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Daniel Boone surveyor, and land-pilot-probably he found few equals as a rifleman; no man on the border knew Indians more thoroughly or fought them more skilfully than he; his life was filled to the brim with perilous adven- tures. He was not a man of affairs, he did not understand the art of money-getting, and he lost his lands because, although a sur- veyor, he was careless of legal forms of en- try. He fled before the advance of the civili- zation which he had ushered in: from Penn- sylvania, wandering with his parents to North Carolina in search of broader lands; thence into Kentucky because the Carolina borders were crowded; then to the Kanawha Valley, for the reason that Kentucky was being settled too fast to suit his fancy; lastly to far-off Missouri, in order, as he said, to get " elbow room." Experiences similar to his have made misanthropes of many an- other man-like Clark, for instance; but the temperament of this honest, silent, nature- loving man only mellowed with age; his closing years were radiant with the sunshine of serene content and the dimly appreciated consciousness of world-wide fame; and he vii

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