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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 14, 1861

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

THE DEMOCRAT. BAIJLT MlltlUJJ rSILIQIS.IJ HAESET.'HTJOHES A 0o. Ewt M we CO. TbUd StiMWbMwMii AY ELECTION. Per ('(HiaUc, uaouct tt ary, e astaorUrst DICK WATTS as candidate tat COMUI4. to Pint DlelrV--t, composed sjf aa first. Srcoavl and tA AUyeiertioa. ai r St We are acthortiM to announce) J M. F.ARHCB80K ranAliats for C jnetsile Id the Pint Dlatiict, cos ftras,Aecaad end Ward, at Um eaewtnir aaayeterttoev-- , epllatre Waaiw eathoruted tb VM. AOQCKKit rsnvrlUar for ( oou ib it the TMrDtrictaaraeta tk Fifth lxUt eVerJ. at the wuulac Mar W. aril Ste LrLFT UII ON rt esw!.ll date 'for Constable to ths Pleat lrtW l. eomposad of the Iwt aad eVes4 wants "" ihe cnsi.i,.,.- - J!y ertion. futl talk uv)"W u4 tw. t DEMOCRAT. LOUISVILLE, -- VOLUME XVII. gatli) gtmocrai ." Major Anderson. Ereats at Fori ampler. We hare not felt it necessary, or proper, perhaps, to comment on the course of thin APRIL It, SUKDAT MOItVINil gil'.ant Kentuckian. In the most trying Delegates to the Border Slave State crisis, betrayed by a feeble, corrupt adminConvention, Recommended by the istration, he was retained in a dangerous Union Democracy, to be Elected May position, forced, aa a soldier, to maintain Fort Sumpter, he hae done so manfully, ? 4th, 1861. tie ought to hare been reinforced by POR 81 ATE AT LARGE. , IOHS J. HITTENUEN, Buchanan, early, or the forces withdrawn. JlMMlil Til KIR. The course of erents made it an imperative WSTaiCT tlKLbXlATRfl. r Blfnt Dtatrlet. K. Il lIAUS. hecond Dlntrlct AR011IB DIXON. TUrd Dlttrict FRASC1 a M. BKISTOW r earth District JOtlll A r. BKI.I. PirUDIetrlct A. W K'KLIFFK SHU Dletrtct liEOEuK W. DL'SLAP. rVreoth DUtrid,.CII ARLKS 8. MoRkllEAD. Ktpbtb DlatrlcU,.. JAMES P. ROBUtSON. B. IiraTON. Blnth TaatbDkuirt.-....ROBRR- T RICHARPSOX. '"AUGUST ELECTION. Kwri Cstaaty fatar. k a4 Old Carry, of ths . ..JAAf S. TAVLJat a aendtlate Ceemi Ooort al Uie August e'eeUoo. nrSAAwte ' 1 ka duty of Mr. Lincoln to withdraw the forces from the fort. An offer to da so, was male. The administration, howerer, wished some seren or eight men to be left to represent To this, the United States Government. South Carolina objected, and demanded an unconditional surrender. This the adminand properly rejected istration rejected The CTent following, was a messenger, Lieutenant Talbot, seattd Washington, who was stopped on his return, at Charleston. Communication and supplies had been cut off from Major Anderson, previously, and the lines were drawing still closer around him. The messenger, Mr. R. 8. Chew, informed General Beauregard that the adminiatralion was resolved to provision Major Anderson peaceably, unlets force became necessary. This was sect on to Jtfferson Davis, President of the Southern Confederacy, who, as will bp remembered, telegraphed that South Carolina should allow the fort to be provisioned bv the United States Government. Thic, however, was not what was wished. South Carolina, a Slate, rebellious under the new Confederacy as she was under the old, was resolred to hare the blood cf the galUnt Kentuckian. Then fallowed the to Walker, Secretary of IVar of the "cuthein Confederacy, his erident disposition to aroid collision contrasting with Beauregard's resolu:e determination to proroke it. They not only required that he should surrender, but dishonorably surrender at once. That he did not, is known This is a brief sketch of the events that have brought about the present crisis. No one will deny them; every one who has been a reader must be familiar with them, and perceive that it is South Carolina that is at tacking the United States Gorernment, or rather attacking Major Anderson. We hare no commendation for Lincoln, or his weak-nesand wickedness; but if he had allowed Anderson to be eaten up by those double rebels of South Carolina treacherous to each Confederacy, it would hare receired a deeper condemnation stilL He ought to have been withdrawn, but when tbat was too late, it was necessary to reinforce him, or let him at least leave Charleston harbor with his arms and equipments, if it took the whole nary to bring him off. Looking at it, therefore, as a resistance on his part, to an Aggression, we say that, between South Carolina and Major Anderson, or the South, era Confederacy, and the gallant Kentuckian, we are for him. KENTUCKY: SUNDAY Tux ltunv and Histurt or a Mi bdeper Kmii'med. Workmen hare been engaged fjr some days past iu removisg the remains from a grave yard near the city of Philadelphia, and it was reported that the remains of Lieutenant Smith, who was hung Sjnie forty years ago, were in a perfect f tale of preserritiou. The reporter of the Phila-- I Je!phi Bulletin gives the following sketch of ihe circumstances attending his death : After tbe war Smith became acquainted in this city wi'h a danhiog woman of ques- lionaMe repuiAtion, named Ann Larson who kept a china store at the southwest coiner of Second at.'l Dock streets. Caut Carson, tha husban 1 ef Aon, was absent from home and at sea, and two or three years elapstd wi hou! Anything being hoard from him. During this prolonged absence mxi ti and airs. Carson were married, and they were living together at Second and Dock streets when the first husl aad suddenly rt turned home. Carson insisted upon his gal right t claim bis wire ; while the la' ter protested her unwillingness to lire with bun, and declared that her affections cen tered on Smith. This condition of things led to a sei ies of quarrel', and tioa ly an at tempt on tae part of Carbon to eject Smith from the house. The latter then drew a pibul and fit el, mortally wounding his an Mrs. Carson used erery means in tigo her power to Bare her paramour from the consequencej of his crime; but he was con1! .'tween victed, aud ultimately executed. the time of tbe conviction of the murderer and his execution Mrs. Carson resorted to every postiUe expedient to Bare him from the gallows. When efforts to procure a par don from Governor Snyder by fair means fa leu, extraordinary schemes were reported to for tae accomplishment of tbe purpose b f jul measures. One of these plans was the seizure of a sen of the late John Bin', who was an intimate personal and political friend of the Governor's, and the holding of the h.ij a? a hostage until a pardon could be extcrleJ. Another scheme was to seize the J jvfTQor Limseir, aud force him to sign a nird..m, ui.der lae ptaulty of the loii of hiI'iau .i:e. cf escape from the prist n it ere olo conlrired ; but all these excnijiia were in rain, and the murderer died miserably upon the callows. Mrs. Carson had him decently interred ia the old grave-yar- d, which is the subject ot this sketch, and she placed a neat stone orer his grave. The double widow led a dissolute life aner the enactment of the domeslio tragedy ia wLJih she had figure! so y ; and, after being implicated in ser- eral crimts, the finally died miserably in a cen iu me oiu n amut street frison. Letter from Bath County. ItRII.LIANT AND PATflt'JTIC J.NO. B. HILTON. Mlu A Co All Sorts SPEECH OP II'JV, Bath Co Cl.VoWLl. lltaxir, APRIL 11, 1861. MORNING, . April 10, 101 : Gentlemen: On last Monday, it being county court day, there was a very larg crowd of citizens assembled to hear th Hon. Jno. B. Huston, tbe National Demo cratio Union candidate to the Border Slave He made a brilliant and State Convention. patriotic speech, and one that the people of Bath will indorse in May by four hundred majority. The few Breckinridge men here denounce it as being a submission speech simply because be is not in favor of playing second fiddle Jo South Carolina or the Southern Confederacy. Mr. Huston stated that he was in favor of the Crittenden propositions, and in the event that he could not get them, he was not ia favor of leaving ths Union, but would take anything else that would settle our national dimyulticf; and if we could pro cure nothing, then he was not in favor of going either North or South, but to see if we could not form a Middle Confederacy, tbat in the course of lime would bring our bisters oi tne Aorta and south to us, and tbat is the on'y true position that Ken tacky can take. The people of this country, and especi ally the citizens of Bath, are tbe most law abiding people tie world ever saw. They have submitted to the laws when it seemed a hardship; they hare been turned out of house and home by land jobbers and land pirates; to all of this they have submitted quietly, because in doing ao they were but obeying the laws of the land. It is no easy matter to get suoh a people to rebel against tbetr gorernment, tbat they have tried, aud try the uncertainty of the South urn ConCede-hoyTbe National Democratic Union party will bold a Conrentiou in May to nominate a candidate for Congress, and 1 beliere the people are in favor oi the Hon. Martin P Marshall, of Mason, a atrong And decided Lmon rc.n, and one tbat would rciiect credit on his Stale, and if nominated, will carry this District by a majority of several thousand. The Breukinndce cartr haa about played out, and is only another instance of the prorerb: the way of tbe transgressor is hard." lour OI.YMPIA. Ort And of Paragraphs. tin e id I'aack. tioj, to thee oar prayer we humbly mke. Kir hrarour cry. ns sve art Telegraphic News. THE BOMBARDMENT OF FORT FLEET IN ACTION To l FOIIT bDH'TER OX rillE! no Public Opinion LIST OP LETTERS RlMAl.NINU TBI rosTorrxcs S SPECIAL NOTICES. at, ln. brui( h. tnst ut ou on the Crisis. Lylee Mrs S Lawrence MrsCatharlua Lelly Mary Arnold ,:ne New Importations and Mn Hll Was Amelia Bell Mrs Anns ii Mrs kh ia Set a Mrs Julia S Beach .MaaiU Mra Mary Mrs Mary M.lsie Mrs 1 .nlaa McPme Mlas Mary a Kama Rodenhsmer Hiyne M s Harriett n Mr Narirr liar t leu Mrs Catharine Bua Mrs Henrietta Mrs M.rv A Mrs Margaret S. CASSEDAV & Hi.