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Image 7 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), October 24, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

, PERSONAL IJYou need not be an "ad writer" to use these v i J I k L r. BW IJOr telephone this office and the clerk will d The cost is ONLY ONE CENT A WORD for each insertion payable in advance. Classified Advertising e For Sale. Fob Salk Baled Straw. L. C, OWINGS, 3 Jeffersontown. Ky. posts: all sizes, very PorSalb Red Cedar cheap. E. V. SPROWL. Jeffersontown. 17-- 29-No- v. tI pies. CARROL Fob Salb Duroc-Jerse- y SMITH. Buechel. Ky. Citizens Telephone. Fob Sale food work mare. A Ap- $75.00. ply TONY F. ROSELLE. Oakley Station Jeffersontown, Ky. near f 10-t- Nice Duroc Jersey shoats. J. C. BRUCE, Jeffersontown. Ky. DeLaval, two Sharpies PusSili-Thr- ee one U. S. and one Amen two can Cream Separators; second hand. See C t. J PURCEIL; Jeffersontown. Fob Salk 10 about 70 pounds each. weigh 18-- Sears-Roebuc- k, 15-4- I - " For Sale store room nice cottage of four rooms Tip-to- p location. Will For full information see or A 18x35. sell cheap. write SAMUEL K. BAIRD. Taylorsville.Kj t. rest One of the best little homes in Livingston Heights, house of four rooms and hall; large attic over all the rooms; all necessary outbuildiRS. including stable: good garden and fine place for chickens; . . - taihni. rnnntv: will rent Apply to DANB.MC t verv reasonable. KINLEY, Jeffersontown, Ky. 18-- tf For Rent ro in Jeffersontown:house and loton Main t8 per month. Ap d.t-Qi-r-ro- Mr 3B0m9 Wfl You Can't Afford to Take Jeff-eisonvil- write your ad. JWant ads are the biggest little investments you can make. C. wLmM w 80-- wants simply, and above all truthfully. 1 STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER. - State your columns. and daughter. Mrs. P . R. Madlfey-- of HON. j. B. WEAVER. Rochester, Ky., are guesfcs of Mr. and Mrs. J. C Bowles. Wit: Preside at Big Sunday School Convention. Harry Grinstead, Mrs. Angy Mrs. Hon. J. B. Weaver of Louisville Is Vaughn and Mrs. Robt. Kinkead, of Louisville, yisited Mrs. Will Grin- the president of the Kentucky Sunday PHONESSchool Association and will preside at 36-- 3 will confer a favor 66 stead Saturday. Prtendt Vi. fihnit inr All t Vllf u l. 'Vi luffs, All the State Convention to be held in IV- quests for this of themselves or thetf Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Morse have retolumft. Call eliet telephone number turned to their home in Cincinnati, residence M. Dfflc. after a week's visit with her mother, Mrs. D. L. Polk. Mrs. M. M. Shreve is on the sick Mrs. Rebecca Lutes and daughter, list this week. of Buecbel, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Little Miss Clara Jones, of Louis- Hummel were Sunday guests of Mrs. ville, is visiting Miss Mary Bridwell. Lillie Bridwell. Mrs. Wm. Meixsel and son, of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Vaughn and lit visited relatives here this tle son, Clarence, of Louisville, spent week. Sunday with her parents, Mr. and tor. and Mrs. Walter Williams Mrs. W. A. Winand. were recent guests of Mrs. Fred Mrs. J. D. Vaughn and little son, Myers. Mrs. Petter and Mrs. Mattie Foley, N. J. Newton, of Rock Haven, of Louisville, visited Mrs. J. P. BurMrs. don one day this week. spent Monday with Mrs. W. J. