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McCready / Bolton Family Papers, 1780-1998

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Margaret French McCready Cornell


McCready / Bolton Family Papers




Eastern Kentucky University ArchivesRichmond, Kentucky 40475-3102


Files are arranged into family groups.

Conditions Governing Access note

This collection is open for research.

Preferred Citation Note

[Identification of item], McCready/Bolton Family Papers, 1780-1998, 99A2, University Archives, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond.


19.55 cubic feet, 27,250 items, 28 document boxes, 4 records center boxes, 3 flat oversize storage boxes


An archival repository rarely, if ever, receives a donated collection which already has been processed in acid-free folders and a finding aid prepared. The McCready-Bolton Family Papers is one of those very rare exceptions. In 1996 after visiting Eastern Kentucky University Libraries Mrs. Margaret French McCready Cornell decided to donate her family papers to University Archives. First, she diligently assembled papers from numerous relatives and received their permission to donate the papers to Eastern. Mrs. Cornell, who had recently obtained the M.L.S. degree from Simmons College Graduate School of Library Science in archival management, has arranged the collection into sixteen series according to an individual family member, with the exception of the Henley Moore and Faye Wilson Bolton McCready Joint Series. Each series has been consistently organized and contains information about-provenance, quantity, date range of materials, physical characteristics, lengthy biographical note, and scope and content which lists individual files of the papers. Mrs. Cornell has thoroughly analyzed each series sometimes pointing out major gaps in the materials and often listing cross references to other series. Boxes 29 to 34 primarily contain photographs, scrapbooks, and audio tapes which are referred to throughout the finding aid. Mrs. Cornell's original arrangement has been slightly modified to conform to the University Archives standard inventory format. Student assistant, Mr. Randall Calico, worked diligently in assembling the collection and retyping parts of the finding aid.

The McCready family has very deep roots in Central Kentucky. The family, primarily centered in Winchester, has made significant contributions to the region's economic development and civic progress. For example, a bequeath by Stephen McCready in memory of his wife, Isabel, to the First Presbyterian Church in Richmond provided the seed money to initiate the development of a retirement community in Richmond. In recognition of Mr. McCready's philanthropy the retirement village was named McCready Manor.

Eastern Kentucky University is most honored that the McCready family decided to donate their family papers to the University Archives Section of the library. We are particularly grateful to Mrs. Margaret McCready Cornell for her foresight in assembling, arranging, and preparing this finding aid to her family papers. Her dedication is very much appreciated.

Scope and Content

The union of Rev. the William George McCready and Miss Margaret Anne French created a family with deep roots in the Winchester, KY area. As these Papers reveal, much was recorded and saved about / by Margaret Anne French's family and other relatives, the Moore, Callaway, and Irvine families. Much less is known about William G. McCready's family who had settled in Louisville, KY area. Henley Moore, the youngest son of the McCreadys, married Faye Wilson Bolton whose family's roots were in the Owensboro, KY area. These papers describe the comings and goings of these families through several generations - ordinary people striving to be good family members while making their contributions in their respective communities.

Dominant types of materials include Correspondence, photographs, two diaries, scrap-books, original writing / publications, newspaper clippings, genealogical records.

User Restrictions

Restrictions: None - See Faye B. McCready Series - File 28

Collection Inventory

McCready, Margaret Anne (French), Date range: 1868 - 1948 (with gaps)
Scope and Content Note:

Includes Correspondence, diary / notebook, photographs, invitations, confirmation certificate, personal Bible, banking documents, and household papers.

3 boxes, 24 files following her life mainly through her children's correspondence and her life as a minister's wife.

Provenance is McCready - Bolton Family Papers

Margaret Anne (French) McCready (b. Nov 28, 1863 - d. Oct 15, 1948) was the fourth child of seven born to Charles Stephen French and Margaret Hockaday (Moore) French in Winchester, KY at Welcome Hall. The family had deep roots in Kentucky and this fact is seen throughout the personal documents of Margaret. It is not known where she had her early schooling, but it is assumed in the Winchester environs. On February?, 1892 Margaret married William George McCready an Episcopal clergyman, and their union gave to the world seven children: Charles Stephen, John Dudley, Emily Irvine, William George, Margaret Callaway, Richard French, and Henley Moore. Beginning at age 29, over a period of 16 years (1893 - 1909) she had her seven children (in the midst of various long moves to churches where her husband served (Easton, MD, Asheville, NC, and Brooklyn, NY). The long moves, adjustments to new towns, having responsibility for her young children at age 40+ and prolonged absences from her Kentucky kindred must have taken its toll on Margaret. The drowning of her son George in the Kentucky River in 1981 was devastating to her. Also during this period, her husband was not well and in 1922 she became a widow at age 59 when Henley Moore was only 12 years old. Despite her physical and emotional challenges, Margaret lived to the age of 85, much beloved by her remaining children. She was a member of the First Baptist Church in Winchester, where she retained membership despite her husband's rectorship in the Episcopal Church. Twelve years into their marriage (1904) she was confirmed into the Episcopal Church. Margaret is buried in the McCready plot in the Winchester Cemetery.

Photographs / diary confirmation certificate, (1879-1892) /
[box: 1, volume: File 1]
Correspondence, (1886-1899)
[volume: File 2]
Correspondence & fitness program with Susanna Cocroft, (1911-1912)
[volume: File 3]
Correspondence, (1900 - 1929)
[volume: File 4]
Correspondence received at son George's death, (1918)
[volume: File 5]
Correspondence received at husband's death, (1922)
[volume: File 6]
Correspondence from son Stephen, (1922 - 1929)
[volume: File 7]
Correspondence from son Stephen, (July-Sept, 1929)
[volume: File 8]
Correspondence from son Stephen, (1930 - 1939)
[volume: File 9a]
Correspondence from daughter-in-law: Isabel (Bennett) McCready, (1931, 1944 - 1946)
[volume: File 9b]
Correspondence from son Stephen, (1940 - 1946)
[volume: File 10]
Correspondence from son John Dudley, (1907 - 1942)
[volume: File 11]
Correspondence from son John Dudley, (1944 - 1947)
[box: 2, volume: File 12]
Correspondence from daughter Emily, (1930 - 1937)
[volume: File 13]
Correspondence from daughter Margaret & family, (1929 - 1946)
[volume: File 14]
Correspondence from son Richard French, (1932 - 1943)
[volume: File 15]
Correspondence from son Henley Moore & daughter-in-law, Faye, (1924, 1932 - 1942)
[volume: File 16]
Correspondence from son Henley Moore, (1944)
[volume: File 17]
Correspondence from son Henley Moore, (1945)
[volume: File 18]
Correspondence [mixed from cousins, sisters, & others], (1930-1947)
[volume: File 19]
Calling cards, greeting cards, invitations, (1881 - 1848)
[volume: File 20]
Misc. personal papers, notes, (1906 - 1940 with gaps)
[volume: File 21]
Banking documents, (1935 - 1944)
[box: 3, volume: File 22]
Misc. home-related papers, (1935 - 1948)
[volume: File 23]
Death, (Oct. 15, 1948)
[volume: File 24]
The Psalmist: with supplement
[volume: Book]
Scope and Content Note:

Rev. William George McCready Series - (Box 28)

Box #33 - File 2

Photographs of family at funeral (1948)

French Family Series

Moore Family Series

French and Moore Families Series, Date range: ca1780 - 1940 (with gaps)
Scope and Content Note:

Includes Correspondence, photographs, a journal, land investment documents, newspaper articles, ephemera

Provenance is McCready - Bolton Family Papers

17 files arranged by family groups

This series includes information on and in relation to Margaret Anne (French) McCready. Her great-grandparents, grandparents, sisters, and several cousins are included. For supplementary biographical information also see the genealogy files in the Emily Irvine McCready Series.

