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Image 11 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), October 24, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Birthday Anniversary. WHOLE COUNTY Is Represented By The Jefferson-ia- n List of Correspondents. Jefferson county, from one end to the other, is represented by agents and correspondents tor The Jt ffersorr D, the only newspaper entirely decounty. oted to the interests of this Below we give a partial list ot per sons who are giving tneir time to advance the cause of this worthy institution and to see that their locality is represented in the news columns of this worthy paper. Parties desiring to subscribe tor the .Teffersonian or those knowing of happenings that are worthy of mention, are requested to communicate with any one of the lollowing correspondents: Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hoehler, of entertained last Wednesday at a dinner and dance in honor of their tenth wedding anniversary. Mrs. Hoehler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Rapp, celebrated the same day wedding it being their thirty-fiftMr. and Mrs. Hoehler anniversary. received many beautiful presents. Those preseut were "Messrs. and Mesdames H. T. Rapp, S. Hoehler, Ed. Mueller, Clifford Pilson, Charles Schneider, K. Wiples, H. Brant, F, Mittler, Mrs. XJuelda, Mrs. A. Mesdames B. Roemmele, G. Gill, A. Hofelich, A Fanelli, Misses Kate Rapp, Mary Forest, Mayme Hofelich, Camille Faneili, Mary Louise Hoehler: Messrs. Amiel Hoehler, George Huber, Ray Rapp, Henry Rapp, Clifford Pilson, Alfred Hoeh-le"She You don't appreciate a good William Mitler, Jesse Pilson, wife. Chester Hoehler, Roy Pilsou, Jerome He The idea I've appreciated Hoehler. every good one Pve ever had. h Her-bol- d, -, ! FLEETING SHADE. To whom it may concern Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will on Monday, November Buechel. 11th, 1912, petition the County Court Miss Abbie Risinger, Fern Creek. to open a new road beginning at a Mrs. Lizzie Dean, Fairmount. point on the Taylorsville pike at E. Mrs. D. A. Bates, Smyrna. H. Heddens gate, and running thence Mrs. J. W. Gilmore and Mrs. S. A. through the land of F. H. Hedden, Thompson, Prestonia. Salem Wiley, Joe Carrithers, Miss Virginia Bell, Okolona. John Gaunt, Lee Harris and Miss Johnnie B. Moremen, Valley Claude H. Harris to a point at Alex Station. Robert's gate on the Routt Road, Jos. B. Dodge, Valley Station. said road to be 30 feet in width : Alex-Robert- Ethel Mills. Seatonville. throughout. Mose Boston, Dry Ridge. Harrod's Creek. The above named loyal friends of The .Teffersonian help to make this paper one of the best county newspapers in the State. Give them the news every week and hand them your dollar for subscription when it Hedden Atty. for Petitioners. Pie Supper. Sue Blackwell, Eastwood. Lina May Collins, Lyndon. Louisa Miller. Worthington. Susan Hoke and W. S. Kemp, F. H. Joe Cakrithers Bv L. W. Gates. Atty. Lloyd W. Gates, Margaret Reid, Routt. Katherine Beard. Fisherville. (da Boston, Wilsonvilie. Ruth C, Taylor, Clark. Beatrice Morris, Long Run. Margaret Smart, Anchorage. INCLINED Enjoyable Affair. TO BE SUSPICIOUS. Sunday- Wal-dridg- e, - The young ladies of the Pleasant Grove Baptist church will give a pie supper at the residence of Mrs. Mol-li- e Brooks, near Middletown. Saturday night, November 9. Ladies are requested to bring pies and the men well, they'll know what to bring. Everybody is cordially invited. 18-3- "By Jove, I am glad to see you looking so gay and festive!" said Mr. NO CAU8E FOR FEAR. Okie Friend. "You were all in "Is your horse afraid of an autoblack the last time I saw you." Mrs. mobile?" "Yes," demurely replied "No," replied Farmer Corntossel; Brown, who hsd just taken a second husband; "but it wasn't a fast 'why should he be? He don't know anything about how much it costs black." J udse. to run one." THE HOME INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK Insuring against Fire, Lightning and Tornado The company with over A MIXUP. ASK ANY GOTHAMITE. THIRTY-TW- "So it seems when you started to "Harry, my boy, don't you want thrash your wife, she armed herself rolling pin and whipped to travel abroad? You've never with the How do you explain seen the world." you first. "Why, yes, I have, uncle. I have that!'" been to N'Yawk. All the world "I guess it was because she beat comes there." rae to it." National Live Stock Insurance Co., of Indianapolis, A company" insuring Horses, Mules and Cattle from death from any cause or theft. All loses paid in 24 hours after proofs of loss are received. Horses are dying by thousands in the state of Kansas and fatal disease rapidly spreading. We submit the following letter for your perusal: Ind. NOT PRE8ENT. THE GUN MIGHT HELP. (with revolver) Give "Is the man of the house at home?" asked the gentlemanly me your money, quick! Married Victm Certainly, my agent. "No," replied the maid, "she's good man. Come wth me and we'll gone downtown to circulate a ask my wife for it. Boston Evening Transcript. Footpad Card of Thanks. MIGHT WORK WELL. Jeffersontown, Ky., Oct. Gentlemen: Please accept our manv thanks for your prompt payment In full, for loss of