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goodness, told in plain, unvarnished English, he will not be disappointed. When I received from the gifted author the record of his ' travel's history," I intended to write his Life, but death came and found us, not him, unprepared; and so, under the constraint of other and pressing duties, my purpose was reluctantly abandoned. Be- sides, upon examination it was found that with a few changes and additions here and there, these memo- randa, as they came from the hand of their author, could, under the circumstances, appear in that form and do him no discredit. Such is my admiration of this noble man, and such my deference to what I am sure must be the desire of his friends, that I have preferred to let him tell in sim- ple phrase the strange story of his struggles and tri- umphs; and if its perusal should give the reader half the pleasure it has been to me to prepare it for the press, I shall not have labored in vain. The book is intended to be a Memornal Volume, and especially one to encourage young men who, under adverse circum- stances, are striving to qualify themselves to preach the gospel. Bro. Allen was always in warm and loving sympathy with these-so much so, that he was rightly called the young preacher's friend. It is a pleasure to say that such is the veneration of the publishers, The Guide Printing and Publishing Company, for the memory of our deceased brother, vi. PREFACE.

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