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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, April 9, 1806

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

a 'w'wp nip Jin? T s 11 V AND GENERAL ADVERTISER, 0L. XIX. N BY DANIEL BRADFORD, 1029. n -'- TERMS OF THE GAZETTE. ::'w, AteliJWz. trail of LAND sc tor Lasb. rtTCii:n WILL continue to eerciivj nts j w- ij ING of 600 acres THIS piper is published twice a week,' late ns Ohio, fituatcd on the Mia profellion of counsel anJ attorney at law, in V at Three Dollars and a half per annum, tliofe en cult courts in winch lie ''as hcretolore yaid in advance, or Four Dollars at the pracritH, and in tuc rourt ol appeal?, and court ol the United States, for the Kentiick) fld of the year. diftricr. fhofe who write to the Editor, mufl subscriber returns his pay the pottage of their letters. THE Us STORAGE TAVERN, to Ins friends forthe 'ncoitrage ment he has rccentd in his Unc of business. In Lexington my fncmls maj (ind Mew 01 king at my tiade, At r using stones to suit your mind, digging with mj spade. A COMMISSION V Zr7j,re,rd AINMEN i house of EN TCK-- ha f Go lime'dI )ou c alwaysbe,on hand, all can Supply 1 r in I'l.imes'oiie') at the sisrn of the COMPAS3. The house is com inoihous, the stable expensive, ami both are furnished with eve- - thing neccssarv torthe accommodation of travellers mil others, who may think proper t f ivor him with a call He Is pi ovided with a large inil com cnient WARE HOUSL, for the reception of good,, equal, is ne wu aiso not suDenor to any m tlie place for jnike'SALES upon COMMISSION, those who may have anv thing to transact in th it waj , which w ill be d ine. toge'her with the charges foi storage, upon the most reduced terms He natters himself, that from the ex penence he has hid m mercantile ti ansactions, attention to business, and a desire to be useful, I meut a part of the public patronage Tivsv,ll. KOU Altti r SAMl. JANUARY. I ill dig wells ou all may Good water I can find, In pite of patent laws I'll show, For nought I v ill be kind. In all the branches of my trade So punctual I will be, It never shall bv one be said,' John Shaw has cheated me; , r7 .t me T Y1NG in the county of Henderfon, he 4re, fronting the lame S3 dud- feet 6 inch j and auDUt chiefly on the waters of All inn K..1 and 1 rade Water. I will Ml the aboi elaud very oi for calh, horses. beefr Lrofs Qieet. furth-- r particular, poru wlulkey or flour. Any person of WiUiam Morr- - n efq. , IV- - It... n wiflilngtopurchaff, will please apoly to " umer jsoylor. me, hvngnear Robertson's Lick, 'in the March 17, ISOf. 4w atoreiaiu county Cabinet and Chair Maker, n..r.. "r-ju- land is directly opposite the to,n of Uayton; the mofl remote corner not more than a mi'e and a half fiom the 600 lbs. First Qir,lto town ; it will be laid oft' in traifts ot 200 John Hopkins, BEAVKn it itres 10 nut tne purcnalers. tor terms Sept. 3rd,"la0l. For Sale fur Cash ipply to' Dost. Jame Welfli, of the town of Dayton, or John Bisdford of James DOCTOR JOSEPH BOSVELL. Mar-- h 18th, 1806 Lexington, who are lee-a- lly authonfed KlS removed to his ffarm, seven to dispose of the said land the title hnfjT east of Lexington, llii. Hcv A fOR SAI ", lndilputable Dudlev'sj wilfreliewillnrnrtir.