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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 19, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

t l Ngt I jt RJ VOLUME ia t at vtjf > 10 COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY DECEMBER entitled to six per cent on all amounts after that County Clerks are entitled RUSSELL CREEK to 60 cents for issuing warrants for delROLLER MILL inquent taxes for recording such tax Between Columbia and Campbells sales one cent for each 10 wcrrs 25 cents for recording release on redempvi lie Awarded to J B Barbee tion and 10 cents for indexing each Now Owned by W G Burchett and n ame against whom tax warrant is is ¬ Green B Smith The contract to carry the mail be ¬ sued tween Columbia and Campbellsville APPOINTED SPECIAL JUDGE was let to Mr J B Barbee ef this COLUMBIA LIGHT PLANT MAY BE MOVED city for 1398 ¬ We understand that there were sev James Garnett of this city has been eral bidders for this route but as usual Last Saturday Messrs W G Bur ¬ appointed special Judge of the Whitley the longest pole knocked the persimmon Circuit Court to try the case of Procter chett and G B Smith purchased the The schedule will be as follows leave Coal Company against Manning interest of Mr J S Stapp in the J S Columbia at 200 a m arrive at Camp Stapp Roller Mill near Columbia and bellsville 600 a m at 1030 a m in the future it will be known as the TWO PAPERS THIS WEEK arrive at Campbellsville 230 p m Russell Creek Roller Mill Burchett and except Sunday when only the early trip Smith proprietors will be made Coming this way leave Two issues of the News will be punt ¬ This mill was bought and installed by Campbellsville when the train arrives ed this week Tuesday and SaturdayMr Stapp about three months ago is and make the trip in Jour hours in order to give the force the regu ar 50 barrel capacity and a firstclass mill This schedule is practically the same Christmas Holiday in every respect as before the auto took charge The new proprietors are former cit- ¬ Mr Barbee will take charge off the izens of Russell county and are high NEW BANK AT ROLEY line the first day of January 1907 and toned gentlemen and good citizens continue for eighteen months Mr Burchett is a miller of long ex US HORSE Organization DEAD Will Be Perfecte- Saturday I Hr R F Paull lost one of his fine edits last Friday night deathresulting from colic Just a few days previous he had received his certificate of regis ¬ tration and in view of its form size and pedigree Mr Paull fully believed that he would have a great animal by thee she was 4 years old In fact he Pad refused 125 for her at leaning last September His other ftly same age is doing well and he s turned away a bid of 150 for here one that died was sired by Red rd dam the old grey mare that has thered more valuable colts than any tier mare in this part of the country mand 6 jOa A MAGNIFICENT Company last week filed articles of incorporation and lacedits capital stock at 10000 The following gentlemen are the incor porators A H Ballard E L Sinclair and Braxton Massie The first of January 1907 the stock will be greatly enlarged and the busi ¬ ness increased at which time Mr Mas ¬ sie will take an interest and devote his time to the work Since the organization of this Compa ¬ ny in September the business has been more than doubled over that of its pre ¬ GIFTp Rev J S Gatton of Campbellsville preached an interesting sermon in the Columbia Baptist Church last Sunday Rev Mr Gatton also solicited aid for the buildingof a dormitory for the Baptist school of his city now under course of construction Just the amount he received we are not advised but Mr J S Stapp one of the most able and liberal Baptists in Southern Kentucky gave 1000 With such magnificent donation from one man enjoyed the confidence of the public sufficient money ought to be secured at and with good prices and immediate an early day to build a large dormitory shipments have succeeded in building a very substantial trade which with an increased capital and better facilities for handling the goods the new firm ex ¬ pects and we believe will succeed in establishing one of the best and largest Married This Tuesday Morning a- t wholesale houses in Southern Kentucky The New member of the firm Mr ll oclock Massie is one of the best known busi nesss men in Adair county enjoying a large acquaintance and the confi ¬ Miss Blanche Stotts and Mr E M dence of all Success to you gentlemen Staples were married this Tuesday Since our last issue we have added to morning at 11 oclock at the home of our excellent corps of correspondents Z Williams the officiatingminis Eld two new names representing Webbs ter in this city While the wedding at this time is X Roads and Nell We want a live re ¬ somewhat of a surprise to many it was porter at Breeding Casey Creek Rug ¬ known that the event would eventuall and McGaha take place The bride is a daughter ofgSMr and Mrs Ed Stotts of the Bliss neighbor- ¬ PAID LIST hood and a pretty and accomplished young lady who has a large circle of ¬ STOTTSSTAPLES We understand there is a deal on be- ¬ tween Mr W R Myers proprietor of Columbia Electric Light Co and the proprietors of Russell Creek Roller Mill to run the electric light plant with their water power This wouldnecessitate the moving of the Light machinery but would doubtless prove less expen ¬ sive and equally satisfactory f hasa Next Saturday the stockholders of the bank to be organized at Roley this county will elect officers and otherwise perfect plans for the launching of this new enterprise We could not get the entire list of stockholders but the ollowing named gentlemen are among Campbellsville suffered two destruct- ¬ the ones interested Mc C Goode T M Wolford C L Wolford G E ive fires Saturday and Sunday Decem ¬ Walker F C Land G W Chelf J ber the 8th and 9th The home of Mr A Williams W B Beard G TV S E Kerr was destroyed by fire and on the last names date Mr J E Gow Beard and G J Chelf Roley is in one of the best farmin districts of the county and with the staves were burned The losses will timber interests much business is tran ¬ reach 6000 sacted hence the necessity for an in- ¬ OUR APPOINTMENTS IDEAL SITE SECURED stitution of this kind With the organization of this bank it will make the fifth for Adair which he News Honor Rollccis Your shows conclusively that our county is Kentucky Gets the Choice of Lo ¬ Name Written There Made To State Normal School at rapidly coming to the front financially cations at Jamestown Heres hoping that the new institution n Bowling Green Exposition will prosper and be a great benefit to served two terms as Deputy Sheriff Herbert Jones G W Todd Solomon making a good record as an officer the good people of that section The many friends of this happy cou ¬ McFarland S N Strange R S Bai ¬ Miss Rena Conover of Columbia Kentucky has secured an ideal site for ple extend sincere CUTTIN SOME congratulations and ley Mrs A L Newby Mrs Cattie Messrs J V Dudley of Glensfork a State Building at the Jamestown Ex- ¬ the News wishes them all the happiness Stephens John Wallace Alex Murrell James A Caldwell of Milltown and position next year A committee com of life they so well Tom Waggener J W Thombson Mrs deserve Buford W Sherrill of Knifley were Rosa East Mrs Ada Sherrill Dr E Messrs Stults Bros Co hav and appointed by Mrs Georgia R Shelton B Atkinson P M Bryant Jas A four saw mills at work in different sec- ¬ Frankfort Director of State Building v County Superintendent WILLISCONOVER to a four year tions of the county Within McGlasson Miss Josephine Field D the las I course at the State Normal School at W Parson D L Mooneyham G G few months this company has pur¬ Bowling Green Director of Forestry Bowling Green exhibits and C C Ousley Secretary of Morrison chased a number of large bodies of As had been previously announced in timber and the mills are preparing it the Commission visited Norfolk last Wedding at Residence of Eld Z L the News last Saturday was the date for PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY weekand made a formal report on Satmarket as rapidly as possible set for the County Superintendent to ¬ urday to the commission Williams Last Sunday Evening The Ken hold a competitive examination for the A L Whitfield Columbia tucky Building which is to be a replica purpose of selecting the successful can- SERIES OF W H C Sandidge Edmonton of the Fort of Boonesboro will be lo- ¬ GOODSERMONS didates for the free scholarships It was cated on the North side of the Exposi ¬ The marriage of Miss Nannie Willis W S Dudgeon Hutchinson School r expected that eight or ten applicants tion grounds and immediately on Hamp ¬ and Mr Ollie Conover at the residence HouseA ° would appear but only the above men Kasey Tabor ton Roads of Eld Z T Williams last Sunday tioned parties showed up and as the A beautiful pine grove numbering evening at 730 oclock was a surprise J A Johnston Clear Spring examination is not necessary unless G Y Wilson Pleasant Ridge some 500 trees furnishes a background to many of their intimate freinds and Mk Church During for the more than six applications are received Heard at the stockade and log cabins Some the ceremony was witnessed by only a- T J Campbell Greenbrier Meetings Recently Closed the appointments were made F J Barger Creelsboro of the trees will be encircled by the Very few Adair county is entitled to six free stockade and will ad to the picturesque Miss Willis is a very popular youn scholarships next year four of which appearance of the structure About 75 lady and is held in the highest esteem y When the last sermon of the series feet from the front of the stockade is have been well placed and we are of the by all who have the pleasure of her I opinion that those who desire to equip of meetings which closed at the M E the beach of Hampton Roads It is an CHRISTMAS GOODS I themselves for teaching are making a Church Sunday was heard it was uni ¬ excellent bathing beach and the sands acquaintanceMr is the youngest son of mistake in not securing an appointment versally expressed that some of the come to the very doors of the cabins the late W S Conover and is an in ¬ best sermons ever heard in this cit The stock of