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Image 9 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 8, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THURSDAY, DEC. 8, THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY 1955 Marie Disney Levora Edmondson Martha Farley Wilma Hall 1 Mrs. Charles Jarboe 1 Mrs. Lee G. Johnson Larry Neil Looney 1 Blanche McSwain Billy Don Mullins L Katy Ruth Pass Flora Scott Robert Earl Shubert Ruth Vanover Frank Ward 1 Shirley Wojciechowski James Wright Ruby Zideijoff ' MISCELLANEOUS 1 FINANCIAL STATEMENT JENKINS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT July 1, 1954 to July 1, 1955 Received Disbursed Balance Balance in Bank at Beginning of Year$ 8,433.09 Per Capita Program Fund Account-Foundatio- n 70,411.78 Equalization FundI 85,151.92 Program Reimbursement for School Lunch 4,642.91 Program 38.447.79 Revenue from Property Tax Revenue from Taxpaying Franchise 15,594.05 Corporations 1,903.76 Revenue from Poll Tax Revenue from Transfer Tuition (Other 753.00 Districts) Revenue from Tuition Paid by 644.00 Individuals Receipts from Sale of Property and from 60.60 Insurance Adjustments Receipts from All Other 1,370.10 Sources Account-Foundatio- n 7.00 14.00 12.00 4.00 28.00 112.00 8.00 14.00 4.00 24.50 77.00 73.00 77.00 12.00 8.00 7.00 28.00 : - 471.73 Insurance and bonds 8.97 Levisa Stone Company Stone 25.00 Rev. Clarence Lingle Baccalaureate Sermon 27.09 Seldon Lockard Refund bus expenses 215.50 Labor Maintenance Weekly Bulletin of Kiwanis 229.81 Louisville News Magazines Club of Jenkins, Inc. 13.18 A. C. McClurg Office supplies 123.13 Andrew Jackson McCarty, Jr., Mileage reimbursement Montgomery Mfg. Company-Repa-ir clock McRoberts school 17.91 DEC. 1, 1955 143.20 The Mountain Eagle Ads and supplies for office 8.00 LAST WEEK Mount Vernon Signal Teacher employment ads. 66.00 NQV. 22ND: Cossie Mullins Labor Once again Kiwanian Finch, 70.00 W. B. Muncy Laying blocks new room Jenkins school 85.00 serving as speaker for John Roy Mullins Labor maintenance 265.00 Hale's program, brought an outNational Educational Association Dues 14.77 standing message. The theme Material 5.50 Rev. Finch so capably developNational Geographic Magazine Subscription 3.80 ed was "For the Past, MINDNational School Records House Office forms 19.67 FUL for the Present, FAITHNeon Gulf Service Station Gas and service to bus 12.20 FUL; for the Future, New York Times Subscription 96.67 Norton Lumber and Supply Co. Lumber and supplies 74.87 Norton Press Record cards 18.60 THIS WEEK-D- EC. Office Equipment Companyq Chair and supplies 1st: 97.40 Pendleton Lumber Company Lumber Minstrel practice starts this D. F. Pfirkins Architect Dunham Flement.n-- and 483.00 week- -; F""551 practice for every-Dunham High School Heating Systems r?.OA "NTTTT X JllZ is rmmcnAV 11J.J..E I.OU, Perkins and Bryant Architects Dunham Elementary and Nov. 29th at Lakeside Hotel. BE 241.49 Dunham High School Heating Systems THERE. Program for this week 9.60 Perry Lumber Company Roofing win prouauiy ae devoted t o - Ties Company - Lathe 7.27 i Minstrel Pleas Practice. Other pract- ru,y . ruiWgB) nudj.uxei raiy 'ices will be announced, but reUrned' etc- - -- V "2 ?o we'll definitely practice Men- Pound Hardvvare Company-Hard-ware supplies d Tuesd and Wednesd to buses 52.25. Potter Motors-Ser- vice 5fh 6fh and 7fh f Hall-B- ook 4.20 