James French, Sr. (b. 1769) - great grandfather of Margaret, etc
[box: 4, volume: File 1]
Richard French (b. Jun 23, 1792 - d. May 1, 1854) - grandfather
James H. French (20 May 1823-13 Feb 1900) - son of Richard, uncle of Margaret
Richard French (b._____d._____) - son of Richard, uncle of Margaret
Mary Taylor (Parrish) French
Mary Callaway French
Mary Tutt (Taliaferro) French - (b._____ d. Feb 14, 1886) -grandmother
Charles Stephen French (b. Jun 8, 1828 - d. Jun 26, 1905) - father
[volume: File 2]
James H. French (see File 1) - uncle
License to practice law (1864 - 1865)
Charles Stephen French and Margaret Hockaday (Moore) French (Margaret: b. Apr 6, 1832 - d. Jan 12, 1907)
[volume: File 3]
Scope and Content Note:

(Marriage: Jan 2, 1855) - Margaret's father and mother

Charles Stephen French - Minnesota Land Investments, (1856-1905)
[volume: File 4]
Charles Stephen French - miscellaneous papers, (1856 - 1907 with gaps)
[volume: File 5]
Charles Stephen French - legal documents, (1859 - 1888)
[volume: File 6]
Charles Stephen French & Margaret H. (Moore) French Land investments in Superior, Wisconsin, (1857 - 1902)
[volume: File 7]
Thomas Ramsdall Moore (b. Nov 30, 1785 - d. Apr 24, 1844)
[volume: File 8]
Evelina Walker (Hockaday) Moore (b. Jun 9, 1799 - d. Dec 20, 1857) Parents of Margaret Hockaday (Moore) French Grandparents to Margaret
Margaret Hockaday (Moore) French's brothers and sisters
[volume: File 9]
Emily (Moore) Bright
Thomas H. Moore
Pattie F. Moore
Sallie (Moore) Wheeler
John Henley Moore (brother to Margaret H. (Moore) French (b. 1829 - d. 1901)
[volume: File 10]
Isaac Irvine Moore (brother to Margaret H. (Moore) French and wife Emily (Raymond) Moore
[volume: File 11]
Their children: Douglas and Florence, File date: (1892 - 1937 with gaps)
Isaac Irvine Moore and Emily (Raymond) Moore, Correspondence, (1856 - 1881 with gaps)
[volume: File 12]
Journal written by Emily: "How I Went To Denver" (whereabouts of original?) (cal1869 - 1870)
Brothers and a sister of Margaret Anne (French) McCready
[volume: File 13]
William Hendley French (b. Dec 5, 1860 - d. Dec 15, 1915)
Married Elizabeth Payne (b. 1863 - d. 1920)
Thomas Richard French (b. Jul 25, 1866 - d. Jul 27, 1886)
Emily J. (French) Sphar (Mrs. Asa) (b. Sep 17, 1858 - d. Aug 28, 1951)
Mary Evaline French - sister of Margaret (b. Aug 30, 1856 - d. Mar 4, 1934), File date: 1915 - 1923
[volume: File 14]
Sarah Calloway (French) [1 Youtsey / [2 Yates - sister of Margaret (b. Jun 5, 1871 - d. Jan 16, 1940)
[volume: File 15]
Scope and Content Note:

File date: 1897, 1908, 1938

Pattie Elizabeth (French) Witherspoon - sister of Margaret (b. Oct 28, 1868 - d. May 12, 1934)
[box: 5, volume: File 16]
John Moore Wheeler (Son of Sallie (Moore) Wheeler) - first cousin to Margaret
[volume: File 17]
Scope and Content Note:

File date: 1888 - 1947

Photographs from the French / Moore Family Bible (mid 1800s)
[volume: File 18]
Ephemera of Sarah (French) Youtsey
Scope and Content Note:

Box #33, File 1 -Charles Stephen French

Georgetown College diploma (1849)

State (KY) appointment (1859)

French Family Bible (Box 29)

McCready, Charles Stephen French, Date range: 1915 - 1994
Scope and Content Note:

Includes Correspondence, speeches, photographs, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, bound books.

Provenance is McCready-Bolton Family Papers

24 files following his life chronologically and including information on his 3 wives and their families through the death of Elizabeth Aldred McCready. Includes present day establishment of McCready Manor in Richmond, Ky. Also, 2 scrapbooks and 1 oversized file found in Oversized Box #1.

Photographs, (1895, 1915 - 1963 with gaps)
[box: 6, volume: File 1]
Marriage to Helen Winona Johnson, (1920 - 1940)
[volume: File 2]
Stephen and Helen's son - William Johnson McCready, (n.d.)
[volume: File 3]
Early work in textile industry, (1924)
[volume: File 4]
Real Estate business, (1930 - 1964)
[volume: File 5]
Correspondence [by Stephen], (1950 - 1959)
[volume: File 6]
Correspondence received, (1923 - 1954 with gaps)
[volume: File 7]
Marriage to Isabel Warfield Bennett, (1943 - 1956)
[volume: File 8]
Family of Isabel W. (Bennett) McCready, (1950-1991)
[volume: File 9]
Affiliations - church and civic, (1946 - 1969 with gaps)
[volume: File 10]
Trips to Europe, (1930's? - 1950s with gaps)
[volume: File 11]
Scope and Content Note:

See: Henley Moore and Faye B. McCready Series- JOINT File #5

Camelot at 1105 East 5th Street, Ocala, FL, (1940's - 1966)
[volume: File 12]
Ownership of French painting (Corregio Madonna), (1929)
[volume: File 13]
Marriage to Elizabeth Aldred Wallace, (1959 - 1966)
[box: 7, volume: File 14]
Death of Stephen F. McCready and Estate, (Sept 16, 1966)
[volume: File 15]
Death and estate of Elizabeth (Wallace) McCready, (1975)
[volume: File 16]
Correspondence related to Elizabeth's death, (1975)
[volume: File 17]
Elizabeth Aldred Wallace's first marriage, (1930-1940)
[volume: File 18]
Elizabeth (Wallace) McCready's family -- Polks and Causeys, (1838 - 1937)
[volume: File 19]
Elizabeth (Wallace) McCready's family correspondence, (1836 - 1926 with gaps)
[volume: File 20]
Elizabeth (Wallace McCready correspondence, (1900-1960 with gaps)
[volume: File 21]
McCready Manor, Richmond, KY, (1994)
[volume: File 22]
Charles Stephen French McCready - Memorabilia
[volume: File 23]
Paper: "Early Homes of Madison County Kentucky" by Mrs. James W. Caperton (Katherine Phelps), 1930
[volume: File 24]
Ocala Cavalcade- Honoring Ocala's One Hundredth Birthday, (1946)
[box: 8, volume: Book]
A Treasury of Stephen Foster
[volume: Book]
Scope and Content Note:

