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Image 2 of Kentucky mountaineer, January 12, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

f KOT RIGHTS OF HE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OF KgNtpCKY, Advertising Rates. WROM.GS. THEIR 10 cents per inch. S. S. pLAM, Edto,r. Application pending for admis-pio- LocaU 10 centg per lino for, first insertion. 5 cents per line for as second class matter. In your home and in your bus- know that this-nelaw would en: each subsequent insertion. in iness you need our newspaper able ijvery store in our. land to Terms JJnc Dollar a and in our home and in our busi- become a mail order house? S. S.'ELAM, Editor. ness we need, the dollar. Sordl Crowd out the country merit along without delay and heir chant? How' absurd! push a newspaper while it mos' Our present postal law permits needs your ptishfng. Chicago merchants to send a pound of goods to the purchaser Did you know that ifyou5hvo, as cheaply aslt does the country Just one hundred year aKo. in the Statt; of Virginia, Jeremimy land, timber, livestock or any- merchant two miles away. Is ah Elam, my grandfather, was born, and six years later, to Kentucky. thing else to sell that it would this fair? Is itf.lRht.thatthe'Gov-ernmcn- t Walter Elam, moved my. fath- pay you to advertise in tho OUN-- 1 should loose money on Jeremiah settled at Bloomington, this county, where ' reared. TAINCCR? the big mail order houses, and er, Leander. war born and Do you know that if you want make it on the small mcrchaht Shortly before the American Revolution Joseph Nichol, my d my mother's side, and his wife, to buy anything that it will pay who mail3 his goods short distan-qcs- ? later you to spend a few cents for an from Ireland and'settled in Virginia. A few years to Kentucky and settled at Mt. Sterling. About lBfo ad? A country merchant said in rethey moved .settled Cal and let quote our prices, gard to the Parcels Post Bill, "It their son.'Billy, followed the game into the mountains and born would enable me to get any, packat what is now Elam, Morgan county. In this home was and in the same home was born Frances, You are for a county paper and age under 11 pounds' sent by Jackson, my grandfather, my mother. 'Within sight of this farm I was born. From the my- we arc thankful that our county reasonable mail rather than be o will bo ticen that my ancestors, on both sides, and has many such men as you. ver charged by the abominable century. If you want to know thp name3 express complies. ' ' self have been Kentucky Mountaineers for almost a ' We cannot account for the posiI have been greatlv tempted to home m other btates of other public spirited people tion that those Knoxville people, wno neip our counvy jjaiier )ut I havelalways fclt.'a peculiar interest in my native land. -, printers, rent and other bills just take on'this question unless hey "Wherever I wander, wherever rove, Mtfhenrt'n in the Highland forever I love.' glance at the advertising col are stock holders in an express 1 company. umns. I have seen our tccp hillsides shorn of their forest cover. Give them your trade. They soil carried away and the subsoil airj bare to Mr. Merchant and Mr. Purchahavo seen the virgin these helped us hey will help you. ser if you favor the Parcels Post be erodedland'carricd over the rich valleys where it covered refer to our official directory and fertile tie(ds"and'greatly injured their usefulness. The next annual meeting of the write your senators and represenNot only have wc wasted our timber and splendid soils but s many of our people are losing their mineral rights. For seriera-tion- Kentucky Circuit Judges' Associ tative. Have your neighbors cihard and lived sparingly while ation will bo held December !i0 and ther write or sign your letters. our ancestors have worked Do IT NOW. If you are against their brothers lived on the fat of tftq land in ,tho Hlue Grass tv c 31, 1912, in Louisville, in accor jon. dance with a vote taken before this bill lay low and let this great poll adjournmet of the convention for measure be defeated. Our "Grand old Commonweal ih" hs laid morn sires on education. It has never taught the mountair 1011 at the Gat.Hou3e, wl'rfi the tics than it has on to teach present officers were people the geography "f their own country but preferred DIET AND HEALTH The sessions were marked by geography of the world. This it has regarded as educathem tho HltyTS hoping tbut our .present interesting and