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Hartsel Phila. Amer. (Topsy Hartsel or Tully Frederick Hartsel (1874-1944). Color portrait of Topsy Hartsel with the Philadelphia Athletics. An elephant is in the top left corner and 'Athletics' is I the top right. Verso: Frederick T. Hartsel. 'Topsy' Hartsel, the Champion Athletics' utility outfielder, has been on their roster since 1902. Hartsel is short in stature but solidly built, and in some years has walloped the ball hard. In 1900 with Indianapolis he batted .300, in 1901 with the Cubs his figures reached .339, and in 1903 he bit .311 for the Athletics. He only played in the fifth game of the World's Championship Series of 1910 and his batting, base running, and fielding helped the Athletics to win that decisive contest. Includes statistics for 1908-1910. Base Ball Series 400 Designs. Piedmont. The Cigarette of Quality. Factory No. 25, 2d. Dist. VA.), 1911

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