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Image 4 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), October 24, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

I HE "1 JEFFERSONIAfJ JEFFBkiONTOWN, KY. HAD RATHKtt VYt IS A OOCSTBT "ATtSO HkWePAEB AS5 NO LAW THAN :n one Tay-lorsvil- AND RA71NO !.AW SO NEWSPAPERS." A Published Every Thurtfy of All the County loiI Newspaper, ror the People PRICE $1.00 PK8 SUBSCRIPTION PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. J. C. YEA Editor and Publisher At . COCK the needs of a county almshouse, The county could pay the Louisville Water Company for laying its pipes to Jeffersontown, if the waters of Chenoweth Run were not utilized. The money paid to the water ccmpany would be returned by the citizens residing along the road and the people in Jeffer- Advertising Rates: Cards of Thanks 5- Otu-rl- cs S- per line " " - le sontown, all of whom would be consumers. Kven if the money were not returned in this way, an investment of this kind would be cheaper ttan paving thousands of dollars tor a farm located near thecity where city water could be obtained. feel The people of Jeffersontown hat since they have taken care of 10C R.Tdti-the inmates of the county poorhouse S.x words to the line. Inch for many years by supplying the little ficper only Display, ons matter June 13. 1907, extras in the way of flowers,food,etc., Entered as postofllec at Jeffrsoutown, Kentucky they should be given the benefit deat the nnO. r the Act of Coiurress of March 3. 1879. rived from having a building like the Member of Kentucky Press Association and one contemplated located here. If Sigblh District Publishers League. Jeffersontown was a good place to cate the poor-farat first, it is still TELEPHONES: a good place for it. COMBERO WD-34- -3. Jeffersontown Ex. rn Creek Exchange. Jeffersontown is abeut tire highest Futte CiTr and O.jjsTr Service. After 8 i.m. ill (Kej.)Cumt) 66. and healthiest point in Jefferson county, is centrally located and the Thursday, October 24, 1912. best water on earth is found here. LOCATION OF COUNTY There is evidence of progress here i - 8 second-clas- t s m HOVIB-HV- P00RH0USE. on all sides: an Thk location of the new county poor house has lontf been delayed by the Fiscal Court on account ot the claim that there is uot sufficient water at the present location near Jeffersontown. We do not know how much water the members of the Fiscal Court think is needed, but it is our opinion that cisterns $nd wells could be made that would supply sufficient water for the needs of a house like the one under consideration. Running through the farm now owned bv the county is a stream of water called Chenoweth Run that could be easily dammed and enough water obtained to not only supply the new county house, but could be used by the town of Jeffersontown, as well. We do not see the wisdom of buying property elsewhere, when the property the county owns is adapted fire protection; and everything could desire. people, who live more than what electric-lighte- hospitable that the inmatfs Those unfortunate, on the county, need is provided for them They need kind and by the county. loving friends to speak a word of cheer;a basketof flowers occasionally: a box of good things to eat; the Bible read to them; newspapers and magazines, and many other things that the county does not give them. All of these have been supplied by the good people of Jeffersontown, who feel that if these poor unfortunates are taken away to some isolated farm they will pot get the attention that they so much need. Chas. C. Wheeler, magistrate in this district, has worked hard to keep the here and it is to be hoped he poor-hous- e will be successful in his efforts. ft AY school Following is the Epworth League building, Jeffersontown wou'd beha'-drawing- nearer, the skies In addition to State Superintendent program for Sunday, Oct. 27, at 6:30 The morning: wasgray. were turning: of Public Schools, Barksdale Ham-let- to beat. p. m: o'clock When they looked across the water and spied a ship not far away. Prof. T. J. Coates, Supervisor of Topic Jalrus's Daughter Raised: CLARE. The captain called his men and The Unlimited Reach of ConservaRural Schools, County Superintensaid, "get ready for a tight.'' tion. dent Stivers, and Messrs. Atherton, As he called the last one to him. thesungave Oct. