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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 12, 1903

Part of The Adair County news.

THE ADAIR COUNTY NEW8 L VOLUME 6 COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY a POST OYIIICE DIRECTORY J M RUSSELL COURT I IMORE ABOUT ILLINOIS < BY CNcciTCoCRTThree third Monday In My Monlar September T Ird Mandarin l LA TURNER CormonweaIthAttornoyNHWAronSbrrifiF I WRITTEN Circuit Clerk JJJOofley 64 rnettJrI COCNTY COURTFIMI FOR THE NEWS A AA YYTYVTVTYTTTyTyyyTTTYVVVT Mundsylu each month Two regiments were btatinncd on the Ilarrodiburk road within easy < T R 3iilt supporting distance but did not redo h JilcrJ K P Conover tbe town until Hansons regiment E W Button Assesso fighting gallantly against vastly super8arTeyorR T McOaffree School BuptV D Jones ior numbers was overpowered and M Russell Ooroner0 Morgan moved Monday In obliged to surrender Orr OoouTRognlarconrt second towards Bardstown reaching tbat each month placeat4 oclock on the morning of JudgcT C DavidsonAtfnrneyGordonMontgomry the Gth of July Morgans loss was MarshalG T Floweinconsiderable 8 killed and 23 wounded Among the former were Lieut Thos rsOHURCH DIRECTORY Morgan a brother of the general and Lieut Gardner PRESBYTERIAN From Bardstown Morgan moved in ReT BORrSVILLBStBKM Sunday pastor Servicea aeoond and fourth the direction of the Ohio River cap ¬ In each month SundaychooUtS aieeday turing a railroad train within thirty abbath Prayer meeting every miles of Louisville and crossing the night bridge over Salt river on the morning METHODIST of the 7th To aid in mystifying his Rev K M Metcalfe BOBMVIHH STasrr month pastor Services first Sunday In each Prayer pursuers Morgan detached live com- ¬ SundayBchool every Sabbath at 9 a m panies to move in different directions meeting Thursday night through tbe State thus for the time BAPTIST throwing Gens Hobson and Judah OH STKBBTBOV J P Scruggs the track of tbe main body Shortly after midnight the column Sindayachool every Sabbath 9 a ffl meeting Tuesday night advanced and at 10 a m reached Brandenburg on the Ohio River forty OHBI8TIANCi where two AMPBBLLSVIMB PI BEld W K Aibill miles below Louisville Pastor Services Second and Fourth Sundays steamboats captured by Capts Tay ¬ Sundayschool every Sab each month lor and Merriwether were awaiting at930am Prayer meeting Wednesday night the arrival of the division The Second Kentucky and Ninth Tennessee LODGES were immediately set across the river MASONIC leaving their horses behind them and forming under the river bank prepar ¬ day night on or before the full moon In each ed to protect the crossing of the re month mainder of the command W A Coffey W UW D Jones Secretary While in this position a little gun ¬ boat made its unwelcome appearance COLUMBIA CHAPTER B A M No 7 meets Friday night alter full moonJ and for a short time threatened to MUBRBLL HP put a stop to the performance but a Secretary W WBBADSHAW few shots from the parrotts convinced SURGEON 1 the commander that close quarters were not desirable and he steamed away up the river for assistance Be fore it was obtained Morgan was on the Indiana shore mounting for a ride of GOO miles through a hostile country thickly settled and penitratcd ia every direction by railroads and tele ¬ graphs The route previously sketch ¬ Fistulo Poll evll splints spavin or ed by Morgan and which was followed < r monthpastor 1bath AMBeFlar i i ¬ ¬ lEBHERI ¬ any surgical work done at fair prices guarantee satisfaction I amfixed take care of stock S D ORENSHAW eastwarI started the huge TEAT OTTER I C S GRADY I DENTIST 0 j j thiukcth evil I+ C H WISEMAN SO1 + Bcjolceth not in iniquity but re joittth In tbo truth 7 Btr tk all thugs baliovctk all thinri hoyeth all thugs cndaret all things 8 Charity never failethbut wheth- ¬ er there be prophecies they shall fail whether there be tongues they shall cease whether there be knowledge it JEWELERSPTICIANS shall vanish away 9 For we know in part and we Dealers In Diamonds and Precious Stones prophesy in part Special attention given to work and 10 But when that which is perfect is come then that which is in part shall be done away OposlteltluslcU11 When I was a child I spoke as a SELOUJSVILLE