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Schneider, of guests of Tyler and Guthrie Louisville, were week-enMessrs. Larry Crestwood the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Polk visited friends at J. Schneider, near town. Sunday. Anchor Dr. N. E. Berry, of Fern Creek, Mrs. Clarence Erdman, of n.. n. who has been ill of typhoid fever for age, has been visiting Mrs. the past two weeks, is improving and Sprowl. up again. The Ladies Aid of the Methodist will soon be able to be Miss Mamie Tucker and Mr. W. D. church met with Mrs. Frank Swan Applegate, of Smyrna, and Miss Mat-tiTuesday. Lanham, of Louisville, spent Sun Misses Dora and Sarah Warren, of family. Louisville, spent Sunday with Miss day with Mr. P. K. Miller and Misses Ethel Hummel, Margaret May Evans. HON. J. B. WEAVER. Gregg, Harris and Gertrude Ellingsworth; Little Arthur Lawrence 1, besides Noel Yates and ducah, Ky., Oct who has been ill of typhoid fever, is Messrs. Willie and spent Sundav with Mr. making onf of the addresses at the Carl Miller improving. is one of the and Mrs. Albert Wigginton, neat convention. Mr. Weaver state and is Miss Louise Fackler, of Louisville, most popular men In the Seatonville. known to his host of Sunday School has been visiting her sister, Mrs. A. He Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kramer and fam frionria na "Sunshine Weaver." M. Gregg. ily, Mrs. Anna Singler, Mrs. Katie has been elected president of the Sun Miss Delia Tyler, who has been se two sons, Raymond and day School Association more times riously ill of typhoid fever, is rapid Brohm and Willie, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Long, thnn anv one else. He is a very busy ly improving. to devote to tne Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kramer, Mr. lawyer, but finds time Miss Annie Karcher, of Louisville, Jacob Long and Anna and Marie Kra Sunday School cause. visited her mother, Mrs. John Kar- mer visited Mr. and Mrs. John Hetcher, Sunday. REV. GEORGE A. JOPLIN. tinger and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Coe were recent Secretary Will " lciuuu'x; guests of Dr. S. L. Reid and family Sunday School uonvemion. A Surprise Party. Sneak at at Wilson ville. Rev George A. Joplin of Louisville. of New Al Miss Edith Wheeler, Miss Lottie Hettinger was given a Ky., Is the general secretary of the bany, visited Miss Ethel Pummel one delightful surprise party Saturday day this week. night, Oct. 12, in honor of her sixMrs. Louie Coe spent Sun- - teenth birthday anniversary by Miss Mr. and dav with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gunn at Elizabeth Kramer and Anna Riebel. Those present were as follows: Mr. Tucker Station. Hummel and Mrs. Uharles Kramer and family, Mr. and Mrs. William spent.yesterday with Mr. Harry Hum Mr. and Mrs. George Hettinger and daughter, Evelyn, Mr. and Mrs. Joe mel and family. and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. A. J. Carlin and Mrs. W. A. Hettinger John Hettinger, Misses Laura, Lottie Wheeler spent Sunday with Mr. Jas. 5.nd Florence Bills, Anna Wagner, of House and family. Crescent Hill, Alvina Kramer, of St. Mrs. M. C. Lindle spent last week Louis, Elizabeth Kramer, Clara at Vine Grove with her daughter, Eicher, Earnestine, Martha and nm ply to MRS. E. BEACH. Jeffersontown. Mrs. M. Shelburne. n Christine Rupp, Lena and Katie J '"i r OR ABIT VWa form v. flt'rv acres on mile from Jeffer-Watterson Road, one-haMr. and Mrs. Edw. Wauford spent Stutzenburgcr, Emma Singler, Anna town HEBMANKNAUER.Cumb.Phone with the former's par Weisner, Margaret and Ida Boeder ' the week-enjeffersontown. 