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scripture Lesson: them their light. Leathers and McFerran, the speakers Downes,of Louisville, spent the weekMiss Kate Miller. One brave and handsome sailor, with hair of Mark 5: 2 Mrs. Downes and family. . already announced tor the school end with an amber hue. t Mr. Wjllie Yates. Ezekiel 37: With eyesof the very truest and the verv rally next Sun. lay afternoon at 2:15 Mr. and Mis. Will Tucker and chilLeader Miss Pet Wiseheart. darkest blue, Station, spent SunPaperon Faith Miss Mary Stucky. Came to the captain and said with an indif- o'clock, the following prominent dren, of Tucker day with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Page and How must we live in order to inher-i- t ferent air. ckizens of Louisville have signified family. eternal life Miss Margaret Harris. "Do you think that we can capture that ship their intention of being present: over there?" Mr. and Mrs. John Rhea, ot Wilson-villDiscussion Are we close enough to captain Mayor W. O. Head, Dr. Bruner, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jesus to be taken into important un- Thejust then.was undecided as what to say dertakings like this? President of the Commercial Bank T. J. Waters. lad on deck with all So he sent the the other men. Questions on the topic. Mrs. H. M. Cook spent Wednesday aud Trust Co., and of The fight began soon after and as thev Miss Gei t ude State: John Scott, President of Lou- afternoon with Mrs. E. A. Taylor and Selection counted their dying that day. daughters. Among the dead and the dying, that isville Commercial Club; W. E. Morlad did lay. Miss Anna Durrett spent Saturday row, Secretary Louisville Commercial Buy Automobile. While the boy was dying he wrote a letter in Louisville. home. Club, W. R. Belknap, of the Belknap A box supper will be given by Clark Myers & Blankenbaker, the hust- It was very pitiful, but it was not very Hardware Co,; T. J. Minary, Presi school on Saturday evening, Novem- ling funeral directors and embalmers long. Everybody is of Jeffersontown, have purchased an He wrote to his sweetheart, the girl he loved 8 o'clock. dent of City Railway, Robl. J. ber 2nd. at so well, the Louisville Times:Smith Invited to come and bring their boxes. Ovverland automobile. The ''gas "'I will never return again" was all that he could tell. Mr. Clinton Goslin spent several wagons" are getting numerous in T. Bailey, a hustling menfber of the Hesaid "I wish that I had listened whenyou this "neck of the woods." days in Louisville recently. Boosters; Messrs. T. J. pleaded for me to stay, Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Jones and daughUut now It's too late for I'm dyin, was all Funk, Fred Drexler, Jos. Burge, Phil that he could say. Bring Results. ter, Nell, spent Friday in Shelbyville. Laib, Geo. Laib, Prof. Jas. Speed and The night that followed that gloomy day he Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Cook were callwas buried in the dark blue sea. The little "want ads." in The a number of others. ed to Shelbyville last week by the are bringing splendid re- A son. brother and lover and a very dear If this proposition is of such im- death of the former's mother. friend to me, sults. They prove about as A Reader. portance as to attract the attention Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Jones and as the news. Read over the of such prominent men of our city daughter, Nellie, were guests of Mrs. Classified Ads. before you lay this SUNDAY ON paper away. There may be something SALE AT FANELLI BROS. and cause them to interest them- S. C. Russell Sunday. WELFORD ALCOCK, Agent. Mr. Joe Waters, of Louisville, was advertised that you are looking for. selves to the extent of coining out to the guest ot Mr. T. J. Waters and encourage us, how ought it appeal to family this week. our citizens who will be the beneMr. and Mrs. W. C. Johnson and ficiaries? daughter, Evelyn, spent Sunday with Such men have neither the time Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Green, of Shelby nor inclination to take any notice of ville. To have a good appetite, to sleep soundly, to have nerves like iron? Mr. E. A. Taylor spent last Wednesordinary matters in which they are Your kidneys and liver always in order and that heavy feelinig re- day in Louisville. not in direct touch. movea irom your stomach Then take the best nerve tonic tbat is Mr. and Mrs. W. W. McGee, of always reiiaoie This is an extraordinary matter LouisvMle, were recent guests ot Mr. REX CELERY AND IRON and it is up to us to open the door to and Mrs. W. T. Lynch. The medicine that will put new life in your body and bring back to this great opportunity. you the buovancy of youth and bounding health. Misses Hallie and Christine Taylor REX TONIC is composed of roots and herbs as celery for the spent Saturday with Misses Ethel and nerves, cascara for the liver, buchu for the kidneys, with iron for On last Friday the Louisville igW- Irene White. the blood. If there was a better tonic made than REX TONIC we ing Company fulfilled its agreement wpuld be selling it. Price 60c bottle: Made and sold so as to get the genuine. Pie Supper. by sending electric light current to EVERY DAY NEEDS AT MONEY SAVING ?VC3i. There will be a pie supper given at all who were ready for it. It is now Laundry Soap. 9 bars 25c Peroxide Hydrogen, pint 15c 10c Peroxide Cream, jar 25c Witch Hazel Jelly up to the people that have signed Pleasant Grove school on Saturday 15c night, Oct. 20th. Come aud bring Powdered Borax, 2 pounds 100 Phenolax Wafers 30c contracts to have their houses wired your friends for a good 10c Buttermilk Soap, 3 bars Searchlight Matches, 3 Boxes. 