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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 4- E. Consideration of a contract for Charles T. Wethington, Jr. (Agenda Item 1) Governor Breathitt said he very much appreciated the input from the faculty representatives, the lawyers, and the volunteer Board members who had only one interest: the best interests of the University. He then read Agenda Item 1: that the Chairman be authorized to execute a contract. He paused and said, "let me make this point, not to review, not to negotiate, but only to execute that means to sign my name at the direction of this board." He continued reading the agenda item, between the Board and Dr. Wethington on the terms and conditions that follow: Dr. Wethington shall serve as President of the University until June 30, 2001, and the terms and conditions, including those relating to salary and benefits, set out in the contract executed on May 15, 1999 shall be included in the contract; that during the period beginning July 1, 2001 and ending on June 30, 2003, Dr. Wethington will assist the Board and the new President in development and fundraising, including the capital campaign; that the other terms, conditions, and benefits set out in the May 15, 1999 contract shall remain the same during his term with the sole exception of those relating to residence at Maxwell Place; and the parties agree that upon execution of this contract, the May 15, 1999 contract shall be void and shall no longer be binding on either party. Governor Breathitt stated that this was carefully worked out as a compromise which accomplishes two things basically: it starts the search for a new president in 2000 and enables President Wethington to continue to assist to the completion of the four year capital campaign. He pointed out that President Wethington insisted on the word "assist." He noted that many people had recommended that President Wethington be given a title and responsibility by the Board. However, President Wethington said that President Singletary did not look over his shoulder when he became President and he did not intend to look over the shoulder of the next president of the University. The next president should have a free hand and he should only assist him with these responsibilities at his direction. Governor Breathitt said he thought the position of President Wethington was very statesmanlike. Mrs. Sims moved that the Board approve Agenda Item 1. Professor Mather seconded the motion. Governor Breathitt asked for any comments. Mrs. Sims said that the newspapers called her passionate, and she felt like that was an understatement. Like every person at the table, she has one thing in her heart and, that is, that the University of Kentucky move forward in the greatest possible way with grace, power and dignity and move in the direction that the Governor has envisioned for the University in 2000. As an alumni representative, she said she was so thrilled to say that she believed in the motion and the compromise. She believes that President Wethington can do the job and help the University with that sincere and earnest mission that is so critical for the University of Kentucky. Professor Mather thanked Governor Breathitt for his remarks but said he felt that Governor Breathitt was a bit too generous in describing the role that he and Professor Reedy played. He said the motion and the contract that goes with it represent a compromise and with all compromises everyone needs to understand that there are things in there that each one would like to see changed no doubt, and obviously some things that each one ought to find some

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