-- , jkeal Miss Mary .,,,, y JV?T AND HAVB varied RECaTVBD as asaranatant CHINA. rasNcn t& v wl HOUSE FURNISHINGS! FOR pail trtii Prodac, tL. Hl, b. ODOR BCTTLRA. PTA7X1TTZS, DINNER WAItl TEA WARK. SB WARK. COMMON W ARB. ANITA) nvn jasj lAATHia ccstrjlb. ICB PITCH ERA. TOIllt Stl. Call an if there, S. C4SSED ARTB. at IY SOSV, m. mm. 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A Ajw asora atholar eaat be accoBinsodalevL aav au TROiS COL'LEURS! AUX It. S. B. It. H, HIS AGENT" ZDS C. ck, RRfTJRNBT HAVB aJTST eiteorUBeal al OutsNLAO BH s s i , AhVMJk iN AO and PaO HAST FRANC! JL fl 11 tANwrEDOC, vary heat aaatlUa. Aiea B AS af which ar qaaotlty af of th TjTJ FIE LIQUORS lr.e. Par fcsMontM. P.rUre or I take pieMura la liAraih roet opened a Store oa paeO that I awaj ih fipte- - Strrft, !To. 10, A flotntl H fh LU.Trr) sJfHaVt - r, r ..e m yurm cWirtn u i aJcm will tm mn Aawtl IU tt Ail w.rrAit.Ul my i! for 4a d HIT W kh I Urt tO VrrT PtVy l,t lTv.intoi.T vtott trmacmior mwvaab, L. B. H will u c'mn:lK)'!i for Kar! Di ftiiMr ritM SPRING MILLINERY. IMS. M. A. WEAVER, eireef. asatk alwes k layer r'ewrt a, A PIN1 AN CARJfc. OFT ERS T" THB LADlia of Spnns Mlliinejy, rial ariecte.' Straw Bui. Bete, isncr do, Xw. 413 JcBToraaw M s eV Hats, Cb .ren - Hats. k:Mns. Plows.a. A. A's. Patienis ot tbe lstet sty ea, Jurt recelrtl, da. allesf ed or cut tr measure. mak'Tia. wirtS v er. attention 4trea to Bsf-- cXttOOTS'3 Broadcastroa r, Seed-SoweSOWM8 KLBT, GK 4 BKaP. OATH. WHEAT. mto 3H O cf? Sm all, Aa la tha wcriu kar Tht Band .not htm Bwm Sow foca to six acres par bear. Tht ilartt-Ptcrrs to itrtkn-dolr- ui iiite &' not axii.Zi Jut Southern Rights! trs9 Itn &e, tc, J.lTsCHRILeEbETSOT IIIll neavy al Erskine's Lottery Office. Mxi; N Flour. t 'at m a - . i nrKxrisjxxira. AND PtRNCH mlMDm.-hX- Ht' r,na - be. mal. B4 rrsahaa IMPROVaD roRTAHl.B MiUj-W- ith mWrr, and .in he.r known rvlan. SMCT MACHl.NIU-.teee- eai All) lent ttnda Mid Irons, avrewa, Scrseas, Belling, pis aw Pssia. and Will article reneraiir. A ksrew ack aa hand, af , .ie mr sae br sst oo.i A w KltsHT. v ltTiTd street. tetweaa Main east lAw array. aWAtf By. Lowtsetlle. A aaajlall NEW IMPORTATIONS! CRDTCHEa k HcCREjIDT, At No. S77 Mala at., three Jesra belew Lewtrrtll Bk4 1 QLA3SWA1U; Brltarinla aad reared Ceoes. LoAtu Otwmrm aad ms wa'et L. ssht eeert Jaia, aa. ..i- oaura huh wfl beotered --a cah h Aad ay .1 a taa msrt-- t. . Yet! Re A. SHRADER & CO Iloooustruotlon resumption; of bi sixes?. t mHachhu tr Prom th work ta ta eisst war. Ircl asscuer. bond re is of Psrmera hara teetlrleA that, by thswv aae. they nor tuaa saveu the aoet of a Machine la atneleseaatiB. Circa ar lcnwnr tha Machlnee, with watt. esaule.s iron malt tuoes ..I thoee w he have theea ht aa can be had on appiteatt, a. asnalesuueq and d I to th rrwfe by MtlU A SPARROW No. 4 7V1 treev I oaheitlia. Ky. Birtl dtnetf Strawberry PiaDts an ill, krlASt.1 r 'I'HB CUk.trt.-- I X uw Groceries, gLAga. OULdRXD raD TA353. Oo., lbs I A LABet OPKNKD PLATED PORKS aad SPOONS. fS. Seaedf CHINA, SXCORA mS ITVJ CrrLMT PLATTTJ cajtobav BOHEMIAN GLASS. ti,n Act C3 CER1LWY. I It O. JaTlllor RUM k EX6LWD, Moore Mrs Martha Meyers Mra H Maune Mrs Seine M nn Celebrate. Female Pill. t L1T. LADIKM Mi,iu,n ArmstrongArnold Mrs Aliubela Arnold Mrs fcliunta ti nr. ta aaa adswsas area iMlCKLLAyfcOUS. TBI April 11, 10: .10, A. M At " Intervals of twenty minutes firing was kep " She the en.,. (rrertoB Mrs kllael up all nieht on Sumpter. sxl, XJRBIN Mis Marr VLaery Mrs Major Anderson ceased firing from 8unp-t- er ' Mile Mu.l, l'arll-Via Kate at G o'clock in the evening. All night Chambers Mrs M UH ue was engaged in repairing damages and Collins Biidicet fierce Must Maria ftS. It is allege 1 ia ths Westminster Re protecting tbe barbette guns He com- Coleman Mis Mary Jane or tadkwil Covle Mihs Adclta The Daily Democrat to the Country. view, ss if it were something surprising menced to return tbe fire at 7 o'clock QCI.1 Miss Seteaa Clark this CloueyMr. Marv ihat "iron fetters for the use of slave-dea- l morning. Fort Sumpter seems to be greatly Cuuted Msry Kniabeth A Tire Female Organization ers are sold br Liverpool merchants lrje battery on I ummicg s Point one an frail aa that of a tender Bower. Many of Why not T Isn't Eogland, according to the uoes rort great Uamsga. , Keeae Saratt th an enter Into merrier relatlea withoat a nrst ."Napoleon, "a nation of At o clock thij morning a denss smoke keel Hits UbMe eote teaade-eAMPLE AEEA5GEMENT3 FOB tba lebjr and trials ef atalarafty. s Jennie and was she ever too conscientious to deal passed out from Fort Sumrj'er. Hubert Mes M li atiujh t'arh-ticesmtry thousands of imm and teeotlral woaara , lbs in anything that there rniiht happen to be The Federal flag is at half mast signalling ! a t Miss ALL PARTICULARS are eavrtSced evrer year arom litis cause elans. HOf- Por y Mrs Mary a demand for 7 When weasels shun mice. - .e real. Sesman Miss Kate TETTERi CKLkr.RATt.D llnncan Mrs Marrlet TO)IACH BITTERS will Stewart lira n label And foxes avoid chickens, and ducks water. The shells from Fort Moultrie and the Iavl.n Mrs Mary Am Stewart Mrs Ellen ar snariy of this cleat from aa antlaaely That Tb Daily Democrat willbd peat, through Uouoauy Martfax.-- t A -n leraon Mi. and pigs potatoes, and IrUhmen pretty wo batteries on Morris' Island fall into Major sallle I medicine bat been Bud with treat benefit by lauaeaase Nmiuocs Harriet men, men, and not much sooner, we mav Anderson's stronghold thick and fast, and J.nK.RHARTMrsJT Bo tt Mlae Harriet aaen'ers af people LUrocjhoat tha Republic, and th the ctrljr morning mkil, ta All points, 3 e.1. Martha expect England to refrain from an hone-- t they can be seen ia their course from the BtaHVKm bar t c.T,d fateful eovnajendatloo from e Martha Miede I penny by any soit of trafh that she ma aJ sections the fonrtrr. tha Allure .10 ba foahd Charleston batteries. the UUtt talegrkphio tii r.uirenia Stuart Mr, bwp. t feelan-Mm Mary lra Kllea te beware p result ta tha teats, ore aa a terryac. cnance io nna prontaoie. rWiand Mrs Mary Mutton Err Cuarlkstox, April 13 The cannonading prompt and twwerfol la Ita eflert aa a aaadldoa. It la-- h thp mort Am pip ArrAngemni Clrm. y mm Fannie for a.The New York Times calls the pres u orisaiy irom ail points, lrom fsRKEN Wn Sarah H op her Mrs Sarah Jan go'ug v.tai ty In a tba frame, aad atieawtheae tha V ore ent tariff "a revenue law that berctrs the Hal ers Mrs Hannah ne vessels outside and ail along the coast. whole mttE, aa t) at a oaxa who ass tt are enaUed ta full dpCnilp from ChArlepton, Wpphington, s Marv ndl) Hott a Jane publio treasury, one which no branch of It is reported that Uar lmMia. Kl ea with labors wtlcb, withoat w, woatf aa S Fort Sumpter is oa fire ttuo.1,11 Miss Mollle Khures Miae Mary industry requires and no State asks, unless Shea Mrs Jane And other poimtt of interest. la proauata them. entti it be one of the Middle S ates, that nerer Ciscinsati. April 13 Great excitement Isarr Miss Mary L AtaT" tar By MuM aad Dealer aaerally IVOR. failed to repudiate such a status and its throughout the city. Business compara Tatywbara. Thomi The Pemocrmt oottp $S per jevr, or i apUdd nOT LAOHt Kate Mi .Is Ml. friends at the ballot box whenerer it had a tively neg.ected ice sympathy of all Hare Mrs U.ra U. L epBti per Btoata, And will bo pent to nj chanoe. Will a oordon of Customs' Officers panics is wun ins uovernuient. "Taei is bo us Taikinr." ki Mr I v. feller Xu Nellie 1e Mrs ti H equal in numbers, and as intent is bloody Tom Hca arI ba nd and racUaac bat tt b; Bostos, April 11 The war rmsi frnn Holloway duaea, 0ry banpea la c thsar not at ttar abaaat hidropB ob recoipl of the mjaey. Miaa Sa