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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 4 - RESOLVED, that the Board, in recognition of the national crisis with regard to liability insurance, declares that a temporary emergency exists at the University which threatens to prevent the functioning of normal processes within the institution. FURTHER RESOLVED, that in view of the emergency which exists, and in view of the Board's statutory responsibility to provide for the governance and operation of the University, the Board hereby authorizes the President to provide for appropriate substitute procedures when it is determined that any person, committee, board or other entity within the University is unable or unwilling to function, in either a recommending or decision making role. Prior to the promulgation of any such substitute procedures the President will consult with the University Senate Council or the Community College Council. FURTHER RESOLVED, that all regulations, delegations and rules of the University, to the extent same are in conflict with this action, are hereby rescinded and superseded for the duration of the emergency and until normal processes can be resumed. FURTHER RESOLVED, that this action be made effective immediately upon its adoption by the Board and that the Board hereby waives its normal rule requiring changes in the Governing Regulations to lay on the table for thirty (30) days prior to action thereon. FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board expresses its intent to rescind this emergency action when it determines that the current crisis is at an end. Mr. Griffin moved, and Mr. Rose seconded, that the resolution be adopted. Professor Wilson expressed concern with any emergency "war powers" which she felt would create some discomfort among faculty. She urged the President to encourage faculty and staff to secure their own liability insurance. President Singletary responded that the emergency procedures would only be placed in effect when it is determined that any person, committee, board or other entity within the University is unable or unwilling to function in either a recommending or decision making role. Professor Bradley C. Canon, Chairman of the University Senate Council, endorsed the resolution but added that he saw no real alternative. The question was called. The motion was voted on and unanimously carried. H. Personnel Actions (PR 2) In recommending approval of the appointments and staff changes in PR 2, President Singletary called attention to the retirement of Dr. Robert G. Zumwinkle, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Dr. Herbert N. Drennon, Dean of the College of Communications. He reviewed their professional careers and reflected on their significant contributions to the University of Kentucky. Vice Chancellor Zumwinkle and Dean Drennon were asked to stand and be recognized following which they were given a round of applause.

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