holliday goods at Rus ¬ dustrious and honorable young man i FAMILY REUNION were delivered by Revs Hulse an The News joins the many friends in sell Cos is the best assortment of Kasey The structure built by the great pioneer extending the usual courtesies of that class of goods ever shown in Columbia buyers are taking them ey was flanked in the rear by a great for ¬ On Thursday December 6that the t est while running along the other side cry day 52t SMITHSPILLMAN home of James R Wade of Watson Gradyville this county conducted the of the stockade was the Kentucky river Mr James B Ruberts and wife Mrs services until last Friday when he was The pine SALE forest has been reserved J S Murphy and daughter Sallie E forced to leave in order to meet an ¬ the Exposition Company exclusively by Last Sunday evening Miss Mattie as Sale at my home of Casey county Mrs R F Rowe of other engagement The sermons de- ¬ a park and all other requests for this Smith and Mr Wm Spillman of the on the Hunter farm 1J miles from Cumberland county and Mr W L livered by Rev Hulse were logical arid place as a building site had been refus ¬ Gradyville community were united in Milltown on the 20th of December my Russell wife and little son James s eloquent and our people are better for ed The request of the Kentucky Com ¬ marriage at the home of the brides household and kitchen furniture farm bringing with having heard him Rev Kasey pas ¬ Wade of this county mission was granted only because the father Mr Wash Smith the Rev W ing implements one work mule 1 them well filled baskets it being the tor of the M E Church delivered some building to be erected by this State will H C Sandidge officiating a buggy and 25 barrels of corn I said gentlemans seventieth birthday very excellent discourses and while harmonize so nicely with the surround- ¬ Both of these young people are very R L SHERRILLfS He and Mrs Wade were the recip ¬ there were no additions the member- ¬ ings popular in that section of the county ients of many nice and useful presents ship is greatly revived 4 Mr J S Stapp has several neatly m Eld W G Montgomery an Ada Both were surprised but delighted all new bound bibles for sale They will make county boy who is in charge of the GROCERY CHANGES HANDS the children of the family being pres- ¬ the best gift you could give to your First Christian Church at Belton Tex ¬ ent except Mrs Williams and Mrs BANQUET son daughter or friend Call at the as writes that the work under him is Arnold of Anna Texas and Mrs C H Spectator office and see them L W Bennett Co sold the cor- ¬ progressing nicely and we learn that Wade of St Louis Mo The Frogge and Columbian Literary ner grocery near the Columbia Hotel his salary has been raised to 1200 All present report an enjoyable day Societies of the Lindsay Wilson Train¬ I Our Hatcher correspondent informs to J L and Geo McLean and this firm ing School have arranged with th eus that all of the stock for the Cream ¬ are now in charge Bdnnett Mr J H Young has purchased the manager of the Columbia Hotel for a Co f sold this place a few months ago to W old Isenberg store building from Mr banquet Thursday evening December ery at that place has been subscribed FOR SHERIFFS AND CLERKS and a committee appointed to select a C Murrell then bought it back and J 0 Russell but will not begin to 20th Covers will be laid for twenty site now sold again Its certainly a trad- ¬ raze it until Spring at which time Mr five T response to a request from Auditor ing corner Russell will begin the erection of his CUT PRICES Hager a ruling was made by Attorney business house Mr Flavius Taylor an upright and General Hays as to what fees are to be Robert Allen of color who has been honorable citizen of Greensburg died r allowed Sheriffs and County Clerks for awayfrom Columbia for about three LAST SERVICES last week The deceasedwas the From this date we cut prices on ally ¬ years returned one night last week and issuing warrants for and collecting de father of Miss Margaret Taylor teach ¬ Cloaks Ladies Skirts an- d Furs Must linquent taxes on real and personal was immediately lodged in jail to serve On next Sunday < the Rev A L er of Expression in the M F High makeroomforSpring stock > sV property He holds that sheriffs are out old fines amounting to IlSdays i RUSSELL Co Whitfield will conduct his last service School this city 52t r I 5 > the Presbyterians and Cumberland Presbyterians of the town and commu- ¬ nity will be present as it is Mr WhitIIncorporates For fields desire to emphasize some Braxton Massie Takes Interest things which vitally affect the interests of the reunited body and also to make January 1st the occasion one of great enthusiam in view of the early prospect for a regular pastor The Columbia Grocery ¬ YOUNG NUMBER I at the Presbyterian church as stated supply It is earnestly hoped that all COLUMBIA GROCERY CO MAIL CONTRACT VALUABLE 191906I f r 40000g EuniceY TMr andis ofe oft s r1 I I I ¬ Columbiag p- harmonywitd Kyformerly Fr r IIPUBLIC M < cowJ theit tL 1 < A t a 1 V- s < J < I > I V t i i I i til j r

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