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Image 5 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), October 24, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

tightly dividing the word of ashamed, truth." FINE PROGRAM 8:30 Song service. Professor E. O. Ex-ce- leader. Devotional. Rev. Clinti.n S. Quln. Paducah, Ky. 9 "The Secretary." Mr. Walter E. Fra-- j see, Louisville, Ky. 9:20 "How to Grade a Sunday School." 9:40-"What and How of Teacher Training," Mr. W. C. Pearee. Chicago 10 Bible study hour. "Character Study In :. Joseph," Rev. F. N. Palmer, D. D. 8:41 -- FOR CONVENTION The Kentucky Schools Sunday 10:45 Session Five Days. ; "The Kentucky Sunday School porter.' DANCE. Ccnduct Conference at Sundiy School Convention. Miss Mi'tde L. Dance of LoatsvtUo, Ky., assistant elementary superintend ent of the Kentucky Sunday School As sociation, who will be one of the speak- WILL BE THEME i Wilt - ONCE MORE! The giant resources of DAN COHEN are recognized by the people of Jefferson county. Every day sees enormous crowds taking advantage of our LOW PRICE 5H0E-SELHN- Re- - Business, announcements, etc. Workers' Library." Mr. W. C. Pearee. Business men's luncheon. THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Elementary division. Conferences, Broadway Methodist church: secondary division. First Christian church; adult division. First Presbyterian church. Conference of county and district officers. 4:15 . to 7:30. "District Organization," " ....... f ii i mi. w, v,. rcarre; i.'i'i lie v.uuiuj Uon Miss Mary F. Price. Louisville; "using Facts." Miss Frances L. Grigsby; "Committee Meetings," Mr. Huston Quln; HaaKfi 11:15 ll:25-"f- "STANDARDS" L Song. 10:55 MAUDE MISS ll he EFiefE VALUES GREATER THAN EVER!of money, you appreciate value the if you want good, thrown on sale for quick selling this week. If footwear, we advise you to take advantage of this sale withant further delay. 4. Professor E. O. Excel! of Chicago and Professor A. W. Roper of Winona Lake Will Lead Music Hundreds of State's Sunday School Workers to Attend. The new Alpine Boot, so much worn in the Jwmtmm Knst. We have them f i om lfi to 22 buttons in height, with low and nigh heels, in tan, black and velvets. They are Mississippi F. W. K. O. EXCELL. Christian church, Seventh ana jenerson. adult division, First Presbyterian church. You arereallv getting worth of shoe wear for $4 Gun-meta- l, Patent Colt and Russia MISS MAUDE ers and conduct one of the confsrenoes at the State Convention of the assocla tion to be held in Paducah. Ky., Oct I, This is Miss Dance's lirst year with the association, but with her pleasing personality and charming way of presenting her topics she has made friends wherever she has visited. C9 QQ Men's High Grade Fall Shoes on very newest lasts; in Russia tan, dull calf, patent colt, in button and lace; values up to $5.00. wfmw9 Maue 29-No- v. C. T. REV. AQ Men's Custom - Made Shoes-P- J'J Cushion soles included: the very finest leathers and most lasts: including the new Turkey Trot: values up to $6. GEBAUER. CO AQ Men's Shoes models, in tans and patent: values up to $4.00 Sunday School's Leading Field Workers. Rev. T. C Gebauer of Henderson. Ky.. is one of the field workers of the Kentucky Sunday School who will make their annual reports at the State Convention to be held at Paducah. Ky. One Kentucky of P&i.rt Bargain Counter BbbbmbbS '' aHai c t.4V riW up to $3 50, at MfflBg Hunting and Storm Boots High Elk Hide Boots 20-inc- h e $O.UU Worth $8.00, at Hickory Calf Storm Boots Worth $5.00, at ; Russia Calf worth $9.00, at Louisville's Shoe House CLUBBING With his bright smile Oct. he has brought Joy to many lives and has made the Bible an open book in many homes. 