- - fnliRinp 1 nt, 1'AKM wl,r I all its dii 'ereit blanches He bs o'l haM a JUHIS DOWNING; lucre quantity of Gerume Medicine, whicli lie in Scott countv, wi n ie i half of Georgeto ir, h RESPECTFULLY informs his will sell h v w hole s lie or retail n r He also offers for sale, two hund-e- d Lexington, cont friends and" the publick in general. Ion ? anda land, tj eight acres of first rate about 60 an er1 that he continues to keep a house of MILITARY LAND?"- dwelling house, ti o 1 lies, ji 1 KKTA1NMENT, near Clarke count;, a part of! feet, a large bam, in tyit commodious frame house, on Col Nnthnnirl sill!'., o it. 'n ..i.l takecaflior nesrroei he v Casli or Young Negroes for peri , it uain street, oppoute the L.ourt .. j .. in purtinii, mav me t writ tfo. Fajctteconntv, 10th Feb 180G r at the lign o houle, gam nd lands adjoinmp for sale, wmrt, THE BUFFALOE; would much imniove the tr3fl &f BARTLET where he is prepcred to accommoof thefubfuiber, on r premiffs. date Travellers, andothers who may HrJreju importcil and are now opeping, a James Barlow. , please to call on him, in the bed maniiarcn ia, 180C. Large and Geneial Assortment of ; 1 (61 v I an, John R. Shaw N. B I sliall refuse to w ork in flint rock, as haebecn three times blown up. ftJftiART ., Ue 13 well provided with a 90S I ' 'pjnir ner. E, variety of the beit liquors his BedJust Received by SXITI03 J.HTJVHVH' can K IlllOTIil .c Jajjrt otij iuojj f puv 'istuioi ding and other accommodations will VV w ell bought, and ciiture to npi which can and shall be WILKINS & TANNEIIILL sq; uioij sajitu 8 anoqc 'umosSjoaQ oj be furniflied equal to any in the a? " all eler br"ht to the state And n.w opening in the stole formeily Qountry. His Stable is Tbtj will receive in psiment cash, tobacco, cupied by mr John Jouan, near tIle oc 11053111X31 moaj pcot aifj uo 'saiiunoa Wedern hntr'a K.l . i. . siisXbj hi 3jj ptiE 'nooguii sjij well supplied with Hay, Oats, and hemn. ni. .. , .T.l ,... IIallUl Imll irom tlie house amllor sale b) the package, viz 10 bbls 4th proof ,.!. CogmacBrandj, pur sqj 'jpiiuui joj a3pnf pur putj Corn, and his Oilier particularlyat-tentive- , manv disappointments tliev havp m collecting for their last v ear's sales, they ja'HrtltiljJintS are Sm atjl 33j oi hjim prov 'sjEipind oj ?nd careful. Those who au ivinileira L P ini tioiisd Aug aioddnt t sp 'Aactijasu are so oblig'tngas to call on him, ma 10 Sherry, 26th N6 ember, 1805 AVINES, J aq p(iiOA sllulld aqj jo uoilduipp rest alTured that tin ColemmaV, they fliall receive 4 Port, jpqjjnjXuy In UieJ'rcss, and will shortly be I'jbhshed, .ptli- - jsqjo 10 S3JJI juu the greatefl and every e 8 Fepper,. qjsi pur. crtion will attention, to make their A CollccMn of the J3i:o l"J3Aaj pun 'picqa-i10 be made Brimstow, ! uouEAijjnD tu 3dde ue ssjie 001 C A Hum, situation agreeable. Private parLAWS OF KENTUCKY, spiEAidn qiiM 'ssjdb ocs :noqE tluuiicj 15 Coppcrai, ties msy be accommodated with a comprising all those of a 10 003 p i avoii j qaiqM. no QMV3 1) Ginger. general nature, pass