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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 3, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

V fy a rw ini rip r 1 " ji AND GENERAL ADVERTISER. Macaw ji ti.j,ujitiTjiwWTO''iaAjwlvvl'iJ!at'H'fluMtiwuffJUfs lanutirggv'u,.&iriiaiJMmi VOL. XVII. N. XKS5,B3,'Vj;,p,,4effw3Jis BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. 916. r"Mmrj jija jatijai!!iLjaLafca .tfruai v.,..,, ,yfVfS Jy,WT- AJ,".itEOeagI!i ...rrt Gentlemen who fubferibed TERMS OF" THE GAZETTE. THOSEDi. Brown, for Select British - lassies, Barrow's Travels into toe in- - Has a Large and General Affortment oi This paper is puonmea weeKiy, n t. - nfir ns Africa, and Denon's Travels , r m om-- .j jj two dollars per annum, petia o ...f (5'-- v o vnnce. call at this ITABLE for the piefent, or ap write to the Editor, mull Bonaparte, are requelted to Those who office and get their copies. proaching season, which he will sell pay the postage of their letters. low for !! ! John Jordan Jun, . IX THF CASE ERCHANDIZE, 600 Dollars for 5 OF JOHN EDWAKDS Sun. Late of Bourbon county, A Bankrupt. MEETING of the creditors will be hekt at the conmnflioners' of CASH, TOBACCO,HEMP, GINSENG, WHEAT, SALT- PETRE, BY AUTHORITY. y SCHEME OF fice, in Lexington, on 1 uelday the 10th day of April next, at three o clock p. m. 5 for the purpose of authoring the affign- - To build a house for the Kentucky 1 ees to mftitute fuih suits ir law or equli '"Medical Society, in the town of yfy, onTtvsie wtime, as may be ne- - Lexington. critary. Alio toraree to mount to or comprornife, any diTpute or FIRST CLASS. difference, on account of, or by.reafon cause or thing V or means of any matter, SCHEME'. Vhatfoever, relating to such btnlupt Prizes of Doll. is Boll. and alio to or to lmcftate 1 600 last drawn tiektt, 600 the adignees to difpol" of the 800 t 2 250 , lands and efTVcls ot faia bankrupt, on 400 4 100 such credit and for such fecunty, as the 10 00 50 A LOTTERY ItfVl Jf yL ort-fFe'l- ft creditors think proper todiac". By order of the Commifiiouers. W . JVlACbLAN, Clk. 20 40 2U0 " .mm 6 10 A LL persons utdebtfed to the estate of J Lft JOHN EDWARDS Sen. late of 277 Prizes. Bourbon county, a Bankrupt, or who J523 Blanks. . have any of his t ffecls, aredefired forth- A wi th to pay or deltver the lime to Buck- - 800 Tickets at er Baldwyn Stith, of Wdlhtngton ' : m !i r h 400 400. 1200 20 TAL- BEES-WA- H .VE on hand a some affortment 4)f Merchandize, lich they will sell unufuallv low foi Casb, Hemp, Tobacco, Whiskey, bf Country Linen, Salt-PetiWax. Lexington, March 13th, 1804. by power of : I salt-wat- er J fpe-ci- g Jj Maccoun &Tilford, j- 3 ON 1 ir T. W. HAWKINS. VN li-- 4 H c, 2-- 2t , Lands, churiy pui chased from vendue houfet, hich they are determined to sell at the 400 acres entered tor John May, on lowed prices that Goods are sold at in March 15, 1804. 4w the north side of the Kentucky river, and state, for Calh. They have also a Thuifday, the 12th of April this lower tide of Cedai creek. large and general aifortment ot 30 acr;s, pirt of 40, enteied by Geo. next, is fan, is npt, the next fair BOOKS, May, On the fait bck, on Sandy. diy, will be hired at my houle, on the of the latest publications ; and keep & ' 216 WincheQer road, acus halt of 433 1.2 enterSd by John My, around the the last entry. Two valuable XEGRO 3IENj conltant lupply ot 250 acies, half of 500, entered, May And will be sold NAILS, Several good BROOD 3IARES, made of the best Pennsylvania Iron, at 1780, by May, near Lydia's Mount. Ot good blood, and 111 foal by Specula- their Nail Manufactory. 