llel purpose as any that Spain erer launched Charleston YyHITINO Miss MIIdroA cieafesa profound sensation ia Martha A oatoar.taloii, arba wfl! axulcala (baa tba against contraband traffii, be able by force this city Walker Mn Kate aud throughout the State. The llawes Mrs V I ctManaa la a aarr aban UaM. Kaad advaniaaawrt ta W in. never cnecs or turn the natural courses of the general seatirnent io ieOtheBa t is that tbe Federal Gov tTThe bcwi from CI Arlr-lc- n will, of Walson Mr. senile domestic aud foreign trade of the American ernment W neeler Uoiile C is right aud stall be sustained. eaaree, produce great excitement in tie Walains Mrs Carolina people: aUlr-likair-DrWebster Aunle couBtrjr. The first gun in ciril war hai EalM)je! Richmond. Va . ADril 12 linn .Tk gBrSr N'amo? sometimes seem propheticallv ' IMP Mrs Eliza Tyler received this afternoon from Mont Mra Saocy been fired; how far it will extend, decJ- significant, Lord Vane Tempest! WM. A. BATCBELOR'8 HAIR DTX- what a gomery 1 YouniierMrsC copies of official dispatches between name for a flashy, boisterous nobleman! of the ob the DoierAtioB And good MI'S B. U TBM OUttDIAIi AM Tiet Of THB WOkU It sounds like one of those fiotioious affairs Gen. Beauregard, Maj. Anderson, and the IOM1 Mra kilza. rEV-npeople of theie Slated.. The powers that be U. v....- aaa aavd K fA These are Linshy Msry that novelists manufacture to save half the Secretary of War, Walker. on both side are not to be trusted. The aVaara SMITH-- , work in describing a character. Vet it is printed and circulated. inlth Mlsa Joana factions that support them demand blood. Smith Mlsa Anna Bell neither more nor less than the real name Washixotos, April 11 The war new- - roii'a:iia!eui Mr rtdkmla. Suiiih Mrs M J Bun hell of an English sprig uiita Mrs Waverly KAT. 110, ar E08TT &AlKaad tataally at a It ip the radical position of Lincoln's paitjr Tampering wita Indian Tribe The leading tor many of nobility, who after is received here with feel in its of rerret years, a dissolute and most There is no excitement, rent the nrmnt aaaattfol aad aatnral bcawa ar btaek. arttkaat tha baa that hATe precipiuted him And his Cabinet GKNTLK.tlEV! Penalties. LlMT. tempestuous life, has at length come to for the future creates a ceneral atfT ta ban- - or atla. A JW Urlneatrh W A General Council of all the border In genuine madness, and the salutary restraint depression. rUTKIM klKOAXa aad DITUMIAJ haaa baaa into this policy of holding, occupying and on Mailer Henrr Mlae dian tribes along the Arkansas frontier. of a hospital. irons- Robert H l.voch st. possessing. It is disgraceful to surrender Poor fellow! his name was VA Thk Florida Fobts Their Fobmiuabli seren in number, was called and was to too much Uucoln T M M appRratloaa for him. bara b aa atada bt tab baar of tat to rebels. Lyech John Ther must bo subdued. We From New York. Character. The New York Times, having hare been held at North Fork, Canadian, Llle Dr W H tilnaa af tbiafcaiaaa Dro. BRIGHT Dr gtayThe finances of Connecticut are in a New York, April 13 B Lord Marshall A Disnatchea re WlLa.SATCHXIXE'a HAIAVDTI praaaoai aoaiai hare A Government, they eay, And must Tin nothing very sensational, not already given, on Monday the rth iost., to discuss the most healthy condition. The State is out ceived from Col. Waite. commander of Ihe Bom in Charles aat a ba aiatlnmbihad fraai aatara. aad la aai anlil dicate it M a point of honor. C question of seceding from the Union. The of debt, and has a MARI Andrew in all the main features respecting the titKrennan Richard P aataamjmaitaalaaat.BawrlaiicMaM aa th, 13th and 14ih sections of the act of treasury, besides surplus of S.'.tioO ia ihe Texas forces, state that a strong Lnion Baker Banin.l B These Abolitionists are acting rery Ab M irord Pavkl half a million profitably feeling is growint. Gov Houston i,r.i;f. taaad. aad tba til aefceta af bad Proa raaiadlad-l- bt ling out of war steamers and the embarka Congress, approved June 80, 1831 "In. invested in ecneti Joha Mortln surdly. Why should they desire to retain bank stock?, applicable to the the return of the secessionists bodr amraratad far Bfc by thw aoUndid Pro Mo se it ales Ja.k,n to their tercourse Law prondea seren penalties general purposes of the treasury. She also allegiance. tion or soldiers, is now paying a little vie Jam .Ms vie t aUda. aaa! or appllad (la aina amala raaaia' at tb ia these SIats States? They hAre a greet Ab They are terribly taxed. HousLewi, for Murntueh Joha T)c taalarT. M Band atraet. Maw lark. attention to the Government forts down do tampering with the Indians, but thev has a school fund of two millions in public ton has been offered armed support by M irtla W W horrence of Blare States And slaveholders not seem to restrain parties from attin Bain Wra U L Hroea John Maole W'HI old hi a dttaa aad tovaa af tba Col tad Btaiaa k stocks and in loans secured by mortgages Mormons in every part of the State, but South. It thus speaks of two of those tempting it. This great Ciuaoil was conU ter r Cynu I Ne more 81are StAtes, hap been their motto, PraMbaa aad laacr Paalaia. Barbmr Pollock Morrta Denote declined it. ftaSTTho first of livine rv mnasta. Leatard toward which all eyes are at present anxvened by two agents from Teias, who were honrCU'k icoll a Tba caaalaa aaa tha aaaaa and addrjs.ta' and bo mors plare territory. They fel Manama r.ieeaa. B A Washington Tribune disnateh thai Batchelor Klcharu .1 Miller Henry ia the Indian country on the 31 inet , and is now performing in St. Petersburg, where Commander : iously turned ' oncraalBC.aa foar aUaa af tba bos. m Mrs n Joha Fox commands the vessel with Beach Siencer ne is engaged for sixty representations, at greatly scandnliiad when Texas was admit WTL A. UTOHXLia U aoad Benn-Uwm Tarfe mA J Msitla Joha Santa Rosa Island, where Fort Pickens bad been among the tribes for a number of ,uuu irancs per nie-h-t. Beany Joha J Moore Jsniea F ud br b)ni Iktiaaa A acarbtrd iMhrrlUa. Kaar tod into the Union. They hare aow ab op The musical our. provisions which is to lead the expedition stands, is less than half a mile in width, days, bearing certain propositions from the nals of Paris are remarking:, not without a uiu vusncsiou. Beauford Joha aardly Muli W M State of Texas, or from the Southern Conportunity to get rid of the loandaL Rather tapering down gradually, as we advance federacy, inviting The President received the war touch of bitterness, that the great tenor. -- . Bibb Lai svelte - Lhaa do VaUmer's Vef etabU CoimcUc Zothe Indians to withdraw B. itss Wm castwardly from the fjrl up the harbor, to a it, they would kAr ciril war. from the United Stales, and transfer their nuoiui, at tne meat or his fame, never calmly, and with a confident feeling that he uon. rown, wiisoa a Bullock M, Kher-o- e Wra width of only about three hundred yards, had done his duty in the matter. Ob the other hand, this New Government received abore 600 francs per night. sscl aiwhUa Daalet V aat bat ; Uuabla doaa tba bobm cal tarth la tba which it attains at a point about two miles relations to the Southern Confederacy. McMaiia Joua senator lada af tha lhaaaaada tbat ara aulstad arttb expects to leuriah by coUipion. J otnell Samael They law roroias any white person from tta?" The Emperor Napoleon, who was reports thefebernian arrived from Ohio, and ine from the site of the fort. On both sides nf Republicans ready tn Charleton Joha oaacta. r aava axacrtariced lu arondarfo! aacacr la intend, by there truck with the archite itural beautv ot I ha NORTON Oeorte this means, to coerce the Border Crontn John the Island that is, both on the sea side and entering the Indian country without a JameeB stand by the President to the last. tba caw of anry klad al dlxwaa af tba akia one Jen v heiheriaad Patrick i, the Hotel de Ville of Bresoia. passing: through Slave Statea, aad involve them in all the the harbor tide vessels may approach very passport from the War Department, aa tba fara. baada. or other part of tba bodj! It Ihe opinion prevails that an aiiemni win Ikkik John Henry hai'lei James Superintendent, .Agent or Sub Agent oi that town during the Italian camoaiira. has A Clark W close to the shore drawing from three to uaada tba Daetan. aarprtaro avarybodr. aad rcfolcca oonsequeacep of precipitation. Mr sent an architect thither to make a plan and be made before sunrise to run the light k odian Attairs, or lrom the tthoer of the (aa baarta af all tbaaa that atand U aaed aad anil aiaka draught vessels of Ihe fleet up lo Sumpter four fathoms water, so that ih whole United States commanding the tneid A Root Both lidos aro interested ia the ealamuiet nearest mil drawings of the building, of which he is .v o Don , ell Patrick ttawford II r aaa af lia gmt alrtnaa. Uava yoa ptntptai aa vaar breadth of