8. Winkler, Mamie Steedle, , w.mhiimpnf four rooms and .i ents in Louisville. er. big attic; large cellar: 40 or 100 acres of land; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Tether, of New Sophia and Mary Schaefer, Caroline c aoacresin wneansoiuc m fine pasture. Will of fuel, good water and party. Possession Albany, spent Sunday with Mr. and Hettinger, Edna Kraugh, Lillian years to right rent for five Buddhu, Ida Senic, Almeda Wooden, Nov. 1st if desired. A. B. DRAVO. Cumo Mrs. A. A. Bridwell. Any Chances In buying your winter SHOES. We are going to have lots of bad weather and you want honestly made, all solid leather shoes. Buy "STAR BRAND" and then you are taking no chances. the "STAR" on the Heel Insures The Wear MEN'S HIGH TOP SHOES and HUNTING BOOTS $3.50, $4.50, $5.50, $7.50, and $8.50. BOYS' $2.50 to $3.50. $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, n lf d S3-- mm lafrarOAntrilil n i WY 17-- 1 Mrs. Albert Ryan and daughters fitted up Fob Rwrr Four room cottage iVCUUC 111 are visiting her father, Mr. nn Leslie .w.rlc Jeffersontown. Apply to Dr. L. A. bl,anh in Henderson county. ENBEKER. lio-ht- Master Theodore Gregg is spending the week with his grandmother, Mrs J. Gregg, in Louisville. Mrs. W. H. Powell and Mrs. Robt Burns, of Louisville, were guests of Mrs. R. B. Evans Sunday. Mrs. Mollie Smith and Mrs. Will Smith, of Louisville, spent Friday Wanted. 50.00 TO f 100.00 A MONTH Vnr vnnr inir time Experience not need 3 Want an active man in this locality. To Introduce us to your friends. Wo pay largest cash benefit when sick, injured, and at death, for smallest cost. Free-In- rash-Bonu- s offer to first ap plicant from this place. Writ quick for particulars. THE 835, Covington. Stewart, with Mrs. E. W. McMahan. Mrs. John Schildt and Mrs. Eliza v guests of beth Drury were Mrs Fred Myers Thursday. Mrs. W. F. Hunsinger has been In Louisville this week with her mother, Mrs. Norman, who is quite ill. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Blerman and lit tie daughter are visiting the form er's mother, Mrs. E. Bierman. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Burdon spent Friday with the former's brother, Mr. Owen Burdon, at Fishervllle. Mrs. Emma C. Joplin, of Caruthers-vllle- , Mo., is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. H. F. Stucky. Mr. P. K. Miller attended the installation of officers of the Okolona Lodge, F.& A. M. Wednesday evening. Mr. Fred Schneiter and daughter, Mary Ruth, of Evansville, Ind., visited relatives here Saturday and Y.T all-da- Removals. . Geo. Bridwell will move next week to the brick house on Main street owned bv Frank DeSopo, and J. C Alcock will move into the house vacated by Mr. Bridwell on the corner of Main Street and Leslie avenue. . Flower Service. 'The Jeffersontown Epworth League -- at the Methodist church on Sunday evening, Nov. 3. at 9:30. Everybody is request d to bring a flower and they will be frollected and distributed among the sick of the community. will hold a flower service Freda and Anna Kramer, Anna Rie bel. Lottie Hettinger; Messrs. Henrv Kramer, Charles Roederer, John and Herman Stutzenburger, William Singler, Edward Hirshbrenner, Louis and August Eicher, Edward Drescher, Carl and Fred Kramer, Will Bridwell, Charles and Edward Roederer, Albert and Edward Roederer, John Drecher, Edward Lotze, William and Richard Effinger, William Kramer, Bald aweine Crutcher.and Iryin and John Hettinger. Armin and Herbert Lojg, of Louisville, Clifford Bills, Joe Alfred and William Wagner, of Crescent Hill. Many beautiful and useful presents were received and all reported a delightful time. Wil-hel- MEN'S REGULAR TOP HEAVY SHOES $2.00, $3.00, AND REV. $5.00 A. JOPLIN. GEORGE Kentucky Sunday School Association and will be one of the speakers at th annual convention of tne association to be held at Paducah, Ky.. Oct 29- Nov. X. MR. NOTICE E. of For Men, Women and Children. Mr. E. E. Bell of Paducah, Ky., Is hereby given that the rhf chairman of the general committee Notice is making arrangements for the undersigned petitioners, owners of that Is land and real property in the vicinity of