profitable discustion. We are still groping'.in the dark, DR. PrFood T, I. ALLEN help to lit sions of matters of importance, .Specialist Legislature will decide to adop' a curriculum that will the child m his environment. This will truly bo education but it including the care of the State's tit ve insane, GAINS FROM IMPROVED NU- the present method of ivill come at least a quarter of a century later than it should, TRITION. legislation as this, together with our, pres- challenging jurors, and crime con come. Had tomo such years ago I ai.d ditions in the State. ent high school law, been effected twy-fiv- e Remarkable results have followed Improvement In tho nutrimany hundreds of young men and young women of thr, mountains tion of children of the public Quito a number of our young of Kentucky could have had a decent preparation for life s duties school! of Cleveland, by caring oi men and young women have apin public schools rather than throw ourselves on the "Mission for the teetli and teaching them how to eat properly, for six would have prevented much of tiiv pointments that entitle them to denominational schools. This "Teste months. showed that antagonism thnt now exists among prions denominalLns of our free tuition in a- county high memory had b,een Improved 111 would have preventcdjmuch of the notori- school. section of the State. It per cent. In mia Instance; pow'Mountain-jlrs.'- 7 er of spontaneous association, We can certify to the fact that ous name that these "Mission Kchools" have given the 84 per cent.; association by wo pay a goodstiff school tajf and Itwoud havo piovented much of the disrespect 48 per csnt.; quickness we hope that our yhuthr will be sectfqna of Kentucky" has for in, and accurac'y of perception, 22 money al- given per cent.; an avcrago ImproveIt' would havo enabled the churches to spend their the same, opportunity to get ment In mental 9apaoIty of 52 ong church lines rather than to raise it for. thf "pauper mountain- a free education a3 is given to the per cent. Persons In middle life eer" that they misrepresented for whicli ' they raised .iunds. It young people of the rest ot Kendo not Improvo go remarkably by Improving nutrition but there clannish spirit that pay schools tucky. would have prevented tho Is Invariably 'an Improvement We see n; reason why thisiaw It would have reduced crime, not by educating those who arc willIn working capacity when the schools, but the whole people would have hao should be enforced. ing to pay in these general' nutrition Is Improved, helps make more yta by saving vitality especially The more money that people an opportunity of gaining J;nowledgo that commonly expended In excessive spend for education the less they mixing of ' Incompatible foods. n This would havo mndo our people more independent of rail must 3pend for jnils, courts, The case of a man &t Eqonomy, Ind., has been mentioned, who out trials and the like. roads by teaching them how to conserve their natural lcsouice. Qui had decided to give up his genBut our politicians havo seen fit to neglect us until recently. eral store, but aftep becoming Perfection is not attained on adapted to a regime advocated. mission schools have emphasized the (set that we, were a feudal In the Hints organized a bank people until many good prople who havc.never been in our section this teritrial globe So if you and was elected It? president believe thit the greater number of lis am feudists and lawless peo- find this first copy of our paper the store and now conducts disple. This condition of things brings the mountain people into less perfect than you, yourself whllo performing tho duties oi Sunday School' bank officer and repute. wouid make a paprr just rememsuperintendent; atta that of a Tint itrii unnnnf Mm mst. Behold rthc present! Hit- - ber jus.'t member that thye man past seventy, at Aurora, 'I'ho. Bubrarr.oniftVruus transition period of the mountain is here. are miny odds and ends to' look III., who having" sold his store Is and retired from, business, period of thp ,o.ilJmcasuro which bafikdithe railroads for manj afttr in starling a newspaper, again In business, ttie leader In years has been pierced. Wo have lost miich, wealth but still and save your criticisms until you lino. Many such cases could his fortunes lie at our feet. We are asked to give these fortunes to have given us a chance. be cited. birthright. Ho is offering us tho bowl capital. Jacob wants our We have secured the services thousand-)- . (Copyrlclit, 