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Image 1 of The Kentucke gazette, April 26, 1788

Part of The Kentucke gazette

STumh. XXXV. S K E SATURDAY, jlcahnu 1 ui mints, tvc. ; vs ranted : TOT tuts tuit ' tic j iincTLr.iL . . J nrtc zj. ig, 1788. appointed by the bord of Officers convened pursuant to orders from the Executive, to contract with any person who will undertake, to furnish the men ordered on xluty, for the defence of Fayette county with provisions. As the filiation of our frontiers will not admit of delay, I hope any person who is willing to contract, will make early" applica' tion to LEVI TODD. .v. .Tii- otcr -- jtit. , 26. . . x S 178. . jj . I anu longer ones in proportion. . nt" - '- J tiu. "-.- . gTRAYED from the head of Clarks run, Lincoln county about the firlt QrFebruary last, a che'fnut sorrel horse fourteen hands and a. half high, blaze AM' , T.. . i -- Fayette Arpil . PW mwn rd andSold bi Torm and nr thnnbf,, rnr ui Tyip j-nrir tun un n..H -j' y- Datipr. APRIL T rl ' . r - n red roan mare with foal, abour six t .r d fourteen hands hieh. a small wlnre in,. her face, brande i on q,e fh.- - idt lace and some saddle spots, one hind soot white, had on when 'ie went away a large singing bell, the collar of which was wraped twice round his neck. The taker up of said horse shall be intitled to .a liberal reward, on bringing or sending him to. the fubferiber living near ' the K,iob 'Lio.k 35 April, ith 1788 MICHAEL RANDOLPH, and outto itFC, lome laddie aa.k natural trotter, had a bell on, whttv; takts up said mare and brinps her t Col, Todds shall receive rhrep d 'It ' reward. JOHN FILSON 3335 -- THE FULL BLOODED HORSE '6v:"G' U L trie FOUR DOLLARS REWARD. O FOR 'A T TS hereby given, that a company ..will d meet at the on Sunday the 4th. day of may to go through the wilderness, and to let out on the 5th. at Crab-orchar- TT FIFTY THOUSAND A CR.ES of valuable land situated on the following viz. twenty five Thousand acres on the waters of Cumberland rivet within the Bounds re feived for the continental Officers and' soldiers of this state, and twenty five Thousand acres lying on the waters of duck, Elk and Tennefec rivers and other navigable water courses falling into the Ohio and Miffifippi rivers. The fubferiber thinks it "unnecefTdry with regard to its Situation, Soil,& Timber, to be very particular in his defcriptioji' as he immagines the piirchafer would to any contract be desirous of seeIndisputable titles wjll the land. ing be made the purchasers, and eight years wjuer-courf- NOTICE' HORATIO TURPIN, C 1 'which time most of the Delegates to the state convention, will go es A crtdit will be given from the time of Powerful high blcoded horse, will stand this fcal'on at the fubfenbers houle in' L xington, his price thirty cash, aoolb of merchantable toof pork, to be delivered 01 300 bacco, on, "on or before the loth, day in Lexing of Ocober next. REDBIRD I was got by Fearnought' an imported horse, his dam wasa Janus, called slow and sure, his'grand dam was creeping Kate, so vvell known on the continent tor herfwlftnefs and Hgh h'ood. JOHN M'NAlR. , rcaking. the titles, no Interest will be for the firfl fair years. Any person inclinable to pirchafe may know thr terms and be fnvn r.nd by ijuiw 1111. . 1 ot .October luit, . i it 1 ac.ti.u coiour d mare and niare-col- i, uoui uaQ white main and tail, the mare is years old, about fourteen hands fig- .. o branbed on, the near fhculder 1 f., t is mare had on a small bell, is lupp d iO be with foal.. Whoever takes up Uid n rc and colt, and brings them to B.niuun, flml'. Itjvp the nhnup r, vu rH (gTRAYED from the fubferiber about Chtiflmafs ttir'n i- 3435 u n a -t 1 lafl, a black mare, with a small blaze down her isy7lLL stand the ensuing feafon'at my W house, and will cover mares at for- face, five years old ffteen hands high, a natural trot, ty (hillings the season, payable in cattle, ter, fbod before, a fbort tail ALSO a bay stud colu old in June next, a large head, small white1 two sheep, or tobacco, on or before the firlt on years hisnofe, light made and long tail. IVIweverfecures dav of 'November next. said creatures so that I get them again, shall receive Mjgul is a sine horse fifteen hands the above reward, or two dollars for eit her Lexington, April 1, 1788. JOHN BARKER. hig'i, and- was got by the noted importhis dam Poll Flaxen, who ed horse Lath,, was also dam of Brimmer, and was got. by lolly Roger out of the imported mare Alary Gray. vu month e 1 CvMirr-lmn- fe k - AK Y It I K IN . WHEREAS Daniel Hen Lc ti- if more, did in Odtober 178s, at tl t a is of Ohio, obtain a bond ,fr ),,. me for the conveyance of a certain tract of L,,i d in Penfylvania ; This is to forewarn all persons from taking an affignment of la d bond, the same caution I have given in the Maryland Gazette-- , for I am determined not to comply therewith ; as I have in my pofleffion a bond of his, R c conveyance of a tract of land in M;rv-lan- d of equal value, which land I am c -vinced he has lost, and cons quemly is conveyance tp me impofi:u' 343S JOHN FILSON, FOR SALE fe-ve- pre-yio- us fbil-lin- gs stolen in January last Halls near Lexington a sorrel horse eight years old about five feet high, branded on the near moulder thus HL, has a blake in his face which comes over his noftnl, has three white or STRAYFD feet, (hod before, paces and trots, he 13 some what cuffi-uto bridle by reason lie will npt suffer his ears to be handled, has pev-'-been docked, whosoever takes up laid hoife and will biing or send him to Lincoln county, about five miles from the Court honfe, fhail fcave sour Dollars reward. time in January last. a dark bay hoi e about fourteen hands high, seven or eiht years old, branded on the near buttock I B. whoever takes up said horse, .and secures him so that I get him, shall ruve TWO DOLLARS rewaid. 3436. Lexington, April 1 5. HENRY MARSHALL, ted apdlyins to .ELIJAH ROBERTSON. Nafliville January. 21, 1788 big CTrayed away from this place, i.n:e- - A trad of land containing 1400 acres waters of the north t fork of Licking, lying on the road from Lirne-ftm- e to the lower blue licks ; being Mays settlement and preemption and lick, good bonds on persons in this diftrift or on persons in the EafTern part of Virginia will be received in on the -- pay-m.- nt, and I will Warrant titl tf 'b3o HARRY INNES - C5 HEMP SEED , For falc at Robert Barrs Stare in Lcxengtort have for sale at my house a large quantity of dry garnered fait, which 1 will sell foe cafii, at two Dollars pr. buflic'll. ANNIE CHRISTIAN Liincoln April 8 1788. 3337 2S lt r r 1 - 35 HUGH LOGAN STOLEN afrom the fubferiber blue Jacket, living near about half worn, the the Ivck of alighter blue, with (hallow pockets, a set of fi'ver buttons marked IB in a cipher. Any person having bought laid Jacket, and returning it to me in Lexington, shall have the full value-o- i n,-a- s l with to bring villians-tiuftice. JSAAC BARR o Lettirville- March 17. riSR. Y Authrity fr n the Hpnour-.b- ' the Executive t.f the state of V pnnia. (being duly admitted thereto) the oues of Notary Public, for jhe diftnd of K will befto those annlvincrVrr' ke, rrt-ed- BENJ; JOHNSON by

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