive mislaid my D Keith now under sentence to The child was nearly three years spectacles be hanged for tho murder of NoIold and was in the habit of going Bless me said Tom it is ra Keifer is not guilty but that into one of the rooms and playfully written so badly I cant make- two other men are and that she turning the lock which was the The mother atthis out a word of it Here Nelly was killed by them April 11 easescreams time the room In hear from ing which you read it Richardson lived at Elberfield the child had entered rushed to the The unsuspecting Nelly takes when she disappeared He goes door to find it locked and was some ¬ the letter and sexing it blank- into details of an alleged con ¬ time In getting in the front window She found the child then in flames says No father had better read fession to himbut as soon as possible extinguished ¬ who had to read tho Sea 8Aspecie l special from Washington says 1 A now system of wireless telegraphy has been developed by the Weather Bureau It is a success said Willis Advance reports from various Moore Chief of tho Bureau HOPKINS COUNTY mines in different sections of th 1 g yea State indicate that tho prosperous ilia n will be oven more s last year Especially is this infera ¬ the Potomac river seventy blo from the reports received fro county for the month o ¬ Hopkins an apJanuary just closed where the enor paratus we expect will en- ¬ that mony Between Operators mous production of 188857 tons wa e s reached This is tho largest tonnage able us to signal ships 600 and Miners Has Made 1 it He will be able to make it in its history A comparison of hl them A physician was sommoried Barbecue for the Conclave county for tho three months now soon send out ships equipped out better Steady Work Ill go and fetch and tho child lived until Sunday ¬ named shows tho following pro ¬ with receiving instruments W ° your spectacles The Knights Templars are sc I know where Elder J W Mitchell conducted duction riously considering the giving of tho funeral service at the family And off she goes a- t they arJ completed a station have LARGEST MINES IN STATE January 1000 127294 Roanoke N C and will 1UThe old man is again equal an oldfashioned Kentucky bar ¬¬ residence Monday morning and tho i October 1900 183078 becue as one of the num little body was taken to Sebree for January 1901 138857 havo stations at Hatteras and to tho occasion and calls out to interment at eleven oclock her Never mind bringing them bars of the Triennial week Tho bereaved parents have the From ibo CoorlerJonrcal ThlB county la specially noted for HenryWe succeeded in tele- ¬ Nelly Ill come and get them program It would be difficult sympathy of the entire community A report showing the extent of its splendidly equipped mines for hhrmony between the operators graphing perfectly with our wire- ¬ Then he walked off and the stage- for them to hit upon a hap ¬ in their sad mlsforintnnc the coal mining operations i 1the employes which has made Kentucky as compared with pre- ¬ and thowork system for sixty miles eve r manager had to rearrange tho pier idea in searching for novel ¬ Misses Nell Rootz anti Mau le steady also for tho largest pro- less ties for tho entertainment of Barnett woro among those who ac ¬ vious years las boon prepared ducing company in the State tit oa rough country around Wash ¬ scone If the barbecue is to companied the family to Sobroe with BYos i sir titers u lot in the outsiders for the Courier Journal by Mr G St Bernard Coal Company at Earl ¬ ington tho remains theatrical business you outsiders be given it is almost certain ne ¬ W Stone of Lexington State in ¬ iugton tho output of its seven mines The Sons of Jupiter in 1900 being 872132 tons which is an MULHATTON York gotiations will be opened with never dream spector of Mines Increase of 94892 tons over its 1890 Col Gus Jaubcrt of Lexington In tho mythological accounts of Times Tho report shows a large in ¬ output This county Is also specially tho worldfamous burgoo artist Jupiter we are told that it was the crease in the amount of joal pro ¬ noted for the largest producing mine To be Discharged From the Arizona In Addiion G CammacK Indeed it has been stated that it custom of the Gods to occasionally sane Asylum duced in 1000 over other years in tho State the Beinccke Coal Com ¬ visit the earth and mingle in the pany which