10c time. 1 pound Castile Soap, 10c bar Welsbach Mantles, 2 for 15c at once. The cost of extending its Nadona Violet Talcum, pound. .15c oigan s tjnips uum, & for. . . 5c lines to Jeffersontown has been of Candy Pulling at Middletown. EAR-OLBEST NELSON COUNTY WHISKEY, Quart 75c tremendous cost to the lighting comThere, will be a candy pulling and THE RFPTANITS CO PRESTON REX ST0RE pany. Let everybody show the ap- country store at the Masonic Hall at AND MARKET preciation due the company by meet- Middletown next Saturday night, INCORPORATED. ing them halfway as early as possible. October 26. Everybody invited. d t, , 35-4- . e, blue-eye- Jeff-ersoni- COURIER-JOURNA- WELL AND STRONG? health-buildin- 8-- it it it it At it AY D Kt it Kt Deaths in the City of Louisville yearly, Deaths in the surrounding country annually, Bodies brought here for interment every year, Burials every year in Louisville and Jefferson county. One Hundred Thousand Burials to be taken care of in the next 20 Years! THAT'S WHY EVERGREEN CEMETERY WAS ESTABLISHED Louisville . . President Geo. G. Fetter Co. . . Louisville President Deaconess Home and Hospital Sec'y and Treas. Gardener's and Farmer's Co. Director Tuberculosis Hospital Director Wood. Stubbs & Co. ALVIS S. BENNETT, . Louisville Secretary Republican State Central Committee Senator Seventh Kentucky District E. F. WETSTEIN, G. Hancock, Taylor Louisville - JOHN L.LYNN, L. L. BRISTOW, Attorney at Law, J.W. . Louisville public-spirite- Co., Real Estate Agency & . . . : Louisville Georgetown THACKER, . Georgetown Retail Grocers Association of Ky. Director Citizen's National Life Insurance Co. Trustee Georgetown College. Vice-Pres- 't profit-sh- aring AV0 OFFICERS JUDGE L. L. BRISTOW, President ALVIS S. BENNETT, Secretary We want yon to join us in making "Evergreen Cemetery" equal to the best. We want profits and to have a pride In its success. CALL OR WRITE US PHILIP E. ALLISON, Treasurer JOHN L. LYNN, and Manager General The Evergreen Cemetery Co. (Inc.) Vice-Preside- nt X 4 V 4jr 1r Ajm d profit-sharin- Scott County Court Ex-Jud- There are 240 acres in Evergreen. It is to be laid out on the Eastern "Lawn Plan," There will be no more beautiful Cemetery anywhereA large amount of money is to be spent at once in beautifying and improving it. Sufficient money will be set aside each year from lot sales to amply provide keeping up these i tnprovements Each grave will have set aside for its permanent care a special fund, the income from which will maintain it in good repair. It is a enterprise in which every citizen of Louisville and Jefferson county wijl take pride It is a enterprise which will not onlv provide ample funds to keep up the Cemeterv hnt enahle us to set aside 60 of every lot sale for dividends to the stockholders. It is a people's enterprise, in which the stock will be held by the people of Louisville and Jefferson county the management will be in the hands of citizens of the county and city, whose jnteeritv and business capacity are beyond question; and the lots will be sold at prices that will, place them within the reach of all the people. FOR EXAMPLE: Mount Royal Cemetery, Pittsburg, has been open Evergreen Cemetery is Not en for only nine years and has paid nine dividends. Detroit, Michigan, to the public cemeteries, all dividend payers. The shares in Rosedale has four and Linden Experimental Enterprise Cemeteries near New York City went from $75 in thm years' , Woodlawn Cemeterv. New York, na 4n in .tiift. ' offered at all, bring $175 for each $20 snare (par value). Other similar instances can be 'given. THAT Maa'gr Realty Department U. S. Trust Co. . Louisville A. ELLERKAMP, Attorney at Law HANCOCK TAYLOR, AY It Supplies a Recognized Need. Other Cemeteries are Inadequate to the Demand e . iY WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW DIRECTORS GEO. Q. FETTER, it it 4 4000 500 500 5000 Incorporated PHILIP E. ALLISON, At jr THF The Evergreen Cemetery Co. Ex-Stat- it At L DO YOU WANT TO FEEL There are iY iY iY d blue-eye- d AY AY tion, and a ATTEND SCHOOL RALLY. LOUISVILLE BURY ITS DEAD? ik it iY iY it iY THE FATE OF A SAILOR. Epwprth League Program. WHERE WILL iY it it it iY town: people, d With electric lights, tire protec PROMINENT CITIZENS TO in every way to Jk X 4JT "V y 4 4 4 X 4 4 4 4 4 "ww vt. ww w k. w 601-60- 2 vau tn h.r. I. i. Louisville Trust Building, Phone Maifi 707 LOUISVILLE, KY tt iY At P At it iY t iY AY AY At AY it iY 1

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