1311, by Joseph U, liowlei.) of porridge (ten dollars an ncro fir coal that 13 worth Mr. Will Hazelriggof Salyers-villIf wo sell our birthright 6o:cheapty then.'lik'e Esau, wo shall be So far as wc know ho is JUDGE CHANGED HIS MIND cursed by our descendants for being uch materialist. the best now8wiv,er wai in I urn anxious to sec our county developed but I am notwilling dounty. we have also Mr. Chlco Kid of New Mexico Did Not Propose to t(ave a Fine lnv tp see our people give a fortune for a song. Every school hoy, as Wallace Caraway, of West Libposed. vel as his parent?, should bo able to calculate the value of coal erty. Ho was brought up and fifty pounds of coal to the cubta loot. educated a journalist and his Dr6adway heard with some surprise lands. There ,rc practically By a little figuring we see that an acre of coal two feet thick has. efficiency is not doubted by any that II. A. Du Spuchet, tho author of "The Mnn From Mexico," Is a candiover 2000 tons';' while a four loot vein has upwards of 4000 tons. one wlio knows that for years he. date for Juitlc? of the peace In the prohibits ;un was owner and editor of Morgan hatnlot la whlcU'ne pays taxes In r'cw I have been informed v$ lyiva. a State law t,ut Jersey. Why be should want to bo a per ton when a counties only newspaper. i tnMin'lotrnl for lesi'lhan ten cents Ii'.isb on Jersey Justice has the big Btceet tori ic, taken. This gives you $400 an acre for a ioui, leane by the The editor has had some expe- guessing. The obverse, of the propowondef why Jersey foot vein. rience i" thti fhlc of journalism sition la tho him ta be a Justice. want But what is it worth if you chooso to have it mined? At on.e and thinks that with thia splen- should back In 1878," said orio of 'the "Away cent per bushel it brings you ovrr $1,000. I have been informed did staff that Majroffin county "Du Souchet wa a. Justice by a man who operates his o n mines that when his ccal brings should have a good newsyjiper if of tho teoce down, pa t,ho New Meilco Hue. In thosj duVs tarantulas' and Inless than 75cts. per ton ho stops mining. He also states that on an the people stand by a homo pa- dians were tho chief native products averago it brings 9ypr.Sl.OO pfrton.-- This gives over 54.000 per per as they have bagun to. of that region, ltesldents wore their guns hondy, and train robbery was acre for a'four foot vein. r. profitable and not disThen our lands am leased and nre in tho bauds vt n War Declared by psrnmcrclalClub. considered form yf speculation. One when creditable railroad, only wheii. that single Company we are likely to havo a day the Chlco Kid, being very drunk. 1.) (Continued from-pag- e Insisted on being arrested. The marCompany sees fit to cneii up tho coal fild', whereas there w i U be shal didn't want to arrest' Mr. Kid, but keen yoinpet,ton among various companies to possess this coal store's needs. tho latter Insisted. They forget that tho Parcels field which is today one of the largest und most valuable undevel"'I wanna plead guilty to drunkenPost Bill will bo of mutual bene- ness and dlsturbln' tljuh peace,' aald oped conl fields in America. tho Kid to Justlco Du Spuchet. Atto politics. I sh,all advocatu tho principles of tho Republi- fit to merchant and buyer by "'1 will have to flno' began Du can party as I havo always done. I shall be f reo from bosses, enabling both parties to send any. Souchet. ntlmin.1 nn.lS.lii(a inir rw flioT m,k.,.nvK. I limlllV mill ut4Pr article up to eleven pounds to or '"Whutr howled the Kid. 'Flno Why, you put eared, (aljer than any individual in tho party, ami that tho partv 'jhoitli not from tho store. Did these people mo? rlge'on toei'olo maverick, there Kimtiai in Krt drills in tllf fillet. llV !H1V llVini? mall over live, a few milci from to,wn?i ain't enough Justices In New Mexico intvJf tnv I' I VU (.'UlltlVl s V ' "tf ill u(, HI M J' ' lino, because ho calls himself a Republican, be it in county or National Did they ever have a pound of to mako mo pay a. Sp'uchetjI Interrupted "llut Justice or other produce w send by him ubanelj. Du nnlitiea butter ' 'I wa about to say,' sold he, 'that I h'avo no "axes to grind." Believing that it is tho duty of a Uncle Sam's mail carrier? Rid to nevyspepcr to?guard the interests of tho people, I sh ill endeavor to they ever to think the,t the I vill have tp find t.lmo Mr. get real yoii) Kid. In well acquainted farmer has his busy beason when the meantime, with perf9rm this duty whether it