made thq following pro ¬ Addison G Oammack tho fa would be leso majeste whatever daily lIfo of mortals These visits in full is as follows unction for the two yens past Phoeniz Ariz Feb 10Inf- a moue Wall street financier who that may meanfor any ono to at ¬ were periodically made by Jupiter LEXINGTON Ky Fcb01001A s TONS to get complete died last week in Now York was tempt to give a barbecue in Ken ¬ accompanied with his sons from I havo not been ablocommercial coal 1889 179005 ew weeks the prevaricator of Mount Olympus hence rites wore returns from all the 1900 235106 worldwide renown Joseph Mul born in Christian county and tucky without the aid of Col performed or celebrated In their mines of tho State for tho year just 1900 gain 50100 v hutton will be discharged from lived at Hopkinsville until he Jaubert honorthe people assuming a garb closed it will bo impossible to com This nine is a marvel in its equip ¬ or dress which was supposed to bo in The Masonic prflto my annual report for some meats and production and Its fur the Insane Asylum of Arizona was twentythree years of age some accord with tho style worn by His father was a blacksmithand weeks but this same difficulty oc ¬ turn prospects It is a shaft 800 feet wherohohnsbeenunderrestrninand t It will bo hardly possible for died poor Addison was a lull for tho Kentucky Grand Lodge tho deities From this custom orlgl curs annually and the report of this deep Its main entry extends iron tho Olympian games eleusl ofllco will be ready as soon as in tho bottom of the shaft a mile or cording to the superintendent boy at school Ho was a soldier of Masons to have their new natcd mysteries I nian and other years former mote eastward and there aro num there is nothing much wrong in tho Confederate army and was homo completed by the Triennial forms by which people wore notjoujy public areas cross entries reachingout ht For the information of tho with Joseph He has a super- wounded at the battle of Shiloli Oonclave but it will bo far amused but instructed In these and especially those most interested and left to a great distance The iac system and Afterward in Now York he be enough advanced by tho fourth visits tho Gods did not exhibit heir in this great and fustgrowing indus ¬ entries connect of course with tho sensitive nervous power but try of our State I dculro to state working rooms where the coal It this is about all Ho has hacla came a daring tad successful week of August to show the superior mortals imitated all the speculator Concerning his ap thousands of Knights Tomplar habits of through your columns that tho coal produced and on these entries I quiet nail peaceful existence nt TlraSonstf JtipUcr wnrtib pltk r prodiietion of tbo State for 1000 is by constructedan underground haul the asylum with proper medics l pearfttic6nt the beginning of his then ill the city that The Ma ¬ duced by Victoria Lodge K of far the greatest in its history How way which in durability will com ¬ attention find has lost about nil business career Mr H C Gant sonic will boa building worthy The following members will take over enough reports havo been ro- ¬ pare favorably with many of the of the Bank of Hop a place in tho heart of the Gate ¬ part assisted by entire membership Y calved to indicate a certainty of over railroads of tbo State tho several delusions that brought him to President W O Toy John Twyman W A five million tons A comparison of entries making a total of about four the asylum Joe has been play kinsville says way to tho South Grand Secre ¬ Keown Leo Jackson the tonnage of each year sinco 1801 and ono half miles of 40 pound steel ing in hard luck for severs 1 I remember him as though it tary Grant will have his office in Cowoll Theodore Watts Charles John will show its rapid Increase in more rail track laid on hewn whiteoak years He drifted over to Flor- was yesterday I saw him Ho was The Masonic which will be Stearsman H Magenheimer II retort years and give a hotter idea tics and over which Is run a 12ton ence and elbows so tallI whore ho helped edit tho all ankles towered above the namo of the new home of the SIsk J Phillips Joo Brown Charles of its vast importance to every trade electric motor having a capacity of that ho village weekly and where he the young fellows in town gawky Grand Lodge and of course Mayhew Charles Webb W C interest in