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Image 74 of The Kentucky building code / Judith G. Walden, editor

414.2 - 414.6 SPECIAL DETAILED REQUIREMENTS BASED ON USE AND OCCUPANCY /‘§ tion documents. The opinion and report shallbe prepared by break—glass type and shall be labeled: VENTILATION SYS- · a qualified person, firm or corporation approved by the TEM EMERGENCY SHUTOFF. ooilome oiooiol ooo olioll oo oioviooo Wiilioiii oiioino io mo 4i4.4 Hazardous n.oonoi systems. sym. involving enforcing agency ardous materials shall be suitable for the intended application. 4]4_2 (jontr-ol a[•gaS_ (jorrrrol argas Shall bg [huge Spaces Controls shall be designed to prevent materials from entering within a building where quantities of hazardous materials not OT le¢1Vi¤g process or reiieiien systems lit other thrill the in- gxcgcding [hg maximum quan[i[igS allgwgd this c()d@ ajc [€I1d€d [llTl€, l'£l[€ OI` pllth. AUlOlTl21[lC COl1l1`OlS, Wl1€I'€ pI`OVl(l€d, stored, dispensed, used or handled. shell he designed I0 he fnil Safe- 414.2.1 Construction requirements. connol areas shall 4l4·5lnsideotorngo-dispensing ¤n

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