our $1000 Jack "Ward Beecher ' as insured under Policy We No. 5149 by Mr. P. K. Miller, your Jeffersoutown, Ky., agent. now see the wisdom of Live Stock Insurance and most cheerfully recommend The National Live Stock Insurance Co., of Indianapolis, Yoms very "Jy. Ind.. to the insuring public. rEN YA 1 hS, ED. G. SCHENK. I wish to P. K.MILLER, Agent, h l tfb. mSL 4i 4t Jf 4t 4 4T 0 0 REMOVAL 0 0 t 4n. X 4X. r 4X 4"V J y-- L 4. Cumb. Telephone 54-- JKfr rr 4. W 1 16, 1912. The National Live Stock Insurance Co., Indianapolis, Ind. PINCHES ALL ROUND. r MILLION DOLLARS ASSETS O All Losses Liberally Adjusted and Promptly Paid. thank Mr. Bruce and our "There is some talk of abolishing Mrs. Exe My new dress is cermany friends for their kindness to the cabinet." tainly fashionable ; it is so tight that our tainily during the past year, and "What would take its place?" it pinches me. ' This is the only printing plant in especially Mr. and Mrs.R.O. Ellings-wort"They might let each department Exe Huh ! It doesn't pinch yon county outside the city. M. W.of A who helped Jefferson and the We do all kind of printing at lowest me so nobly after Mr. Swan's death. be conducted by some good half 80 much as it pinches my prices Mrs. P. Swan. n S. S. at Bruce Hall. One of the most enjoyable affairs The Jeffersontown Christian -school ofthe past week was an will be held at Bruce Hall "Why does your husband wiih to quilting bee held at the hospitable next Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. go to the legislature?" e This is made necessary borne of Mr. and Mrs. Henry over the fact "I really don't know, but I am near Jeftersontown last Tues- that the pews in tne church lave sometimes strongly inclined to be- day by the Ladies' Aid of the Baptist been painted and are not dry enough lieve that it is merely because it will Church. Fourteen ladies were presto use. give him a good excuse for being ent and they very nearly quilted two A Log on the Track away from home most of the time." quilts. Each lady took something good to eat, and when the dinner was ot the fast express means serious NEW 8LOGAN. spread on the table it was a feast tit trouble ahead if not removed, so does for a king. Those present were Mrs. Gotham I don't see any Mesdames S. S. Coe, James R. Smith, loss of appetite. It means lack of good reason why we shouldn't have Arthur Whegler, Jake Klingenfus, vitality, loss of strength and nerye E. W. McMahan, Tom Riley, Reuben weakness. If appetite fails, take women police. Sure thing. "Graft Porter, George McDaniel, Rufus Electric Bitters quickly to vercomoe Mr. Gotham for women!" There's a new slogan Smith, Henrv Waldridge, J. R. Shack-lett- the cause by toning up the stomach Michael L- M. Bryan, J. C Alcock, Miss and curing the indigestion. for you. Hessheimer, of Lincoln. Neb., hda Birdie Carlin and Gladys Coe. been sick over three years, but six SURE ENOUGH. Box Supper. bottles of Electric Bitters put him There will be a box supper at Oak- right on his feet again. Thev have Church The Eskimo gives his helped thousands. They give pure doctor a fee as soon as he comes. If land school on Friday night, Nov. 1. blood, strong nerves, good digestion. It is desired box the patient recovers it is kept, if not and personalthat the be decorations Only 50 cents at all druggists. suggestive of attire it is returned. Hallowe'en. A prize will be given to clvertisement Gotham But if he returns it, the one whose box brings the most money. Olu pap"" for sale at this office. how does he know where to send it? I Notice. Miss Mamie Clore, Middletown. Mrs. A. B. Simcoe, St. Matthews. Misses Elizabeth Skiles and Freda Schneider and Mr. Adam Spahn, Miss Mrs. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss THE CHARGE REFUTED " ' ' SALE SPEC ' Jeffersontown, Ky. 3. lt tta iY 0 ALS! 0 Y YOU NEVER SAW SUCH 0 0 0 0 iY iY 0 SHOE BARGAINS BEFORE m 0 AND NEPER WILL AGAIN! tY 0 As the time draws near when we will move into our new 0 Fourth Avenue, we are home now going up at records in every department. ing all our former carried 0 Not a single pair shoes in our present stock will for a over to our new location, and now is a chance 0 values in the best makes new fall you to get 0 footwear for man, woman or child. 0 0 0 Come Now While The Stocks Are Unbroken 0 Women's $3.50 Boots Boy's $2.00 Shoes Men's $3.50 Shoes 0 0 $1.45 $2.45 $1.95 0 0 KY iY 0 0 break- 417-41- 9 price-cuttin- g be of of life-tim- KY e iY of unheard-o- f 0 iY 0 0 iY and you will SAVE MANY A DOLLAR Boots; in all styles, 2,500 pairs of $3.50 goods, cut to $1.95 a pair sizes and leathers; regular Pingree-mad- iY 0 0 e Gun-meta- 'J - , Wall-mad- l $3.50 goods, cut to $2.45 a pair. good-lookin- e, RACTniV QHOP Til "47 g Men's and Women's 25c Hosiery 19c. Misses' and Children's Shoes at Reduced Prices. See Show Windows for Other Removal Prices. Members R. M. A. Railroad Fares Refunded. iY Serviceable School Shoes, and wear like iron; sizes 11 to 6; for boys and youths; regular $2 values, cut to $1.45 a pair. Calf, Tan Russia Calf, Colt, button and lace styles, all new, full toes, 1,200 pairs of KY Lm g!5S2L W" fe. 2 fe. 441-44- k. 3 k. fe. fft KY

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