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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), November 16, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

JtFFERSONIAN I DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, November 16, 1911. Vel. 5. No. 22 man Harris were guests of Mrs. Aiex ON A BOOM x Roberts Friday. Mrs. Elizabeth LaMaster went to Louisville Friday to spend several weekswith her mother. Mrs W. E. Knapp. Mrs. Joe Knapp, Nearly $100,000 in New Houses Mrs. John Carrithers and Mrs. Alex in Buechel Neighborhood Roberts spent last Wednesday in Louisville shopping. Mr. W. E. Knapp and family were Mark-weot Their Growing and guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Citiaens Ar Proud last Saturday night. Hustling Little City -- New Business The high wind Saturday night Enterprises, Also. blew down a lot of fodder, fences and hay stacks in this neighborhood. Mrs. Lee Harris was the guest of blame the citizens of Mrs. Hickman Harris. Saturday. You cannot Buechel, the hustling little suburb of Bread Making. Louisville on the Central Lincoln ll Road, from being proud of their About a dozen new community. dwellings and several business houses are now being erected at a cost that will probably aggregate $100,000. Although late in the year and the weather bad, the work of building continues. Among those who are building, or have just completed houses, are the following: Grover Fegenbush, a cottage in Richland Addition that will cost about $2500. A. A. Bridwell, of is the contractor. .leffersontown, Lawrence Heilman is erecting a pretty eight room house about one mile from Buechel on the Lincoln Road and will move out Irpm the city when it is completed. Ed. and S. Edw. Vogt are both building handsome dwellings side by side at Fegenbush Lane and Lincoln Road. Mr. Fegenbush's house will cost over $o,00( and Mr. Vogt's will cost about $5,000 or a little less. Both will be furnished with bath and have ten large rooms. Not far away on Fegenbush Lane Thomas Yann has about completed a lovely residence that cost him about live or six thousand dollars. Ben Brentlinger. Y. L. Walker contractor, is starting a new house in Richland addition that will cost about $2,500. .los. Rudolph, of the firm of Rudolph ft Bauer. Louisville candy makers, have started the erection of a handsome residence that will cost in the neighborhood of 12,000. It will have a frontage of 4" feet and will be one of the prettiest houses in the county. Mr. Rudolph will move to Buechel when the house is com pleted, .loe Driseol. the chief engineer of the Buechel Jce, Coal & Storage Company, bought the cottage that was on the Rudolph place and has had it moved across the road opposite the Bank of Buechel, where he will reside. An expert piece of work was done in moving the house not a piece of plastering was broken and the house was carried over the fences and across rough pieces of ground, a distance of two or three hundred feet. One of the things that the Buechel people are justly proud of is the Buechel ice plant, which is being added to in the way of new machinery and an addition that will cost about $8,000. This was necessary to take care of the large volume of business enjoyed by this worthy enterprise. J. W. Summers has sold hisinterests Lumber in the Summers-JohnsoCompany and erected a large warehouse, which he is stocking up with vehicles of all kinds, automobile supplies, farm implements, etc. He hopes to be open for buisness at an early date, as the building is about completed. .). B. Seay has about completed a new feed store in Buechel and will probably open for business in a few days. Mrs. Lon Jones has just finished a lovely $5,000 house on her place and quite a number of other dwellings will be started soon. Wm. Keifer will build a house adjoining the place Mr. Kennedy, of Fenry Hikes. rural route carrier on No. 11, has just completed a nice new house. Wm. Lee. of Louisville, will erect a beautiful $6,000 bungalow near Squire Cha? Fegenbush s home. Feg-eubus- h n CANE RUN Nov. 13 Mrs. S. B. Clark and Miss Ethel Reid, were guests of Mr. Bruce Clark and family in Louisville this week. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Carrithers were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Davis, near Wilsonville. Saturday nigbt. Mrs. Lee Harris and Mrs. Hickman Harris spent Thursday with Mrs. J. E. LaMaster and mother. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Bridwell and Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Knapp were guests of Mr. aDd Mrs. C. W. Money last Sunday. Mrs. Lee Harris and Mrs. Hick There is an idea among housewives that yeast bread make and that it is very difficult to is about as cheap to buy the baker's product. This idea is entirely erroneous. Twice as many loaves of bread may be made at home for the same money that vou pay for the baker's bread and there is no difficulty about the baking it a few simple rules are followed. First of all the yeast must be fresh. In most cases failures are due to carelessness in regulating the temperature of the bread during the rising period. If the liquid used in the bread is warmed up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit before mixing a great deal of time will be saved. Another very important point in bread making is to have the sponge soft. It matters not what kino of bread is being made if yeast is used the dough should not be stiff for the first rising. When the bread is mixed it should be thoroughly beaten. Oxygen is necessary for the growth of the yeast plant and therefore should be introduced beating. The bread should be set to rise in a temperature of from 70 degrees to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the usual temperature at the side of the coal range. If the place it is put to rise is too hot the yeast plant will be killed. If it is not even temperature, the bread is lik'.'ly to riv high, tall and sour in consequence. It should not be in a draught. After the mass has doubled its bulk, which takes from i to 3 hours where a yeast cake is used to qt. of Hour: the bread is ready to be worked over and made up into loaves and set to rise for the second time. The second rising takes sometimes an hour, usually less. This time, too, the mass should double its bulk. The oven should be moderately hot for rolls and rather a slow oven for 1 bread. and Miss Katherine Ho9kins, of this place, were quietly married Saturday evening at the home of the bride's mother. Mrs. R. Hoskins. Mrs. John Clore and little son. And Other Newsy Items From John Richard, have returned to their home at Crestwood, after a Middletown. pleasant visit with her mother, Mrs. Susie Hunt. Mrs. John Rehl entertained House in Anchorage Saved By Fire Depart Thursday evening for Misses Laura Abbott. Mary Hoke and Katie Wolf, msnt Mrs. Downing Shoots Herand Messrs. Oscar and Lucius Hoke. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Markwell, self Through Foot. and Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lawson spent Sunday with their parents. Mrs. L. E. Hoke and family. Middletown. Nov. 13. Mr. James Mrs. Burkie and son. Clarence, of Davis has the grip. Louisville, were recent guests of Mr. Mis. Minnie Shanks, of Shepherds-ville- . and Mrs. Ernest Klingenfus. is visiting her aunt. Mrs. Adah Miss Margaret Smart spent the week-en- d with Mrs. H. C. Hill, of O'Bannon. Mrs. Martin Adah Martin and Mrs, Roht. w ere guests of Mrs. Ben Swan Thursday. Weatherbee and Miss Weatherbee spent Thursday in Etta the city with friends. Misses Sal lie Woodsmail and Sarah with Beynroth spent the week-enMiss Kate I'rton. Mrs. Omer Jones spent the weekend visiting her sister, Mrs. Smith, of Crescent Hill. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Weatherbee and children were guests of Mr. aud Mrs. .loli u Tharp Friday. Mrs. S. O. d Mr. Chas. Swan and Miss Julia Swan were guests of his daughter, Mrs. Will Waters, Tuesday. Mrs. Helen Durr and daughter, of .Shelby ville. were guests of Mrs. Hugh Milliken last week. Mr. and Mrs. M. J'. Crask were guests of Mrs. Robert Martiu Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Singer spent Sunday with f riendsat Pe wee Valley. Mrs. John Gates and Mrs. James Stegar, of Princeton, were week-enguests of Mrs. Hugh Milliken. Mrs. Omer Jones entertained Friday for Mrs. John Becfclej and Mrs. Percy SVhitcome and Miss Mattie Shauuurn, oi St. Matthews. Mr. and Mrs. 15. T. Coleman attend-- d the dedication services ot the new Christian church in Louisville, of which Rev. EL L. Powell is the minister. This new church is a magnificent piece of work. t is said to be tne largest and finest church in the d J Sooth. There was a temperance lecture by the League given by Dr. Palmer, of Louisville, at the Christian church Sunday evening. Mrs. L. P. Arterburn went into 0K0L0NA. Master Irvine Thorne spent from Friday till Monday with his grandparents. Dr. and Mrs. II. C. Ireland. Miss Edna Beeler spent Sunday and Monday with relatives in the city. We are glad to hear that Mrs. Carrithers. who has been seriously ill with pneumonia, is very much improved. Mrs. America Bell is with her daughter, Mrs. J. B. McDowell. Mr. and Mrs. Will Thomas are receiving congratulations upon the arrival of a girl. The many friends of Mr. Thomas Bell are grlad to hear he left the Hospital Saturday, and will soon be with his uncle. Mr. P. H. Brown, for several weeks. Don Carlos Jones, of the Highlands, is conducting a series of meetings at Salem Church of Christ, Bullitt Co. sMisses Mattie and Margaret Cretans entertained the "Saus Souci'" club Wednesday afternoon. Master Roy Thorne is with his aunt, Mrs. Claude Seay, of Louisville. Miss Minnie Poklman left Wednes day to visit relatives in Cincinnati. ROUTT No"?. Being such a change in can the weather this morning. hardly sit far away enough from the lire to write the news from this part of the world. Mrs. D. F. Wigginton spent Satur day as the guest of her sister, Mrs. 1-- I Lew McMahan, on Cane Run. Plain Light Bread 2 cups milk (scalded), 2 cups water. 1 cake yeast, (i to 8 cups Hour, 2 tablespoons lard. 2 tablespoons(level) butter, 1 tea- spoon salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, made up according to the proceeding rules. German ColTee Bread 2 cups milk (scalded), 2 tablespoons butter and lard, salt, S 1 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon cake yeast dissolved in cup lukewarm water, '.' cups one-fourt- h Hour. Let it rise two or three hours. After rising beat in three eggs, two cups raisins and flour enough to make stiff dough. Do not knead but roll out and put inch layers in shallow pans. Let it rise a second time. When it is ready to be baked brush with white of egg and cinnamon. For information address, Miss Attbyn, Dept. ot Household Science, one-fourt- h Lexington, Ky. Deafness Cannot be Cured applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and thatis by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the Eustachian tube. When this tube is inflamed you have a rumpling sound or inper-fec- t hearing, and when it is entirely closed, Deafness is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surface. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars free. F. J. Chentcy ft Co., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Take Hall's Family Pills for By local ten By Our Regular Correspondent. Buechel. Nov. 14. Miss Mayme Another Teacher Resigns. Kaiser was the charming hostess at a dinner party the first of the Miss Lizzie Bach, of Louisville, has week. Among those who enjoyed the been engaged to take the place of evening were Misses Rose Calloway, Miss Theresa McDermott, principal of W. Va., Dorothy Skiles. Elizabeth of the J ellersontown public school Skiles, COrinne Calloway, of Louis- who resigned her position to take up ville. Sadie Skiles. and Ida Belle work in the city. Miss Bach took Kaiser: Messrs. H. H. Watkins, charge last Monday. She is said Orville Stivers, Fred GralT. John to be a s teacher. The asLannert. Edward Brietenstein, and sistant, M Louise Owings, has ottChester Kaiser. ered her resignation and will not A number of young people of Owings teach after tomorrow. Mi-enjoyed a nutting party to is to be married in the early spring. Bullitt count? Saturday. Those included were Misses Lillian and VirFamous House Damaged ginia Hart, Nellie Gallagher. Freda