H;9h Schoo Prentice 3.24 Theodore Pressor Music o 104.00 N13XT WEEK Thomas J. Price III Labor 6.00 j Joseph Prof itt Measuring painting yardage 8TH- Q OO Uocfnr x ugu j miiuii ii,iiuill.u ubJiu TnrtVi TSi5t?nn radirnnil MINSTREL TIME. THURSDAY G. E. Roberson Sand 4.00 D. F. Robinette Plastering 343.00 & FRIDAY NIGHTS, DECEMRiley Robinette Plastering 68.75 BER 8th and 9th. There's a lot 32.00 of work to do between now and Anita W. Robinson Dues K T A School Service Company School supplies 57.60 then. The publicity Committee 19.30 has one of the mostimportant Merchandise Sears, Roebuck & Co. jobs to do to publicize the show Secretary Teacher's Retirement System Payroll 4,131.01 thru posters, bulletins, newsdeductions 336.42 papers, radio and T.-The Selig Company Maintenance Supplies 157.95 Singer Sewing Machine Company Machine and service Larry Slaughter Labor 19.50 ATTENDANCE PRIZE: Ed Snyder won last week. Doc 24.75 A. J. Smith service C. V. Snapp Expenses 146.67 Perry should learn to wear kis 69.00 Kiwanis buttons, if he expects Gussie W. Snapp Office work to take away prizes. To set the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary 22.50 record straight, Ransom Jordan Dues Schools 132.36 won the prize NOV. 17TH Southern Products Janitor supplies 305.97 JOHN STAUFFER brings tke Chester L. Sparks Expenses 2.50 prize this week. Standard Education Society Extension Service 10.53 Standard Office Supplies Board of Education Minute Bk. 36.97 GUESTS: Standard Oil Company Oil Robert Johnston Guest of & Robinson Service Station Service and Taylor Supplies Buses and truck 2,055.28 the Club. Bob is Musical Direc6.60 tor for the Minstrel. Let's give The First National Bank Pikeville Box rent him cooperation. National Bank Pikeville The First 18.141.70 Federal Withholding tax deductions SPECIAL MENTION: Collector of Internal Revenue Louisville 63.50 i Denville Davidson and Drexel Federal Withholding tax deductions 21.74 ' Webb turned in $50.00 more, The University Publishing Company Record Books Rev. Frank Thomas Beccalaureate Sermon 15.00 raised thru sales of cokes. o Thompson Sanitary Supplies Janitor supplies 416.12, 48.96 LAUGH LINES: Ishmael Triplett, Director Free Text Books Book fines Rastus: "Ah wants a divorce! i Universal Telephone and Telegraph Co. Telephone rent and service 653.43 Can't stand livin' wif dat woman Armand Vanover Labor 3.00 nohow. She jes' talk, talk, talk Mary H. Vaughan, Postmaster Stamped Envelopes 177.12 night an day." Lawyer "What does she talk Weavers Program folders 13.20 Bindry Co. Book binding 31.44 about?" Rastus "She doan' say!" Western Auto Associates Store Maintenance supplies. 474.52 Western Union Western Union service 66.83 It requires hundreds of nuts West Virginia Seating Company School desks 260.75 Whitaker Service Station Gas for bus 7.90 to hold a motor car together H. W. Wilson Company Subscription renewal 18.20 and only one to knock it apart. Worjd Book Company Books 122.30 A visitor at a farm, noticing Phillip Youngblood Painting classrooms, offices, etc 3,521.25 Zep Manufacturing Company Janitor supplies 26.98 that one of the mules had a particularly vicious look. Asked the $227,402.78 stable boy: "Sam does that mule ever kick you?" This is to certify that the foregoing is a true and correct "Well, no sir," replied Sam. statement of all funds received and disbursed by the Jenkins "but he's always the Independent School District July 1, 1954 to and including June 30, place where I recently was." Letcher Insurance Agency KIWANIS SPIRIT 50.16 Acme Textile Mills cheese cloth 20.15 Books American Book Company 4.23 American School & University Magazine 6.52 Amsterdam Printing Company Office Forms 3.00 Driving Bus Albert Bailey Baker Equipment & Engineering Co. Bus Body Repairs- -. 