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Image 76 of The Kentucky building code / Judith G. Walden, editor

TABLE 414.5.1 SPECIAL DETAILED REQUIREMENTS BASED ON USE AND OCCUPANCY »-`. TABLE 414.5.1 EXPLOSION CONTROL REOUIREMENTSE EXPLOSION CONTROL METHODS Explosion (detlagratlon) venting or explosion (dellagration) MATERIAL CLASS Barricade construction prevention systemsb HAZARD CATEGORY Combustible dusts° Not Re uired Re uired C o enic flammables Not Re uired Ret uired Ex losives Re uired Not Permitted Gaseous Not Required Required Flammable gas Li ueiied Not Re uired Ret uired . . IAd Not Required Required Flammable mmm IB° Not Re uima Re uired Or {mic Cmxidcs U Required Not Permitted g P I Re uired Not Permitted Oxidizer li uids and solids 4 Re uired Not Permitted P ro horic as Not Re uired Re uired 4 Required Not Permitted Unstable (reactive) 3 Detonable Required Not Permitted 3 Nondetonable Not Re uired Re uired . . . . 3 Not Required Required Water-reactive liquids and solids 2g Nm Rc uircd Rc uired Acetylene enerator rooms Not Required Re uired 0 Grain wccssin _ Nm Rs uirsd Rs uimd Liquefied petroleum gas . . distribution facilities Nmquued Required . . Detonation Required Not Permitted W { . . . here CXPIOSIOH hazards must Deflagration Not Required Required a. See Section 4l4.l.3. b. See the Imemutianal Fire Code. c. As generated during manufacturing or processing. See definition of "Combustible dusts" in Chapter 3. d. Storage or use. e. In open use or dispensing. f. Rooms containing dispensing and use of hazardous materials when an explosive environment can occur because of the characteristics or nature of the hazardous materials or as a result of the dispensing or use process. g. A method of explosion control shall be provided when Class 2 water-reactive materials can form potentially explosive mixtures. 62 2002 KENTUCKY BUILDING CODE

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