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Stone St. Louis Amer. (George Stone or George Robert Stone (1876-1945). Color portrait of George Stone with the St. Louis Browns. A fleur-de-lis is in the top left corner and 'Browns' is in the top right. Verso: George Stone. George Stone, the hard-hitting outfielder of the S. Louis Americans, has missed few games since he has been on their pay-roll, except in 1909. In the four years ending 1908 he played in 611 games. His aggregate batting average for those four years was .317 and for the six years ending 1910, .298. In 1910 he got two singles, a double and a triple off Pitcher Bender in one game, and June 2, against the Red Sox, got give hits in six times up. Includes statistics for 1908-1910. Base Ball Series 400 Designs. Piedmont. The Cigarette of Quality. Factory No. 25, 2d. Dist. VA.), 1911

Part of Leonard Brecher Tobacco & Chewing Gum Card Collection

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