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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, Jun-i, 1909 sity, which report is as follows: To the Board of Trustees of the State University, LexinLgton, Kentucky. Gentlemen:- Your Committee on Military affairs, was directed at the last meeting of the Board of Trustees to make a thorough re- port upon the question of Military Science taught and to be taught in your University and to make such reconrmendations rela- ting thereto as your Commiittee deemed advisable. We find that in almost all of the land grant Colleges throughout the country, only two years of actual drill is required of the students. This is true in Ohio State, Cornell, California, Kansas, Illinois, Tulane, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, Penn- sylvania State and other like institutions. At the University of North Carolina, three years of drill is required. This i the only land grant college, so far as your Comnittee is advised, which requires studeftls to drill for more than two years. Your Committee believes and is confirmed in its belief by the Commandant of your University, that the manual of arrms, squad pla- toon, Oompany and Battalion drill can be learned in two years by a student at the University, if it can be learned at all. Your Committee believes that mere evolutions and the manual of grms is the smallest and we believe the least important branch of Military science. The ability to drill and tc keep proper alignment is necessary but it does not make a soldier nor does it qualify him to manage the affairs of the militia. This matter might be forc- ably illustrated by a statement made to the Chairman of your Oom- mittee by Major Judson of the United States Corp of Engineers. Major Judson, as you know, was selected by the United States Govern- ment as one of the:-three men to represent it as Attache to the Russian Army during the Japanese War, and we maay add was at the battles of Mudkin and Harbin. Major Judson says that at Montauk Point, during the Spanish War, he was sitting in front of his tent talking to an Officer of the Militia. One of the Militia Oom9 ys passed by and went through various evolutions. The Militia officer much pleased, asked the Major if he had seen anything like it before. The Major 8a.d he had never seen such magnificent evolu- tions but once, and that was a few nights ago, when he had. seen the Chorus Girls in the Metropolitan Opera House in 4ke New York go through their drill not only better than the Militia Company but even witzhout orders from their Oaptain.

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