Correspondence to his Mother in Margaret Anne (French) McCready Series (Box 1, files 7-10)

Scrapbook of Stephen [a gift from his grandparents] (1894 - 1901) (Box 29)

Scrapbook of Stephen (1936-1952) (Box 29)

Scrapbook of Isabel (1939 - 1946) (Box 29)

Oversized items in Charles Stephen French McCready file - Box #33, File 3

Box 28b, Slides belonging to Betty Wallace McCready, the third wife of Stephen McCready

Accession #: 99A2 Scrapbook #1, Inclusive dates: 1894 - 1901 Indexed? Yes
Volume size: 10" x 14" x 1/2"
Scope and Content Note:

Volume cover: Cardboard

Condition: poor

Accession #: 99A2 Scrapbook #2, Inclusive dates: 1936 - 1952 Indexed? Yes
Volume size: 13 3/4" x 12"
Scope and Content Note:

Newspaper clippings of organizations and real estate projects that Stephen F. McCready was involved with mainly in Ocala (Marion County), Florida. Also contains newspaper clippings pertaining to thefriends and family of SFMcC. One letter written by SFMcC is included. He wrote many similar "round robin" letters to his family. Few of these letters remain or have been found by MMC while processing this collection.

Volume cover: Brown imitation leather

Condition: good

Scrapbook, Inclusive dates: 1943 - 1944 Indexed? Yes
Volume size: 10" x 13 1/2" x 1/2"
Scope and Content Note:

Newspaper clippings of family obituaries and marriages, a graduation announcement, and other subjects related to Isabel's family including the Bennetts, Brittains, Burnams who generally resided in the Richmond, KY area.

Volume cover: Brown embossed leather

Condition: Cover - good, Contents - poor

McCready, Emily Irvine, Date range: 1896 - 1971
Scope and Content Note:

Provenance is McCready - Bolton Family Papers

50 files arranged chronologically and focused on her writings Physical characteristics: Correspondence, photographs, original writing, notebooks, newspaper articles, personal books, ephemera

Emily Irvine McCready (b. Sep 1, 1896 - d. Aug 29, 1971) was the third child and first daughter born to the Rev. Dr. William George McCready and Margaret Anne (French) McCready. Her place of birth was Newport, KY; she was baptized on Oct 22, 1896 in Winchester, KY. Emily received a diploma from the Hannah Moore Academy - Diocese of Maryland in 1915 and in 1918 obtained her Kentucky Teacher's Certificate. In 1928, she received an AB from Wesleyan College in Winchester, KY; two years later she attended the summer session of Alliance Francaise in Paris, France. Emily never married. Because of her love of children (especially her nieces and nephews), she opened in 1939-40 a kindergarten in Winchester which lasted several years. Always interested in writing and encouraging others to write, she set the example and wrote historical articles for the newspaper between 1950 - 1960. Also, she pursued her passion for genealogy. She attended the University of Oklahoma taking several creative writing courses (1953 - 1962?). During this period, she wrote a novel entitled The Corn Top's Ripe. For the most part, Emily lived in Winchester: at 1108 West Lexington Road in her family home; on College Street; in the winter at the Brown Proctor Hotel; and finally on 321 South Maple Street. Emily was a life member of the Fortnightly Club. After a long illness, Emily died on Aug 29, 1971 and was buried in the McCready plot of the Winchester, KY cemetery.

Childhood and youth, (1896 - 1920)
[box: 9, volume: File 1]
Correspondence, (1911 - 1962 with gaps)
[volume: File 2a]
Summer of 1930 in Paris, France
[volume: File 2b]
Photographs, (1930s - 1960)
[volume: File 3]
Kindergarten teaching, (1939-40)
University of Oklahoma, (1953-1962?)
[volume: File 4]
Correspondence, (1939-59)
[volume: File 5]
Correspondence, (1960-62)
[volume: File 6]
Correspondence, (1963-64)
[volume: File 7]
Correspondence, (1965)
[volume: File 8]
Correspondence, (1966,1969)
[volume: File 9]
Her nieces and nephews, (1940-1956)
[box: 10, volume: File 10]
Drawings by her niece and nephew, (1948-1950)
[volume: File 11]
Family newspapers, (1953)
[volume: File 12]
Tribute to Emily by her niece, Margaret McCready Cornell, (1995)
[volume: File 13]
Photographs in her collection, (1950's?)
[volume: File 14]
Collected items of interest to Emily, (1932, 1939, 1952)
[volume: File 15]
Collected items of interest - Cane Ridge Meeting House and John Allen Gano (Varied dates in 1800s)
[volume: File 16]
Newspaper clippings, (1950s - 1970s, with gaps)
[volume: File 17]
[volume: File 18]
Box #34 items
[volume: File 19]
Card game
[volume: File 20]
Callaway Genealogy
[volume: File 21 - 22]
Callaway and Henderson Family Richard Callaway, (1722 - 1780)
[volume: File 23]
French Genealogy
[volume: File 24 - 25]
Hockaday Genealogy, (1796 - 1864)
[volume: File 26, 34]
Moore Genealogy
[volume: File 27 - 28]
Moore Genealogy (Howard Hughes link)
[volume: File 29]
Moore Genealogy
[volume: File 30]
Taliaferro - Moore Genealogy
[box: 11, volume: File 31]
Irvine Genealogy
[volume: File 32]
Irvine/Field Family Reunion, (1946-47)
[volume: File 33]
Hockaday/ Moore Genealogy
[volume: File 34]
Sphar Genealogy
[volume: File 35]
[volume: File 36]
Emily's writing, (1920 - 1930s)
[volume: File 37]
Emily's writing (late 1940s - 1964)
[volume: File 38-43]
Emily's writing (continued)
[box: 12, volume: File 44-49]
Historic homes of Kentucky
[volume: File 50]
Welcome Hall
Crown Crest
Sleepy Hollow
Drafts of Emily Irvine McCready's writings through the years
[box: 13]
Scope and Content Note:

Box #33, Files 1 and 4

Margaret Anne (French) McCready Series - correspondence from Emily to her mother. (Box 2, file 13)

McCready, Henley Moore, Date range: 1910 - (1935 - 1970) - 1976
Scope and Content Note:

Includes Correspondence (personal and business), photographs, scrapbook with clippings, phonograph records, programs, diplomas, award plaques, insurance records, sheet music, personal ephemera

Provenance is McCready-Bolton Family Papers

1 cubic foot (12 files by subject or type of material), scrapbook in ledger-type book

Henley Moore McCready (Oct 15, 1909 - Nov 19, 1976) was the youngest of seven children born to Rev. Dr. William George and Margaret Anne (French) McCready. Born in Asheville, NC the family later moved to Winchester, Kentucky where HMMcC spent most of his life. He graduated from Clark County High School in 1926 and Kentucky Wesleyan College in 1931. In the mid 1930's he became an insurance salesman, his profession until his death. In 1938, he married Faye Wilson Bolton and they had two children: Margaret French and John Bennett.

