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Image 1 of Clay City times (Clay City, Ky.), August 11, 1910

Part of Clay City times (Clay City, Ky.)

i A HE IanWe > 50 Centals Year i I I How to Judge us trooil way to study About human nature is when you are driving on the public road If a man is willing to obserVo the laws Tnd the courtesies of the road Im will duly give his share of it when meeting another and showsMie is willing to do the gen ¬ tlemanly thing about it But when you meet ono who take s every advantnge of those he meets and holds the road for his own selfish self often to the great discomfort of those he meets or will not allow them to pass we are almost sure to think of pork in connection with such drivers of tpaniss A good story is told of a gem tleman who once met a diame ter described above and was fore ed into u very deep mud hole with a load while the other fellow with empty wagon took all The fellow of the gooa road looked down upon the gentleman and said I never turn out for To this the gentleman fools replied I always do ¬ I I lwshoqsesland are responsible for these broken laws of decency will have lrjkei hearts and bowed down heads ii the awakening years that will inev itably follow ¬ Do We Want the Bridges middle theofficials according Jt probably will to of October before the true number of peo pie in the United States will be revealed by the official count of Officials the thirteenth census will place the pop say t lie Ggurea tf ation at about ninety Million amto John Wv Williams of Sardis of IS very kindly remembered by ma ny Olay Oity friends who are his well wishers We Do Not Recommend Sutherland Eagle Eye Save f r anything but the eyes I in a speed harmless cure for granulated lids scrofulous sore eyes styes weak eyes and dimness of vision And Sold everywhere S5c CLAY CITY Boys Worst Habit The worst habit that boys can full into is that of loafing around on the streets at night It is then they cant their lot in slippery pltfce when at any moment they are likely to full from grace All goodand noble lessons taught them by their mothers are there counteracted and nullified They learn nothing that is goodhut everything bad The boys who spent their evenings In the sacred precincts of home with good books for their companions are the future hope of this r pub lie they will fill our legislative and congressional halls mid sit in judg ment upon men and measures while the DOVB who run the streets will ¬ I If the peope of Olay Uity and Powell county want to build the three bridges outlined let them speak out and say so say how much money they are in for each one Its money that talks Saute As much as have done this 500 have this way been subscrib ed for the two Chiy City bridges and no paper has been present edj The qUltYII city arenoi tlier jLbfe to build these bridges and will beJn but little coridi v ra yJt t Tb 4ii tltlg Th ffJiT it ra city or county laying by cash from the regular revenUe is something very rare and Powell county is no exception neither is Olay Oity The Times is for all three bridges alloi t once and think every body should work to this end and begin now by dropping into this office and say how much you are in on the Olay Oity bridges ttlllttwl When you are Ready for your Spring Suit F Ian We are ready foryou The new showing in mens spring styles we are II It will pay you to see the excellent range of styles patterns and colors we We have clothing are showing that appropriate for men in every Come in andglance Walk of life throughyou will appreciate the grace drape style and excellecc of We are showing a splendid line of Mens Spring Sufts were tested and well selected much care given to the cut ¬ ting andmakingthe fit and finish We will stand the closest scrutiny honestly believe them the finest gar ¬ ments in the State and youll agree NO AUGUST JJ 190 THURSDAY CouhoH Meeting I The city Ooncil met in regu lar session Friday night and be and J E Biirnfier were appointed a committecFto meet the Pow ell Fiscal Court and make the proper requisition upon that body for the building of two bridges acfosslie river leading in which the out from city proposesJipay half the ex pease that the d citIzens by priate subscriptioncitys part make up board was Every haltthO proposi in favor citizen at the tion and ev meeting seemed inclined the If welfdont get these same bridges the failt will lie with the county a4 from what we learn by talking to the member of the Fiscal Qourt the count nouncementTo I race for Governor of Kentucky has been pressed into the race af ter numerous calls from mew bers of his party in all parts of the State Below follows his an towniwho 32 Byrd NominatedA Floyd Byrd of Winchester who has been urged to make the was nominated for Congress at McCrenry for Governor B McOrearj Senator James sides the regular routine of bust bridge proposi ness took by botl tion which the members ofof the board and of Kentucky so many letters me to announce that I have received requesting I am a candidate for Governor and so many Democrats have ii person snid to me that if I an nominated I will have the unan imous support of the Demo rat of Kentucky and such a large number of newspapers have pub lished editorials suggesting and indorsing me as a proper candi date for Governor that I hav decided to announce that I am a candidate for Governor subjec to the action of the Democratic partyI believe the party which his honored me so often and to which I have belonged all my lift and whose principles I have eve r advocated and upheld is entitle to my best services whenever I have needed or demanded always been in favor of the straight pure Democracy lay and order honesty and economy in public