the Island may be swept, tot iviuiurcv aau provision It. Oha-- a ue n neer Jas W t Thoniaa oing to ereol a in Paris. of the country, and rush on ia their course taoat Bab taaaa arHb a Uneo ctatb aampoaad vttb only by the guns of the fort, but also by itary pos on tbe frontiers, and for violating O Brlen Jsaaee Cochrsri J ha Public Speaking. the law there is a fine fixed of 2.000 For The riower Dahlia was named from ftoatd, aaca ar t.lo. a ay. aad tbry win aatrklr dlaap-rak Jtru M O.ea J W those of the riect, thus rendering it impracof insana mAdness. There is ao sUteeman From Montgomery. lion. Rob't Richardson, Union Democratsending any talk, message, letter, io,, to a Sweedish botanist called Andrew Dahl, Barr yoa tatter aa yoar hand r A atnfle appbV ticable for an enemy, without exeat exposure Moxtoomebv, ship ia retAining Fort Sumpter, when no ic April M. Tha P rani, lent Conway Was 1eopn a Robert cattaa Blop tba bararoc and ttcbJof. aa candidate for the Border Slare State and ihe certainty of heavy loss, to undertake any nation or individual, with an intent to and should, therefore, nerer be pronounced Parker Titontae produce a contravention laraii utlnc, aad yoar banda win oommrnea baallnf la effort is made or intended to be made to or infraction of as if it were spelt Dailia. Camellia Bhould and Secretary of War were serenaded last TVOK-- II r a 1 Inirrtev Parker Wm V Conrention, will speak at Warsaw, Ky., on to occupy the Island, and keep open his any night. Ihe latter was cJled out. He said Italey Charles a Mart day. Bach hi lu bappy aOaot la tba law P. 11111041. ,o It was named assert the power of the Government in that Monday communication, in face of a power holding or totreaty or otherpeace of the United States, hare both It's pronounced. care af eiau kind of cataaeoaa dhvaaa. Pelllx-- .Mj titg would oon be waving si A T disturb the aud tranquility ot fter Jo. Ramel, a Jesuit, whoso name ia tbe Confederateand Powell II V tne ion ana at the tame time baring com the Lulled M d)o li ward State or enforce the lews. How. does the over Sumpter OU.V PtLVKK. PropHetor. frtoa JOr from tne Federal Capitol lvmp-,ieMr. Richardson will make a series of Ap S.a'es, jfJ.OOO. Furcsrryiug or Latinized Camellus. Henry M Pat:orsoa Michael Mo. bt WTtm Fourth street. O.uflnnAtl ltii& macJ of ibe sea ItuL on the hand, the at Wa hiegton, if Ihe independence of the Lfciuirou C 'Poreairta UnirTule by hAVM.t.vo A TVLKh retention of Fort Sumpter, built not for oa pointments, immediately, for the whole Island may be safely, promptly and rery delivering any such message, &c , $1,000 An unknown young woman at Southern Stites was not recognized and aita by Drncrvw pntii'r. QCAIb Robert ntrft deodaveow As there is no doubt expressed that such an ANS SreenLnrr tional defenses generally, but fjr the EVEartck Jacob W adrantageously occupied by any reinforce- effort is now being made by Southern Knoxrille, Ills., on the -- 7th ult , while in hostilities continued. Tenth District. An kvlii, of Gratitude. of Charleston, South Carolina, vindi large lumber establishment, suddenly ere. ments wLi;h the Gorernment may choose to T ATCLHr Ales The only dispatch received Ksrlev Tnbal agents to lb Tmrr Taoia.a Corias or a Kmcu. Rooc roa ta?We are glad to see that tbe papers in land there, for the purpose of establishing Confederacy,draw all the tribes into their cipitated herself under the circular saw, from Gen. Beauregard, and is last night was Klick Jaccb B W oate the honor of the Government? K.,i Where believed to be we shall wait with some inCncwurum-- Br a mfirtr. .ha bat baaa ease kinases UevUl U which severed her body from one end of favorable. to respond to aud divide the fire of the Southern Confederacy, generally, do not batteries K ley Joha taally cared af aerraoa dtbllltr. kiaa af atamorr.aad is the philosophy of holding a single poin terest for the developments. the spinal eolumn to the other ia a twinkthe besiegers. Rtl.iey Cai.t W f anaaaai of etcbt, learltlm freoi early arrora, by foUa. ia a harbor for which the Government has consider tha. a prolonged war ia probable. Flenion Thuuaa Mania ling of aa eye. There are other local facts which will Washington Items. Hot in. M M bbf the aartrectiono flra la a BMdlcal work, aad arba Tan Armt and Navt or tub South. John ao use? That is not vindicating the honor The teizure of .ForU Sumpter and Ficken, W tV bare m.teriul weight in deciding thisimme kaii4.ll Al i (painter) WAsaiitrtTOS, April 12 tiaaldwa It ka ..ety. In cratitada to tha aether, aad far teaTA malignant fever has been imported The CommisKo ueju Chaa toouatasia) rnan Patrick The following information relative to the into taa baaett of OoonnpU'e aad Rerroaa aanVrara. ta of the Government; that is not, by itself it is their belief, will conclude hoNtilities diate and apparently Approaching contest. Liverpool by an Egyptian frigate, and sioners arrived in this city this morning, Duel Jam-f emlne tiisi I. It so bappeus that ia atnnging the plan of rmy cf the South, is from the Montgomery koolnaoa K it aMhmtba nana aead. Ba win therefore aeod aaa. performing and open the way for negotiation. many deaths have taken place, giving rise and during the afternoon they visited the f srrow Join M the duties of a Government ke.d J. Fort Pickens, aad the Bites of Forts McRae (Ala ) Mail, the editor of which is Secretary aay oddnaa, aa raoetat of taaataakna.a aoyaf tha President, but not in their official capacity, alarm, oonsiaeraoie t'rompt remedial The Southern Confederacy, one of the ince the Government South is so far prae and Ciimacas, with a vew to sweep the orark. caaulntrai every InformaUoa req aired, idrtroai measures had been adopted, and it was be and were received by him directly after the Bar T, tically recognised that iu laws are allowed ablest papers ia the South, in relation to channel, there two forts, now held by the of War of the Confederacy: deA dAarly A!rinT. W. T lieved that there was no oause for further Cabinet mea'iag adjourned. The Regular army of the Confederacy is fear. Stout k:iah insurgents, are respectively opposite tie The President has made the following Oarv.n Samuel te bo enforced againat ita owa citizene and the present war, says : llree-otTb Orcat XZsfrlish Bandera K P Thonue each presenting a entirely distinct lrom the "Provisional." -We do not, however, yet believe thai there curtuiHt of Fjft Pickens Swlrt S W the peopla of the Caked States, it is absurd lThe great railway bridre orar lb. Massachusetts appointments : Charles A tsreen John The officers of l.ornias Michael S. orh r Das Hi salient angle, or weak point, to tbe direct It is not yet organized. Phelps, Surveyor of ths port cf Boston, will bo a protracted war, eren if hostilities Rhine, at Kehl, has been finished. S her At ward vwalhmey Jhri The te atop at tha trifle of holding a fort. fire of the lace, or "trocg tront, of that fort. only two regiments have yet been appointin place of Fletoher Webster, who was re- llertltns rnl.ier k u are commenoed about the forts. draws are easily turned. They were subSenders F'edellck tiaJe Samuel W This Southern Confederacy can make no Theee forts, therefore, it is reasonable to ed; soon the officers of four other regiments jected, before use, to au enormous pressure moved at the earnest reiiest of ihe Massa- liardnar John V Tbe CassriUe (Ga ) Standard in the same Shepard S k ill be appoiuted. The organization is ci nclude, must soon be ortrpowered and delegation; Eua-enL Norton. Nawood win Joha defeat to the Border Slave State, e. f was chusetts connection t.iji: era abxo buthab very similar to that of the Uuited States by two heavy trains, and the nexir t by Fort r.ckrns. This conclusion vy Agent, l.oeloa ; Kicbard ii. Dana, from asking advice of up, they spurned all hheny W n found to be very inconsiderable. All day yesterday, croups ct" our sitirers aj plies peculiarly to Fort McRie the work Army. Sni'th T o District Attorney; John S. Keys. Marshal; our adrioo. They hare defied our remon Alexander Dumas, Sr , during his John A. Goodwia, Poatmastjr, Lowell; C. ll.ukli.aK H Smith W C As soon as appointed, many of the officers were gathered about the corners of ihe nearest tbe tea, and which, besides being TaaJaealaahM) airirlna ht ta the care a K lloim.