In the service, Henley Moore served in the 97th Chemical Mortar Battalion, Co. A, 3rd Plt (ASN 35 882 738, Co.A) of the U.S. Army. Within his papers information on his date of service is conflicting. One date is Feb 7, 1944 to Oct 22, 1945; the other date is Jan 28, 1944 to Aug, 1945.

During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army for approximately 22 months. After the War, he returned to his first love -- his family. For nearly 40 years, he maintained his insurance business and contributed extensively to his community through his singing, church work and as a Kiwanis Club member. HMMcC was buried in the McCready plot of the Winchester, Ky cemetery.

Photographs of Henley Moore McCready, (1910 - 1960's)
[box: 14, volume: File 1]
Wesleyan College, (1933)
[volume: File 2]
HS and College diplomas in oversized box of Collection, (1926, 1931)
Correspondence - personal and business, (1924 - 1938)
[volume: File 3]
Correspondence - personal, (1942, 1945-1975 with gaps)
[volume: File 4]
Insurance business records, (1935 - 1965)
[volume: File 5]
Writing for insurance magazines-, 1964
World War II - correspondence & photographs, (1944 - 1945)
[volume: File 6 & 7]
Kiwanis Club and First Baptist Church, (1954 - 1959, 1968)
[volume: File 8]
Shakertown -, 1972
Music programs, photographs, phonographs, (1946 - 1969)
[box: 15, volume: File 9]
Original writing, (1962 - 1966)
[volume: File 10]
Death, (Nov. 19, 1976)
[volume: File 11 & 12]
Ephemera: Plaques and personal belongings
Scope and Content Note:

Henley Moore and Faye B. McCready Series (JOINT)

Faye Bolton McCready Series

Margaret Anne (French) McCready Series-Correspondence to his Mother (Box 2, files 16-18)

Henley Moore McCready Scrapbook (1915 - 1938) (Box 30)

Photographs and other papers in Faye Bolton McCready Series, Box #33, File 11

Other notes:

Insurance companies affiliation - (1 the Mutual Life of New York and 2) the Maryland Casualty Company)

Accession #: 99A2 Scrapbook, Inclusive dates: 1916 - 1938 Indexed? Yes
Volume size: 9 1/4" x 13 3/4" x 1/2"
Scope and Content Note:

Newspaper clippings of family obituaries, marriage announcements, birth announcements, and other subjects related to Kentucky and family history that interested Henley Moore McCready.

Volume cover: Grey cloth over cardboard

Condition: good

McCready, Faye Wilson (Bolton), Date range: 1916 - 1993
Scope and Content Note:

Includes Correspondence, diaries, photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, yearbooks, reports, audio tapes, sheet music, personal ephemera.

Provenance is McCready-Bolton Family Papers

2 1/2 cubic feet (46 files following her life chronologically and by areas of work), 1 scrapbook.

Faye Wilson (Bolton) McCready (Dec 19, 1916 - Sep 9, 1993) was the only surviving child born to John Cleveland Bolton and Mary Elizabeth (Bennett) Bolton in Owensboro, Kentucky. The family owned a small farm on the Hale Road outside of Owensboro near Philpot, KY. Faye attended elementary and high schools in Daviess County. She graduated from Kentucky Wesleyan College (Winchester) in 1937. While in college Faye met her future husband, Henley Moore McCready (also a Wesleyan graduate) whose family lived in Winchester. They were married in 1938 then resided in Winchester for the remainder of their lives. Two children were born, Margaret French and John Bennett. Henley and Faye continued to have strong ties with Wesleyan College and she became a piano instructor. As a young mother, for part time jobs, she played the organ in Winchester churches (including the First Baptist and Christian Churches) and the funeral homes. Having established her identity as a good organist and following her Methodist roots, she accepted the offer for the organist position at the First Methodist Church in 1951. Eventually she became the Minister of Music and retained this position for the next forty years. Faye was also a piano and organ teacher and generally supported the arts in the Winchester/Lexington area all of her life. She was a member of various Winchester clubs including the Fortnightly Club and Winchester Music Club but the main focus in her adult life was church music and her family. FWBMcC is buried in the McCready plot of the Winchester, KY Cemetery.

Infancy - childhood, (1916 - 1925)
[box: 16, volume: File 1]
Elementary school, (1922 - 1929)
[volume: File 2]
Daviess County High School, (1929 - 1933)
[volume: File 3]
College application, (1932-33)
[volume: File 4]
Kentucky Wesleyan College, (1933 - 1937)
[volume: File 5a]
Zoology folder and Music Tests
[box: 17, volume: File 5b]
College Term Papers
[volume: File 5c]
First job as a teacher, (1937-38)
[volume: File 6]
Marriage to Henley Moore McCready, (1938)
[volume: File 7]
Professor Faye B. McCready - Wesleyan College, (1947-1951)
[volume: File 8]
Wesleyan Alumna, (1937 - 1993)
[volume: File 9]
Student at University of Kentucky, (1949 - 1957)
[volume: File 10]
The First Methodist Church, (1951 - 1971)
[volume: File 11]
The First Methodist Church, (1972 - 1993)
[volume: File 12]
Church Music Workshops, (1953-1984 with gaps)
[volume: File 13a]
The First Methodist Church - W.S.C.S./ U.M.W, (1954 - 1986)
[box: 18, volume: File 13b]
Winchester Music Club member with gaps, (1934 - 1993)
[volume: File 14]
Fortnightly Club member, (1948 - 1993)
[volume: File 15]
Membership in other clubs, (1948 - 1993)
[volume: File 16]
Teacher certification efforts, (1973)
[volume: File 17]
Piano / Organ teacher, (1953 - 1966)
[volume: File 18]
Functions played for, (1942 - 1993)
[volume: File 19]
Lexington A.G.O. Chapter concert, (1956)
[volume: File 20]
Involvement in Winchester Council for the Arts, (1986 - 1987)
[volume: File 21]
Windswept Workshops, Berea, Ky, (1975, 1983 - 86)
[volume: File 22]
Insurance Agent, (1976 - 1985)
[volume: File 23]
Patient at Charter Ridge Hospital, (1979)
[volume: File 24]
Poetry / paintings, (1970s-80s)
[volume: File 25]
The Methodist Festival Choir Tour, (1981)
[volume: File 26]
Box 19 contains Birthday cards through the years, Bibles, a bow, post cards, and pieces of silver all belonging to Faye B. McCready
[box: 19]
Friends: European trips with Hazel McCormick and Mary Mitchell Grant, (1977 and 1982)
[box: 20, volume: File 27]
Friend: Correspondence with Dan Rains 40 year restriction, (1978 - 1980) -
[volume: File 28]
Friend: Dan Rains, (1978 - 1993)
[volume: File 29]
Friend: Lenore Hastings - a lifelong friend from college, (n.d.)
[volume: File 30]
Friend: Odette Prunet, nurse from Frontier Nursing Service and lifelong friend, (1948 - 1993)
[volume: File 31]
Continued correspondence of Faye's daughter, Margaret with Odette Prunet, (1994 - 1998)
Acquaintance with Mary Breckinridge, Founder FNS
Friend: John Bloomfield, (1970 - 1987)
[volume: File 32]
Wide Neighborhoods by Mary Breckinridge
[volume: Book]
Cousin and friend: Henry Douglas Smith with gaps, (1932 - 1980)
[box: 21, volume: File 33]
Cousin and friend: Frances Ann (DuVerger) Tinnemeier, (1965-1993)
[volume: File 34]
Tinnemeier's trip - Bolton Castle, (1983)
[volume: File 35]
Friend: Holly (Stevenson) VanMeter, (1974-1993)
[volume: File 36]
Personal ephemera - unique correspondence - (with gaps), 1948-1980
(2 folders) [volume: File 37]
Correspondence, (1980 - 1993)
[volume: File 38]
Color profile, (1981)
[volume: File 39]
"Faye McCready Day", (1990)
[volume: File 40]
Concert with Dan Rains at Scarritt Bennett Center, (1992)
[volume: File 41]
Last concert with Dan Rains and Frances Tinnemeier, (1993)
[volume: File 42]
Living Will, (1993)
[volume: File 43]
Death of Faye B. McCready, (Sept. 11, 1993)
(2 folders) [box: 22, volume: File 44]
Estate of Faye B. McCready, (1993)
[volume: File 45]
Sheet music
[volume: File 46]
Scope and Content Note:

