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given high consideration in the school study and improvement pro- gram. From the inspiration 'and information received during our stay here, the best in us has been challenged to the extent that we have determined to return to our various communities with renewed ef- fort and vigor to carry on the fight unceasingly against ignorance and everything which, tends to. impede the progress of the general educational program in* our various communities. Respectfully submitted, THE MEMBERS OF THE INSTITUTE By: H. R. Merry E. T. Buford N. L. Shobe W. 0. Nuckolls Kathelene Carroll Alice Samuels SALARY EQUALIZATION The following letter gives information on the question of salary equalization of teachers within the state. July 23, 1945 To the Directors and Presidents of District Associations Kentucky Negro Education Association Dear Co'- Workers: At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the K. N. E. A. on May 25, discussion relative to'the equalization of teachers' salaries centered on the belief that equalization is more an 'administrative matter than a legislative one, and that the State Department of Edu- cation should be asked to not approve salary schedules from county or independent units which contained differentials based on race. A letter making this request was sent by the K. N. E. A. secre- tary to Dr. J. D. Falls, Chief of the Bureau of Finance, who, jalong with Mr. John Fred Williams, Superintendent of Public Instruction, suggested a conference on the question. The conference was set for Thursday, July 12; each District President received an invitation to attend if convenient. It was attended by the K. N. E. A. secretary and President R. B. Atwood, of Kentucky State College, Dr. Falls, and Superintendent Williams, in the office of the latter. (KNEA President Lucy Harth Smith was out of the state at that time.) The following facts de- veloped: '1. The State Department is making progress in its policy of equal- izing the salaries of teachers of the state. 2. The State Department is seeking to remove not only differ- entials due to race, but those between elementary and secondary teachers of similar preparation and experience; it frequently returns schedules for removal of inequalities. '7

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