400 acres, half of 300, ;n the "ime of Lexington, Jan. 16, 1804. tor, with a number of other thin"-- , too IfaaC Shelby, adjoining the lafl entei tedious to mention. Credit until the BLUiL Di'ING. ed June 23, 17S0. iii ft day of January next, Will be given. About 30 4cres, being that part ol Good lecunty required. Any of the SUBSCRIBER, John May's entry of 1000, incliidiii thuigs will he sold at private sale. WISHES to inforin-thejuiblithe foik WILLIAM N. LANE. that he continues to catrV4 on the Main Licking, ol kbicli South within with lies the CLrkecounfy, 12th March, 1804. 4tt BLUE DYING, on Main Cross Fbrks, and including a pait of the tow, Street, between Mr. Adam Weber's ofEalmouth. Tbe noted Horse and Mr. Myers's, wher,e "he will dye ' 866 3 acres, part of Samuel Mere MEDLEY, FORMERLY the property of Cotton, Linen and Wool, with a dith's 1000, in the folks of Licking, Mr. Nicholas Lewis, will irand the warm dye Cotton de?pest blue, at adjoining tts lad entiy, and includin, eufuing season at the plantation of 4f6 per pound Wool at is 6 pei the reiiaind-- r of, Falmouth Patented 10th Jul), 1786. the lub'ciiber on the head of jefia-mn- pound, which he will warrant to bt actes, part of Samuel Mt 1333 equal to an dye in the town of Lexa A will be let to marcs at ledith's St Geoige Clynier'": 2000 acres ington. it,ht Dollars the season, in Yqung JACOB BOSH ART- - on Bank Lick creek Patented 14th Cattle, Cotton Pork, Wheat, Hemp, Novembei, 1786. 3stf 266 3 acres part of Samuel MereRye, or Country Linen, delivedif Lexington, June 25, 1803. at my houle by the last of July, re 17 HE partnership of 1 rotter and dith's and George Clwmcr's 400, north m. Sfuott, was on the 14th ult. dif-- side of Licking, and joining John May's not raid by that time Sis Dollars Cafli. Fists-eShillings cam the ioljififl'hy mutual consent. All those 1000 before mentioned. 1G00 acie, entered for Ben. Holli- finale Lap, ai.d Sixteen dollars to indeoted by either bond, note, or j ifure a mare to be with foal. Go&d book account, are requested to make day, on Battle, creek, adjoining Johif jjafturaee gratis for n ires coming immediate payment to George Trot-,ro- Saunders- 1000 acres, entered for John May, fen. who will settle all the bufi- a dulance, but will not be an-,tness of said firm those who will north side of the Rolling foik of Salt irterable foraccide ts or efcanes. not avail themselves of this notice, river, joining George Undeiwond, and JAMES COGAR. will compel us to the disagreeable including the mouth of Wilson's creek. The claims to the above parcels of r PUBLISHED, JUS neceflity of commencing suits with- land are dedurod, by private contracts And for sale is this office, out refpecL to persons. from the penons for vvhom they were GEo. TROTTER fen. located. THE PILGRIM'S SONGSTER. ALEx. SCOTT. GEO. M. EIBB. EY JOHN X. GUANADI. jLex. 26th Dec. 1803, Lexington, Jan. 5, 1804. tf. Georgetown. e, 2-- j m er Money Wanted. ' just received from Philadel r"jPHE fubfcimtr intending tfct out phia, and are now opening at their Phil Jelulna Hjlumo,. Store on Main street, Lexington, on the Crft ot next tncluh, most earnestly An extensive aflortmenr of requeftj all thole maebted to h.rr, to J come lorward and pay their MERCHANDISE, , relfertie ,Of the la.efl importations from oaiances. tie j.ason hand a tntty t"urope,and,lhe East and West In &dies tb be sold unufuallv CHt.i? t n CONSISTING- - OF or such articles of Country P uDry Goods, or Manufafture, as may fuiu luit llllll. Groceries, China, "J Queen's, and ) Wares. 