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Image 16 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 8, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY vices and in honor of Mr. Adams were birthday. Refreshments served and lots of nice gifts were received by Mr. Adams. NEON THURSDAY, 8, DEC. from the Governor's Special Emergency Fund to the State Property and Buildings Commission to meet "pressing needs." $150,000 CAPITAL ROUNDUP Sally Arkon, Phone 2371 Mr. and Mrs. .Carl Harlow and A good will shower will be Mrs. Bonnie Davis spent last Tuesday in Norton, Va., shop-Pin- given at the Blair Branch Church house Dec. 11th on Sunday evening at 2:00 o'clock for Mr. and Miss Joy Davis is back home Mrs. Howard Adams who lives at Jeremiah. Mr. Adams has from Detroit, Mich. cancer and can't work. Any kind Patsy and Tommy Yonts have of food will help. Everybody been very ill are some better that can, come please? at this writing. Mrs. Alpha Eoff and daughter, ATi nnH nro V). and Mrs. Stephen C. TTn nriTr Ann W, vicitinff 4.1. UltVI lAllllJ pres- and daughter, Stevia Ritchie and Mrs. Ralph 'ent. Lynne, Woosley and son, Tommy were Mrs. William Adams is still the Friday night guests of Mrs. Ritchie's mother, Mrs. Dora E. confined to her chair. Roberts. The Ritchies and Woos-ley- s were enroute to Eglin Air Minnie Adams visited Mr. and from Mrs. Robert Ison and family, Mrs Base, Florida, Force A i r Force Susan Adams and Louise Adams Saturday night. Base, in Dayton, Ohio. g. M Contracts Awarded Road Contracts The State Frankfort, Ky. Highway Department awarded contracts for improvements of 49 miles of roads in Breckin ridge, Union, Webster, Carroll, Pendleton, Boyle, Clay, Graves, Knox, Lee, Livingston, Marshall, Menifee, Taylor and Muhlenberg counties to cost $913,321.- , 86. l new lm ill The State Frankfort, Ky. Department of Highways awarded contracts for construction of garage buildings at Lebanon Junction and Shepherdsville on the Kentucky Turnpike to J. N. Chick, Bowling Green, for NEVER BEFORE! $57,-690.9- 8. to rtilliv AKM WORLD'S TINIEST WATCHES for as little as A complete line of distinctive Christmas Cards are available at The Eagle Office. Come in, look Funds Transferred them over before you buy. We Gov. Law- have a large selection to choose Frankfort, Ky. rence W. Wetherby transferred from, many different varieties. T-S- gt Trade at Home Wright-Patterso- n c Franklin D. Roberts from Willie C. Adams spent Satur- Bakalar AF Base, Indiana, spent day night at the home of Mr. and at home. Mrs. Emmett Adams. the week-enA-l- PETITE 'l J- - d fsf- - ) '4vV Mrs. Bill Holbrook and chil- - Russell Blair traded cars Sun- - j dren 01 ueveiana, unio, nave day he now has a '51 Chevro-fcee- n visiting Mrs. Carl Harlan, let. With the heart that never PiiiDHUTCcn ' th. ElGN CANp)A ElGN MllICENT t,,,i ELGIN RAMONA So graceful tiny. It's a reed liny, dtlicately mod- - Truly stunning. With ltd. Note tht very matching expansion tiny price. bracelet: 39" 49" Jfrlfy chormer.-42s- o Miss Dorothy Hush, Margaret John Henry Blair, formerly of Craft, were in Hazard last Wed-- ; Blair Branch, but now living at nesday shopping. Cecil, Ohio, was married Mrs. John Beatty is very ill in the Fleming Hospital. Mrs. Linville Adams is improv ing slowly. ;ENAAIN CU0-,,,, i 9" Eddie Ray Reesee has been very ill at his home, but is a Mrs. Usley Adams is still very sick. lot better at this writing. V. With dainty case. A daiiic square case Hadley expansion matched by flexible, P bracelet. 4"7 30 square ends. S Mr. Joe Cannon, Carley Fitch, We extend our deepest sym Sue. Browning, Joyce Davis, pathy to Mr. and Mrs. Jack spent Sunday in Ashland, Ky., Adams in the loss of their Inwith Carley's mother and sis- fant daughter, Dec. 5th. ter. 1 We are very sorry to hear that Tolliver uncle Preston Blair of Big guests of Lucky fell Sunday and broke were the week-enMrs. Sarah Ann Tolliver, Mr. his thumb. Tolliver is the chief of police in St. Matthews. Mrs. Bill d Camp Branch (by N. Sergent Sunday School attendance for December 4, was 53. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Clay and girls visited Mr. and Mrs. Enoch A. Sergent and Nannie Lou on Sunday afternoon. We wish to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Mr. Mel Taylor of Sandlick. John M. Sergent is very sick we wish for him a speedy recovery. Rev. Brooks Smith returned after a visit with his sister in Michigan. We wish to extend our sympathy to the family of Sam Sexton who passed away last week. overwhelmed, THIS Whitesburg Mrs. Martha Reynolds (Webb) f Millstone was struck by a car Saturday as she got out of a taxi in front of the A&P Store. Mrs. Webb was critically injured. LAYAWAY Most entrancing. Hadley expansion brocelet.49'5 AN ELGIN FOR HER NOW! Tiniest of them oDI Hadley expansion m Jm'iSJafcJ ,, mnta,t broce!et55 PRICES INCL FED. TAX JlOO I - Reserves Your Choice "Hello, Gertrude. Did you give your husband those shirts you bought on our out- - of- - town shopping trip? Oh... Yes, I just gave Fred his ties. What? Oh.. o Mr. and Next Meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 6. Speaker Albert Jones Absent Ken, Bob, June, D.W. and Willard. Dr. Sloan is making up his attendance according to Newt. Guests Wanda Blair and Doy-leBack Students from Stuart Robinson. Certainly glad to know someone else besides your bulletin committee is "on the ball". Anytime we need a program our chairman always comes up with a substitute even if it is just a motion to adjourn. Sorry June could not be with us, as schedule ed, due to the death of Mrs. Lingles sister. We feel sure every member of the Club joins in extending our sincere sympathy to them in their loss. Myrel reminds us that Christmas is a good time to remember our Rotary friend. He suggests a life insurance policy would be a nice gift, preferably one bought from him. "Membership in Rotary is a y proposition. In exchange for the fellowship and inspiration which Rotary provides for its members, it is the duty of each member to add something toward promoting the objectives of the Club. Let us . ask ourselves, are we just on i the receiving end or are we adding something to the cause?" I guess you'd say." Bradshaw Jewelers Whitesburg, Ky. AD SPONSORED IN COMMUNITY INTEREST THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Whitesburg, Kentucky Phone 2252 nt two-wa- 3Irs. E. A. Sergent visited Mrs. Ralph Clay and girls, Monday. . BLAIR BRANCH MINNIE ADAMS Mrs. Gehiza Adams who has , WHAT HAVE YOU CONTRIBbeen confined to the hospital since October 22nd., came home UTED TO YOUR ROTARY CLUB Nov. 30th, is still confined to her THIS WEEK? bed most all the time. Mrs. Arminta Blair and Wayne Blair were on the sick list last week. 1955 Christmas Program To Be Presented For P. T. A. On Thursday, December 15, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stewart and 1955 at 700 p.m., the following family of Splint and Mr. and program will be presented to the Mrs. Johnson of Benham visited Whitesburg P.T.A. Mr. and Mrs. Obie Stewart and CHRISTMAS CONCERT family, Sunday. under the direction of Michael J. Elias, High School i A birthday dinner was served Chorus. Sunday at the home of Mr. and Miss Patsy Ann Fields and Mrs. Ruth Rice, 4th and 5th Mrs. William Adams in honor of their granddaughter, Anna Lou Grades Chorus. Here Comes Santa Claus Back. White Christmas Mr. and Mrs. James E. Blair Winter Wonderland of Louisville visited Betty Blair Away in a Manger and others here the week end. When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter. Mr. and Mrs. James Fields and Elizabeth of Bull Creek visited Joy to the World Brass Sextette Mr. and Mrs. Stella Caudill, Sun- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Away in a Manger day. 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