room undilturbed by the bustle of a edsirce tlie v ear 1798; which, in addition to 10 Madder, ycaj sjicniTiA rqi MERCHANDIZ v "ii-niii- ei PORTER CLAT, I. hr - EMOVAL --- -- krov, w , FOR SALE. My cornei LO -, -- Howev tr great is the demand, My fuendj come unto me. & River ; tne land is ot the first nuali- ry, well timbered, a large bottom, on a imall water cotirie called Wolf cretk, that makes through the Yhole of it : the mi FOR SALK, 000 Acres of Land 7 fyf "PHE subscriber respectful! SA. inform the public!:, that he Ins lateh TODNESDAY, APRIL o, ,806. - "ti HrtTwxrfvjf.yggKaasjy.pxi Gco. M. Bibb, !" LEXINGTON. ,u 1 HAS lately removed his Shop to his new brick houle, which he has "built for the purpose, on Bank Al ley immediately bat.k ot the Uank, and fronting the house lately occupied by Mr. John Jones, and now b Mr. Pew and where he has on hand a stock of (luff, equal to any inj this State. FURNITURE of the 'TVS HOi jewefl and moll elegant fafliions, nivohvg: J.V3HO may be had on the fnortelt notice, vcriifpd in as neat a manner as anv HE Partnerfliip of Mentclle & where in the United States. Pie WmCIf tW f.nm.tliR mnnvL"1" or F Downing k Co is this dai dsohed by mutual those indebted sources of information which he has are requested to call and kh thtir accounts, had in bis line of business ; "he re- and those hawng demands agamrt tlc linn will gular correspondence which he has present them for settlement. kept with all the principal Cabinet THE Hibfcriber flill continues hi? Makers both in Philadelphia and mr. Pope's office, New-Yorthat he will be able to sh) irpositc his other business, Mliere he has tn selup the give general fatisfaiStion. s Windsor Chair Making, Lexington, Dec. "7, 1805. where he mil be able to furnish Chan-- of every -- . JM -- tavern. f n,.to those printed m my former collection, will form a comjilcat body of idl tlie genejal Laws in force mlliis state. Lexington, April zg. UMBRELLA MANUFACTORY. John Bradford. February 12, 1806 T UKE USHER, J' 8 Chocolate, 0 boxes Segai!,, case yowainirg Nutmegs, CfoTtfJ Mace and Cinnamon, Logw ood, 10 boxes Young Ilvson 7 10 do' Hvson Skin, 'TEAS 35 bbls Coffee and Loaf Sugar, Kaisons in kegs. Tlie above articles will be l,r,o..i .. . moda ate advance, by the barrel or package, so uics ai ou clays .b..w-. A supply of GROCRRTF.t; ,,. ,.,.11 1. gularly received fiom Philadelphia; which wilj enable us to fmnish store keepers, or others, upon tlie lowest terras WfT 1 rom Baltimore, in forms the publick, that he has NO renaoiedhis Fpctorv to Lexmg I nclebted to Maccounl ton, at the sign of the Umbrcl-la- , ncrtdoorln Trai ellers' Hall, "- - and Tilford. are reoucstedto call andnav where he will keep a constant their respective accoiuits on or before the first daj of March next AlUhosc thatfailto com-plsupply ot must expect the.r accounts put into the Umbrellas -. Parrsols, nanus oi proper c.n shed in tlieneatc' manner Mcrrhanlsand discrimmabon otneers lor collection, without 'raders mav be supplied with Umbrellas at" Lexington, Januaiy 2, 1806 this Facton on moic jdvaiitageom, temis than description ami color, painted, japanned and iiy