administration and edand my ucational advancement record undmy efforts to serve willcertainly Wit part Death of Mjs Sam Ringo Ringo E Burgher Publisher died Mrs Sam Wednesday Aufeust Urd after a brief illness tliiugl she had been in failing heap for some time Burial Thursdsy at the Eaton cemqtery sliolrt services being conducted at two grave by Elde i r A Easter ea ter i qsband I r Mrs Rirfeofou etoe matjag e u4idZErrtffllirj She she wttf a Miss Everman leaves many friends besides rel atives who extend sinceros sympathy to the remaining fans ily Ii 8 f InI prf it ifuJla td oII- titi itttop df well known to the people of Kentucky At the proper time shall be pleased to make speechI es in behalf of Democratic prin ciples and Democratic Govern ment and Democratic victory in every part of the State and in Dont Pass the Straight Trees If we look only for crooked tree county if desired and I will In the timber we will find plenty be very grateful for the support of them but we will pass by many of my brother Democrats JAMES B McOREARY straight beautiful trees and neve notice them So too if we look County Convention only for blemishes in the character The Democrats of Powell coup of others we will find them j hut we may not notice the many good ty which met in mass convention at Stanton Saturday elected M qualities that they may posses A Phillips Chairman and V B The con One extreme generally follows Atkinson Secretary was commonly vention instructed for A Floyd another thus it expected to have a drouth this Byrd of Clark county for ConM A Phillips Luther fall to offset the wet weuthe gress we are having it Stephens George Stephens and this spring and just now though rain may fall in Charlie Orow were appointed a few days and counterbalanc delegates and attended the disthe injury to corn and grass trict convention at Mt Sterling Tuesday Stock water is yet plentiful the Tenth District Democratic Convention in Mt Sterling Tues ¬ day The nomination was made Mr Byrdu by acclamation name was placed before the con ¬ vention by John M Stevenson of Clark county with seconding speeches from various counties He accepted the nomination in a strong address pledging himself to use his best efforts to win and predicted that with good work the Tenth district would be re ¬ y deemedBefore the convention brief ad ¬ dresses were made by Senator McCreary Congressman Johnson Mayor Head and Congressman Ollie James Senator predicted the election of Demo cratic Congressman as did also McCrearyt ¬ Mr James Senator McCreary announced himself for Judson Harmon of Ohio as the nominee for Pres- ¬ ident and closed with the brief announcement of his candidacy GovernorMayor and Congressman Johnson made brief announce ments of their candidacy for thy Democratic nomination for Governor Robert Friend of Estill county was chosen as temporary chair ¬ man and Garrett Williams of ¬ Breathitt rr astemporary ecretaw iltt a- The organization reported the selection of M 11 Redwine of Elliott county as permanent chairman and he was chosen by acclamation The nominee Mr Byrd is 4t years old and a native of Wolfe county where he received a ton mon school education and served as Superintendent of Schools lie was elected Commonwealths At ¬ torney in the 28rd district and in this capacity gained a wide repu ¬ tation as a lawyer in prosecuting the Breathitt county feud cases He personally has a strong fol ¬ lowing in the mountains See advertisement of Harilwiek and Company Drownings are increasing in di rect v roportion to the carelessness of humanity ¬ Farm For Sale 30 acres level land 1 mile ¬ fit and finish fabrics KYM 1 from Clay City well watered about 8 r acres in timber rest well suited for Despite the injurious offsets to William J Gaynor Mayor of corn and grass Good dwelling and growing crops the Department of New York Oity was serIOusly outbuildings For further paiticu Agriculture predicts that there wounded in the head by a bullet lays cull at this office will be 80 million more bushels from the pistol of James G Gal watoh on of corn raised this year than last lagher a discharged city em II LostGold filledcase bridge at R between depot and and it says the wheat crop will ploye who was immediately ar Clay City Finder will be hand also be much larger notwith- rested and held without bail tc somely rewarded if he will return standing the severe drouth in the await the result of the injuries the watch to J G Rogers Clay H W Monroe City inflicted Northwest the most critical and exacting dresser The TIMES1 are here to help Clay Cifyfthe Snrroonliog Country and Ourselves in yoixy j 1L ss CITY T Y I tl- CD AfterAugusiGthi The first homegrown poaches Dr Bells PineTarHoneyFto appear on this market came Coughs and Colds yesterday and found ready in The sale at 125 per bushel offered were not a supo peaches rior grade either of household goods including rant At the sale of G W Lyle Sr tresses matting druggets chairs deceased on Hardwicks Creek tables and etc at the D R Daniel wa taken sick R articles sold well The sale was Winchester the last of the week largely attended and the bid but was able to return home ding was spirited where he has since been confined Clay City Ky law to pun fiifk physician It is the duty of the to Iris home this kslie will soonlbe xble to be ish the man who is not now merci fut to his beast oil the streetugamty i Mr Wm Johnson will have charge of the Central Hotel Mr Johnson was manager of this hotel two years ago and made a success of the business and we bespeak for him the same success again j withusonce you see them or Public Sale Central Hotel SHIMFESSELS Aug is I < f I i < fz I t A I s 1f I + fl 9 k I 1910 t 1

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