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Fred C. Clarke of the Pittsburg Nationals. (Fred Clarke or Fred Clifford Clarke (1872-1960) also known as Cap. Color portrait of Fred Clarke. A pirate is in the top left corner and 'Pirates' is in the top right corner. The team is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Verso: Fred Clarke. Under Fred Clarke as captain and manager, the Pittsburg team won the National Championship in 1901, 1902 and 1903, and in 1909 annexed both the National and World's Championships. Clarke's record as a player is also a fine one. Four times in the last ten years he led the left fielders, twice with the high mark of .987. August 23, 1910, he made four outfield assists in one game, a league record. Includes statistics for 1908-1910. Base Ball Series 400 Designs. Piedmont. The Cigarette of Quality. Factory no. 25, 2d Dist. VA.), 1911

Part of Leonard Brecher Tobacco & Chewing Gum Card Collection

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