importing tnem A NEW STORE. gilt, which has ncer ytt been done in this THOMAS HICKEY, ' LEAVY & GAfKWUUD, country. Have Jul imported from Philadelphia and Main .CroPi Street, Lexington, opposite Mr. THOMAS & ROBERT BARR, m II E of Mac- - Lexington, March F. DoiDliiug jflill. nam a new uijtK llOUie Baltimore, and are now opening at their Cth, 180$. coun an Tilford, is this daj dissoli ol by HAV WW 'store, in I exington, OFTERS his fervice1? to his friends PhdadUphia,E have just received ft (,111 M atutual consent, those indebted, are requested A I. nitre. Flfrnvtf are now opening in the house amlthepub'ick-nattershimfelf th2t(romhis to call and settle their accounts with James REMOVAL. mr jl Craig, a large ard I Assortment of Ions experience in tee principal c.tie of Eu Maccoun, and those hivinjj demands atramst of rope, am, b,nS lately from PhiladeTphia, wD'. j the firm, wul present Ihcm to him for settle CONDON, TAiton, JAMES mm ro givecenerai ntislaction. He meut. Confining ns HAS removed his (hon i a fmnll red r prelumes thata fpecimenof his abilities 'witl CO'S stn - o "fames Maccoun, house, on Mainiftrect,the fecoid tloor above Dry Goods, Groceries, Iron Mongery.n fiffiircfor any thinjr, more he mijjht say. Lai DRT GO'jDS, mr. LauJemn'ss wlierehetpiirpofes carrying Cutler), Saddlery, China, Queens" riies' habits and great coats made in thr fi'fij John Tilford Jun. HARD TV on Ins business as usual January 31st, 1800. Tlinfo Rfitlenien and Ghfs Ware, Stationery, Paints faihion. who may please to savour lum with tlieircuf CUTLEnT, N. n. One or two apprentices, well recoc ?nd Medicine, warranted Boulting Worn, may depend on having thtir work done 6m. SZUEEX" H E subscribe? has just rrcehed from Cloths, from Jo. 4 to " ; and in ad mended, wanted immediately. fTT the belt manner. 1) l5h. lade'p'ua, and now opening at the in CHINA U VV dition, th'v have a Urge quantity of 13. He wilhes to sell a LOT of N. stjre Utelv occup ed by the aboie firm, on GLA SS best quality of Iron, cut ant! wrought GROUND, lying on Mill ftrffet, adjoining Col. DYING. street, opposite' the Wiarkct house, an tf n e Nails, Ec a quantity of Man's Lick m TvIrs. Kfis Hart's It is at present unilei cood ehclofuie, & additional supply of takes this method which they will3tll for and a biick ioufe on it, that will make anex Salt. Cash, at d e n lMt , of informinrr. the public, that the. lias commen ccd Merchandise 8c Stationary, cellent stable. Lexington, March S, i3o6. prices All of which were purthaTed at the lowest ccd the Blue Uvinn business.,.u which will be, sold at the most reduced prices (O" 'Fhe) haVe on hand an assortrrm and will enablethemto sell them, Mrv Hulton,, the saddler, wl,crc ft.e will dve impoitcdflAK IllON for Cash. CiLEAN FLAX SEfcD either by whole sale or retail, very low for tf cnttont jarn, and thread, or any kind of at tie 6T1 millin Ler ington Also, CASH. fames Maccoun." nome maoe ciojn, which he will warrant to JOSEPH GR VY, LINSEFD OIL (land its color, as flie 0et with slot dye. TTA S .J....W..V. , ,, C. i may be had at Cud mill. i.X (rtrlA ... JrC C0 Jf,,. n She will dye the abov,c a'rtides as cheap as JA7VIES