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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 24, 1908

Part of Bourbon News

l w THE BOURBON NEWS i t f 4 PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY IN THE YEAR J D Marshall VV L Crim and W Still well of Avon attended Mt Sterling Court and horse show Monday W E Stillwell booked a number of mares to his horses Harness mares and thoroughbred mares are coming to Pat Washington and Woodland Echo i Henry S Caywood of North Mid Don t Forget To = night dletown shipped a carload of combinedhorses to Cincinnati last week which Dontforget to attend the meeting sold from S125 to260 per head Mr the Paris Commercial Club tonight at Caywood bought three at Mt Sterling the City Hail at 730 clock Monday for which he paid from 80 to E ed SltV nT r j 1v Ll S c r c- 5 i G < 3 r a Imp sudden Her for the worse came could not stand the i nd she succumbed to the inevi a half sister of V K Shipp Kenney of this city 250 ir sister of Prof R M Shipp Miss Annie Shipp There was a large crowd in George tester and of Oklahoma City town Monday as usual on April court T Shipp aV vi T C 4 j 3 °r V L r neIther do WANTED I NUMBM 41 for expression Your clown findes it with bells and violent colors So do tallo men Instead of bells they hang on appendages and inflict all manner of arbritrary stunts j in the design ofa garment Also the violent colors Upon The Very Best day The weather was charming There were 250 cattle on the market selling at 4 to 5 cents per pound and yearlings calves at 20 to 25 per head Joseph Finley sold a pair of mules for A very goud Rockaway horse 5 to 285 a pair for 276 and a single mule 7 years of age Must be perfectly gen- ¬ for 128 Charles Thompson of Lex ¬ tle one not afraid of Traction or ington bought 2O head at 140 to 160 Steam Cars or Automobiles Apply to r s mother died in this city Milch cows sold at 36 to 38 R J NEELY li on a visit lat iiocember while here brought to be The following high class mares Tht remains will yet have been booked to Locanda 202 at Pars for interment but it is not will arrive How ¬ W A Bacons Maplehursc Stock Farm known when they Nora B 2 17 dam of J P Strother will conduct near town funeral services and the pall bearers Hettie G 2 04 Jennie Huls 2 27 dam the Roy of Lady Gail Hamilton 14 Sue will be John Barbee Wm Dodson Ken ¬ Etta dam of Dorcas 209 Cambrian Clendening James Dodge Chas Maid 208 Daisy Elder 214 Miss Dil An ordinance regulating the ney Harvey Hibler Sr lard full sister to Fannie Dillard 203 the purchase of Milk or any Irs Linnie Meadows daughter of and Hal B 204 Celerima 214J formerly of Fulton Tobe Mitchell Alma Wilkes dam of Oakland Bell of its constituent parts in cashier of the North Middletown De 2 23 Little Martha out died Sunday at the resi Wilkes 2 08 sixty mares of Martha posit Bank the City of Paris Irs Lovelace in booked to this date Jennie have been dence of her su sto Huls has gone for the a Sr Lour where she had by Locanda Henry fine Mrs Meadows Union colt reports colt H ALocanda of Be it ordained by the Mayor and by Ky WW survived by her husband Board of Council of the City of Paris is Kentucky Meadows a prominent citizen of FultCosts You Nothing here Tuesday That it shall be unlawful within the on The body City of any person firm and was taken to the home of her ¬ Great crowds are daily visiting company Paris for jncle Mr R M Rice at North Mid buying Doyles Annex and are loud in their or any of or corporation parts ofmilk The funeral services were any the constituent dEtown eradiated by Eider C W Dick at the praises of the beautiful home sites milk for the purpose of selling same grave in the North Middletown ceme The auction sale will be next Thursday again whether in the form of milk at 3 p m Attend and register and cream or butter to knowingly purchase tern get a free chance at a food building any milk or butterfat or other con ¬ lot Cost you nothing stituent part of any milk which does Neckwear not contain at least 37 per centum of There are some swell things out Bourbon Democrats Kicking fats or which has a specific gravity of in neckwear and you can find