726.74 27.40 S. M. Banks drain tile 39.20 Office Supplies Beckley Cardy Company 30.90 Bissell Office Equipment Company Office Supplies 1.31 jBlackwell Wielandy Co. Office Supplies 335.70 Pay roll deductions Blue Cross Hospital Plan, Inc. 178.81 Boone Motor Company supplies and serviice to buses 1 40.00 Dr. John Boyd Commencement Address $227,413.00 Total Receipts and Balance 34.25 Brooks Electric Motor Service motor repair 1,425.97 Brown, Crosby & Co. Insurance $227,402.78 isbursed ComPany $ 10.22 !Builders SuPP& Balance July 1, 1955 892.00 Tom Biggs Rest Room 1954-51,100.00 New Room Dunham High DISBURSEMENTS 400.00 Upper McRoberts School Reimbursement Lunch Rooms and Special Milk Program: 2,707.40 315.40 Service and Materials 757.99 Burdine Elementary School 111.15 181.50 Charles H. Bunch institutional supplies Dunham Elementary School 38.25 . 299.16 Burdine P. T. A. janitors tools Dunham High School 47.50 2,337.82 Eunice Burpo Expenses to School Boards Meeting Jenkins High School 2.98 A. C. Bussell janitor's supplies 1,029.76 McRoberts Schools 9.28 Call Bros. Hardware Hardware NET SALARIES 8.00 Carlisle Mercury Ads for teachers 1,062.62 Lumber and supplies .5,254.43 Caudill Lumber Company C. V. Snapp, Superintendent 243.50 R. Pat Caton Furnace parts 2,930.36 Chester L. Sparks, Director Pupil Personnel 136.99 Central Krhool Simnlv Co. School Snnnlies 2,554.90 champion Stores Merchandise Pansy B. Polly, Secretary-Treasur28.15 3,302.84 Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Rent Raymond L. Green, Maintenance Foreman 1.00 Custodians: 4.38 Citv of Jenkins Ditching water for water line 2,137.00" clearing House Magazine Heiskel Clouse 4.00 112.50 Coeburn & Supply Company Lumber and supplies Levora Edmondson 65.36 1,386.68 Consolidation Coal Company (Ky.) Coal Steve Griffin 2,420.36 1,595.00 McCullum Cook Labor Walter Hamilton 8.50 815-0' Collins Holyfield Consumers Electric Larry Phil Mullins 582.08 Installing heating systems Dunham High School fioy Mullins 1,525.50 12,074.90 and Dunham Elementary School 998.44 School building boilers repair and parts Elementary Principals: 381.61 Service calls and supplies William Taylor Hammonds i 3,110.63 li.60 dustless sweeper Ezra Arnold Mattox 3,038.50 Costello Manufacturing Co. 11.70 Charlcia V. Taylor 2,612.58 Courier Journal and Louisville Times subscription 2.50 Cumberland Publishing Co. Teacher employment Ads High School Principals: 9.39 Susie Lee B. Curry Refund for material purchased Green Venton Curry 3,153.90 Cyrus Sporting Goods Co. Merchandise 51.45 Homer C. Davis 3,709.40 Mark Cvetnick Signs 6.00 Lee G. Johnson 3,018.44 Homer C. Davis Blocks for New Room Jenkins School 51.28 19.00 Elementary Teachers: Phillip Davis Cleaning windows Jenkins School 51.61 Easter Clere Abbott 1,876.39 D. T. Davis Co. Film Strips 127.76 Maps Co. Lovelee Adams 863.70 Denoyer-Geppe98.50 Evelyn Auxier 2,243.40 Dixie Chemical Co. Maintenance supplies 23.00 Jacqueline Johnson Branham ' 1,749.04 Billy Jo Dotson Washing Windows 35.00 Bonnie Stocker Brown 1,829.50 Norma Dotson Work on permanent record cards 8.65 Ella Mae Bruce 2,037.60 H. Dorsey Douglas Grade Sheets 18.50 Gorman Bruce 2,413.70 iDoubleday & Company Books 11.50 . 