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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), October 24, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

oHJ toflf Jt The Jeffersonian Ot IHHNTINQ ,. w xft KSTABUSUD JUKE 10? --ONLY COUNTRY PAPER IN JEFFERSON COUNTY Every Thursday Vol, 6, No 1$ at $ LOO Per Year School Rally Day In Jeffersontown Next Sunday. $10,000 Will Be Raised To Erect New School Build ing in Jefferson Heights. A. THIS 15 WHAT WE WANT THE FOLLOWING NOTED SPEAKERS WILL ADDRESS THE CROWD: BARKSDALE HAMLETT, State Superintendent; T. J. COATES, Supervisor of Rural Schools in Kentucky; 0. J. STIVERS, County Superintendent; CAPT. JOHN H. LEATHERS, JOHN B.McFERRAN, J. M. ATHERTON. A Sunday, October 27, 1912. he above date should, and doubtless will, be a red letter day in the history of Jeffersontown. On this day the largest crowd ever seen in this historic old town is expected to be here and listen to some of the most noted educators in the SUte of Kentucky talk on questions that affect the training of the child and to assist the patrons of the local districts in building a model school building, one that will not only be a source of pride to the good people of this district, but oue that will be a lasting benefit to present and future generations. The Speakers. The speakers on this occasion will be men that are thoroughly acquainted with the needs of the State as per tains to schools men who are giving! their time and money to the cause 01 education, and men who have made a success of the work. Hon. Barksdale Hamlett, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, who is t address the audience, is a young man in years, but old in the work of education. As the head of the schools at Hopkinsville, Ky., he made a reputation that placed him at the head of all schools in the State. It will be a great privilege, indeed, to hear him on next Sunday after- noon. Mr. T. J. Coates, supervisor of rural schools in Kentucky, is giving his time to the improvement of rural schools al'. over the State, and has kindly consented to come here and help build a model school in Jeffersontown. Messrs. John B. McFerran and J. M. Atherton are too well known to oar readers for us to make any comment as to their interest in the work. They have not only given time to the work, but have contributed thousands of dollars to the cause. Capt. John H. Leathers, of Louis ville, wnen asuea 10 tome iu jcuci- sontown and help in the worthy cause said, "Why of course, 111 come and do all I can for you." And all who know Capt. Leathers know that he meant what he said. Our own County School Superintendent, Orville J. Stivers, who is doing so much to place Jefferson county school! upon a higher plane, will be here and do his part. Mr. H. N. Reubelt, 'president of the Jefferson County Bank at this place, will preside at the meeting, and all those acquainted with his efforts along this line know that it will be done in a creditable manner. How it Started. In June of Jast year thirty acres of land near Jeffersontown was purchas ed by the Jefferson Heights Land Company, of which John B. McFerran was president;and E. R. Sprowl, secretary aud treasurer. At the beginning it was announced that the company would give absolutely free five acres of this beautiful tract of land to the Jeffersontown school district, provided a building was erected thereon within five years to cost not less than ten thousand dollars. To show that he was not doing this in order to make the property bring higher prices when sold, Mr. McFerran announced that he would give all of his net proceeds from the sale of lots to the proposed school for furnishing it. From ten to fifteen thousand dollars were used in beautifying the property., making streets, etc., and it was sold out in building lots on June 12, 1911, The five acres promised to the school was turned over to three trustees to hold until the school building was erected, and Mr. McFerran has something over $2000 to go toward furnishing the school when it is built. This magnificent gift was appreciated by the people of Jeffersontown, and the reason they did not take steps at once to erect the school was because there was some agitation of the question at that time to bond the whole County for building model schools in every school division. Since to do that now the people would have to wait until the November election of 1813, the Jeffersontown Commercial Club has started out to raise the money by subscriptions. If the required amount is raised in this way the citizens of the school district will not have to be taxed for the purpose, and it is the opinion ot the members of the Commercial Club that the $10,000 will be easily raised. J. C. Alcock, upon his recent election as president of the Commercial Club, announced the following committee to have charge of the work of raising this money: H. N. Reubelt. chairman and treasurer: W. J. Sem-onivice chairman: Rev. J. J. Cole, secretary; R. B. Smith, L. C. Owings. A. M. Gregg. A. A. Bridwell, E. R. Sprowl, Frank Fanelli, J. C. Bruce, Harvey Stout, Abe Anderson, J. C. Bowles and D. A. Davis. The committee met and called an educational rally for Sunday afternoon, October 27, 1912, at 2:15 o'clock. The above named speakers were asked to come and deliver addresses on the occasion, and the School of Reform brass band has been engaged to furnish music. good teachers if a model school building is erected. Not only that, but All of the children of Jefferson build a ten thousand dollar school county are invited to be present and building here, and it will not be long join the children of the Jeffersontown till the school will have more chil" school in a mammoth parade at one dren than it can accommodate. o'clock on the day of the meeting. What will that mean? It will mean The children will congregate on the that the more children we have, the public square in Jeffersontown and more money there will be with which march in twos to the school grounds to employ s teachers. vhere the meeting will be held. Children's Parade. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE P WHHL F I . I I the school meeting, while held Sabbath day, is not to bui'd a for the education of children religious lines, but to inake on the afternoon. October 27, at 2:15 o'clock. school All teachers and pupils in Jefferson along count y have been invited to come and them listen to the splendid addresses that intelligent men and women so that will be made. The meeting will be when they come to rit'eide questions held on the school grounds in Jefferof public movement: they mav decide son Heights if the weather is favorthose questions intelligently. That able. If not it will be held in the is what is needed in Kentucky a Methodist church. Al) cars and all roads will lead to Jeffersontown next better educated people. Sunday afternoon. Dou't fail to come and bring some one with you. EveryDon't Forget the Day. Who Should Contribute. body interested in good schools is Let everybody that loves There is not a man, woman or child come to the meeting on next children Sunday residing within a radius of five miles of Jeffersontown that should refuse to have a part in the erection ot this : new school. There are at least fiftv men that ought to contribute $100 each, and several that could easily The teachers of Jefferson county schools are corgive $T00. The full amount of $10,000 dially invited to attend the big educational rally in ought to be subscribed at the meetJeffersontown next Sunday afternoon, Oct. -- 7. at 2.15. ing on next Sunday afternoon. They are requested to announce the meeting- to their When this school is built it will schools, and bring as many children and parents to the mean that this community will have rally as possible. set an example which the rest of the The teachers are also requested to send honor rolls county will be compelled to follow, and school reports to the Jeffersonian from time to time thus taking the lead in a proposition for publication. This is your county paper; it is a that will do more good than anything booster oi good schools and works for the children's else that could possibly be done. Not welfare the children should be taught to read it. only will the children be greatlv Teacher, do your duty along this line. benefited, but property values will All school news is published free. The Jeffersonian be immediately increased and prosis sent one year for only $1.00. perity wilf abound. The purpose of first-clas- Why It Is Necessary. If the readers of The Jeffersonian and especially those that are parents who reside in this school district will compare the two illustrations shown above, the picture of a model school building, with several hundred happy children surrounding it, there will be no question raised as to whether or not there is need for a new school at this place. Located over the hill at the edge of Jeffersontown, out of sight of everybody (which is a blessing to the town), and along side ot an old barn, which is shown in the above illustration, stands the little district school house of Jeffersontown. An additional room was built last year, which adds to the accommodation of the many children in attendance, but there is nothiag attractive about the place. The old buildjng is surrounded by rocks for the children to fall over, and few children are proud of the fact that they attend school To the Teachers of Jefferson County Schools - A NEW STORM BUGGY there. Note the difference in the large buildings shown above. Everything looks splendid; even the children look happy and contented, ajd we know that any child attending a school like that would be glad to call attention to the fact. and surrounding Jeffersontown country is populated with prosperous business men and farmers. They can well afford to put up the necessary money to build a school like the one shown above. Five acres of as beautiful grounds as can be found anywhere has been offered free of charge. Erect the new school on this lovely tract of land and there will be plenty of space for the children to play and a building that they will not be ashamed of. In after years each will say "I attended the model school at Jeffersontown and am proud of it.'' Could they say that of the present school? But you say, "it is not all in looks, environment and play grounds there must be good teachers to secure good results.'' That is true. ' Both are needed land absolutely necessary. Even aaeacher likes to teach school in a model and sanitary building, and there will be no trouble in securing I For WINTER and SPRING PROTECTION Why do you expose yourself to the danger ous conditions of WINTER when Fiz5c8n7' irHHrrLW Driving with the thermometer at ZERO is safe and comfortable in an Sold By AHLBRAND STORM BUGGY HALL SEED CO. INCORPORATED. PRESTON AND JEFFERSON, 1913 MODELS READY FOR DELIVERY CALL AND GET ONE LOUISVILLE, KY.

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