1. WHERE CONVENTION IS HELD. Sunday School Meeting to Take Place In Paducah, Ky. Broadway Methodist Church, Padu cab, Ky.. where the annual convention - carriers. Read how we can money: The Jeffersonirn and De-Me- CtS. Sizes 4 to 8: in all color tops Chi ldren 's Sizes 8 Troopers 3 to II, worth $2.25 Misses' Troopers Worth $3.00 1 .49 3I .74 Bov' Storm BootsBlack 3I .74 :.ud tan, waterproof . aOd $1 .''V . 99 CtS. Extra Special worth $1.75 Fourth Ave. bet. Market and Jefferson To Paint Your House With Mastic you save Paint EH year.','v' wZA 1 7S y sfi wj.wjwj 1 ffi 1 o.iwj 2r 1 CA A A( The Jeffersonian and Daily both one year. . . 1 CA The Jeffersonian and weekly Courier-Journa- l, both one year. Courier-Journa- Children's Bootees ltss Money in Your Pocket I What is the use of subscribing direct when you can get the Louisville dailies, farm and other papers from us at agent's rates? All papers are to be sent by mall only. Offers are not good to persons who can get city papers from weeklyHerald.bothoneyear 10:46 11:15 Department OFFEBS Louisville Times, both one The .Teffersonian one year and Timessix months The .Teffersonian and Louisville Post both one year The Jeffersonian one year and Post six months The Jeffersonian and Dally Herald, both one year The Jeffersonian one year Daily Herald six months The Jeffersonian anu Ex-cel- l, Children's and Hoys' and Girls' Shoes 3O.UU T. C. GEBAUER. REV. Hisses' DAN COHEN Greatest 29-No- tfo 3Z.Vy Hand-made- 24-inc- h The call In Our CIS. v" f. . W CIS. CIS. 4 f,. Worth $2.50, at Men's Shoes Values aaal. gun-met- 4 31.4V up to $2.00 at Children's Shoes Values up to $1.50 at Men's and Boys' Shoes 3pRSBH HSR ' Hand-Welte- d 1912 Specials Ladies' Shoes Values up to $.1.00, at Ladies' Shoes Values up to $2.50, at Misses' Shoes Values Rev. W. Fred Long of Jackson. Miss., Is the general secretary of the Mississippi Sunday School Association and one of the men who are doing Song service. "The Sunday School as an Evangelistic Force," Professor Byron H. D. D., Louisville. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. "In the name of our God we will set up our banners." S Song service. Professor E. O. Excell REV. W. FRED LONG. leader. 2:16 Devotional, Rev. S. E. Tull, Paduthings in the south. Formerly from cah. Ky. Kentucky, he will greet many friends 2:30 "Standards." Rev. George A. Jopwhen he returns to le one of. the lln. 2:46 "AMing Life Choices," Miss Madespeakers at the Kentucky Sunday line E. Reager, Louisville. School Convention to be held at Pa Professor W. 8 "The Big Movement" L ducah. Ky., Oct. J. McGlothlin, D. D., Louisville, Ky. 8:15 "The Changed Question," Professor Byron H. DeMent. D. D. Sunday 8chool Sunday. 8:30 Song. In view of the State Convention of 8:40 "Life's Center," Mr. C. J. Nugent. Jr., Louisville. Ky. the Kentucky Sunday School Associa 8:66 "The Christian's Task," Mrs. T. J. tion being held in Paducah Oct. 29 Mlnary, Louisville, Ky. 1, Sunday, Oct. 27, has been desig 4:10 "A New Patriotism," Mrs. Agnes Nov. nated as Sunday School Sunday. All Eifort, Ashland, Ky. I superintendents are asked on that day WEDNESDAY EVENING. Wherewith shall a young man cleanse to make special mention or the com his way? By taking heed thereto accord- ing convention and pray for God's ing to thy word." blessing upon it All pastors are asked l 7:80 Song service. Professor E. O. lo prea h sermons that morning on "Bileader. 