-Soinervilte Harre Ther have eonrted the i.e... i streets, near the postoffije, the depsts, &c, very inferior to Fort Pickens in all tbe of the regular army will be ordered to the recent visit to Paris, being interrogated as C. R. Baldwin. Marshal, and Geo. Howe, II llOeorr taoaa pelnral and daareroot dantat iaetdeat ta taa strance. sektot John Stun Wm B And it is in this way to the nature of the malady from which Attorney for Vermont; Jas. C. Aiken, 11 ill ileo K faaaak oaaatttatioa. essentials of strength, will receive its fire at recruiting service. We heard hun Not regarding the fact that we hare discussing the war topics. li J s ua II Sui'th 1vM Alexander Dumas, Jr., is now suffering, - II only that the regular army will be raised. dreds of our patriotic citizens express abui n disadvantage, and l exposed, at the stm Marshal, aad EJ. U. Bradford, Attorney It aatdaratia all axoeoMi and rentOTaa a abatractloDt later seta U protect, Smith Almauder from our locality, ba deolaredit to be "hatred for men and con- Delaware; Lansing G. Vance Postmaster for Hawkins John b araaterar aaaa, aad a apeerty core ay be reaed As yet it does not contain a single noniag desire to be at the post of danger, to time, to ihe guns of any una of war which at Hen,ler.n J II ol) aides those ia eommoa with them, they have defend our a. Mike US Idle Morristown, Pa ; Harmon Bennett, Postin the defense commissioned officer or prirate, while the tempt for women." countrv. if war should come. may be detailed to II Ml, Ta Marrteal l adlea gt There is more scandal afloat in LonWe mention, provisional army has thousands of men in master at Norwich N. Y. of that lorlress. howerer, as a remarkable ,ln Ibleard a aeraBarry aaited. It will, la a abort rune, bruaj uaiaaea i Bothibg but their owa passion, Ts lor don. The Earl of Wilton has been charged tl Klchanl A Co the field. It is denied that any portion of the Conteature of the excitement, that a laree pnoo and ambition. the BMathly period with regalarttr. s A K iwards hawsv E l)ah Terrible Timis Oa Sunday night, the msj jrity The regular army will begin to take with reviewing his regiment with a prosti- federate States loan has been offered ia Thonipeoa HerhaU Khar I T II faiarhaaw Why ehould they initiate war for Fort express with whom we eonrersed, or heard idere m Thomas opinions, beliere there will, after "1st ultimo, the dwe'Iing of Mr. Jas. R form and substance, probably, within eix tute on his arm, and introducing her at mesi New York. More than the entire amount e laaea bp fim tin tW an rVar Nit abtaZd atf rlev Tho-- J Iboispeoa Jacoh and her Majesty's balls. A eourt ot inhas been arranged at par within the limits pmatal. gnriial taa fiM.fT TBMAK MONTHS, at Sumpter? If this difficuliy is not settled up all, be no war, or at least very little. rrla John Stavely, at Still Pond Cross TiOAds, Kent months. nps lev Joha and the Union reatored; If a separation i, Officers resigned, on account of secssion, quiry is ordered. aWy trt tmrr H brtmg aa Mitctriafe; aeJ at carrp acker of the Confederacy. VJPP1KI Andrew J nr L P County, Miry land, was entirely destroyed from the Army of the United States, receive JACK KKTCH AND THK FRENCUwAV.-BSax essios. The idea of peaceable Sece -jail, aad aa aatrw eCbar aaat, Ibey orv prrcdp aa A. Washington, April 12 The President Hill Malt to take place, final and irrevocable, th:n Y tiUILP by fire, and Lis son, aged nearly six years, appointments, aB rim af Kervoaa aad Bptaal ABVcOowa. Pale la A'AruHAW Juki as ot course, in tbe regular As a French mm. In York, vt about to be bung. has directed Ihat Cap; W. B. St. Johns, of la tort Sumpter falla to South Carolina, of ion will soon be exploded. This Fort and a (errant SURAH tM Jno Wesley v In deep lamentation tbe poor lello. fltlhjt, , ho Back and Uaiba. IkaTtDeaa. Patlirua aa al'ybt the Third Infantry, an 1 Lieu'.onant Abner girl, aged fifteen, perirhed in army, civilians are eligible; but tbe lor. "Aft ' mtirtfonte :" aud reiteaitne the Word, Sumpter business may be finished, but in Palpaaattaa of the lie en. lo.aeai of Bptrtta. courM. There is ho necessity for this eol Still pleading f jr mer. y, cried, "mutr ,"" mer are certainly preferred. Smead, of tie Fir.t Artillery, ceiae tibe tVRVKS V? Watts RS me rvent Iewa iur uauii--i suppo-The h, the Gal, tan pur., Stck aadacbo. Whltra. and all tba pala'al U Applications, by civilians, for positions lisioa, whilst patriotic men art striving to the progress of affairs there are a thoutan J officers of Ihe oru, with amain; Wrlirht Senp- - m ta. mere broken Ths ino- -t lainenuble part ofthe sad affair, as surgeons and assistant surgeons, in the Aud auswered the tnifll-h- . wauutorluua'.e elt, aaaaa oaaaahaaed by a dleerfteiM oyateaa. theea PUh) such questions as that at Fort Sumpter to triers one iseoraa 1 The regular troops here have been orsettle thia matter ia peace. Will ems Henrr VUI effect a cart when all other Beau hare failed. owurir, was ihe burninc to .,f Mr regular army, need now hardly be made "If you want the cunt meatureit Ju,t doit jonrsell" dered to proceed to the out-kts of the city came up; and the men who could not lire Stavely 's second son, a Wooiiuik Jenies A Van drrectloao In the pamphlet araand each paefcapa, . however, liule disposition ea the lad nearly tlx years Waters ll lro Fern pouts at " unscrupulous VQm Fas I here is only to watch every avenue thereto, while the with expectation of success. carefully pitaiid. w nils A inert L Wbkb aaaoM bt part of Lincoln's friends to Adopt any plan ia a Union like ours, can settle nothing of age, at;d a servant girl, aed about 6f a limited number of appointments to fill; authors." boe says anybody can introduce volunteers recently mustered guard the h ii. lilt IIhawA Thoniae D Co Waisoa Robert s A betao eeatalnlac dfty PU1. aad ancfacled with the We are informed that irnmedi- W edy PrankllB d will be given to a ghost or a bloody head, but it takes genius, armories and public buildings. and teenjra-W.ia, Oeors-and luetic, necessarily, of peaceable settlement. They are showing peaceably out of it, Videtles Beeaiaaiaal Btaoip of reat Britain, can ba Mat VYeiiinr tely on discovering the lire. Mr. S. and hi. resigned surgeons and assistants from the aud that ot the vtry higbe.t order, to make are constantly seen tiling through the aiuil Henry w hiteskea James sever settled affairs of govern-meattmt far f aad alx poet are atampa. ne seal to accomplish any peaceable or wife each took a child in their arms and tied W .lie w m R what are called common place " events streets. Army of the I uited States. Oeaaral Apest, JOB If OPTO. Moderation And wisdom must Adjust from the house, and at the same time direc patriotic result. Bocbeater. hew Yerk. The pertonntl or ihe new rtavy ia not yet aad persons interesting. Lee L K A Sou The President, in the exercise cf his dis"yOCNufa U Janies AW aald h Leabwtne by Bayaaaad A Tyler, aprtacoi They are contented to lot the ordinary this matter at last. Fighting will fettle led Ihe servant girl to save the remaining decided upon, but from the list we subjoin ch ll. It is thouebt that the had tttf There ia a natural floating break- cretion to designate a newspaper here in L;Oihloot ThoBiae J.ha A Brother, and a the arhotraale and retail Bragpbaa. l Neither side can ever subjugate it will be seen tbey hare a sufficient number water at the Cape of Good Mope, consisting which the executive advertisements shall functions of government be employed and aothing. Bobl a aw Albany by Ir. I. IL Aaethv the child, and was making her way down tUEM'll. met! deeOAweew to organize quite a formidable force. The in papers the perverted to the Injury and ruin of the the other. tairs, but became bewildered and lost her following list bhows the number of vessels of marine plants, twenty to thirty feet iu be published,them addition lo of two circulaby virtue their length, one end growing from the rocks and publishing COAIi ! COifaXI country, without moving a finger. is well understood amongst the way near'the dead of the steps, as after the ITALIAN. Southern Nary: t&'H in the the other floating on the surface (Lamaria tion, designated tha National Republican. tire the bones of both were found in close Sis- Barthelomey Both theee parties ignore the Border men of Kentucky, opposed to theee revolu There is comparatively but little excite, Name. Uun. Craw. Buimal.t ) s fSicoia twirl proximity, justifying this inference. ,. tR McClallaRi! I .n Si 81are States. Thej are to be made the tionary movements, that the positions of Lewis Ca. . A. Persona calllnf (br aay ef the above lettara wUl .l fSr The most quiet place I know, said ment here relative to atf tirs at Charleston. a', The Baltimore Republican, howerer, fo aa band tha boat ooattttea at tha htwaat aiarfcat prtea. p un,i9. lease say adveritatd.' t tken u Z.kiel, is Woodvilla, in Mississippi. TbO'e's victims of a war policy, got up on the pride men in parties of the past is to be ignored. otfeet. want atee. aad aoraar I II pouu.K. aW OaVaa-W- aB t JNO J. griSD. Poetasaater. t Services of Rhod) Island Troops tenrests the tragedy with a moretwful interest. tiK-l- dJIilunUju. . taatat . laijjouads. aad ambitioa of the extremes of the Union. This is as neoecsary aa it is just, and we v no quarrel, no rowdyism, or fighting in the dered to the ttovernmeut. J I.a4v Davis. It says: ion streets. If a gentleman insults another, so Why should wo become partisan? ..! CulumUad. M 'am. r James liray AW The faOowliic la aa eatraet eai a letaar. wrMea Why hope it will be observed. There is too much Providexci, R. I , April 11 Governor For Heat. he's quietly shot down, and that's the last wj Our readers are aware of the Appointment Bouita(bnii) by the Bee. i aBeUaa. peeVof the Pltnopmt Btreet should we allow ourselves to be I Sprague has tendered to ths Government Sumitier hvprriia-lecoerced by at stake now to attend to dead issues. 