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Griffith (D.W.) Film Festival 1915-1976, 1915

Part of Griffith (D.W.) Film Festival 1915-1976

klgar31v2Inventory of the D.W. Griffith Film Festival Collection, ca. 1915-1976Archives StaffUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292 USAPhone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: Archives and Records Centern.d.Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the D.W. Griffith Film Festival Collection, ca. 1915-1976Contact InformationUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292Phone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: by: StaffDate Completed: n.d.Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 2000 University of Louisville. All Rights Reserved.Griffith (D.W.) Film Festival 1915-197631V2one boxD.W. Griffith Film FestivalNo online items. Must visit contributing institution. University Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292Open to researchersThe copyright interests are owned by the University of Louisville. Materials are restricted in accordance with federal and state statutes governing university records.[Identification of item], D.W. Griffith Film Festival Collection, ca. 1915-1976, 31V2, University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville.D.W. Griffith, a native of Louisville, found national prominence as a producer of silent movies in the early days of film. In honor of her native son, two Louisville institutions, WAVE-TV and the University College of the University of Louisville sponsored the D.W. Griffith Film Festival in connection with an amateur film contest. Inaugarated in 1970, the film festival enjoyed local and national attention. Unlike other national film festivals, the Griffith Festival included a silent film catagory, the media of D.W. Griffith. Although University College discontinued its support in 1972, the idea was picked up by the Speed Museum, who holds the D.W. Griffith Film Festival annually.One box contains the collection and covers all aspects of planning and implementation. Notes, correspondence and proposal drafts relate the many details involved in planning. Newsclippings and press releases provide background information on the festival and D.W. Griffith. Applications reflects the concerns and interests of young filmmakers in the early 1970s. The collection rounds out with judge's comment sheets and photographs of various films.Container ListBox Inventory. 1First Annual D.W. Griffith Film Festival. 1Second Annual D.W. Griffith Film Festival. 1Third Annual D.W. Griffith Film Festival. 1Application Forms--1970. . 1Application Forms--1971. . 1Application Forms--1972. . 1Correspondence. 1Film Publications. 1Judges Work Sheet I. 1Judges Work Sheet II. 1Invitation List. 1Invoices. 1Mailing Lists. 1Memos and Notes. 1News Clippings. 1Other Film Festivals. 1Periodical Listings. 1Photographs. 1Press Releases. 1Publicity Materials. 1Schlesinger Film Festival--1971. . Newsclipping Inventory. Cardinal. 11January 23, 1970. "UL to host national film contest in May". 12March 19, 1971. "UC, WAVE-TV to sponsor second Griffith Film Festival". 11April 23, 1971. "UL Griffith festival to award $2500 to student filmakers". Courier-Journal. 11April 28, 1970. "U of L to offer course on films". 11May 12, 1970. "Film class enrolls 20 with as many interests". 11May 16, 1970. A 10. "Miss Cooper's `lovely life' includes Griffith's movies". 11May 19, 1970. " `Hospital' documentary wins a pair of Emmys". 11May 20, 1970. "The art of film: an exciting event". 11October 16, 1970. B 2. "D.W. Griffith sleuth still searching". 11April 23, 1971. A 24. "Titles promise intriguing film fare at U of L Griffith Student Festival". 11April 24, 1971. "Film festival entries reflect maker's ideals". 11April 25, 1971. B 7. "South California films win 5 of 6 top Griffith festival awards". Times. 14-5May 16, 1970. "Young ideas on film". 14-5Magazine Section "They want her memories". 14-5April 23, 1971. B 1. "Following the Master". The Owl. 15August 10, 1970. "Hour show on TV covers the first Griffith festival". RG 31V2. D.W. Griffith Film Festival. 1XVIII1) "West Texas" writer-director, Alan Gadney, blocks action for veteran actress, Florence Lake, during an opening sequence.. 1XVIII2) "West Texas" - Cast of Western portion standing in front of a sod house constructed on location near Riverside, California.... 1XVIII3) "West Texas" U.S.C. Cinema Department student crew filming on location of Western farm set built near Riverside, California.... 1XVIII4) "West Texas" - Students from Dept. Of Cinema, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, film ending scene set in 1920.... . 1XVIII5) MOMA Film Library #1 (street scene). 1XVIII6) MOMA Film Library #6 (little girl with a cow). 1XVIII7) MOMA Film Library #8 (people lined up for provisions). --All seven prints are 8'x10'.RG 196. Virginia T. Chance - 1962 ca.. . 1XVIII-- #1 Scrapbook - Along with many newspaper photographs, this scrapbook contains one 5'x7', thirty-two 8'x10', and five 4'x5' gelatin silver prints; all of these show the children and teachers in the daycare working in class as well as outside. Many of these photographs are credited to Robert Steinau.. 1XVIII-- #2 Scrapbook - This scrapbook contains twenty-two 4'x5' prints, and thirteen 8'x10' prints. All of them concern the daycare.. RG 169. John H. and Murray Atkins Walls. 218 & 19- Photographs in folder #19 are in the Photographic Archive's collection. (79.11) Proofsheets should be found in this folder.. 3 (OVERSIZE)- (7'x19') Photograph of the Central Community Conference YWCA, Lake Geneva 1925.. .

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