7:45 Devotional. ReV. W. A. Fite, Pable Study" and at the evening service ducah, Ky. "The Church Studying the Word g"The Boy Over Fool Hill," Mr. W an Its Sunday School." Programs of In Fred Long, Jackson, Miss. the State Convention will be sent to all 8;80 Bible study hoar, Rev. F. N. Palm Ten Com- who will write for them to the Kenmr, D. D. "Chart Study-T- he mandments." tucky Sunday School Association, 712 THL'HSDAY MORNING. Louisville Trust Building, Louisville, "Study to show thyself approved unto Ky. needetb not to be Goo, a workman that 15 L. DA.NCK. General Secretary to Speak Ex-cel- l. $4.00 MEN'S DEPARTMENT LONG. Seventh and Jefferson. TUESDAY EVENING. "So we built the wall, and all the wall was Joined together unto half the height thereof, for the people had a mind to work." 7:30 Song service. Professor E. O. Chicago, leader. 7:45 Devotional, Rev. W. D. Jenkins. Paducah, Ky. 8 Welcome address. Judge C. C. Grass- bam. Paducah, Ky. President 8:20 "A Greater Kentucky," J. B. Weaver, Louisville, Ky. 8:40 "Working Together," Mr. Huston Quln. Louisville, Ky. Kev 9 "Definlteness and Efficiency, George A. Joplln, Louisville, Ky. WEDNESDAY MORNING. "Every place that the sole of your foot hall tread upon, to you have I given it." 8:30 Song service. Professor E. O. leader. S:45 Devotional. Rev. H. M. Welsecke. Paducah, Ky. 9 "Gleanings," Rev. T. C. Gebauer, Henderson, Ky. "Gaining Ground," Mr. W. J. 8:16 Vaughan, Louisa, Ky. Miss Maude L "Beginnings." 9:30 Dance, Louisville, Ky. Miss 9:45 "The Poetry of Statistics," Frances L. Grigsby, Louisville. 10 Bible study hour, Rev. F. N. Palmer, D. D., Winona Lake, Ind. "Book Study-Genes- is." Any Gentleman Can Wear K'm Agents for the RED CROSS SHOES. 36 Complete Styles always on hand at Sunday School Meeting. PROFKSSOIt iQ MOP.'THS shapes. Other stores claim that they are cheap at $5. i REV. IAZTEJ) ME r Tans, with tweed tops to match, or black cloth tops: also dull kid tops; this sea- the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. 7:30 Song service. Professor E. O. Excell leader. Rev. H. W. Burwell. Paducah. 8 Treasurer's report. 8:15 Presentation of pennants. urn PALM son's latest and most improved $t I, J J Forty-sevent- h prl-mar- I AST They are the easiest, most comfortable, most, durable shoes that were ever invented. They are absolutely dampproof and are guaranteed to wear for one year. realjy bargains at fiO Womcns The following is the program of the THURSDAY EVENING. State Sunday Sehool the tithes "Bring all Convention of Kentucky Oct. "JO Nov. storehouse,ye that of themay be into In meat there Church, mine house, and prove me herewith, salth 1, 1912, Broadway Methodist corner Seventh uud Broadway, l'udu-cah- : the Lord of hosts, If I will not open you j I ME te SHOES FOR Police and Firemen fCrASE f TAKE THE M0VEY $4 00. ques-tionair- e. E.X-ce- ll HCRC j M .- Leader of music, Professor E. O. Excell. Chicago, DL Accompanist, Professor Alvln W. Roper. Winona Lake, Ind. Convention theme, "Standards." "And David consulted with the captains of thousands and of hundreds, even with every leader." TUESDAY AFTERNOON. 9 "The Meaning of the Modern Sunday Elementary division. Scnool Movement," Mr. W. C. Pearee. Conferences, Broadway Methodist church, Seventh and FRIDAY MORNING. Broadway; First seoondard division. "Let us go up at once and possess It, for we are well able to overcome It." 8:30 Song service. Professor L. O. leader. Rev. Hugh Watson, Paducah. Elementary, 9 Report of conferences. Miss Mary L. Wilson, Maysville, Ky.; 1 secondary, Mrs. Mildred J. Davis, Paducah, Ky.; adult. Mr. Evan S. Rees. Louisville, Ky. ; county and district officers, Mr. C. J. Nugent. Jr., Louisville, Ky. 10 Bible study hour. Rev. F. N. Palmer, and the D. D. "Map Studies-Palest- ine Wanderings." 