2,279.40 iDibrell Edmondson Labor Istella Carlyle ' 18.31 Tilden Crase 2,759.80 'Educational Music Bureau Misc. 5.50 Evelyn Davidson 2,037.60 Educators Progress Service Book 40.50 Sue Parks Davis 2,122.40 'Alfred Estes Labor 48.23 Dale Lee Disney 2.193.60 Fallons Garage Bus Service 3.04 Norma Dotson 1,875.69 Harold Flammer Music 164.50 Ina R. Faux 1,975.20 "Bliss Frye Farley Office work 24.52 Lenora C. Hale 1.829.20 'A. Flanagan Company Office and Maintenance supplies 25.63 Grace D. Hall .1,418.48 Fuller Brush Company Janitors supplies 23.26 Essie Potter Hollyfield Fire fighting equipment 1,814.77 33.60 Doris Ann Horn 1,900.40 Gaylord Brothers Books 13.00 Jonelle Collier Williams 1,621.70 G. E. Stores supplies Home Economics Dept. 42.37 Polly Edna Kincer 1 2,137.60 General Biological Company Biological supplies Gladys Yvonne Leshore 90.00 2,323.30 General Shale Company Blocks for new room Jenkins. 7.00 Gonziel McClure cleaning Tom Biggs 2,600.70 Ernest Green 1955. Blanche McSwain 1,911.69 Raymond Green Expanses bus to Charleston for repair.- - 50.00 The words "In God We Trust" 188.50 Ruby Martin PANSY B. POLLY, Treasurer 434.86 Steve Griffin Maintenance work 49.29 Madelyn M. Parsons Books Jenkins Independent School District were placed on pennies for the 1,076.56 E. M. Hale & Co. '2.42 benefit of those who use them Cecil Ramey Music 2,329.81 Hall & McCreary RAY G. RUSSELL, Chairman (Kroehler News) for fuses. 1.97 Shirley Riley 2,124.90 Halsey W. Taylor Co. Plumbing material l Jenkins Board of Education 444.50 Harry Glenn Runyon Walter Hamilton Maintenance Work 420.53 "An ounce of loyalty is worth Maryland H. Scott 16.45 C. V. SNAPP, Secretary 2,032.66 C. S. Hammond & Co. Charts Maps a pound of cleverness." Joyce Ann Senter Kelly 191.73 Jenkins Board of Education 1,777.53 Hammonds & Stephens Co. Diplomas and awards . Elbert Hubbard) 259.37 Mabel Glynn Sparks 2,221.00 Harlow Motor Company Service to buses : 135.95 Gertrude L. Thomas 2,500.70 Herman Goldberger Magazines for Library SPORTS ITEM FROM 35.75 John R. Thomas 1,850.40 Hobart Cabinet Co. Steel Cabinet 3.1 fi Ravmond A.. TToffm.nn Music MARYVILLE, TENN. ....... ........ High School Teachers: J. I. Holcomb Co. Maintenance supplies 160.44 ft Arthur Combs 2,263.72 Collins Hollyfield Driving bus Neal Wormsley, formerly a 2.50 f H. B. Reedy, Your 1 Susie Lee B. Curry 2,416.19 Home Lumber Company Lumber Windows-Roofistudent at Fleming High School, &c 1,353.48 Marie Disney 1,329.14 Huntington Laboratories Janitors supplies is playing first string guard for 51.70 June M. Ingram 892.77 II. R. Hunting Co. Books L 10.13 the 1955 basketball team of Evplumber with years of experience on Your old reliable C. M. Isaacs 2,568.40 Institute for Research Books , erett High, at Maryville, Tenn. 18.64 all tvrtes of hot water, steam, and hot air'heatina svstems. Wendell H. Lewis 2,744.50 Internal Business Machines, Inc. Maintenance In their opening game, Everett 33.00 Now is the time to repair, flush and clean your old heating M Seldon Lockard 2,753.40 Paul James Piano tuning . defeated Walland High, 14.00 system for the long winter ahead. It might save you from Andrew Jackson McCarty, Jr. 2,874.90 Jenkins High School Commerce Dept. Typewriter Neal was the highest scorer with 50.00 having to buy a new boiler which is very expensive. James A. Mackenzie 2,438.27 Jenkins Independent School Dist. House Rent 14 points. . 