51 We of a Black R publican Postmaster at Stili of it. Baptlet Oiwrrli. Brnoklrn, containing sevew moms and hail T, to the "dearaaload the Iju ...J lulluu . peeaa eetaniw Mi bm. a. KL IXaH. ggyMadame St. Maro, a Parisian dame. the eervlces of the marine artillery and Inquire nrhborhood. cf others. bt imair CwduaaU,U.,aad suggest this idea to ths city authorities. It Pond, Kent County, against the solemn ot wt that worUriK'.rwl nirliuije. Haa. It ixaLol 'g tm aianin. near waaasine .irate JS mo offer her services to those who wish to ba 1,000 infantry and officers, aad accompany atJf dir Total. Wo have counselled peace, and admon Booemipe aracr roa CarLMci TtrrHiaa: is well worthy to ba borne in mind, that no protest of neirly the whole community, " Vie pee ea aoreTli aunt In yvnr celaaaaa of Maa Her house, she says, is known them himtclf. Tl.o rii'kci! (t) wore V. P. revenue t,utier, auJ married. man, Lacked by seme Lalf doz--Wrjravev'a eeorarM bitt r. kow wenererMlda word ished both sides to lidtea to the voice of room may be fairly left for a charge of bad seised by tUe stats authorities. friead-iall over Europe for ita honorabilitt, and she went to tbe e pmLrm BMdtcta and demand- ta kH nre la mtr hf. bat w Frigate Merrimac to be Fitted Oat. -- AND JThe Unl'ed Stiles sieimrr F i'.ton wa S'lielattha acts with telertit and ducrttion. faith on this subject. aei aeaipf lha. ear te year reefer that thta la he humaai'y, iaetoad of sectional pride and d i s suirender. He was met by an exc t d HMColAiVr lard while In onllhary. Mjw was bUlll haaabap we aira run it, aira tmtm tt te aa iu rr Norfolk, April 13 Orders hare been ambition. the Illoi.klMi .uvy Yard In, an 1 ta of ISvs Ions Oar advice, wise and good, ip crowd, who warned him to leare the Slate the aei aaawatial awn WJTl, Edward Everett protests against the rt .iea. h m preabl itltler. It will coftt $lo,oUJ to uiu uvi la ti& A number of gallant Kentuckians, or be lynched tn Ihe spot. He preferred receired to fit out the frigate Merrimac ciaaa af the nay. beiwiee It to one ot the tw, Aad unheeded. The Southern Confederacy sets says remoral of Fletcher Webster, (son of Dan immediately. UuMeaf ywar reen bo beee babtea coat do beaut the Courier, are going to the Southern to leave. Tbat night or the next the bouses iel Webster), Surrycr of Boston. The GREATER INDUCEMENTS p ita ultimatum. Lincoln disregards it. Confederacy. gesy" Count Carour, the able Minister of Go, gtllant Kentuokians, of l wo of the citizens who had been prom Massachusetts delegation hive selected Mr. Harbor Lights Discontinued. 8bo pute the chip on her shoulder, and and take an ictor Emmanuel, has given an opinion, in Webster's successor. tm. avcvrifTow, ! xBm v. umbrella with you. Take part, inenl in this movement were burnt dowu. Savahsah, April 13. The lights at Tyler, the Parliament new sitting in Turin, that teaiaaa.ld. Lohuw,Ky darea Lincoln to knock it off. He. to be of the Frenc'a well beloved brethren, in shooting Major and in one of them two of the family were Home ought to be Ihe capital of the Kiug MfJuThe rendezvous IVSR BIPORR OereRKD IN THIS LIT I. Durnt to aeatn. l pon theee facts beooming dom of Italy that Turin was ready to frigates which are to start for Amirica ia in this harbor, hare been discontinued for 1 at either AactiuaisT P. Ivala sale. heroic, accepts the challenge, aad the fight Anderson, a Win. UcQaislon & Co., the present. brother Kentuckian, and when known the whole neighborhood arose, and BY begias. Who can foresee the result? We you have returned be able to answer the surpiciou attaching to the few Black Repub acrince any claim for that dis taction and Vera Crux. Vat, the toudrt, has sailed; n ForwirdiDg and Scientific: nun A Hit bt Da. Holmes. that Rome is to be gaintd m'y with the another, the Imptiueuu, would soon follow. should not be much surprised if there were question, "Where is thy brother ?" licans in tne county, they were immediately better from their new and splendid stock of According to Ihe reports ia Turin, a, "the hub of creation" rebel at the extreme onsent of trance, lie protested aeainst Here bants, ao Government either at Washington cr than he who said he was not his brother's notified to hare, on pain of being summa- the union of CARPETIXQS; the temporal and spiritual the cost cf the bombardment of Gaeta lo view of congenial predisposition taken by PuCKTH fTRKEr, rily dealt with. BET BBS IOQ lUla aad the aUver, LuuUtUlr, Montgomery before the business is settled keeper. alone amounts to one million over, wbicn had always and every where Sardinia RICH CURTAIN DAMASK3; Dr. Holmes in Venntr." Among the junds sterling. te-- n The news that soldiers refuse to take the Practice or Sujckixg Caubltv is Cahasouroe of evil, and concluded thus: Fumr, Cera LACE DRAPERIES; country is now reaping the Hr. itmim, Cera, Time by ana When we enter Home we shall proclaim apa Prison". neee. miu Btant, avuuer. bapa, Aaa wimb. oath Is ominous, aad Lincoln ought to take fayPaper parchment may be produced Doctors who differ with the Professor" ia Thj Montreal papers LINEN GOODS; fruits of Republicanism and Secessionists. tuple liberty to the Church, and this liberty by immersing paper in a coairauted solution Prof. Bowtn, if Harvard College, who irOrocrt promm'T at trad ml la. teem with accounts of cruelty shown to Who aaa be depended on in ciril bAI warning. hail be guarantied by a speoial statute. If of caloride of xino. A hint to paper ma PARLOR ORNAMENTS; The one undertook to ignore and defy one UvKUtoiVi ltt- -. H. r.iM, Montpener A Bro , war? The hope denies all hereditary predisposition, physiprisoners in the jails of Canal Eaat. Alis, that this conflict may the Court of Home perei-tin the union of kers. do; CHAMBER section of the Union, and the other rashly Bowen had prepared cal, mental or moral the two powers of the Papaoy, its policy luding to tbe only stop at Fort Sumpter; but ia the ab- Millard Fillmore haa Reformatory, tar FLOOR sought redress in revolution, when the ill bo restonsioie ior the schism which acoepted an invitation to preside at the aa article, to be read before the American the Advertiser says: aeaee of patriotism aad statesmanship on MATTINGS, 4c, &e; might result then from." Immense applause remedy was in their hands in the GovernUnitarian f estival in Boston, in May next. Academy, and he addressed a note to Dr. Poor boys hare been flogcel both aides, and the domination of sectional with followed this declaration, the frankness and IMPVKTCD RXPRtUSLT roa Tana BPRTNO SALS ment. They may now shed oceans of blood rod-- cut green from the woods there TBAT SOB 0 D T CAX BEAT.' ItSTA tax of fifty dollars is required by Holmes, giving him warning of his intention (six dozen force of which is much piaised by the pride, it Is Bot aasy te foretell what will Jt municipal law, to ho paid on each free to demolish the author of "El-i- ? Venner," and treasure, and settle nothing. It is a sirukes each ), until tbe Hesa was plowed leading journa's of Paris and London. Forget BrNki' TartPtltMt Mala street hee, TuIrA sad Perth. COSAO BOX'. avLi brought into the District of Columbia. out of their bo lies, literally cut out in war be'.ween and and inviiing him to be present and defdi d As niight have been anticipated, from her negrj WILL WARRAVT TBI BB'IOKd PROUPIC TO These Border Blare 8ULes have more piece, and when the poor sufferers begged be a pane a iHnt. aeerr p4aai will bear fmtt . (.one hole policy since the dethronement of tbe they nerd no lrtllLB Tkrribii Occraasiicn A Mai Killed himelt. The Boetoa correspondent of tl a The Country plania te make the bedt pre-e- reason bow to bo firm tor mercy's sake that the punishment might French P. our bona in 1330, England has lhaa ever, and to fol ' I.B.wereoi'MKuUi'T vanrtteaaatenlUien it wt mru ty re D imm tt. People IWee a Falling Emsanemxxt Yesterday Newark Advertiser relates the following: be it fiicted upen their backs, eren that was informed the Sardinian Ambassador that he areeaa whert the the It is easy to get is a part of the gratitude of the denied them, and the strokes delirered so Morning a laborer named John Buckley, Pt elide aaili they wi in delictou Iran ia cuarhet. and low the wioeet