1 , -) c me u 1 J.INSEED OIL, Forfaleby the barrel orlor. Herqua mty, Willi ari lllSt. J Tin q. Merchandize, J. Amongit which are the following articles A-n- 1 Trotter, u JOHN A. SEITZ&CO. ii jt Geo. All of which were purchased on the Lexington, 13th March, 160. lowest terms, and will be sold either MILITARY LANDS by wholesale or retail so Cafli ac large and haud. cordingly. Mac-Jrea- n, a- Have JCTThoft. indented to the late sin of John Jordan Jun, 8; Co. are re quested to call and pay or at lead set tle then accounts. Lexington, K. Nov. 14th 1803. tf Whereas, I am legally authorized attorney, granted by S Dollars is Doll. 4000 John Wilson of Philadelphia, and Utemwie-i5t- h of September, 1003, THElaudable objedl of this Lotte o mike leal'es of two tradts of land. Wm. Coleman, Cynthiana VVm. or to Geo. Poyzer, of Lexington. ry the valuable Prizes offered (therjCrffe surveyed and patented in Suits will be immediately brought - not beina: two blanks and a half to a the name of Thomas Franklin, lying 'w " "i are connaerations wnicn excite a upon the waters of Kentucky gainft those who do not comply with'nz-river ; (well grounded hope in the managers, the one containing, bv survey dated the abore. that the file of the tickets will be rapid. B. B. Stitb, "1 the 3d day of August, 1784, 116,650 Win Cplewf8t!, Assignees. The drawing will commence on the first acres the other, by survey dated Monday in May next, and thirty days W, Macbean, J aster the completion of the drawing, the 21ft of the same month and year, !?fori(:E the Prizes will be paid to the fortunate containing 108,344. acres, to such A valuable ti'tifrvf LAN') for sale, adventurers, fubjecl to a deduction of perlons as may be desirous of fett "J YING on Big SandyT beginning at 15 per cent. Such prizes as (hall not be ling on Inch lands, and upon luch j the mouth and extending up for demanded within twelve months aster tei ms as are linutted by the laid pow quantity ; being part of a military 1 he?slore 1 here the drawing is finiflied, shall be consider- - er ot attorney. In'oi andpatented nt1772. etj as rel,nquilhed for the benefit of the by give notice, that application can Will be laid off in lots to Fuit the f m- - bociety. .for the Uti'taCL on ol the be made to me in Lexington, where chasers ; and may be paWin Ci(h, Ne- purchal'ers, it may benectllarv to men. I will be ready to a6l agreoably to groes, good yoJng Horses or Bonds on tion, tfiat the managers have given ? the powers in me vested, as relates y good men, pa) able in a fliort time. bohd foithe due payment of the prizes making of such deeds and person purChafing more than one hun- that may be drawn, Tickets to be haJ grants as may be required. dred acres, may expeft a fliort credit for of the managers. Bv virtvt of the powers veiled in part. Then act ol land is of fjpenor JobnBbpe, me, I hereby forewarn all persons quility as to soil, timber, range, ancl ' Tbos. Wallace, from cutting timber, working faU- an excellent fishery : Alto the main road g, Geo. Trotter, jun. from Kentucky to Greenbrier in Virgisprings, coal petre caves, )g Danl. Bradford, nia, leads tin ough the said traft. An mines or minerals of any delcription, as. Fisbback, 2 mdilputatile title will be made by the without they are authorifed by Andrew M'Calla, fubfenber, now living on the piemilei. contracl ; or in any mannertref-paffinTbos. Bodley, GEORGE SHOlt FRIDGE. J on the above lands, as am March 2d, 1804. CHEAP GOODS. pfon offending herein, will be pros-N. B. There are leveral small farrflp on ecuted with the utmolt rigor of the the land in good repair, sc . law. FOR SALE' JOHN M. BOGGS. TAVE just received from Pmladel-X2 be tbrce story BRICK HOUSE, tf and are now openingtat their Lexington, iftnUct. 