bo pleasant or painful. suppose we go and shall fulfill my mission if I give through the columns of the a trip to the store would cause havo a drink." "New York Letter to I Kentucky Mountaineer unbiased news and stand FOR THE him to loos? dollars? Do they not' the Cincinnati TlmeRtr. KENUCKY MOUNTAINEER. PHOENIX HOTEL. n yr SALUTATORY, cmmi-fcrate- .thater fter. long-draw- ' e. Ma-irofi- ln 1 ta f V V V -V j V RATES, fl.Op PER DAY. Livery Stable . Feed wjji in FULL LINE OF General Merchandise, Including Suit Catjes, Trunks, Saddles Ladies and Gents Furnishings J. PATRICK, VV, . JUST BE Proprietor. TO "THEM. If your life is not insured fur a Sufficient amount, den't th'nl: that YQU are taking the risk, for YOU arc not. Your IFk anu; BABIES and others dependent upon YOU are taking the chance and carrying the risk, and not yourself. The Modern Woodmen of America haft and cheapest insurance organizations in existence. It has more MEMBERJj, l,35O,O0f, than the next five bir; fraternal insurance organizationr. la one of the cleanest, iat. Join now. Tomorrow may be too For particulars write to Kelly Elam, elam, ky. State Normal. A Training: School for Teachers. COURSES: Preparatory, ntta Certificate, Life Diploma, County Certificate, Review, Special. TUITION FREE TO APPOINTEES. Expenses Very Lo'.v. Address J. WM P Ask About j!. G.. CRABBE, Vfc" firtistio Catalogue Free. President, Richmond, Ky, pi:cr, ttQHEST W.ll'-- T '; MID JOHN IVHIlESCO, L0UlSViLLE,KV.i-- March of Infantry and Cavalry. Tho mllltarV. march must uo taken as tho best Index of tho horso capacity, conditioned by tho needs of effective. Under fair xo good conditions cnvnlry aro expected to accomplish from thirty to thlrty-clqh- t miles a daj, for several days In but taking the campaign as a whole, the dally average Ij not expected to exceed fourteen tp flftoen miles. This Is tho practical limit of Infantry, gn the march: thus the two arms of tho srylco remain together , on th,d route. ' o "i Er H. ATKESON, DENTIST. Otto Cvir Cjrfjrttr'i Sty). W.'JP. Sslyersville, Ky. G. M. STAFFORD, DENTIST. Tirst Deer cl Wfst F. Cnljji Ssifltr. KY. PAINTSYILLE, Bullocks In English Church. At Emmanuel church, ffoltlngham, M. F. PATRICK, England, consldernhlp excitement was ATTCSKEY Af LAW. ono caused nmoni; the congregation Puviic) In State r.i Federal Cjifls. Sunday by two bullocks entering while tho vicar was preaching his ccrmon. D3ale( in Estate. Real The animals had strayed from their Salyersville, Ky. quarters,' and, finding the door open, walked in. They went Into the the vergor, attracted by the M. C. KASH, M. D.j commbtlon, got lrf t;dnl of (be animals, and by;, gentle an'd'taclful, persuasion, drove thfim out wltho.ut'any damage Surgery and Female Diseases, ' being done or panic caused. Patients Treated and Kept Not Final Farewell. Lady Mary Wortloy Montague once, wrote a letter to her lover (whom she afterward married), concluding In the following manner: "Thero Is no condition, of life I could not have been happy In with yiiu, so vory much I It liked 'you I mqy saj; Iovcd-7-sln- co M tho last thing 111 ever say to you. This Is telling you sincerely my great-- 1 est awakens, and now I will obllgo you with a new proof ojt toy generosity. "' VH uovor see you mora!' AT f4y Private Sanitanuut. KY. SALYERSVILLE, J. S. CISCO, M. Physician and Surgeon. Calls Answered, Day or Wight. utiti cl Dni(S Ua I Stock. Offl.'e Next Door to Salyersville Itank Have Good Appetite, The six elephant seals nt the Aquarium' consumed In the last month about a ton of food; to be exact, 7,951 pounds Of codfish, herring and weak-Asten pounds and or a hilt tor qac.h dully. Aa might be expected of creatures wlh such appetites, the elephant seals are thriving and growing. Now Vork Sun. nrpro-lmatc- Salyersville, Ky. JOHN H. GARDNER, ly Hard Luck. Joe "How aro you, old manT Arthur "Got a beastly cold, y'know." Joe "Hard luck, bah' Jove. Been go-- I ins out In th? cold, without your mon-'$0. Called on Hen-ocleT" Arthur ery at his house, and that wretched dog of his persisted In wagging bis tall anil creating a, draught. Tlt.Blts. .JTT01tNEY-AT-LA- Practices in all the Court;. SALYERSVILLE, KY. A Guess From Habit. A man should not decide that a girl, Is a gossip because she tells him Marguerite or "something funny" Edith said. Women havo the sane, right to discuss and crltlclzo other women that men havo; and they dOj not exercise tt any moro, freWy

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