counsels. At Ihe meeting, Prof Bowea anaoatO'd ill be received at the Court of St. James, tb tt toe late lu plact. war ia such times as theie; far secession papers of Texas to publish an that Ibey would strike the trench for while engaged in digging Tb huevr,. rr aur be act oat ear tl ae darinp tbe Into civil hardest, under by Queen Victoria, as the representative of cross sewer in Center alley, abetween Wash a his paper, and ia due lime aros: to rea 1 it. A prll. eua lilp nwl el Li.ltvtI cm peck M' Plant wllh eafely teeny easier Lhaa to get out of it. article ridiculing old Sam Houston's lamethe arm and around the breast: ihe Warden the King cf Italy. The President of tha Academy, Dr. Jacob 'PUB CNDERS16NRU INFORMS MIS ACV1CAINT-pen 1 the An intimation that ington and Poplar streets, discovered signs mt be tonal at auces and Ilia generally that he se, coa mui. bkenaa A br..tb.t . ( end .1 Pitkin. Miard A Ce't aau hse t.kea Kentucky has spent blood aad treasure ness, escribable to the reopening of the standing by all the while, and repeatedly sis bueiness ictor batman. of one side caring in. He was about fif Bigelow, hereupon stated ihat before the menvrd ihe Dry li J.Uer-oSwitzerland will recognize ArvHeral end r 4 ia lxelpvllie. a s new saere-- , oa aserses te ol air r to Aiietaeet wul bproim uel's new title has also been receired at teen feet below the surface, and giving the paper was read he had been requrated by to. A tdreta taough fighting other people's battles, and wound he receired at San Jacinto; and yet orders boy,"strike hard." rest. tLird house eaet ol ibe corner ol Pusr. soaih Oae poor in particular, received Turin. J. C. AAAa, Loulaelile PueUKAco. tide, where he has opened a jood e,,,c ot the aaoat eveIt is not improbable that France alarm was immediately hauled up. The Dr. Holmes to ask thst Ihe correspondence BT. p. Aarbsdr s, h that eu nrat n. lu tha Uu,v1lh gets bo thanks for it now. She is at liberty if Houston had not been at San Jaointo to eight lashes after he was peifjclly insensibetween them ci jot be nivlt publio that nt! avl a. ceeiery neeued la ale hoe, eepeilaily wntch BMTM wiia atra.berrira. u.u aatwo., tm ana the ill follow the example of Eogland en.! ase.t t.y Carreers, articles as are as.sM ide appearing firm he again decended, this aeeetwe-- Maub thit cm be motifbt la (he city, and to eoasider what's best for herself, aad let receive that wound, Texas could never have ble, and lenniaed in a state of uncon al the lowest market praes, and he intends It is impossible to think of this without time for the purpose of procuring his shorel is. Prof. Roweorea I his owa production fir t, hespetirutiy to eauu la bet mi the tack of lu solicits a snare or live public pe'rowaxe. aar sciousness for twenty fire minutes after the lamenting all the blood and treasure exapiTdatf which he, somewhat at length, stated the in Buaerable factions fight their own battles. "seosded" from Mexico. J. C B. be Very inaukiui aaa usts ' ' e i thongs were loosed and he was let down pended by England, from lT'.hi to IS 15, to and mattock. But he had no sooner reached views and general scope of argument in his A. (1 I IKW. aril. Another boy has been resist the right of the French nation to the bottom than the earth gar way, burying paper. upon the o xir. It concluded in the following pecu. Beceired by Express, gpyMr. R. S. Chew, the prirate secreSuffering in Kansas. eight. When extricated life was him from known to faiut three or four different times, choose its own ruler. A liar form of Bowenium: "Personally your HUPPI.T OP THAT The long war com The destitution ia thai State, from the tary of Mr. Chase, was ths meesenger who B urkley resided in Center alley. from exhaustion and cruel treatment, it menced by Pitt, and carried on during the extinct. friend, but seieni locally yourenemy, r ranc-.Al "THtiU ACT IVl mK. A.oO kkf b0 abore Exchaoge street, and leaves a wife failure of crops, ia distressing. Appeals Jl LLEK 3 Htm OP TWI9T-FR1conveyed the intelligence to Got. Pickens is also true that persons hare been selected r . a.. - wie rt II ia mhid u. Tkoi Kegency, was all direoted against ISapoleon, and one child, who, by bis death, are left Bowen " Tbe Doolor s reply was a pleait -- mkui PAST DAT SBKMUNSL Price. St IV. Kcew to ibfliot corporeal punishment upon prison have boea made to the Free States, and that it was the intention of Ihe Federal Fifteen years unprorided for. An inquest was held upon sant, brief and characteristic note, wiabing ay earner af chosen ruler' by France. o ibe"2S eente. oa, Pieer.r SAT AND SEAL, (3 vols). Price, tl riulit some aid obtained they e Alt ,. a l of ae. Mac. to provision fur portions of the State Goreroment Fort Sumpter ers against whom ot were well known to after his deposition, and nine alter his death, a view of the body by Esquire Home, and to decline all controversy on the subject. V BN NOR. O rots). E LSI Price, tl n. y Ml ta traa eiital. by Im-le- 4bik n a. harbor feelings the strongest hatred popular iod'goalion again dethroned and oontent that th Pro eseor shoull make A. AraitiaM. Ml NOV KL, (J vols). Price. S3 o. Duller. knbiM A W The Souihera part have had little or no as peaceably U they could, forcibly if they Others death Aw., aa wejtrn theaiti oa of the muetral pabtr hare been confined in dark cells for exiled the liourbona hut England cheerfully a verdict of accidental Vtmphi was rendered. known his own views without beia therehere. vTIINS Ot cVX'IKTT. Price. SI At. Avalanch t f rja woaiU have a Cejl must. U mv sistance. They are not orthodox, accordfore called npon to break a ltnce wuh hint three months, chained to the walls with accepted the Citizen-Kin- g who succeeded at that nr. Bone f ai tue oermat.. It U taepnu of TBI CROSSED PATH; A ef Modem Ufa two feet of chain, and are described as in a them. 1 niladelyhta 1 mi ing to the standard of committees of relief ana aaaaun. aaa u arump tep.ajv. or Austria. Wo ortitie'enJ any diffrreut opinion he (Dr. II ) by auklsCotlla. (S vole). Price, tl 0a. j5jU The Secessionists of Louisville were Tba W d MoCARtELL, with the stste bordering on insanity. CRITICAL. HISTJklCAUan MLSCEU.ANBOCS A meeting ia M apleton, composed of men from a private letter by the Persia, might entertain. It conclude! Ba.SWe Jrneno. euret. learn eelt Men could in excellent spirits yesterday. following market hit, which wa hugely ESAT?; by aUcaoUy. (Ho n. Price, tt aa It appears from Vienna, that war, which seems inevi e "joyed by thoee who heard it, A Bio Tinea roa Bkrucr opposed to the Abolition element of the not hare rejoiced more at the reconstruction A Fk.MININB HOMNA.KBl'LUT IM A LJl EKR 1.. HISEJa" TVT APT, O. W. RiBKKT0l. aad received country, will a's) speedily ex table invited visit foart street, bete sen Main an I Market. 7HOLEALB Aktl RETAIL DBA LAB IS 8ite, resolved to send for aid to the deeii. of the Union on a peaceful basis than did Predicament. A highly respeotable lady that Monsieur hai been how theto masse Cal ist in ia this The Poles refuse to be com with shouts of laughltr: "Yours, with "atdd Europe. and to show there ifornia ot Lafayette, Indiana, whose somnambulis feelings of personal friendship, but scieotifia tuu la tha Soathera part of the State. theee men at the news that brothers were Dry Goods, done to perfection, and was re forted with the halting eoaoessioas made to tic freaks, says the Courier, we hare before recoil is to excited by the indifference, (. W. Holmes. Ptreeta. They appoiated Mr. Wra. B. Rice, who for- - bathing their hands in each others' blool. make known bis terms for three them. The Hungarians, J; WALL STREET, notice!, was found on Ihe street tbe other quested IUJL BT. affairs of Italy, are determined to follow M Berger months. ON HAND UN( Of TH eriy lived ia this city, aad who ie kaowa A riMST ANB) A New Srcai aboit Garibalm nghl by deiec'ira Bedford, wandering about make an engagement responds that he will the eiample of ihe Italian, and achieve a for three months for Dannies. Hla9 AND LWlohJ ia ibevity Extra tcAfter a fair investigation of the ia her night clothes. She was drenched eight thousand dollars, and traveling ox like suoceaa. But this is not all. Tha copy of L'Adriatioo, of Match 21st, a daily II 'anrwlak.tsot or to many of our people, to solicit aid from part BALE! KRTEITED PKB rTEAMRB B. J lrWl Rye WanAy; bhls B urtwa with rain, and seemingly unconscious of A VVJ AAeiBa and tT at r 1.1 arktj the Border Slave States. He will call oa charges against Henry La rely, the Bards paid there and back ; also, the 1 thargio Bohemians are also aroused, and journal published at Ravenna, Italy, eon- rrrach B aavjr. PoRD. bkAStIM A I her movements was attempting an entrance peases I .J s CaampaavUe, aesortaA bra. la, ear oMieyta, aad explain the aeceeeiiy towa jailer, the