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Page 57 of Daniel Boone / by Reuben Gold Thwaites.

Kentucky Reached at Last Virginia and eastern Tennessee, being es- pecially delighted with the Valley of the Holston, where game was found to be unusu- ally abundant. At about the same time an- other party of nineteen hunters went upon a similar expedition into the hills and valleys westward of the Yadkin, penetrating well into Tennessee, and being absent for eight- een months. We must not conclude, from the passion- ate devotion to hunting exhibited by these backwoodsmen of the eighteenth century, that they led the same shiftless, aimless lives as are followed by the " poor whites " found in some of the river-bottom communities of our own day, who are in turn farmers, fisher- men, or hunters, as fancy or the seasons dic- tate. It must be remembered that farming upon the Virginia and Carolina uplands was, in the pioneer period, crude as to methods and insignificant as to crops. The principal wealth of the well-to-do was in herds of horses and cattle which grazed in wild mead- ows, and in droves of long-nosed swine feed- ing upon the roots and acorns of the hillside forests. Among the outlying settlers much 57

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