Scrapbook #1 (1932) - (Box 30)

Scrapbook #2(1929-33) - (Box 30)

Scrapbook #3 (1932?) - (Box 30)

Joint Henley Moore and Faye (Bolton) McCready Series

John C. and Mary B. Bolton Series

Photograph boxes (Boxes 31 and 32)

Portrait photograph of Faye done by William Ogden, Winchester photographer (ca 1953)

Box #34 -

File 11 -College diplomas and photographs (1926-1970)

File 12 - Elizabeth (Lib) Crapster Coats of Arms (1946

File 47 - Faye's original drawings (1930, 1980)

File 48 - Certificates and Licenses (1973 - 1981)

Accession #: 99A2 Scrapbook #1, Inclusive dates: July 9, 1932 - Sept 2, 1932 Indexed? No
Volume size: 10 1/2" x 15" x 1"
Scope and Content Note:

Scrapbook made during or following Faye's trip to visit her cousins, the Smiths, in Amarillo, Texas. She was a teen at the time and delighted with the opportunity to travel west-her first big trip away from home. (Hettie Smith was the sister of Mary (Bennett) Bolton, Faye's mother.)

Volume cover: Paper

Condition: fair to poor

Accession #: 99A2 Scrapbook #2, Inclusive dates: 1929 - 1933 Indexed? No
Volume size: 12" x 16"
Scope and Content Note:

Scrapbook of memorabilia, clippings, programs and events Faye attended / participated in during Grades 9 - 12.

Volume cover: Heavy green paper

Condition: good

Scrapbook #3, Inclusive dates: ca 1932 or 1933? Indexed? No
Volume size: 15" x 10 1/2"
Scope and Content Note:

A quaint scrapbook entitled "Romance of Faye Wilson Bolton" and created by Faye's mother probably as a gift to her. The contents are pictures cut from magazines and the story is the growth and life stages of a girl / woman from babyhood through adulthood. At the end, Mary encloses a special poem which shewrote to Faye.

Volume cover: Light cardboard

Condition: poor - very embrittled

McCready, Henley Moore and Faye Wilson (Bolton)- JOINT, Date range: 1938 - 1993 (with gaps)
Scope and Content Note:

Includes Correspondence, travel diary, photographs, calling cards, newspaper clippings, programs, church bulletins

Provenance is McCready-Bolton Family Papers

One half cubic foot (10 files by subject or type of file)

See information on individual series of both persons.

Wedding, (Jan 31, 1938)
[box: 23, volume: File 1]
Wedding and occasions after, (1938)
[volume: File 2]
Correspondence, (1937 [1962-1966] - 1993)
[volume: File 3]
Family home: 223 Moundale Avenue, Winchester, KY, (1940 - 1993)
[volume: File 4]
Trip to Europe with Stephen and Betty McCready, (1961)
[volume: File 5]
Trip to Europe - on board the Mauritania, (1961)
[volume: File 6]
Trip from Europe - return trip on Mauritania, (1961)
[box: 24, volume: File 7]
Trip to England with Charles and Mary Kay Turkington, (1974)
[volume: File 8]
Trip to Providence, RI to visit the Cornells
[volume: File 9]
Interest in Winchester Cathedral - church bulletin collection
[volume: File 10]
John Bennett McCready - Infancy to early childhood, (1940-1944)
[volume: File 11]
John Bennett McCready - Elementary / Jr. High, (1946-1953)
[volume: File 12]
John Bennett McCready - High School / College, (1958-1962)
[volume: File 13]
John Bennett McCready - Weds Margaret Milner, (7/17/65 - 1969, 1990)
[box: 25, volume: File 14]
John Bennett McCready - Post college - Adulthood, (1963-1976)
[volume: File 15]
John Bennett McCready - children, (1979-1993)
[volume: File 16]
John Bennett McCready - Daughter - Emily Bolton (McCready) Kirk, (1971-1997)
[volume: File 17]
John Bennett McCready - Family items, correspondence, (1997-)
[volume: File 18]
Scope and Content Note:

Box #34: File 11: College certificates (1931, 1937)

Photographs (1939, 1953)

Insurance certificates (1941, 1970)

Box #34: File 12: Coats of Arms: French, Taliaferro, Callaway painted by Elizabeth (Lib) Crapster in 1946.

Box 28b: Slides belonging to Henley Moore and Faye McCready - various types

Bolton, John Cleveland and Mary Elizabeth (Bennett), Date range: 1800 - 1996
Scope and Content Note:

Scope and content: Collection contains genealogy information with files organized around John and Mary (Bennett) Bolton and their parents and siblings. Photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings make up the bulk of the material which covers a span of almost 200 years and tells a story of two families which dispersed over the United States, but whose roots remained in the Owensboro, KY area.

Includes Photographs, correspondence, a scrapbook, a ledger, deed, printed/handwritten genealogy information.

Provenance is McCready-Bolton Family Papers

1 cubic foot (22 files)

John Cleveland Bolton (b. May 25, 1882 - d. Apr 30, 1962) born in Livia, KY (McLean County), was the third child (of six) of John Henry Bolton and Cynthia Martha May. He grew up in the same area where he met his wife, Mary Elizabeth Bennett (b. Feb 8, 1882 - d. Feb 23, 1965), daughter of Samuel Wilson Bennett and Elizabeth Wilhite Patterson. Mary was the tenth child of twelve. For a brief period after their marriage (Sep 20, 1905) they lived in Ouray, Colorado but returned to the Owensboro, KY (Daviess County) area where they made their lifetime home. John was a farmer keeping his 30+ acres in tobacco and hay to feed a few cows. He made his living off the tobacco and selling eggs, butter, and milk to Owensboro customers which he delivered to their homes. Mary was a homemaker and loved to bake and sew. She made many (50?) quilts in her lifetime. They were members of Pleasant Grove Methodist Church where John was Sunday School Supt and Mary was a part of the Women's Society of Christian Service. They had two daughters: an infant born in 1909 did not live; Faye Wilson Bolton was born in 1916. When John died, Mary sold the farm and moved to Winchester, KY to live with Faye and Henley Moore McCready until her death. Both John and Mary are buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Owensboro, KY.