KENTUCKY child I understood as a child I thought as a child but when 1 became BIG FOUR a moo I put away childish things Summer Tourist Line 12 For now we see through a glass darkly but then face to face now I MOUNTAINS LAKES know in part but then shall I know FOREST AND SHOnE completely buried beneath them even as I also am known He worked his way out made his 13 And now abideth faith hope NEW YORK AND BOSTON escape and going bank next day charity these three butthe greatest The Travelers Favorite found sixty dead wolves The of these is charity Thirteenth Cor Line doctor is not only a medical man inthians Chicago Pullman Sleeping Cars but a horse doctor as well the FARM FOR SALE best he says in the State of Illi ¬ Strictly Modern nois He is an expert in equine I have a good farm for sale three Indianapolis Peoria and all obstetrics and the horse doctors miles from Columbia and in a good Said farm contains n Chicago and other large cities neighborhood 123 acres 80 acres in cultivation the give him all their consultation balance in good timber Good build ¬ Modern Equipment Fast Sched ¬ cases He is also a doctor of law ings plenty of good water ules Write for Summer Tourist and has spent ten years of his W F Neat young manhood in that profession bookWARREN J LYNCH W P DEPPE He told me he had never devoted Robert Smith a young farmer shot Genl Pus Tlcktt Agt Asst a P lJ T A himself to tho ministry but should and killed his wife from ambush near he fail at any of these other pro ¬ Whltesburg Ga fessions I have no doubt he could A number of farm hands near Cin ¬ Louisville Ky make a success at it cinnati struck refusing to work in the Now some of these stories sound fields with women and girls eo a little unreasonable but the doc ¬ A clock with a dial 120 feet in diam- ¬ tor can prove by twenty of the best men in Elkhart that he has eter is being built at Milwaukee for told the same stories frequently the St Louis Expisition JAVA before and not only so but oo + o o eoo + + + + tells them very much the same Scientific Shoeing maud reached Lester and halted t- o enable the column to close up ThIS halt proved d isastrous as BuffingtOD the point chosen to cress the Ohio was not reached until after nightfall and it was decided to walt until new morning An earthwork had been thrown up to guard the ford and Mar gan was informed that It was manned by 30o men While Morgan had by increased in value until it rapid marching traversed the state of Ohio doing little damage to persons was worth one hundred dollars per or property Gen Hobson at the head acre It is as fine a body of land of a picked cavalry force lead reachethe Ohio at Brandenburg shortly after lette as they called him was a Morgan had crossed It and pushing o Instead of having cattle in his rear reached Chester afew hours cattle after Morgan had left It for Buffing upon a thousand hills ho had thousands of cattle on the plains ton Gen Judah left the stern chase at round about Bardstown and proceeding to Cincin- ¬ Another record breaker was Col nati embarking a brigade a brigade of Bogardus the world renowned ri- ¬ infantry on transports and steamed fle shootest He sprang from Elk up the river to be ready to intercept hart Morgans crossing where ever he might Elkhart has the distinguished attempt it On the following morning honor of being a finished town It these two commands each ignorant of has about 400 or 500 inhabitants the proximity of the other prepared and cant grow any larger because for an attack upon Morgans division the land around it is so high that now considerably reduced by hunger nobody can afford to build new and exhaustion Col Duke was ordered houses and the people aro so busy to draw up two of his regiments In doing something else that they readiness to attack the work at dawn dont have time to build Your of day and the parrotts were placed readers know as much about the In position to assist the storming party fame of Bogardus as I do and I if necessary Had Morgans pickets shall not undertake to repeat it been more vigilant they would have Gillette only broke the record indiscovered long before daylight that land and cattle Bogardus only the marks were empty It was evacu in shooting but I had the pleasure ated during