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Image 10 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), October 24, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

ORIGINATED FAMOUS PHRASE The Frey Planing: Mill Co. Deaf Hunter Declared to Be Responsible for Expression That Bids Fair to Be Immortal. "I spent my vacation in beautiful Jerome S. Dttluth capitalist. "Wiscas-se- t, you know, is famous for having originated the immortal phrase, The woods is full of 'em.' "This is the story: "A very deaf old man was shooting squirrels down Wiscasset way. A stranger happened along and "Wiscasset,"' Mc-Wad- said Mill Work Lumber Building Material e, Incorporated. 413 to 4 33 E. Breckinridge Street. Branch Yard, Logan and St. Catherine Sts Advertisement Saved by His Wife. She's a wise woman who knows iust what to do when her husbaud's life is in danger, but Mrs. R. J. Flint, Brain tree, Vt., is of that kind. "She insisted on my using Dr. Kind's New Dis- said : covery, writes Mr. ior a ureauim " 'Old man, which is the road to :ontrh, when I was so weak my friends "Wiscasset ?' all thought I had only a short time to follow, failing to live, and it completely cured me.'--"The deaf old quick cure for coughs and colds, understand, answered : " 'Thar's one that's a squirrel it's the most safe and reliable medicine for many throat and lung sett in' up thar on that tree! See ROOFING! guaranteed P. A. T. water- A tight, rust - resist- r--. troubles grip, him ?' bronchitis, croup-whoopin- P. A. T. is quickly and easily applied to roofs and sidings of any angle. No tools required other than hammer and nails. No experienced needed to lay P. A.T- Roofing-- cough, quinsy, tonsilitis, hemorrhages. A trial will convince you. 50 cts. and $1.00. Guaranteed by " 'I didn't ask you about the squirrels,' said the stranger impatiently. 'I asked you, durn it all, which was ill druggists. the road to Wiscasset?' "'Yep said the deaf old huntsman excitedly. 'Yep, thar's another, too, jest outen that knot Will Be In Your Midst Shortly hole.' his pa"Then the stranger, losing tience, roared : " 'You're a fool !' "'Yep, the woods is full of 'em,' said the old man complacently." ELECTRICITY PREPARED FOR THE SHOCK. City Prices. Nick Warisse's Bread fresh every morning. 3 Bars Lenox Soap for 10c. Special Sale of Tin and Granite Ware. Stone Jars all sizes. Golden Rule Flour 12 Lbs. 40j, 24 Lbs. 75c, Barrel $5.75 Up-to-da- te. ND KAMPFMULLR'S WHAT YOU is BUECHEL, KY. RMDY It removes the CAUSE OF RHEUMATISM, regardless of its fq.m whether muscular, articular, sciatic or inflammatory, and safe for. th, most delicate stomach or s stem. FOR SALE AT ALL DRUG STQfcESe MFG. CO., Louisville, Ky., KANPFMUELLER lfc S. A. Home Phone H zh Ia i 11 HARDWARE Bardstown Road and Bonnycastle GUNS Money won't buy a BET- TER FENCE than the PAINTS. fK,,, LflWUUU. 10 Years Guaranteed PREPARED CHURNS. Nor would YOU MAKE A MISTAKE by buying my ROOFING, ueabpe'ore SHOP, ELEGTRIC CLARK'S Everything New and Prepared only by CUTTLERY, Many of you, doubtless, will want When you are ready to new fixtures. buy don't forget to call and see display at LADIES' and GENTS' FURNISHINGS, ETC. Large and Complete Stock RHEUMATIC J.W.SUMMERS&SON ZLM7 50-- 1 Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions . - Cumb. Phone KY. To show in a substantial way that we appreciate your patronage we will give away absolutely FRtiE every 1st and 3rd THURSDAY, between 2 and 3 p. m., a 42 PIECE DINNER SET. BE THERE. ing Metal Roofing. g JEFFERSONTOWN, 520 W. Main St. Electric Supplies Of All Kinds. jas. Clark, Jr., Electric Co., inc. Both K. LOUISVILLE, Flowers for funerals and Weddings. Bedding Plants, Hardy Monthly Roses. Bug-brook- L Fourth Embalmers East Green Street 510 e, AnTone sending a sketch and description niay qntckly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention Is prob.tly patentable. Communications strlctlrconUueutliU. HANDBOOK on Patents sent free. Oldest apency for securing patents. Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive tptcial notice, without charge, in the Scientific American, handsomely lllnstrated weekly. I.nreest circulation of any scientific Journal. Terms, f 3 a year; four months, $L Sold by all newsdealers. A GREENHOUSES: DUMB. MUNN & MAIN 507- - Tarpaulins and Tents for Rent or Sale. to be used in connec- s and PtssT-Orrici- I0ME PHONE 6687. Northamptonshire education committee decided the other day to provide the village school at near Northampton, with two J 560 STORE: Avk. Opp. First City Besident Oh, gracious, I am not going to keep the eggs that long. IN THE LAND OF THE FREE. 'Tn our country, where can one really find the cream of society?" asked Miss Blase. "In Beno, of course, where society goes through the separator," replied the cynic acridly. Judge's Library. A PUZZLE. "About this aviation stock grafts- -" "Well?" "How are we going after the man higher up?" CRUEL. Mre. Parvenu I don't quite recollect what age pa came over. Mrs. Sharp There is a general impression, my dear, it waa the steerage. EXPECTATIONS. Jf Btm New York Washington. D. C. superior spreading and hiding power. If you want the best that money can buy, come and let us sell you Kurfees. 8T. LOUISVILLE, : SUNDAY COURIER-JOURNASALE AT FANELLI BROS. KY ON L Home Phone 3640 . . . Cure for Epilepsy After Years of Suffering for the Lamp Oil that Saves Important w Nothing Is more Eyes in r i the borne than clear, steady light, insure this by getting the oil that burns clear and clean without a llicker down to the last drop. Pennsylvania crude oil refined to perfection. Costs no more than the tanK-wagkind saves MONEY saves WORK saves eyes, Your dealer has SOL.1TB OIJj m barrels direct irotn our works. Chas. C. Stoll , "My daughter was afflicted with epileptic fits for three years, the attacks coming every few weeks. We employed several doctors but they did her no good. About a year ago we 00 at Warren, Pnrh" i3t heard of Dr. Nervine, Miles and It certainly has proved- - a blessing to our little girl. She is now apparently cured and Is the best of health. It is year since over a she has had a fit. We cannot speak too highly of Dr. Miles' Nervine." MRS. FRANK ANDERSON, Comfrej Minn. Thousands of children in the United States who are suffering from attacks of epilepsy are a burden and sorrow to their parents, who would give anything to restore health to the sufferers. Dr. Miles' Nervine is one of the best remedies known It has proven for this affliction. beneficial in thousands of cases and those who have used it have the greatest faith in it. It is not but a reliable remedy a "cure-all,- " You need for nervous diseases. not hesitate to give it a trial. Sold by all Druggists. If the first "What do yeu think? Hiram and' Jane say they are going on a wedding tower." bottle falls to benefit your money Is "Then I suppose they expect to returned. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind. Jure e high old time." NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE A. W. BLOOD TONIC. THE GREAT SPRING MEDICINE AND BLOOD PURIFIER. MADE FROM ROOTS AND HERBS. PRICE 50c PER BOTTLE. ALMS DRUG CO. Two Stores Floyd and Market Streets, and Shelby and Market Streets 5-l- yt ROOFING TE three-pl- y. Eat Riley's Bread NO BETTER MADE. 6 Loaves, 25c; or 6 Aiit BOTH PHONES. We give Green Trading Stamps nil Fred Myers, Jeffersontown, Cumb. Phone 70 Ky. N. R. Blankenbaker, Cumb. Phone 2. FL0WRS 5m 49 sbeTri' J4, ,p 1 ' properly arranged lor any occasion AUGUST R. BAUMER CILURID I HDIGT r MM0NIC TEMPLE 4TH AND CHESTNUT LOUISVILLE, KY. P. O. Box 295, Both Phones. Special attention to out of town orders J. B. FORD&SON SMITHING MYERS & BLANKENBA&r ER Funeral, directors and EmbMmers Branch Office a Trial. at Middletown, Kr . VOTTELER & CO. cimL iThone PFEFFER'S Cat Rate Druggists -- Bakery and Confect ions Cumb. Phone E. 547. arifl Rpnairitio done a rvvpdlllUg manner at reasonflrst-cias- able prices. Cumb. Phone JEFFERSONTOWN, ON SUNDAY COURfER-JOURNASALE AT FANELLI BROS. WELFORD ALCOCK, Agent. JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. TO. TheDrugStore at the Loop Night Service. Tickets, 25c. ent C. S. RILEY, General Merchandise. Co. CALL AND GIVE Home Phone Highland 17. 5-c- Bread and Cakes Baked Daily. Louisville, Ky.' Refinery 656 S. Fourth St. TRADE WITH US X Roofthe most durable ready-tola- y ing manufactured; needs no paint or a t ten t ion;firstcost is the last cost. We sell it at $2.50 for two-pl- y and $2.75 , Finds jeffersontown, ky. Is . LOUISVILLE. KY. W. A. WHEELER, sow by GAL-VA-NI- Incorporated. town. F That's more Lead than you will find in any other paint, and there is as much difference in Kurfees Paint and other paints as there 19 in day and night. The minute vou stick a brush into Kurfees Paint you will appreciate its very heavy Leaded" body, which gives it that Succeed when everything else fails. Ml W. JEFFERSON First City Besident I am thinking of going into the egg business. Second City Besident But it is against the law to keep chickens in Co.36'8- '- B. ..ncu Office. (35 Electric Bitters in neivous prostration and female tion with experiments in wireless weaknesses they are the supreme telegraphy. When erected the poles romedy, as thousands have testified. will carry wires used in transmitting FOR KIDNEY. LIVER AND and receiving "wireless" messages. STOMACH TROUBLE it is the best medicine ever sold In supporting the recommendation, over a druggist's counter. Mr. Beanie Wilkinson said he had been struck with the ingenuity displayed in the construction of the apLouisville Tent & Awning Co. Rossmore Floor and paratus, which the headmaster had 116 So. LOUISVILLE, KY. 3rd. St. made himself. Messages were reBuilding Wall Tile ceived frequently, and while he was Why let your" photographs and at Bugbrooke he heard the machine untrained pictures lay around Falls City Mantel Go. rapping out a message dispatched We can frame them at most reafrom the Eiffel tower, Paris. Some sonable prices. of the boys at the school might reMantels. Tile and Grates, Gas and Large selection of Mouldings. ceive valuable instruction, which Electric Fixtures would enable them to become wirePACHMANN ART CO, "It will pay you to see us." London Mail. less operators. 8TRICTLY FRESH. reduces the cost of painting because it requires. fewer eallons for the lob. It covers more surface and covers it better, for the simple reason that it. contains more White Lead than any other paint. It's made of: Pure Whita Lead 80 Pure Zinc Oxide 20 100 Pure Lead and Zinc Trade Marks Designs Copyrights &c. Funeral Directors Chahlbs and Thxas Strkkts. TEACH THE WIRELESS. scaffold-pole- FUJRIST Phono 1022 BQ55E& SON H. HENRY FUCHS She fished around and did her best With smiles and bints and soulful sighs, And when at last he reached the point, Pretended 'twas a great surprise. 65 YEARS' EXPERIENCE OVER 36-- s 2 KENTUCKY. L Subscribe for the Jeffersonian. Ice Cream and Sherbert a Spttfaltiiy Brick Ice Cream All Flavor- - Phones Highland East 1044 18 1604 ad. 13-3- 4 K.

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