1003. phia, Main Uritt Lexnn ton, nearly Store on Main street, an extensive, eleoppolite Mr. Benjamin Stout'i, t FOR SALE, present o( upied by Mr Edwards. Thf gant affoitnitn' of At a reduced firice in Casb and tier.innal CHEAP MERCHANDIZE, propeity will be sold vcy low for cadi. prateity at valuation, tbe following For terms appl) to the fubfenber, in of the litell European importations, " & , ADVERTISEMENT. Dollars 4000 CHEAP GOODS. Sajil. 1804. SaiSZ23K2B33S3rnCS3rS33 - LOW, HOG's LARD, PORK, COUNTRY LINEN, AID THREAD. e, mmtr TUESDAY, API IL 3, Fine and Coarse Cloths, Coatings, Flannels, Rose, 2, point, and ftripd Blan kets, Cashmeres, Fancy Cord, Iiifli Linens, Chintzes, Callicoes, India Muslins, r British Plain Jaconett, Tambdred, Lappet Book & Cambric do. Scarlet Clcaks, Turkey Cotton, Cotton and Wool Cards, Saddlery, Iron, Anvile, 1 For Sale, h J valuable tracts Jrvx ITLJ, o1 JLAJNiJ,lituate on tl Ohio (state o"Ohio about 2,--t ts below Limcftcmt, luch c e mouthof Bear ciclcjiKi cat. r cr o up the river 1,5 19 peid,- 'ie mouth of Maple creek. or these tracls containing i4oo a es, was granted to Gen. John Nevill; .ne ouier containng 2. 2 cres granted to Genl. Daniel . organ! A large proportion of each o. these trads, is riv er bottom of the firfl. quality, on which, are several improvements ; the balance excellent upland well watered and timbered. 'J he lines of survey will be fhewn by Jfey nathan Taylor, or Peter Demofs, who live on the lands. I will sell on a long credit, on tn inttieft being paid annually For Steel, Cut and Hammered Nails aflorted further information enquire of James -Mornfon, in Lexington, Kentucky, j Hfon, . ' Teas, frefli & of; who is in poffeffion Young Hyfon, of a draughedef-enptk- e of the surveys, or the Souchong, and (the best quality. Green ih Pittfburrh. J Coffee and Chocolate, JLPRESLEY NEVILL. oa. 8, 1803. Loaf and Brown Sugar, Indigo, of a superior quality, THESUBSCIBE1 T" 8 by 10 Window Glass, T . i. UUI.L14IHC Dili t)3 in the Queen's and Glass Ware, affortedby IU , rot- nuuie lately occupud the crate. h , ter& Scott He N. B. One of the fubferibers in- and noV opening ahas just reived large, teiy gen tending to start for Philadelphia, in ral and well " choten affortment of sew days, requtft those who are ina MERCHANDIZE, debted to them to make immediate of the latest importations from Eupayment. rope, suitable for the prelent and & G. T. S. approaching season ; a considerable 2d Jan. 1804. part of which being purchased with To Lease, calh, enables to sell upon unu-fuA VALUABLE FARM, low terms, but no credit can be LYING in Mercer county on Salt n- given whatever. vTabbuY'onc mile and half above Mai, GEo. TRO ITER fen. OAichajlan's mill, on the road leading Lex. 26th Dec. 1803. . 