the night The knowl ¬ of meeting a man who smashes edge of this would have been of price- ¬ records in every thing I did not less advantage but it came too late have to depend upon history or The crossing came near being success ¬ tradition but J met the man face fully accomplished however When to face heard from his own lips morning dawned Duke charged upon his wonderful performances Dr the empty works then starting out the 3chulttTvho is a man of great co- ¬ Pomeroy road in search of the retreat- ¬ nversional powers I talked Ing garrison him enly two or three hours I He ran into Judahs advance guard he had had more time I have no and attacking with spirit threw it into doubt he would have told me man confusion capturing one cannon and more wonderful things He is th e forty or fifty prisoners and mortally greatest corn husker in the uni- ¬ wounding Maj Daniel McCook On a thousand dollar wag-¬ verse By Morgans order Duke formed two er he succeeded in husking twenty regiments across the road upon which bushels to the hour during one Judah was advancing while Johnson whole day As a bicycle rider with two regiments faced toward he breaks the record Ho started Hobson who was moving upon hi from the north Gen Shackleford through Missouri and into Arkan moved up the river with his force to sas a distance of ono hundred and cut off escape in that direction crossing the We ninetyseven miles were now surrounded by about 20000 Missouri and several smaller riv men Notwithstanding the great ere all in ten hours As a feeder disparity in forces Duke and Johnson of threshing machines he takes Ho feda machine that managed to hold Judah and Hobson in the cake check long enough to enable Morgan threshed seven hundred and nine with the four disengaged regiments to tp six bushels of oats in one hour march out of the valley Duke and He drove a pair of bay stallions Johnson then determined to withdraw one of his own raising to a com and follow their leader The men mon heavy road wagon in a trot who had been fighting on foot re ¬ one mile in 210 He killed forty mounted without confusion and re- ¬ fine prairie chickens at ono shot treated in column of fours from right his gun being loaded with pop In his own barn the day of companies and for some distance in corn good order but there being but two hewas talking to me he killed roads by which to escape the men nine rats at one shot with a rifle rushed for them Cols Duke and But perhaps the biggest anniu Smith and some fifty officers and m enhe ever did was when he killed 875 were here captured but I was not cap turkeys strung in a straight row B at one shot with his trusty Win As an ordinary traveler line for the Southern Confederacy and Chester C 0 WestMarket ROUTE himi MichiganUnequaled OiIIOcS wasf assaultedI forgot in its proper place to tell o his having killed ten panthers one day They were very large and malicious and bent on destruction His trusty rifle dispatched them in short order and left him maliceof the situationU L TAYLOR COMMITTED SUICIDE by taking coraosive sublimate LIVE STOOK traveledm 1of edit Stock Exchange Yards Wilmore Hotel I 1tGood I hillst oj v L cz > ikipjUg 84 ck 0ft4 80 50y 70g iaIp1J lr iwtkmttlutt d Young Pair to COFFEE f 4 4 ti WINE BODY and DELICIOUS FLAVOR established HILLER JC IMPW ¬ AIiM WASTER Ky Luinril i4 60 M 3i4 NEW BUGGIES 31S425 good Tiuttkeas e FULL ROAST butchy pacldagl6qI with a number of young men of his own age called on several young lad HOGS en friends At 11 oclock they were at N depot where they waited the L until a late train came in While at the depot Saufley confided to one of his friends that he was going to com ¬ mit suicide He delivered to this friend a letter with the instructions to give it to his mothe after his death The friend thought Suiley was jestin and paid no attention to him at the time He was not noticed when the crowd went home and at twp oolock on Sunday morning he was found writhing in pain by a railroad hand the poison having already taken effect He was immediately conveyed to a pbysiclane oflice but all effrorts to save him were unavailing and he died at 7 oclock in the evening jo motive is known for the act Saufley was popular and belonged to one of the most widely known fami ¬ lies