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Image 77 of The Kentucky building code / Judith G. Walden, editor

SPECIAL DETAILED REQUIREMENTS BASED ON USE AND OCCUPANCY 414.6.1 — 415.2 · 4l4.t$.1 Weather protection. Where weather protection is CONTINUOUS GAS DETECTION SYSTEM. A gas de- provided for sheltering outside hazardous material storage tection system where the analytical instrumentis maintainedin or use areas, such storage or use shall be considered outside continuous operation and sampling is performed without inter- storage or use, provided that all of the following conditions ruption. Analysis is allowed to be performed on acyclical basis are met: at intervals not to exceed 30 minutes. l. Structure supports and walls shall not obstruct more EMERGENCY CONTROL STATION. An approved loca- than one side nor more than 25 percent ofthe perime- tion on the premises where signals from emergenc e ui ment _ Y Q P ter of the storage or use area. are received and which is staffed by trained personnel. 2. The distance from the structure and the structure sup- EXHAUSTED ENCL()SURE_ An appliance cl plcce cf parts le huuurhga lor hhe$~ Puhhe Ways Or rheahs or equipment that consists ofatop, aback and two sides providing csrcss re a Puhhe Way Shall her bc less [hah the are ameans of local exhaust for capturing gases, fumes, vapors and rahee reuurreu l0r_ah uurerue hazardous rharerlal Star- mists. Such enclosures include laboratory hoods, exhaust fume asc ur use area withvut Wearher PrOreeu0h· hoods and similar appliances and equipment used to locally re- 3. The overhead structure shall be of approved tain and exhaust the gases, fumes, vapors and mists that could noncombustible eoustruetiori with gi maximum greg gf be released. Rooms or areas provided with general ventilation, l_5()() square fee; (140 mi), in themselves, are not exhausted enclosures. Exception: The increases permitted by Section FABRICATION AREA. An area within a serriiconductor fab- 506 apply. rication facility and related research and development areas in 414.7 Emergency alarms. Emergency alarms for the detection gl;}1gl:]gllcgltleclgllpcalggolizlrlleliflglliduillrlglg?lil`?2gE5lprOi;(§;;§§;;;;2g and notification of an emergency condition in Group H occu- ` . plmclcs Shall be provided as Sel forth herein slpcl; is dressing rooms and offices that are directly related to t e a rication area processes. 414.7.1 Storage. An approved manual emergency alarm . . system shall be provided in buildings. rooms or areas used ;`Ll':MI;lA?OL]i¥!;P?RS [gMES`glllgCOnC€n?a?(;l1 er for storage of hazardous materials. Emergency alarm-initi— loivclgllelaI;maIl;l€1lllmIllil1Il:li;r a cxccc Pefccn O eu ating devices shall be installed outside of each interior exit ` or exit—access door ofstorage buildings. rooms or areas. Ac- GAS CABINET. A fully enclosed, noncombustible enclosure tivation of an emergency alarm-initiating device shall sound used to provide an isolated environment for compressed gas a local alarm to alert occupants of an emergency situation in- cylinders in storage or use. Doors and access ports for exchang- volving hazardous materials. ing cylinders and accessing pressure-regulating controls are al- 414.7.2 Dispensing, use and handling. Where hazardous lowed IO be mcluded materials having a hazard ranking of 3 or 4 in accordance GAS ROOM. A separately ventilated, fully enclosed room in with NFPA 704 are transported through corridors or exit en- which only compressed gases and associated equipment and closures. there shall be an emergency telephone system, a supplies are stored or used local manual alarm station or an approved alarm-initiating ll I device at not more than 150-foot(45 720 mm) intervals and PROD,UlC£lHQll§ MATEd lL (HP1;/Ul A at each exit aha exit-access doorway throughout the trans- ?°O‘ ll ;‘ll“‘ 05 fs assrljclla e (lh I. Se‘?“i°“ll;°ll’rma“‘l;.l¥° “r` port route. The signal shall be relayed to an approved cen- me tlel eS?CT°T€(il°O rlleem T gig mNl$l2;A lojmga tral, proprietary or remote station service or constantly rceillél a (il . ees ‘ Or hai fl'?] i y Cl l. an W IC ls attended on—site location and shall also initiate a local audi- me mic Y lh rcscerc ‘ a Om Ohy Or pm uc ICH processes that have as their end roduct. materials that are not hazardous. ble alarm. p 414.7.3 Supervision. Emergency alarm systems shall be su- EPM FI1AMMglBu§ l_{’IQUID° lan EPM lglud dfat Eldb pervised by an approved central. proprietary or remote sta- llllcd as cghergl lesad emmeble lqul Or a ass I Or ass tion service or shall initiate an audible and visual signal at a A com usa 6 lqul ‘ Constantly iIll€l`ld€d 011-Siic l0Cilli0¤- HPM ROOM. A room used in conjunction with or serving a Group H-5 occupancy. where HPM is stored or used and which [F] SECTION 415 is classified as a Group H-2. H-3 or H-4 occupancy. GROUPS H-1, H-2, H-3, H-4 AND H-5 IMMEDIATELY DANGEROUS TO LIFE AND HEALTH . . . . . (IDLH). The concentration of air-bome contaminants which 415.1 Scope. The provisions of this section shall apply to the pmeq ll {hmm Ol. death lmmcdlale Ol delayed pcmllmcm all storage and use ol hazardous materials in excess ofthe maxi- verse health effects. Ol effects that Could prevent escape from mum allowable quantities per control area listed in Section wcll lm Cmllmnmem .l.hlS Comamlmm Concclmallon level is `lqulldmgls uneljuluclumla established by the National Institute of Occupational Safety · ? fl l* “? “‘j‘}‘r’ Y ‘“‘l lf.?S’j§r’ ga G hr ‘“ ‘ “ ‘ aria Health tuiosui based on both toxicity aria namrriaoiiity. _ dn me Im Hmmma [H Ol L It generally is expressed in parts per million by volume (ppm 415.2 Definitions. The following words and terms shall. for the v/v) or milligrams per cubic meter (mg/ma). Ifadequate data do purposes ofthis chapter and as used elsewhere in the code, have not exist for precise establishment of IDLH concentrations. an the meanings shown herein. independent certified industrial hygienist. industrial toxicolo- 2002 KENTUCKY BUILDING CODE 63

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