the new less than 1029 or to knowingly pur¬ things at The date of Thursday September chase milk or ary of the constituent W DAVIS COS J 3rd fixed by the Committee to hold par s of milk from any person who shall the Congressional Convention at Lex ¬ have failed or refused to file with the Equity Sale ington is the big day of the Bourbon Boarfl of Health within three months County comment before the passage of this ordinance a iotary J D Clark of the Fayette is being Fair and unfavorable indulged in on all sides certificate from a duly qualified Veteri- ¬ received unto Society of Equity l showing that the cows which If it through the Clark picked wa known here name candidate nary Surgeon such milk was drawn s payable rec would be from this date his t ant National Bank of Winchester Dennis Any No county were entirely free from disease in old Bourbon KJMp to be paid to members of sends more people to the Lexington person firm company or corporation Society of Equity of lift and it is thought violating any of the provisions of this Fair 1a Uj who have their tobacco in the here than Bourbon the politicians of ordinance shall be fined not less than that it is up to r Lexington to assist us in having this 500 nor more than 1500 for each Petitions will be for offense and each purchase shall con- ¬ date changed Walchjlfor Date warded to Chairman Lee asking him to stitute a separate offense JAMJSS M OBRIEN Mayor iia1 the committee together once more forte date of sale of 2tthe call change this date A C ADAIR City Clerk and r White Addition r College S3rand Clothes I I = City Ordinance I c Distinction Has Many Channels Try Lowry Talbott for Refrigera ¬ torsthey have the best 244t1 i latter were not at home hair sister passed away the art laving left recently with his ° nnie for Mexico in search Slst mate for her health the last Sara from them was that Miss to travel farth Aim1 was too weak 2T1 wO V JlgIB1 I LIVE STOCK AND CROP NOTES Ella Shipp aged about 38 nt her home in Oklahoma Miss morning Wednesday was former I of this city admiring friends < he had many underwent an operation and as pronounced y F PARIS KENTUCKY FRIDAY APRIL 24 1908 DEATHS i t > f d5 VOLUME XXVIII r 4P < Made in New York City For Young Men 1200 to 4500 f depend for their distinction They find it through dignified innovations in the design of a garment through expressive tailoringwhich leave the innovations without offense to good taste Lastly College Brand Clothes find dis ¬ tinction through fabrics which are never violent color or design yet ever new impressive and a bit daring Now you understand why we give the College Bi and Clothes the best our shop affords M j I mIn I I I I I x COPYRIGHT 1000 BY THE MAKERS FINE CLOTHING MICHAELS STERN ROCHCSTCR N 110 w I 4atest I I Or MICHAELSSTERN 6 CO Y ip1es Shoe I Korrect Shape 600 Borne in we fit the feet I I OM I 1 I ¬ I I JAMS CR fi Cz y I I I rlit t 1 1f oiYo o ot- SPECIAL SHOWING OF Ladies 7ftghSrade- MILLINERY o oT Vi t P o r o j74 zr o zo o z o o 00- FRANK fI ooo tI or 5 K v n To E root utntt rJ Parr I II e a 350 and 400 500 and 600 Rtetson 500 and Dunlap I c the only patent leathea that is guaranteed I iI Shoes 1 < fIfItIm J I I z oo 4 irt1l 1 AVERY ATTRACTIVE CO r I1yfjII o i ot r8 MWB LINE OF LADIESand CHILDRENS HMHRADE The Ladies Store OXFORDS In Tans Browns and Blacks Lowest PricesSee Our In order to entirely close out line of Spring Suits and Ladies Best Grade of Oxfords that Sell everyUtnrimmed Hats Flowers Feathers where at 350and 4 Our Price 3 make room for Summer goods we make a and Ribbons Newest Styles I 4 Special Offering I I I II OF Ladies High Grade TailorMade Suits All Suits that sell Regularly at 40 35 2675 Special Price All Suits that sell Regularly at Special Price i 2750 20 r 1875 1575 Special Price Special Showing for Summer in Every Department r I RfIfi B Lace Silk and Wash Waists = Separate Skirts in == H f Ii 25 521 75 Att Suits that sell Regularly at 2250 l 30 1 and Panamas = = Jackets in Fancy Materials and Coverts Silk and Wool Rain Coats Voiles = = == oo 1 1 i o 1 J > 4 iUI o v d i 1 o > r I i o I

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