in the State His brother Shel 200 Fair to to 300 fts 605 good to 200fts Good to extra 160 tbs 6 05 light 120 to 605 YFIELP AND LAMBS shippings Sheep 00 2 We sell the Fisher and Paoenix Buggies We also have a nice line of Buckboards If you are going to buy a vehicle this year it will pay you to see us and get prices before you buWill follow the flag to their Na ¬ tional Convention Sau Francisco in August Will you join the pro ¬ cession A glorious trip for a Special through little money service via WABASH Ask your ticket agent or write the under ¬ signed about the trip and for reservation in standard or tourist c JACKP 4N COLUMBIA KY yBEARD TAT 7S Excellent MAD which has been tried in about one hundred cases of hydrophobia and snake bites with Rood results I can cite you to many of the cases Write orcall on me at DULWOUTH KT BELLS HOTEL JA Ky YE KINSS 0 B- NEW DISCOVE- RThiswonderfuITnedieino post ¬ CotrghsColds This hotel is located opposite the L k No Depot and is a splendH I lace at which to stop Good meals excellent attention and the rates v ry reasona ¬ ble Trade of Adair and adjoining counties nollcit- LEBANON DHL WQ RTH THOUSANDS SAVED Frank Bell Proprietor edBbBBITT E STONE F W GREENE D P A Wabash R R 223 4th Ave Louisville K Lebanon DSTO N I have an sleeper soundingh ¬ 754 GRAND ARMY KEPUIJLIO toin noed 3 1 15cb2 common to medium theg l1 St Bourbon I Each 1pound carton contains a sil ¬ versteel tablespoon The tablespoons e will be discontinued after the reputa ¬ CATTJJB- JBxtea thoughp removet JW MARKET Livr aChatief company TRYI t near ¬ < no 7 tv Gild ofn o oooooeo oaeo oooeeoeoo o At 1 oclock oa the 18th the corn berhap 0 colaty wd x i NUMBER 40 voked ¬ Vernon Dapont Summlnsville to Morgan reasoned Harrison Ohio K mile from Columbia on Disappointment that the boldness of his movement would convince Gen Burnside that his objective point was either Cincin ¬ nati or Columbus and that smaller WITH towns would be furnished for troops cQ COWto strengthen the garrisons of these HOLESALE important points GROCERS and COMMISSION He felt confident of keeping in ad ¬ MERCHANTS vance of the cavalry in his rear as being in advance gave him choice of Louisville Kentucky the horses of the country through which he passed To throw the de- ¬ partment commander off the track be here again resorted to the tactics tha t had proved successful in Kentucky He sent detachments off in several a 1 SPECIAL attention given to 1- directions and after a few hours halt S Gold Filling Crown and Bridge- 6 at Harrison moved in the direction of work Cincinnati t OFFICE over Russelli ciJ Murrells Store Columbia Ky o My company had forgotten their rashions on leaving the wagon train was formerly principal of the Stanford and we stopped at a respectable farmAcademy Young Sauiley was about house and got dinner That evening eighteen years old He recently took about 3 oclock there came from the as the examination as an alternate for west one of the hardest rain and win the United States Naval Academy a through Kentucky to Sparty j Tennes kept an accurate account of his tramps from his birth to the 201 h son of Emmett Logan being principal am ready to do Black Smith ¬ storms I ever experiencd I see Morgan sent in a flag of truce the same examination Turning to the left Morgan passed asking terms of surrender May 1908 and it amounts lug of any kind from horse shoe north of Cincinnati near Glendale ford gave them brleflyJoimediate and 8 6850 miles and as he is only 30 ng to tho repairing of the finest years old would make 25 miles a inn unconditional surrenderA SERMON AND A POEM vehicles I will make a special railroad A day for his life But the doctor TO m CONTINUED horses with d ieeae of shoeing 1 Though I speak with the tongues was made near Camp Dennison to does not confine himself to lint hoofs and guarantee satisfaction feed tbe horses and bum about sixty PROMINENT KENJOCKIAN DEAD but occasionally makes an aerial of men and of angels and have not My shop is located back of livery t or seventy Government wagons A few years ago at t Judge T F HarplH a wellknowu voyage Give When we were again in our saddles and Louisville lawyer sad at one time Arkansas State Fair neat Little brass or a tinkling cymbal Robertson