Fred MerholT. a farmer living two Kaiser. Barbara Hardmier. Lillie miles from the city on the Preston May Applegate, Sarah Mills. Maud. road, suffered a heavy loss Florence am; Zadie Snyder and Lena Street his residence was unroofed when Bogard; Messrs. Lindsey Moore. This home holds Saturday night. Everett Rush, utho Perkins, Krrett historic lame. Quan trill, the noted Mills, Vernon Thompson. Harold Guerilla, was hidden on the roof for Smyser, John Lannert and Tom Mill tun weeks during the late Civil war er. by Mr. Henry Phillips, then the ownMiss Freda Schnieder spent several er aud a great Southern sympathizer. days this week in Louisville. first-clas- New-bur- Being compelled to go to Louis ville last week, I was delighted while there to have the opportunity of seeing our President, W. H. Taft, in company with several of our big Louisville Monday to attend a show- men ol the state. wasaccompanied er given by Mrs. James Gregg in by my grandmother, Mrs. S. B.Clark, honor of Mrs. Mason Gregg at her who has had the pleasure of seeing beautiful bungalow in Parkland. two of the P. S. Presidents. Mrs. John Beck ley entertained Thursday evening at a six o'clock Home Nearly Completed. dinner, ('overs were laid for Mr. and The new home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Mrs. mer Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Ried, is nearing completion. The Pearcy, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Whit-com- e family hopes to move in by the end and Miss Mattie Shadbnrn, of of the month, and I want to thank. St. Matthews. right here, the many kind men and women who have helped us through Accidentally Shoots Herself. know there were nevour trouble. .Mrs. Downing, while getting the er better people than those around gun to kill a hawk last week acciden- this part of Jefferson and the Spen-etally discharged the weapon and the county people. Just to illustrate ball went through her foot, making their kindness, allow me space please a very painful wound. She is now to say that those who were so kind at getting along very nicely. llrst were kind to the last. Only last week we were sent forty yards of new Fire at Anchorage. car-prag carpet given as a'friend-shind while would like to mention of Mr. W. S. Forester, of The home t"a Anchor.iye, caught on lire Monday every kind donor's name J will only morning. The bell at the fire depart say that Wilsonville, Fishervilie. Norment was rung, and the new engine mandy. Cane Run, and Routt were ail was soon on the grounds putting out represented in this friend ship gift, the lire, if it had not been for the and I hope they, or no one else, will fire department the house could not ever have to experience the loss of have been saved. The loss was about their home. Anti-Saloo- n 1 r p s g . Phillips-Lewi- s. Heoderahot - Burwinkle. Gertrude Burwinkle and Mr. Jerome Hendershol were quietly married, on Wednesday, November 15. at the home of the bride's parents. Miss Mr. and Mrs. W in. Burwinkle. Sr.. on Deerwoori avenue, the Rev. .Mr. Gordon, of Clifton Christian church, officiating. The only attendants were Miss Norma Binder, the bride's coesin, and Dr. Forrest G. Hcnder-shot- , a brother of the groom. . HisceUuema Shower. Miss Gertrude Burwinkle was given miscellaneous shower by a number ot her friends on Saturday afternoon. Among those who enjoyed the after- Prestonia, Nov. 13. Miss Martha Eustace Phillips and Mr. Steve J. Lewis wen- quietly married Saturday afternoon. Nov. 11, aud went immediately to housekeeping in Louisville at No. 520 B. Kentucky street. Miss Phillips is a stately brunette and a most accomplished young lady. Mr. Lewis is connected with the Both the Bourbon stock yards. bride and groom are well known in the county and have a host of friends and relatives who wish them all the good that the world holds dear in the new life they have just entered. a were Misses Elizabeth Graff. Dorothy Skiles. Gertrude Hikes. Mayme Kaiser, Katherine Graff, Theresa Diemer, Emma Whistler, Nettie Diemer, Pearl Winter. Sadie SKiks Elsie Rommel, Omea Irwing, Elizabeth Skiles. Anna Belle Diemer. Cleone Summers, Rose Christen, Ida Belle Kaiser, and Anna Mitchell. Mesdanu s Wm. Frederick, Sr.. Win. Burwinkle) Sr., Wm. Frederick, Jr. Wm. Burwinkle, Jr.. and A. Ochen-iiirMany handsome and useful gilts of silver ware, and linen were received. t. Sees President. $1.00 Per Year ing services at the Methodist church in Jeffersontown next Sunday at 11 a. m. and Tr.'lO p. m. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will he administered at the morning hour. Road Writ- noon I Two Good Recipes For Yeast Bread. Newsy Letter From Barcstown at Services at M. E. Church. There will be the regular preach- BUECHEL. SOCIETY Martin. Every Thursday cut-gla- ss c Methodist Bazaar. The Methodist Ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. Wm. Hummel Tuesday afternoon. Nov. 21, at 1:30. All are requested t o bring or send what they have toward the bazaar: also a list ot what is promised, so that an idea may be had as to what is to be done. Anyone not having been solicited wnl confer a favor upon these ladies by .sending whatever they have to this place or the Methodist parsonage at any time between All now and the tirst ot December. members of the church are especially requested to donate liberally as this fund is to be used toward the parsonage. D;ath Results From Accident. Bernard Biscboff, aged forty-eigh- t 1 S. Skiles, Jr., and Fieldon Fred- years, died at St. Anthony's hospital went on a Quoting uiy . Saturday, Nov. II, from the effects of erick ; Fork Thursday. Floyd an accident, which occurred three weeks ago. at the railroad crossing on Broadway. The interment was in St. Louis cemetery, Sunday at 2 o'clock Resides seven brothers and four sisters, he is survived by his father, Joseph Bischoff. Sr.. and AT three sons and one daughter. See Bob's Fiancee . ruc3's Hali, Nov. Firs Does Damage. Fire broke out in the neighborhood of Prestonia Saturday night destroying several negro cabins and burning several stacks of hay. Owing- to the highness of the wind considerable trouble was found in extinguishing it. - 24-2- 5, 8:15 P. M. For the Jeffersontown Free Public Library. ADMISSION 15 CENTS. e 1 . $200. Box Supper. at Cold Steel. 'I wouldn't let a doctor cut my foot off," said H. D. Ely, Bantam, Ohio, "altho a horrible ulcer had been the plague of my life for four years. Instead I used Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and my foot was soon completely cured." Heals Burns, Boils, Sores Bruises, Eczema, pimples, Corns. Surest Pile cure. 25c at all druggists. Balked HARROD'S CREEK. Nov. Mrs. 1.1. Walter Markwell entertained Mrs. L. E. Hoke and Miss Nannie Broyles at dinner Wednesday. Mis9 Laura Abbott spent Tuesday night with Miss Mary Hoke. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Miller of Lyndon, visited relatives in this vicinity last Sunday. Mr. L. G- Maddox, of Worthington, - 'I --1 - The box supper given bv Miss Adah Brooks and school children, of Bethlehem school Friday night was ciuile a success. About forty dollars were made, which is quite an honor for the teacher. Miss Lilah Brooks, sister of the teacher, had the honor of receiving the highest sum for her box, it bringing $2.10. Mr. Ernest Davis, of Rivals, visited Mr. J. R. Carrithers aDd family one night recently. Mrs. W. E. Knapp and Mrs. J. K. Knapp spent the day Tuesday in Louisville shopping. Am sorry to hear of Miss Maud Miller's illness and hope she may be well again soon. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Smith spent Saturday in Louisville. Misses Winnie Clark and Margaret Reid called on Mrs. Howard Smith Thursday afternoon. Mrs. E. V. Dayis spent several days this last week with her parents here. dt. tsw A Popular Priced Winter Buggy Which Anyone Can Afford. It is time now for you to think about your comforts for the coming winter, and we have placed a SAMPLE CLOSED BUGGY on our floor for your inspection. Stop in the next time you come to the city and LET USSHOW YOU. This buggy is one of the "BUILT TO WEAR'' family for which WE HAVE THE 1912 AGENCY. HALL SEED CO. Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky.

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