Bolton - Bennett genealogy (1800 to present)
[box: 26, volume: File 1]
John Henry Bolton and Cynthia Martha May, (1843 - 1934)
[volume: File 2]
John H. Bolton & Cynthia M. May - their children, (1878 -)
[volume: File 3]
John H. Bolton & Cynthia M. May: their son, Dr. Louis C. Bolton, (1878 - 1966)
[volume: File 4]
Photographs - John C. & Mary B. Bolton, (1896 - 1960 with gaps)
[volume: File 5-A]
In Box #35 - Photographs of Bolton family, (1880s? - 1965)
[volume: File 5-B]
Correspondence with Dr. and Mrs. Louis Bailey, grandson of Lewis Bolton, brother of John C. Bolton, (1995 - 1998)
Photographs - unidentified
[volume: File 6]
Correspondence- John C. and Mary B. Bolton, (1905 - 1956)
[volume: File 7]
Scrapbook of Mary B. Bolton, (1910 - 1955 with gaps)
[volume: File 8]
Legal documents, deeds & receipts of John C. & Mary B. Bolton, (1913 - 1958 with gaps)
[volume: File 9]
Deaths of John C. and Mary B. Bolton, (1962)
[volume: File 10]
Daguerreotypes (?) of Thomas Wilhite and Nancy Ellis, (1823 - 1873)
[volume: File 11]
Amos and Judith (Loyd) Bennett, (1807 - 1880)
[volume: File 12]
Samuel W. and Elizabeth (Wilhite) Patterson Bennett, (1841 - 1929)
[volume: File 13]
Photographs - Samuel and Elizabeth Bennett, (1861 - 1926)
[box: 27, volume: File 14]
Civil War Diary - Samuel W. Bennett, (1861 - 1865)
[volume: File 15]
Samuel W. and Elizabeth Bennett - Their 12 children, born between 1864 and 1885. (Alice Taylor Patterson was Elizabeth's child by her first marriage.)
[volume: File 16]
Samuel W. and Elizabeth Bennett's daughter, Hettie (Bennett) Smith
[volume: File 17]
Hettie Smith's daughter: Ernestine (Smith) Nobles
[volume: File 18]
Hettie Smith's other children: Lois, Henry, and Wilda
[volume: File 19]
Samuel W. and Elizabeth Bennett's grandchildren, (ca 1900 -?)
[volume: File 20]
Samuel W. and Elizabeth Benett's great-grandchildren, (1988 to present)
[volume: File 21]
Scope and Content Note:

Also: Ephemera: Mary B. Bolton's hand-made bonnet (1940's). Ledger of John C. Bolton (1906 - 1927). Ambrotypes (2 unidentified)

In Box #34 Samuel and Elizabeth Bennett's son: Dr. Robert M. Bennett (b. 1874 - d. 1930). Bennett Family Bible pages (1841 - 1979, with gaps)
[volume: File 22]
Related Items
Scope and Content Note:

Also: Original copy of Civil War Diary of Samuel Wilson Bennett is located at the Owensboro Museum, Owensboro, KY

Also: Mary B. Bolton's quilts (1930's - 1960) now held by her Grandchildren, Margaret M. Cornell and John B. McCready and Great-grandchildren, Elizabeth Faye Cornell Goldwitz and Andrew Lockwood Cornell.

Also: Hettie (Bennett) Smith's daughter, Ernestine donated the wedding dresses of her husband's (Grady Nobles) grandmother (Mrs. Landergin) and his mother (Alice Landergin Nobles) to the Panhandle Plains Museum in Amarillo, TX??

McCready, John, 1862 - 1919 (with gaps), 1940, 1953, 1962 - 1963
Scope and Content Note:

1 file, Box #28

Includes Photograph of portrait, family recollections, genealogy information from cementery, pamphlet.

Little is known of John McCready. Family recollections recount that he was born in Sligo, Ireland (Westmoreland County) in 1829 to William McCready and Lady Hamilton (?) of the north Ireland Hamilton family. The Hamilton estate was "Hamilton Manor (sp?). At age 19 John, with his older brother, William, came to America in 1848 landing in New Orleans. Eventually they continued north to Louisville, KY where they made their home and became merchants. John married Janet (also found as Jennie and Jeannette) Coote (sp?) of English and French descent whose father was a surgeon in the British army. John and his wife had three sons -- Robert, John, and William George. John McCready died in 1863 or 1864 of tuberculosis and is buried in the Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY.

(Note of MM Cornell - as of 1998, the sparse (but well intentioned) information on John McCready was supplied by Emily Irvine McCready and Richard French McCready. Much research is still needed on origins and members of the early McCready family.)

McCready, Rev. William George, 1854 - 1940
Scope and Content Note:

2 files following his life chronologically; and 1 file on his cousin (?), Rev. Richard Lightburne McCready. Box #28 Also see Box #33, File 2.

Includes Correspondence, photographs, sermons, statement of last wishes, newspaper articles, certificates.

William George McCready was one of three children (all sons?) born to John McCready and Janet (also found as Jane, Jeannette, and Jennie) Coote (also found as Cooks) in Louisville, KY (b. Dec 14, 1854 - d. Jan 22, 1921). No records or photographs have been found on his childhood and youth but it is presumed his early education was in Louisville, KY. In 1873 he was employed in the Clerk's Office of the U.S. Circuit and District Courts (KY District) in Louisville, KY. On Feb, 1892 he married Margaret Anne French of Winchester, KY in a home wedding at Welcome Hall. They had seven children: Charles Stephen French, John Dudley, Emily Irvine, William George, Jr., Margaret Calloway, Richard French, and Henley Moore.

Biographical materials, (1854 - 1921)
[box: 28, volume: File 1]
Correspondence and Statement of "last wishes", (1873 - 1921)
[volume: File 2]
Richard Lightburne McCready (A cousin?)
[volume: File 3]
McCready, John Dudley, 1894 - 1998 (with gaps)
Scope and Content Note:

Six (6) files following his life chronologically. Box #28

Includes Correspondence, photographs, sermons, newspaper articles, book by JDMcC.

John Dudley McCready (b. June 26, 1894 - d. Sept. 26, 1973) was the second child born to the Rev. Dr. William George McCready and Margaret Anne (French) McCready. His place of birth was Winchester, KY; his baptism was in Newport, KY. He attended Washington and Lee University (Lexington, VA) then obtained his AB and MA at Columbia University in New York. He also attended Union Theological Seminary and obtained his Th. M. at Southern Baptist Seminary (Louisville, KY). While serving as assistant pastor at the First Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL he met and later married Mary Winston Martin. They had one son John Dudley McCready, Jr. who lived only a week; two years later their only daughter, Mary Winston McCready, was born. While pastor at the First Baptist Church in Morganton, NC, John Dudley took a leave of absence and served in the U.S. Army Chaplaincy Corps during World War II. After retiring from the pastorate, he taught English at Chowan College (Murfreesboro, NC); later the family moved to Ocala, Florida where John was on the Central Florida Junior College faculty as instructor of humanities.