ask Barbee 2 And though I have the gift of did not draw rein until we reached Judge of the Court of Appeals died Rook he with a companion were me your work Williamsburg nine miles from the 3d last at Springfldd Ohio of given two hundred dollars each to prophecy and understand all innate COFFEY Sumansville having made the march softening of the brain I make a balloon ascension TL e in tbirtyhve hours Here at 4 pm Judge Oargis had been making h Is went up tcfa considerable hsloo b mountains and have not charity I am the division wont into camp and re home In Springfield Ohio with his and when they undertook to op Resuming daughter Ills AddlsonRodgers since the valve to let rnaiued through the night out tho gas in o nothingr tbe march next morning they halted last March He had been in falling der to come down the cord broke 3 And though I bestow all my goods again at Wilksville and remained until health for some time and last spring and the balloon was caught in WM WILMORETlrop a to feed the poor and though I give t Gradyville Kentucky 3 oclock next morning when moving was totted to retire from the practice stiff southern breeze and carri out of camp we found ourselves sur of law and be and his wife went to over into Texas They would charity it prufiteth me nothing THESE is no better plants to stoj rounded on all sides by militia who I makelucir home with their daughter have been carried over the Gulf of 4 Charity suffereth lung and is than at the abovcd named hotel although decliolog close quarters in Since thou ho had been on the decline Mexico had not tho denier with Kind charity envleth nut charts sample rooms and a Brstclas Jllcicd considerable injury with thcii rand toward the end besank rapidly g teat Presouee of mind climbed vaunteth not itself is not pulled up table Rates very reasonable Feec d jtrusty rifles at a safe distance amonj Judge Uargfa rusts sixty twuye orsup 011 the balloon tied tho broken 5 Doth not behave Itself unseemly stable attached the old f oordj putthe valve to work and scckcth not her is not easily pro sc r d Parisf0 through southern Indiana from Cory 121903 tk DIRECTORY seslon a yearThird and- AUGUST mo sttr to de scending It lodged in the top o f This Time the Writer Takes up Elkhtrt Ito white tree on the gulf Citizens and the Surroudiny Country ashore saving them from an tin timely death fit the end of ono EDITOR or NEWS ad- ¬ In my last letter I told you my thousand miles During the ministrations of Cleveland and nextwould be from Elkhart I Harrison eight years he belonged now wish to redeem that promise to the United States Secret DetecElkhart is a city of record break- ¬ tive Service and in one year he er 7 Old man Gillette came to captured unaided fortyfive horse this town many years ago a poor thieves He was chased one dark boy atd commenced business as a night by a pack of hungry wolves day laborer Whon ho would got When he could no longer keep out hold of a little money he would in ¬ of the way he took a position vest it in land which was exeed against a cliff where the wolves ingly cheap When he could bor¬ could approach only in one direc row money he would buy more land thou he would buy cattle to tion and there his trusty Winches tor again served him well As the would approach he would shoot them down Others would the time of his death only a few over dead bodies until they years ago he owned practically all climb were piled up over him At last the land for miles around Elkhart they were all killed and himself which Moruan6avalru POSTMASTER H T BAKER DEPUTY POSTMASTER Offlce hours week days 700 a m to 830 p m KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY monia Hay Fever Pleurisy La Grippe Hoarseness Sore Throat CoughEvery Cure No Pay Price Trial bottle free HOTEL K- LL 50cl t CHRY YJD BOBBITT SON Proprietors Railroad Street Within Fifty Attorney and Real Estate Dealer Yards of tho Depot Buys and sells Real Estate Writes 0 e Newly and neatly furnished Deeds MorHMges Wills LeasesSicclean beds SpeclalaceommodatloDs- makes collections and practices in he furcomlDcrcla men Rates reasonable Owls I Trade of Adair and adjoining sCLUYDB LANDIi1I jf respectfully solicited V I t tf s u S t

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