181.25 Mable T. Mattox 2,163.60 Jenkins Shoe Shop Repair to Bus Scat The game was broadcast over 3.50 I have in stock all types of both equipment, water heaters, Lois Cooper Miller 522.40 Frank Johnson Labor the local station. 8.00 Fairbanks Morris pumps, plastic and galvanized pipe and Jack Niece 2,420.87 Robert Johnson Lumber Everett High School is the 10.62 all kinds of material to do any plumbing job; kitchen sinks, Katie G. Owens 2 42nnn Rev. Q. L. Jones Commencement address r . an cdDineis iu luunul in your iKircnen. i no ail Kff largest school in Blount County. i I 40.00 i ii ase Cdumois, Thomas J. Price III .3,241.73 Jordan Motor Company Service and repairs to buses (This item was contributed by 223.35 kinds of contract work, such as building basements, homes, rot Joseph Profitt, Jr. . .2,195.55 Kelly Grocery Company janitor supplies .Mrs. Harlan Wormsley, formerly 4.83 extra rooms, wirina. installina all kinds of tile floors, and Bessie Fae Reynolds 2.329.35 Kentucky Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools oi .riemingj. $ plastic ttile on bath and kitchen walls. It is very expensive Jean Sears 669.46 Dues 8.00 W to hire an inexperienced man to check your heating system Mallie C. Turner .2,398.00 Kentucky Council for Education Foundation Program or plumbing which requires very particular work. I'm D. B. Cook To Be Josephine Vanover .2,615.41 Material 39.00 having; to go out very ofen and install heating systems that Dorsey Risk Walker Here, December 14 2,444.50 Kentucky Education Association Dues 330.75 have been put in by them. George Nelson Webb 2,570.80 Kentucky Power Company Electric current Hazard z 630.27 Mr. D. B. Cook,, a Contact RepSamuel Clinton Webb All the above work can be done on the FHA Plan. No 2,320.60 Kentucky Power Company Pikeville Electric Current 2328.69 resentative of the Kentucky DisKentucky School Boards Association Dues 25.00 Substitute Teaching: money down, up to three years to pay. abled Men's Board, 1063.47 Lovelee Adams 7.00. Kentucky State Treasurer State Tax deductions will be present on Wednesday, 1517.60 Ruby C. Adams Dec. 14 at the Court House in 7.00 Kentucky Water Company Water Service CALL H. B. REEDY AT 2621, Kincer Hardware Company Hardware supplies 69.74 Anna Charles 35.00 Whitesburg to assist veterans Motor Company Service to bus 92.54 Juanita Chavis 14.00 and their dependents with claims A man with 20 years experience. He will give you a free Lakeside Hotel Room and meals Dr. John Boyd 6.00 James E. Casey, Jr. 14.00 for benefits due them as a reestimate. Duplicating Machine AS sult 103.00 . Carta Davidson 4.00 The Lang Company of their military service. suDDlies 3R3 47I Doris Ann Davidson He will be present from 9:00 8.00 T ninVnr- Office TTnnltVi ocn nn ii r; DonoWmanf TXinltl. Pmintv VltC Jo Ann Davis odu.uu ,uium.iu Jlcailll a.m. until 3:00 p.m. 40.50 u.bvii.. vuuiiuj Non-Revenu- v I I X J e 5 A I I er j Fyr-Fyt- er I 0 ' ! rt ( , Weise-Winkl- '. , Fyr-Fyt- cr Prc-scho- : ol er , , ! . j i ng Pittsburg Paint and Harmony Wallpaper Dealer 45-3- '. KY-V- A 1-- 2 - Ca.a . -- 11 3.

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