1- 1 . A fub-icrib- '- er '.' , -' hi-- al tjbrtagFrankfort to Harrodiburgh with 4oout iuu acres 01 vieareu cana, a ULYSSES. I WARRAN'I to be as high abred .food Dwelling House and other Convenient Buildings, a large apple and Peach horse as any in the state, and l,a, as Orchard, Meadow and PaftUre ; the much, or probably rsore blood whole in good repair. in him. He will stand, at n,y liable, the eufuing season, to cove r marts at 3 fanles Maccoun. dollars the single leapfi dollais Lexington, March 14, 1803. the fearonor 10 dollais to insure a foal. I will receive in payment, merchantable "5 Sour, wh.lkey, hemp, l,nen, , ork, or "i May be had in that valuable and handlbme corn, dehveied at my houle,' ax SLAT OF LAND, cam pnr-- ,, .r p,,d beforTTfiwC W'l HEREON I now live, in the county of 25th Der. next o 4 Ws in c 0 Tajette, on Davy's fork of Elkhom, IT containing 450 or 460 acres, well improved, tor the season, and tbe irtll,t JlllC ufn afkj generally thought to be as hanHfome a for the single leap, or infuranee, is place as aoy in the county tlie dwelling boufe pud before the lftot Auufl n,xt,hen is tjfbi'iS) r"" stones high, 46 stet long, by the season will end. ed in a neat, plain manrer. 2lAvuiejffiinifl ULTSSZS has alre?n ,0J th f Ions at m liable hit cc'ti are a.b-GPIST MILL, id v 1th two pir of ones, one of which are to lliew as well as theft of aily Lir r Ticncii Burrs : themilh and dam v ere all built boric in the state. Any lnay ctt anew about nine months (.go, and aregeneial .is pedigree on application to me. y t'lougbt to grind as sad as any mills in tbe s Will. Ahcn. state: the dam, and all of the IVhrrh 1. 1804. mills aielocillt timbers. Theie are about 130 icres ot open land, meadows and giafs 'ots Fayette county, lit. incbu'cd; springs and flock wa'er that was A Great Bargain, f. f peri nnder-work- never known to sail. rhs. title lsindifputab't The terms are, sour poun'is pei licre, caOi, or five pounds pei acre, half the money paid Jown, the other halt twelvemonths credit, tbe land being made fuhjeft to the payment. I will sell the whole together, or the mills and 5001 100 acres with then, ot otherwise divide, as may suit best. Forfurihei particulars, by appl) ing to the fubfenber, living on the premi fes, any person may be informed, and hkewifb. January John Rogers. tf 2.6, 1S04. March 10, 1804. I WHtllEAs in June last, I seventy, o lohn Reclor, for 4 palled my note or feventyfive "Tf (X Notice is hereby given, HAT purfiunt to an aft of the xd K8n. tucky Lemfldture, tbe coinmi'l' rers 1 who were appointed bv the Goverror .m purpose of peiperuat rg teftimcrvtonccri 11 the records and papers which weie dtfticved tjie late office of this countv, the fj,d in com. niiflioners will contu ue to m cr it the court houle of said count, for the fiid putpufe, ,i the sirfl: Mondav 111 every month ui til tl c first dav of July m.xt, at which tnrs tl s.i clSce as commiflioners expire , By ordei ot faio Comin flloncrt the' 1LVJ March 12th, 1804 1G, CIL H"-- "nOTIF. "1 tU .' 1 davof ,,v rt ! . dollars, payable next May. The publ c may t, t oe he'd i,k v e jin I will not pay the fiine until the said Kcetor countv, we fln'l niirion r 'o complies withhiscontract to me Given un- fcftabhdi a town and appoirr truflees I hi der loyhand the I4thday of March, 1804. ame, ajTreeoMv aetof ,1 ,1, ilv , Jobn Yung' uuie v'a" ancpiovificd onrur ' m f id h countv, on theOrnm i.a'iour. tr i' and a half below t1 e c t 1. M nd 3nd RAGS. about sour nines auwe t nourh of wbih 18s. JTHms cents per pound, THAT on tsn i or avr per hundred weight, given for clean lintn or cotton rags, at Charlcfs's 1 jra ,?bruary i, printing office, Lexington. c,,. 1 itr. . ii ," Mvrgon. asm 3ni 11 ip t. 1 " '

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