ROSE, they canbe done any where in Lexington, houle, oppolite anuifl & G,or Bobb. John B0ot &? Shoe Maker, fubferjber refneclfullv in and receive produce m jnvment. r tcrs, lately orcupifdbv Wtffis. reb. 26th iSo5. tf Ss forms the publick-- ) that he has latoly opened a RESPECTFULLY informs February 25, 1806. Bartlett; and has lull ureivrd. in l. theUdics mil gentlemen of Le-- j HOUSIi OF KNTLIiTAINMLNr, dition to his former alTortment, a very RICHARD TAYLOR, ington, that lie carries on tlif a in that latrre, commodious bnildinr. on Mam d boie business m all itsanons O ESPECTTULLY infiirrri!. hisfne'ids TOR SALE -- On lontj Credit, cicaui luppiy ii llreet, larely occupied hy the Bank, and near, blanches, at !ii3 old stxnd, Mam JL - the puDlick, tnrt nc ins opencu a ly opposite the Court lionfc, m the town of Goon.V, two sjnyBRicK V$i HI one door from Mam sti yJJatisc of krdcftainmait, where heis prepiredto accommodate LntjofXhound, on the Limellone winch will he h Id ihrip for Calh. U et He hason eh travellers, antl others who maV he so ob'ininp I exington, ot iarch r,, laort. lit assortment ot i"uie.s Kin f. occupied by Mr John Instone, in Frankfoit , as to call on rim, in the best manner. He i ro3d, at the eilp town. Also, the HOUSE EsP LOT Morocco Slip'-- s, spangled and wheiehc is stipplicd (th the bst ot liquois rnnitarttlv fnpphed with the molt Reniiine li lf O U N D, occupied 'W Geo-i-- c Adams iun. plain. oHial to inv imported, which he will and piowsions of every kind His sUble is fliiorsoftlieerent kinds; Ins bedding )seen next door to George Norton, and the Grouril ON Satnn'a evening, an ol I A Ld"wisei hand well sell at the lowst pi ices l - live, art attended witli and an attent ve OitandJrorithe Kid, Morocco, lei Fiom the anangeinenls made to accom (i7e of his liable, lie is in hopes to leader it ai'jom ng Jul n Adams jnn. A food Iloule fadnoneil SILVEft WA'l some tssorlneit of cluld-e-i- s' CH ihdV a, lie hisstntto Ph hdil rrodatc his v isitants, and the alten'ion (h t will as roiiimoilioi s as and Call Ski t Shos m the (late j ar J as he Wench, Vggon and,Team of Five HoMcs, lpp'v of lea'ller of the bepauf them, he flatUis himself lew. share will always keep on hand a hrge quantity o! we'l eqmpt tor the roid, two Brood Mares, owner can have it iy appling to phia sir an " ( olM, two years oM and yearlncs Mr. S. Avres. hav, oars, and corn, together with a good oil and sit first quihti , aid i"t ndi et en ing a constant the publick lavoiir Gent'emens' snr ng il fall he flatters himicU.thaths vitl be enabled I he above property is to Ne nd 0 a Ion? supply eia It, March 24, So6. Funktutj OC( 'in 21, 1B07 Cossacks nd Bickstio Bonts made of the to accommodite Ins viiiauts in evciy mjinncr credit, the p "chaser gn m bond with appro' veil fecuntv, hv me, handsome as best imper'c I Leath r, tliTtinay lult coiiviniencc. GhOUOE ADAMS Sen. iortment o fne olack jtui aid calf skin 20 DOLLARS Dec. 17th, 1S05. Shoes, ai G"i 'imcns' Mirocco Pumps tf Lcdnjton, April 20, iSot IMUIJ,, LBvm JL.C tf made m the ne st fish on in neatest t is'e R W away on C'nt'J.nas "last, 1 Ti Payable to, Jitiidorfed hv Ja"ies