tho commonwealth as 1000 tons daily This motor reach ¬ McLeod W F Burr Music by Mrs well as to the individual homos a fes out to all parts of the mine and ran what he called a mining ex and with homely but expressive will move with him tho largo W S McGuy tho people And it should bo re ¬ brings in great loads of its black change Through n casual pros features His head was thatched library It is probable that an membered that tho presentoutput e rich freight to the bottom of the pector be became interested in a with a mop of the reddest hair I auditorium with a seating ca ¬ Literary Muting not tho limit of the full capacity o shaft where it is quickly hoisted to gold claim in the Mineral Oreo pacity of 2GOO will boone of The Liteary Department of the tho mines now in operation as their the surface and dumped late the the features of tho now building Epworth League held their regular extent and equipments will justify a railroad cars and transported to vari ¬ district which ho had the for ¬ tune to sell Prosperity was un monthly meeting at the home of etlll greater output in tho years td ous markets In tho country Louisville Evening Post The Chemistry of Soil come if favorable trade conditions To give a more vivid idea of the usual and proved almost too Mrs John Rule last Monday even- ¬ ono of the most Undoubtedly ing The study for the evening was shall continue besides the possibil ¬ vastness of this mine I note that its much for him Miss Gould as a Giver Ho went on a wonderful discoveries of modern ities of our great coalfields lying all main entry much of the way is so celebration Among those women who have Tile Lifo and Writings of John Rue ¬ that the old timor B chemistry has todowitlithe soil along our eastornfraudsonthoastor Thoiprograin was very Inter > come into recent note by careful kin borders and in what is known asou estlng each member responding 1says the Saturday Evenipg Post management of great wealth is with a quotatio i from Ruskin His ¬ highseated coachman for many and insisted that th Miss Helen Miller Gould a biography and various articles were f Tho cokp productionof the year town participate Then he won can r as compared to 1809 is as folloWs daughter of Jay Gould and sis ¬ rendered Tho latter portion of to the asylum rich simply by adding to it cer ¬ ¬ fast mining can be greatly multi 1800 Tons 55680 of tho extravagant evening was sport in social pleas plied and tho developments of this 1000 which proved to bo tho most tain mineral elements which cost terinlawdo Oastellane 72974 TRICKS OF BARNSTORMERS Miss Count great Kentucky mineral and sourco Tho fatal accident record of tit 0 ant feature of the evening as the but little On this basis it is es- ¬ Goulds work for the soldiers and older members forgot their ago for of wealth will no doubt bo phenom ¬ year increased from seven in 1899 to timated that the United States sailors of Now They Are Sometimes Compelled to enal in the near future However the Spanish War is still tho hour and joined in tho fun will be able eventually to main ¬ Help One Another Out much depends upon markets an fresh in the memory Much tha- t S tain 500000000 peoplemoretransportation and harmony between operations and none of thorn wore Ordinance gift the capital and labor employed than onethird of the present is unfamiliar regarding her from gas explosions or defective urn = s Ono of the old slang and her methods of giving is told The City Council of the City of chlnery or from falls of top on tit ° of the stage said Muggles who population of the world It is by Mrs Sarah K Bolton in the Earliugton do ordain as follows mine entries or haulways YEAR TONS YEAR TONS used to boa good actor was to merely a question of supplying March Delineator Miss Goul G W STONE 3301068 1823027297 1807 This means or used to tho requisite quantities of nitro is ono who dislikes notoriety and and the same is unlawful for anyr Inspector Minos pong 3512182 gen phosphoric acid and potash S9ti33022o 1898 therefore ono whoso gifts often person firm or corporation to store 7stFi2U57105 159945054- 9 Tho man who tears his garments mean using your own language 1900 0000000 31882a777o or keep any dynamite or more than that is playing a part without Tho last two are readily obtaina go unrecorded I increases his rents 1896i two kegs of gunpowder or blasting cues of the proper