keys of the jail wers ra by the front door of a priva'e residence on expenses of his nephew, who accompanies ate pieparing for aa early revolt. Indeed, tains an amusing rumor to the effect ihat e boxes Carer, erery prospect that by tbe there seems to be boi. s Vt nlie Wine there (lists for aid. Thousands of the stored to him last Monday. He was charged Columbia street. Mr. Ueilord, in com him, and of a gentlemaa woo acts as his first of Juao the rebellion ot the Poles, the Garibaldi is coming on a professional tour ao heare Huarartaa w me, clerk, interpreter, etc., etc. bight thousand noses Spark In- - aad SiUI Catawba, le ra.ks Port. Ma irira and Sherry t anfortunate must abandon their homee if with dereliction of duty in permitting the parir with another gentleman, took her in dollars for three months, besides the extras! Hungarians and the Bohemians will ba ia to the Uniud Slates. Hero is tha para 2) char re: but Ihe poer woman, orerwhelmed I pipes IMIel hVui; Tha V enetians will not ba graph: a little aid ia not extended until tby can escape of John Ureckinridge. is not a ' big thing" we should actire progress. ponchema JaAvaict Ram; RBOPRWRB AT TUP OM FliVH. f P. FOTRTH with coufusioD, swooned away, and was Well, if that JV. Y. Pott. ,r behindhand UP an raise a crop. Wo ask a kind reception for TIVI in tha li bin. Peach an I Apple mtmnir. Among the rerort? circulating fJayThere was a great deal of incredulity eartied ia an insensible condition to her like to know what is. If the Californians newspapers is on which refers to Garibaldi Her unwonted absence had just wish to know how to save fire thousand lVctioe. - home. the ageat oa bis errand of mercy. expressed on the streets yesterdny in relaA Woxaii rrTPTlP d WAKKKM H4K PCROHAPED OP H P. dollars, we will post them. Just let them Devotid to Art. Helm an Since a war tetweea th United States and in arose Ptaytna Cards; uncovered, and the fright of her lm Spk-I0U V Batter hl Inter. la t)1r bn1t.t. m73 Mutter s are! Btouetttna Rltterw The been to the telegraphic dispatches. patronise native talent by making Kara, Hunt's celebrated picture, Finding of ihe South tnerefrewi. Tae reounlua p4rt.nere ratala tha Cor area: Caere atLt Gov. Clark, paapsumingthegrjber-aatoria- l latioa have been so prostituted to base pur- mediate relatives, in view of the inclemency nagb aa offer of $3,000, and they will be tha Saviour in the Temple,""The nearly de-cf the StalesGovernment of has become inevita-a Bet Cases hareohloe. Anesnlbe aa.1anat wael Bran'ty Bieite eel uuumf ti bMiiu, ef ,aul ana. ai wlU was M Bck perry. Mrawaarry the Union seeks ble, the lines of the night, may be better imagined than aaaiiano the PeiiHibp and Ax haiire tiodn airJl Uous-to- a, at unaL chair of Texas, ia place of quite as well satisfied and ba $5,000 In stroyed by fire not long ago. The drapery commander to lead its forces agaijst lb " described. when they relate probabiliJL-EW BOOHS KkLklskD htACACi.Ar's pocket, at that. M. Berger wants $V0 per by which it was surrounded, at the exhibiat a vary early boar told Houston that poses that even There rebels, and is looking to Garibaldi. JaPPtt not believed. tion of the work, caught fiie from the gas have been aseni sent to Caprera to iaduca hat an appe Mr. Hkaitii. It will be day for piaymg billiards. ho did sa boeaoAe the "early bird gathers ties they Are OUt-C-eTramps, by Geo. Ws. Cart's; inrttr't tl 9. lights, and the picture was ia imminent tha hermit of Caprera to lak ia hand tb k. gratifying to the friends of the late Presi lite for filthy lucre be must have. tha worm." He evidently thought the SouthJohn p. hVoKToa a CO M& Keep cool, and remember that the dent to know tbat ibe reports eoncernin A lady among the visitors threw a eause of freemen against the protectors of A. J. Clipper. danger. CJ BBU JOtl BECEITFD AMD Ht SALE BT Cbna end Jspsn, hv Li ent. Jaow 0. Johasoa. of E"y , ern Confederacy area loss than a reptils reprime question, in the present Aspect of his health that bare occasionally been pub cosily Indian shawl to her attendant, who slavery, and Garibaldi, say th newspapers. wiiu ceejscu uiaausi see e J ante At UayThe friction of one smooth surface. with it managed to put out Ihe fir and save seeing the war with Austria postponed, is JOHN P. MORTON A OX public. It was vermia. liehed, bare no foundation. Ia a letter to affairs, is the true interest of Kentucky. .1AH moving upon another, under the heartee pa A? Mr. Hunt and the insurance oa the point cf yielding, aad ia oonsulting the pictnre. Watte IFlab; friend, dated at Wheatland, the 8th instant Maks everything subservient to that. e imei, 1 Stir-I- t is a pity tbat Beauregard bad not enjoyed pressure of steam, is said to be no greater company in which the pioture was iasured, bis friend about it. Buchanan says : hare Mr. Thowhts th tha Be,escs; rlestyne-- a aa latrodo raoalrad and fat aa by than in a vacuum or tbe open air. 7 kavain vain endeavored to find ont the lady ARPVER A OO etll tuiuteihe Litorgy; by a. v. uie; p. rents. oaught that Fox who slipped iato Fort BJSp.Weleara that Alfred.the slave who es excellent health erer since my return jou.n Muauvi a oa whose mignanimcus aet saved a work of art not been sick a singl A ksrya stock af Military Book Sampter oa a pretense of peace, and made caped from the Bards towa jail with John this place, and hare a hand. a- hires hsa placed ri gaf-Th- e Hon. Mr. Pay ton, Minister to which cost five years' labor. The ecmpany what the papers minute, notwithstanding JsH P M.jhIDN A CO. tie herdioae, li:i a a W jtamlne ABtaJ. eaaetkw . r by srbetB, half and a bar aa example of aita. The brash he brings Breckinridge, the oounlerfeiter, was arrested sty. I feel ten years younger, though time England, will leave Nnl York on tht 27th wish to replaoe tha oostly shawl, which almost without a i w. BASH If APhHS AStORTKD KIADA, pad X, 17U)W BR S list aalluAw aayl 04w s a was, of course, ruined, tl neat Mala lnt . In tha mail itaamef Fulton foils on apace. aooat promlAM to bt a big oat. tfays siueo ia Shelby county, P1TAUN. W1AXB 00. . iJ. Sit arty aad Radar l'lth of A pi II, 1S6I. BATTLE ROYAL FEDERAL aaaptaaaas. AaouisvxiiieTj SUMPTEH. tht Ani the dlsevernl of our ra a ne one agAio. Thou bountv to u ilve In patriot till, lib vlom rar-- . So that our .1 with life tsu w. errors may repair. Oh: Ulverof all to Thee wa pray. And never ceae; In mercy turn tun gieotny cl jo away l.jrd,glve us peace. Bao.1 Saweaaar IS- - Sa. h paid ta aAeaacsv DaOy ho tsMMBtry tf, ar SJty cents aar aaonth. Waaxu DawocBai- .-l espy, aw taa intra, I NUMBER 231. tor Thy rraeioiih mere) 'a saiv, "Peeee tn our tin ." Krint, King of Klnga, An t our Imii.I; And may Ui- - Hp vniy Dove with healing wtngi. O'er all eapah,!. thl. curte which bllKhu cheering ray,; Cue truth m l Justice to thulr Lay, Our hearu within. Deliver ui In mrry from woe, A brother's .trll. Au let th future ui our country Jiow A brtier llle. Let illaconl eea, nv THE DEMOCRAT. WWOUdhewA. Ol KbTVaUL WHISKY, BRANDY, WINES, Market St., a her Break, assrth alda, ael It ST. UX'lsTILLB. f hJtOL'ioX. HII111 DAVID PRROCSaJN. tSc H. Ferguson Dealer Son, holese: and Retail la FAMILY FJLOTJIV, yirru rr, on b dojr ot marjlbt, W nurth UllSVULL, ItrTKlT. BVT wee BRANlMS up VAVIILV hari L aluur ihrdveied of charae. lU'CI OONNTANV to any oan vf the cite tf tVS J. H MONTGOMERY, Zaercaauit Taxlor, jwrMKxy sr, bkt. twro asd rorsra. I, w tar cash, rleaae stew i hI tv ou en, foe ta fact t .tease d I thl k w y ot e hav eservihir.a In Ihe ci.'Uiioa te llfy. The nian ol wll reiteln.y : aae a calk, aast 1: 1 ta-I wlU he, p a.a.ieap I caa ss A la a sswrt tiusa. tbava a beautuei Ire. Clotks, faAAlBiprpa aad TettB$3, la order. Al tor roar 3ieaners tm her, avavraioer J H. , rhlch I will aisks yon a Is,- to bay clotbina will l Ulve iae Jeeeraow strrer, bet Third and ahowew arih. REDUCED PRICES. RPRTS MAt t AND PTJT DOWN AT S AND t I. I. ,evl WOT HIS HSNKY BAVK..DTS Iph.sserv Store, firth sl, hetweea JeAersea ead varsa OrLCLTT CTT hAND PC I Ixiwvj WT1H BRAsV t, at ErN Hi llsiRimrs ;ih Je3?r-o- a eclr aaaa arMSrreaa. y "wAEw W'laT Tw UrrTinW-crwTtas I a. alsav, Shades of eserv ant ta c A J tht wet a wm he suae u tr e r si tun. .B.I U s v.ry heat woraasanship. The ,a-i, a awl aeijst tarwas cast . be toaad t . at in t'; .rs'err ew. HKMtV KkVS. I'. : hta ek, keiw,a Je lersoa east ssrswas at eel t nr o,t rrmNiTraB nsptiRir" a59 wun se.i.i- - .,,.1 ivst a asl i :i ore, .!Ala KT eat K .li. P.llh L. h twee Je.lerwi sad wreew. varav3hi arrtdata -rr RBCBlVtD. A Vt THBa INVOBI liei.ry ,u. er or qaailiy; at te.isje steal Kaae-.-- a do. A. Par aala .owty and Whosrsmia apr TJi'l e eer Wa'a I'ji CVAOARA-jr- 10 bbts vid t noiuvshaia Bretrpt'y jgaU i .; d t jtULTAXS -- B. 10.

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