M'nin, Dr. VALTKIl VAR1-IEL1)- , Bot t Legs aid Sno s ci t to i ittern for , 4ri, loo, at fixt W Oman named LF 1 i Y, brl ust Pitbli fbett; and sale at ' i s m iv be sup vKeti v idi anV of ted, Lxinttoii. Febma-ySale iljn r Mer win pnitine lOOodollarc, pivsiMc an n yi to he lublcriber, (lie s abrut 23 war tbis Vfice, ,thr ibi' ' rtiiks, ne irly as cheap as in the at davsdate, for Jrbystc . y, yuk ti ible at the office ot the ktnrixkv li lu m t ae, pt .1 p it nre, fpirt, an I Untie states. 1 fJ an-its vicinity' He keeps hit ft A ; & Ciimp-'iiv- . he public aie cautinnrii iron fii M aih, 1R0" red, find of Prr - dJi i'ik, ai d wl limp the hnule lately occupied bv Dolors ort " u, as pavment his bcn il"ppt ilk i" H V, I a es' Fai"" m, in ide taking '' intiijfKwttd vpi I Imi lie hmlcr will conlera tivnron'rh 'uh Brown adWa,?e.d ir.fS of the SH icfrtes r om i lern to meisuit . (it iiispunc-titd- rer'ber, by !";it at ihe lioic ot J 'tin fr Ti.b. in, jacd. . .. ,. , V C"i ' Ihd ot ti o r r ihie whirc i.m. attcid ' to ind v.ejji n ' Jui Willi nil li drtrlfe. o ie it tinii ,1i,i,ia fl,,, . Jordan. A Le Crand ACM 'ST lour d h ey pMMC ', white" c I'OL LM u itiaved fiom thctstftui. Lexington, (5th Feb lil '. he i('Yi! M . y one. oilinpsaiid r;o il "1 ,,, with f d r SI RAYED, Icfihtr'i M heilbifrg a te By jobn J Campbe'l. thrr cloitl i r t r From vnv farm, a sew dis (ince, R E M O V A L. . qualuj. "1 1 .S Kiel M irr, tour veais old rve t1 was harboured foi fi n .n .pr tare, irmrk 1irLr whi ( hi bv Cjfi)r Tacen ip 'iront. on Slate rrppk 1 unt 111 and nei Mi s ( Tut, im i( ,r,n F. W. CHAIO, be about foi rTPn bii - nrH i nlf hmli, rid Ket, not lliod, ai (l j the lion Wo ks, one 1. doubt is fu 2 Irrd with t t T AS rcm.o' cd his n hc or Sr rd- - ecn lerrt d ' tupn set It is rtirr's II So, , I jr,-r- , hiilo-Tf r(t llioul Vr .V. a. h tc lirn ," o' e to ' r ifim c I. I i a -- ver w ill Like ciiint), Bjiiii'own or ITjl ijmt oinci r m to ne fjiift 'ler, or niiTil)!"- - in Si r f thl''e' ars ( 1 p 1 lb. n V hocver t s - i, Lntil, "s, i Ik ibi i u1 in t ljlforntv Tllr v en hrre in I. He m- - in-- , to flie c in h h , !n.r?giin, bin is white f or, niMiialtu' r, a nt 1, n 't i i m ners l? r to in , f i im t i I v ll'n'v tie high; apprailec! to rcw i f jr v is. l'idci te 0cn 11 til) rei anlr I, I y rtuarcicd Ly x R1 S be I ore e, iu j1 . ' 'i , w b i h he o' cii r. b cSi j nan. Tayette, March ,Mar s 1SCS he nov i bn .1 audi unrein ti 3t Mer'grmc-vcojtV) ;,v 3ili, jl- ilex noicn, 2i t , lioC d , 'nS"1 )Ji TPHOSE TICE." -- &- s &jtrF' Tailor, NOTICE. w s,J Jff ' ru.j, n'T MERCHANDIZE, 'T ??$ MERCHANDISE, hv 1 hr. jL , 1 JUpTSU- st 'rinv'ir books taf ,i. Calh-price- Tole J Tavern. jA & Eagle THE .- wm handaiie!el7rlt,ath,-einacominfihou3bnc!choiis- - n- e egtIS lo.-ig- c, funT-slici- J. 11 1 r 1 1 LOST, ir williaaMm nshwrurc. liRW3 REWARD. for SS -- t -h -- , an' Sutet - 111 I ai' ni J i u d- r it House, ONE y p. s e0 f' l 'in j)octj 1 Hirduti. , n 1 ri , ue ft i'tit ! 111 GOOD?, 13', 3 is r, lit-- tlisrii A J TE . i ! ,i v A.iVEIinSEMENr. . 3, '' " jf 1 hie jt , 1 lo u,r. Jf -

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