Besides his dedicated service to the church pastorate, John was devoted to his family. He also had keen respect for the English language, the written word and enjoyed teaching. Throughout his life he wrote columns in local newspapers and publications of the Baptist Church. Contemplation and writing probably took place at his longtime family summer home, Molehill Manor, in Black Mountain, NC near Ridgecrest. He died while in Asheville, NC and was buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Morganton, NC.

Photographs and information of John Dudley McCready and his family, (1894- 1971 with gaps)
[box: #28, volume: File 1]
Correspondence received, (1922 - 1944 with gaps)
[volume: File 2]
Sermons, (1941 - 1942)
[volume: File 3]
Published writing, (1931 - 1969 with gaps)
[volume: File 4]
Biographical materials, (1932 - 1973)
[volume: File 5]
Collected items, (1922, 1952)
[volume: File 6]
Mary Winston (Martin) McCready and daughter, Mary Winston, (1990-1992)
[volume: File 7]
M.W.McCready correspondence with Margaret (McCready) Cornell, 1988-1998
[volume: File 8]
Writings of John Dudley McCready, (ca 1930 - 1957)
Newspaper Columns
"The Bible Beacon",
Scope and Content Note:


"Here and There", 1930-1939
Scope and Content Note:

Demopolis, AL

"Watch The World",
Scope and Content Note:


"Little Stories From Life", 1955-1957
Scope and Content Note:

The News Herald Morgantown, NC The Hickory Daily Record Hickory, NC

"Political Enigma: War Paved Way for Hamilton", 9-4-1957
Scope and Content Note:

Virginia-Pilot The Portsmouth Star

Scope and Content Note:

Gastonia Gazette

Scope and Content Note:

Ashville Citizen-Times Ashville, NC

Church Publications
"Current Events", 1931
Scope and Content Note:

The Alabama Baptist

"Watching the World - News and Comment", 1933-1935
Scope and Content Note:

The Alabama Baptist

"How Do We Serve Our Country By Paying Taxes?", 1937
Scope and Content Note:

The Baptist Training Union Magazine

"The Veteran's Enlistment Program - A Plan Based on the Experience of Chaplains and Now in Use in Civilian Communities", 1946
Scope and Content Note:

Baptist Home Mission Board publication (with Troy B. Yopp)

"Stories From Life", 1956
Scope and Content Note:

Biblical Recorder

Glimpses of the South We Love -- Some Anecdotes and Sketches of People and Things Representative of Southern Life. (Privately published for JDMcC by Stephen F. McCready in 1964.)
William George McCready, 1916 - 1918
Scope and Content Note:

Quantity: One file, Box #28

Includes One photograph (in Box #34) and newspaper clippings.

William George McCready (Jan 29, 1899 - Jun 11, 1918) was the fourth child born to the Rev. Dr. William George McCready and Margaret Anne (French) McCready. His place of birth was Newport, KY and he was baptized by his father in May, 1899 at St. Paul's Church, Newport. It is assumed his earliest education was in Asheville, NC; as a teen he attended St. Paul's School in Garden City on Long Island, NY-near Brooklyn where his family lived while his father served as rector of St. Peter's Church. After high school, he pursued the business world in New York following the footsteps of his older brother, Stephen who also resided in New York. Back home in Winchester, KY for a vacation in 1918, his life ended tragically when he drowned in the Kentucky River. George is buried in the Winchester, KY Cemetery.

See also: File 5 (one photograph)

Margaret Anne (French) McCready Series - Correspondence received by his mother at the time of his death.

Margaret Calloway (McCready) Blake (a.k.a. "MarCallie"), 1911 - 1995 (with gaps)
Scope and Content Note:

1 file following her life chronologically and including brief information on her children and grandchildren. Also includes several photographs and correspondence sent from her children to Margaret F. (McCready) Cornell after Marcallie Blake's death. Box #28

Includes Correspondence, photographs, statement of recollection, invitations, newspaper articles.

Margaret Calloway (McCready) Blake (April 28, 1901 - May? 1982) was the fifth child born to the Rev. Dr. William George McCready and Margaret Anne (French) McCready. Her place of birth was Winchester, KY. She was baptized by her father on July 4, 1901. Affectionately called "MarCallie" all her life, it is presumed she had her early schooling in Easton, MD, Ashville, NC and Brooklyn, NY -- the communities where her father served as rector. When she was 14, the family moved back to Winchester. It is assumed she graduated from Clark County High School around 1918. It is not known whether she attended college. In 1925 she met her future husband, Charles Mowry Blake, while visiting her brother Stephen in Ocala, Florida. Charles, who resided in Lexington, MA, was visiting his sister Mrs. Alfred MacKay, a neighbor of Stephen McCready. Charles and MarCallie married in Winchester, KY on June 23, 1926. After their marriage, the couple established residence in Lexington, MA where Charles' family had resided for many years. They had two children: Charles Mowry Blake, Jr. and Anne French Blake.

Marcallie was a homemaker her entire life. She was devoted to her husband, children, and her family in Kentucky and Florida. For many years she was an active member of the Hancock Congregational Church located in the center of Lexington, Mass. She is buried with her husband in the Lexington (MA) Cemetery.

Photographs and newspaper clippings on MarCallie, her husband, her children and grandchildren, (1901 - 1995)
[box: 28, volume: File 1]
Scope and Content Note:

The Margaret Anne (French) McCready Series -Correspondence to her mother from MarCallie Blake and husband Charles.

Richard French McCready, 1913 - 1992 (with gaps)
Scope and Content Note:

1 file, Box #28

Includes Correspondence, photographs, printed invitations, a speech, and newspaper articles.

Richard French McCready (March 14, 1905 - Oct 5, 1992) was the sixth child (of seven) born to the Rev. Dr. William George McCready and Margaret Anne (French) McCready. His place of birth was Easton, MD; he was baptized Easter eve, 1905 by his father who was rector of Christ Episcopal Church until 1907.

In 1908, his father became rector of Trinity Church in Asheville, NC; in 1910 the family moved again to Brooklyn, NY where his father served St. Peter's Church, remaining until 1915. Young Richard undoubtedly took his early years of education in Asheville and Brooklyn. His teen years were spent in Winchester, KY where he graduated from Clark County High School in 1922. In 1926? he graduated from Kentucky Wesleyan College and in 1930 (?) he entered the insurance business with Wm. Rogers Sphar under the name Sphar & McCready, Agents. In 1933, Richard married Dolly Wade Toole and they had one son, Richard French McCready, Jr. born July 10, 1941. Richard and Dolly resided their entire married life in Winchester where he had a successful insurance and real estate business. The company later became the Richard F. McCready & Co. Building and loan where it remains (1998) on Main Street, Winchester, KY.