the said preposed road, will, on Monday the 11th day of November, 1912, file before the County Judge of Jefferson County a petition persuant to the Statutes of the State of Ken tucky in such cases made and pro es. Jeffer-sonvill- BOYS' $2.00 TO $3.50 Rubber Footwear E. BELL General Committee kirnn nf School Convention Sunday School Committee to Meet. vided to establish a county road thirty A meeting of the School Committee feet wide, the center line cf which is of the Jeffersontown Commercial Mrs. Will Grinstead and son, Clar- described as follows, vis: Club is called for tomorrow (Friday) Beginning in the Louisville & night at 8 o'clock at Bruce wall. Ihe ence, spent Tuesday with her daughdesires a report from the ter, Mrs. Robt. Kinkead, in LouisTaylor8ville Turnpike road at a chairman Final arrangements ville. point East of F. A. Gaunt and Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Clem, of about two miles from Fisherville, for the school rally Sunday afternoon were guests of the latter's will be made. and running thence S. 88i W. 64 parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J.Hoke, rods, thence S. 76 W. 32 rods; Sunday. thence S. 72 W. 20 rods; thence Flag Raising A Success. N. 52 W. 56 rods: thence S. 80 W. and Mt. and Mrs. Frank Bierman The flag raising at Rock Bridge little son, William, spent Sunday 36 rods; thence V. 63 W. 16 rods; Worthington last Sunday school at thence S. 691 W. 42.4 rods: thence with Mrs. Joseph Landherr, at St. quite a success. There were Matthews. was S. 77 W. 9.2 rods; thence N. 53 over 200 people assembled and a very W. 30 rods; thence N. 32 W. 26 Miss Jeanette Cooper, of Louisville, good program was carried out. The rods; thence N. 51 W. 96 rods; anent several days this week with opening song was "My Country 'Tis thence N.70 W. 9 rods, in all a cousins, Misses May and Anna of 1.36 miles and intersectot Tbee,"followed by a prayer by H. her Edelen. The opening address was Lee H.Sims. ing the road leading from Routt the Mrs. Clarence Erdman, of Anchor made by A. L. Chamberlain: Hain-bricto the SulphurWell at Genoveley's, aee, and Mrs. Frank G. Jones, of said road to be thirty feet wide. presentation speech bv Prof. and the speech of acceptation Louisville, were guests of Mrs. D. L. F. A. Gaunt was made by Willis Kemp. Among Polk Friday. Lottie Devine upon the themes that were touched Sallie Mcadamer Miss Minnie Hoke and Mrs. Nell were better schools, a higher social Hedden visited their sister, Mrs. El- Elizabeth Gilliland and intellectual education, but the wood Butler, at Lagrange, fcriday T. H. Gilliland Bichief thoughts were the ' Open was and Saturday. J. Russell Gaines, ble" and "Old Glory." The flag a Mr. G. L. Bowles, ot Decatur, Ala., County Road Engineer, Jefferson raised by Miss Phoebe Whitcomb, Hays, Mrs. F. K. Bowles County, Ky. charming debutante of DeLand, Fla. Mrs. M. T. Our stock of Rubber Boots, Rubber Arties and Light Overshoes is NEW and FRESH. INCORPORATED IvillCW - Stores 318 w- - Market, between Id and 4th Sts. .), W. 214 W. Sutt and Chas. P. f utt in charge 2d and 3d Sts. Geo. S. Sutt in charge Market, between We Are Here to Do Your Printing e, We Have a Lartfe Assortment of Type Ready tServe You WE PRINT dls-tan- ce What You Want, k 18-2- t. $2.50, $3.50, $4.00 E. 29-No- 1. Mr. Hen vis attend the convention and sends a tors nrdlal Invitation to all wDo are inter ested in Sunday Schools and the great fvork they are doing. would like to see The Way You Want ?t And When You Want It -- E. BELL. arnte Convention of the Kentucky Sun day School Association that will meet in Ppriiipiih Oct. 9 at least 9 1,000 The Jeffersonian.

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