lines relying ble at small expense whereas tho first may be supplied either by powder or like explosive at any one The Gus Sun American Minstrels only upon a knowledge of the WAR RELIC 7000 pounds of bullets and cart- ¬ play to carry you through Years furnishing to the soil condensed The nbovo company traveling it r ridges and many muskets were t nitrogen in the shape of slaughter- their own private Pullman cars within the fire limits as established Piece of Bacon Dug From Well Where thrown into the abandoned well ago on the road there used to bo highly ludicrous situations s waste of nitrate of soda or by numbering fifty people with two and now existing in the said cityv Tho incident was forgotten until some It Was Burled For Thirty bands 2 Such use of said building or consequence of a now play be planting clover beans or peas greatappear and symphony House to ¬ 1890 when some Virginians who in ut the Opera which have an affinity for nitro will four Years lot Is hereby declared to be anul ing produced in a hurry The night for ono performance only visited Cumberland Gap thought stage manager however had a gen is the most important plant The company ranks among the bes sance as being dangerous and peril of the old well They had an ex for patching food and inasmuch as this ele on tho road and is certainly worth Bowling Green Ky Fob guilty of cavation madq and found tit circumstances ment composes fourfifths of the of n packed house rho beautiful Warren T Doherty who resides guns cartridges and bacon tho up a the question is spectacular transformation first par necessary ho would some atmosphere Lore brought to the city today last named being at the bottom wore merely tQ absorb it into tho soil the superb music and tho seven star a suro enough relic of the civil times lower a front scOne and feature olio nets go to mako up tho The meat looked as well as the pioco tell the low comedian and chain It has also come to be understood strongest and most olaborato min- and no war It is in the shape of a day it was thrown in the well or evasion shall be to go on and keep it that only 2 per cent of the mate strel performance that has over bees allowed tricks of well preserved bacou which to imped the enforcement but it is rancid from old age and barmaid vial of plants is derived from tho witnessed in our city The scenery up and while they did so ho has a history On Juno 15 1802 soil tho remaining 08 per coot and music are alone worth more of this ordinance the Confederate army under other things wore distributed n being drawn from the air and than tho admission tee Seats now Gen Smith encamped at Cum ¬ souvenirs and now on sale at St Bernard Store the specimen February 4 tool j from water course are borland Gap was forced to re ¬ brought to town today was aPrices 2Go 85c and Goo treat The Confederates were piece of that dug from the old to help ono another put of a diff- If you have visitors have been Gus Suns Minstrels havo made iculty but at times old grudges visiting or know anything of n local y well after having been buried themselves forever solid with the January Offerings amounted to were paid off For instance I nature that will be of interest to our people of Hillsboro prevon t 4 thirtyfour years Not only is tho 23010 the Federals capturing their sup ¬ remember on one occasion a lot readers call TUB BED by telephone coiupaty composed of firstclass wore hogsheads and actual sales 20287 hogsheads in In Jan ¬ plies and ammunition dumped Sidney Everett charge of tho tor had to be read in ono scone Our number 472 gentlemen throughout but all are uary 1000 offerings were only 17914 coup¬ Unfortunately everything into n dry well Sev United States legation in Guatema this letter 1Are you subscriber to THE BBB 11rstulassartistsThe Hilleboro not bo found so a dummy You should be eral thousand pounds of bacon la committed suicide Jh Prosy Last Year oxperimontinn LEADt v J DIED FROM STRANGE STORY 7 NO on tho stage New York Fob D- ft Washingtonf ¬ shale 4 ofNote i rnnd l4Ci 1 a I I pl < J t Ip I 1 7 J ti allsevI J< r J ii I innsk > r r r r L xdmltofthradmiratiora thot thei 1 v aPowder thed tonnngofor 1 y ¬ 816- InauyL 2478ECIVIL > aSee oft safetyy woogenius I armi andibatl 1 plosive MnyoiPAUL > inthe ¬ In1b90 I t 1+ < r> a C < 1 pt J CJ It l r t yIW

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