10:45 "Enlarging the School." Mr. W. Fred Long. 11:05 Business, election of officers, etc 11:30 "The Sunday School Organized," Mr. W. C. Pearee. Conference of superintendents. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. 2 Song service, Professor E. O. Excell leader. 2:15 Devotional, Rev. W. G. Lang, Paducah. 2:30 Elementary work from the international standpoint, Mr. W. C. Pearee. work from the state 2:46 Elementary standpoint, Rev. George A. Joplln. 3 Elementary work from the standpoint of the school. Miss Maude L. Dance. 8:15 "Opportunity For Training the Elementary Worker," Miss Nannie Lee Fray-se- r, Louisville, Ky. Cradle roll, Mrs. 3:45 Conferences. Huston Quln, Louisville, Ky.; beginners. Mrs. William Walker, Louisville, Ky.; Miss Katie Paine, Louisville. Ky.; juniors, Miss Nannie Lee Frayser. Elementary luncheon. FRIDAY EVENING. "But be ye doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves." 7:30 Song service, Professor E. O. Ex-ce- ll leader. 7:45 Devotional, Rev. A. M. West, Paducah, Ky. 8 "The Story Its Place and Power." Miss Nannie Lee Frayser. 8:30 "One Minute Expressions." 9 "The Bible In Action," Mrs. W. C. Pearee. ia Aft WW Q. l, "The Kind That Lasts" Your house must be painted. of the cost must go to the painter, who will charge no more for putting on Mastic Paint then for an inferior kind. Mastic Paint gives the most beautiful, hard, enamel finish; will not crack, chalk or peel off, and lasts longer than other paint. Manufactured by Two-thir- ds Co., Peaslee-Gaulbe- rt rSIDE WHTTEJ Incorporated Write or call up for clubbing rates on all farm papers and mag- Louisville, Kentucky FOR SALE BY azines. We give agents' rates on all of them. Let us help you to save money it's just like finding it. Send cheeky P. O. order or money to HESKAMP& BAUER, St. Matthews, Ky. Union Store Co., . Fern Creek, Kv. . THE JEFFERSONIAN 29-No- Ex-cel- -- JBFFEKiSONrTOWN. BROADWAY M. E. CUUHCH. PADUCAH, KY of the Kentucky Sunday School Asso 1. elation will be held Oct. of delegates are ex Large numbers pected from all parts of Kentucky. 29-No- v. Professor Roper, Pianist. Professor A. W. Roper of Winona Lake. Ind.. will be the pianist at the State Convention of the Kentucky Sunday School Association, which will be held in Paducah, Ky., Oct. Mr. Roper has been the accompa nist at all the great Sunday School conventions held in America for the last three years and during the sum mer has been giving daily piano reHt als to audiences of thousands of people 29-No- v t KY. ASK THE FARMER WHO HAS ONE BLAMES GLASSES UPON CAPS What Wonders the Bell Telephone Works Doctor Says Freshmen's Practice In. juree the Eyee Are Unprotected From Sun. for Him Sells my products, 2. Ithaca, N. Y. Dr. Melven Dressbach of Cornell has" compiled figures by which he shows that 27 per cent, of the men at Cornell wear glasses. He labels the habit of making the fresh- men year little caps without any visors as a vicious habit and declares It should be abandoned aa the caps furnish no protection to the eyea from the sun. He Will Reply: 4. Protects the home, 5. Helps the housewife, Gets best prices, 6. Increases profits, 3. Brings supplies, 7. Pays for itself over and over. Seven Cardinal Reasons Why You Should be Interested and Send Today for Booklet. For Information call Manager, 1. I Cumberland Telephone & (INCORPORATED) Telegraph Co.

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