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Page 37 of Daniel Boone / by Reuben Gold Thwaites.

Red Man Against White Man continually active against the New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia frontiers, and were known to be attempting the corrup- tion of the Southern Indians. Fort Prince George was accordingly erected upon the Sa- vannah River, and Fort Loudon upon the Tennessee. In 1756 Fort Dobbs was con- structed a short distance south of the South Fork of the Yadkin. These three centers of refuge were upon the extreme southwestern borders of the English colonies. These "forts" of the American border would have proved slight defenses in the presence of an enemy armed with even the lightest artillery, but were generally suffi- cient to withstand a foe possessing only mus- kets and rifles. Fort Dobbs was an oblong space forty-three by fifty-three feet, girt by walls about twelve feet high, consisting of double rows of logs standing on end; earth dug from the ditch which surrounded the fort was piled against the feet of these palisades, inside and out, to steady them; they were fastened to one another by wooden pins, and their tops were sharpened so as to impede those who might seek to climb over. At the 37

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