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Speaker Boston Am. (Tris Speaker or Tristam E. Speaker (1888-1958) also known as the Grey Eagle and Spoke. Color portrait of Tris Speaker with the Boston Red Sox. A 'B' is in the top left corner and 'Red Sox' is in the top right. Verso: Tris Speaker. Tris Speaker, the Boston Americans' hard hitting outfielder, came from Texas, where he batted .318 for the Houston team in 1907. For the 1908 season the Boston management sent him to Little Rock, where he batted .350. Recalled to Boston in 1909 he made 165 hits that year for a total of 242 bases, and in 1910 hit safely 183 times, for 252 bases. He is fast on his feet both in the field and when base-running. Includes statistics for 1908-1910. Base Ball Series 400 Designs. Piedmont. The Cigarette of Quality. Factory No. 25, 2d. Dist. VA.), 1911

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