Richard was a member of the local Kiwanis Club serving as president in 1944. He was a life-long member of the First Baptist Church, and a supporter of downtown businesses in Winchester, KY. He was devoted to his family, including his siblings, his wife, son, daughter-in-law Jane and their children. He felt great joy in being a grand-father to Sarah Husted and Louise McCready. Richard is buried in the McCready plot of the Winchester, KY cemetery.

(arranged by date)
[box: 28, volume: File 1]
Photograph of Richard French McCready, (ca 1913?)
Clark County High School graduation announcement, (1922)
Wedding announcement of Richard and Dolly, (1933)
Newspaper clipping of wedding, (1933)
Photograph of Richard as a groomsman at Stephen & Isabel McCready wedding, (1943)
Photograph: Richard, Jr, (1943)
1 photo
Correspondence (1 letter) from Stephen McCready to Richard, (1944?)
Richard's acceptance speech as Kiwanis Club president, (1944)
Newspaper clippings of Richard French McCready, Jr. and Jane Cockburn Houston's engagement and wedding, (1970)
Newspaper clipping of Richard French McCready, Jr. taking the oath in the Clark Circuit Court, Winchester, KY, (ca 1974?)
Photographs - Sarah Houston McCready, (1982, 1986)
Newspaper clipping of Richard's death
Scope and Content Note:

The Margaret Anne (French) McCready Series -correspondence from Richard to his mother. (Box 2, file 15)

The Richard F. McCready, Jr. Series

Richard French McCready, Jr, Date range: 1941 -
Scope and Content Note:

Provenance is McCready - Bolton Family Papers

1 file, Box #28

Richard French McCready, Jr. (b. Jul 10, 1941 -) had his early years of schooling in Winchester but graduated from high school at the Sewanee Military Academy in 1959. He graduated from Princeton University (1963) and the University of Virginia Law School (1966) then did postgraduate work at Kings College, University of London. In 1967 he was associated with the Davis, Polk & Wardwell law firm in New York, NY. On Dec 5, 1970 Richard married Jane Cockburn Houston at St. James Church in New York, NY. In the late 1980's Richard and his family returned to Winchester, KY where he joined the law firm of Grant, Rose, Pumphrey and McCready. They had two daughters: Sarah Husted and Louise.

Scope and Content Note:

File 1: Opening day of the Dairy Queen Restaurant in Winchester, KY (1990)

File 10: The Emily Irvine McCready Series

[box: 29]
French Family Bible
Charles Stephen French Scrapbook #1
Charles Stephen French Scrapbook #2
Isabel Warfield (Bennett) McCready Scrapbook, 1939 - 1946
Henley M. McCready Scrapbook, 1916 - 1938
[box: 30]
Ledger - John C. Bolton, 1906 - 1927
Checkbook of Margaret Anne French McCready, 1934 - 1935
Faye Wilson Bolton Scrapbook #1, 1932
Faye Wilson Bolton Scrapbook #2, 1929 - 1933
Faye Wilson Bolton Scrapbook #3
Faye Bolton McCready - Tapes, pictures, etc
[box: 31]
John and Mary Bolton - pictures
Book: Farewell Miss Julie Logan by J.M. Barrie
Photographs belonging to Henley and Faye McCready, 1917 - 1993
[box: 32]
additional files from several series
[box: #33]
Charles Stephen French Series
Georgetown College Diploma, (1849)
[volume: File #1]
Appointment by Governor of KY, (1859)
Rev William George McCready Series
Photograph -, ca1900
[volume: File # 2]
Baptism certificate -, 1857
Margaret Anne (French) McCready Series
Photographs (4) of Margaret's children, their spouses, & her grandchildren - taken day of her funeral on photograph taken on steps of her home at 1108 Lexington Road, Winchester, KY, Oct. 17, 1948
[volume: File #2]
Charles Stephen French McCready Series
Photographs of CSFMcC-, ca 1950, 1965
[volume: File # 3]
Pen and ink sketch of his home, Camelot, n.d
Photograph of Camelot - (address: 1105 E. Fifth St, Ocala, FL), 1964
Emily Irvine McCready Series
Hannah Moore Academy Diploma, (1915)
[volume: File # 1]
Kentucky Teacher's Certificate, (1918)
Children's Building at World's Fair (Harper's Bazaar)
[volume: File # 4]
Illustrated Kentuckian, (1893)
William George McCready (Son) Series
Photograph -, ca 1916
[volume: File # 5]
Henley Moore and Faye (Bolton) McCready Series - JOINT
[box: 34]
Diplomas-, 1931, 1938
[volume: File #11]
Photographs, 1939, 1953
Coats of Arms: French, Taliaferro, Callaway -, 1941
[volume: File #12]
Faye (Bolton) McCready Series
Pastel drawings (2) and pencil sketch by FBMcC
[volume: File #47]
Certificates: KY Colonel, Honorary Sec of State, (1973)
[volume: File #48]
Insurance license, (1977)
Cornell, Margaret French (McCready), 1938 - 1999
Scope and Content Note:

1 box with files following her life chronologically

Includes Photographs, correspondence, memorabilia, etc

Margaret French (McCready) Cornell (b. Nov 17,1938 -) was the first child born to Henley Moore and Faye Wilson (Bolton) McCready in Winchester, KY. Her brother John Bennett was born two years later on Nov 4,1940. Margaret's first 18 years were spent in Winchester where she attended her Aunt Emily McCready's Kindergarten, then went to Hickman Street School for elementary grades, and the Winchester High School for grades 7 - 12. After graduation in 1956 she entered the Duke University School of Nursing but transferred out after two years enrolling at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia and graduating in 1960. Two years were then spent as a Christian education assistant at the First Methodist Church in Goshen, IN. During 1962, Margaret entered Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. where she obtained her M.R.E. in 1964. While working as a D.C.E. at Bethesda (MD) Methodist Church, she became engaged to Gary Stiles Cornell, a student at Wesley TS. They were married in Nov. 20,1965 at the Seminary Chapel. For the next thirty five years, the Cornells lived in seven towns where Gary served as the pastor of the United Methodist Church: 1965 - 1970 South Methodist in Manchester, CT - while in Manchester, their two children were born: Elizabeth Faye on May 11,1967 and Andrew Lockwood on Mar 14,1969; 1970 - 1972 Carter Memorial Methodist in Needham, MA; 1972 - 1976 Mathewson Street United Methodist in Providence, R1; 1976 - 1981 Barrington United Methodist in Barrington, R1; 1981 - 1987 Ballardvale United Church in Andover, MA; 1987 - 1997 West Chelmsford United Methodist in W. Chelmsford, MA; 1997 - 2000 Londonderry United Methodist Church in Londonderry, NH. After her marriage, Margaret worked several years in Christian education, taught early childhood, and then became a secretary first at the Andover Town Hall then at the Chelmsford Public Schools. While in Chelmsford, she returned to school obtaining her M.L.S. in archival management at Simmons Grad School of Library & Information Science in Boston, MA. She worked in Chelmsford until June, 2000 at the time her husband retired.

See also: Box 28b: Slides belonging to Gary and Margaret Cornell - various trips

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